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World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) Addendum


Global Celebration for Women


Chair:  Winnie Bartel, World Evangelical Fellowship Commission for Women's Concerns

Location:   Reliant Astrodome - Houston, TX

Date:   September 19-21, 2001


“The global Celebration for Women is a world wide effort to unite the lives and hearts of Christian women in every region, nation, and community. Never in history has such an undertaking been accomplished. Many international women's organizations have partnered to bring about this exciting event.”


Speakers include:

• Anne Graham Lotz - AnGeL Ministries  [Billy Graham Evangelistic Association]

• Elizabeth Dole

• May Feng - Campus Crusade for Christ

• Jane Hansen - Aglow International


Workshop presenters [incomplete]:
Fern Nichols - Moms In Touch International

Global Celebration Founder-Partnering Ministries:


• World Evangelical Fellowship - Winnie Bartel, Commission for Women's Concerns 


Women of Global Action [Formerly AD 2000 Women's Track] - Lorry Lutz 


Institute on Religion and Democracy [IRD] The Ecumenical Coalition on Women and Society - Diane Knippers [See IRD Note below]


Lausanne Women's Track - Robin Claydon


World Relief  - a division of National Association of Evangelicals [NAE] 

Ruth Calver   [Husband Clive Calver, president of NAE's World Relief]


[See: Another Jesus Revolution** for NAE / World Relief / United Nations connection]


Campus Crusade for Christ - Women Today - Vonette Bright & Pam Davis

 [Bill & Vonette Bright are on the Great Commission Global Roundtable Board of Reference]

[See: Bill Bright (CNP)*]


Aglow  International - Jane Hansen

Assemblies of God Women's MinistriesLouise Sparks


• Christian Women Communicating International - Margaret Jacobs


• Salvation Army Womens Organization - General Eva Burrows & Major Carolynne Chung    


• Pan African Christian Women's Association - Judy Mbugua


• Southern Baptist Woman's Missionary Union - June Whitlow    


• Hope for Europe - Elibetzah Mittelstaedt



Aglow International - Advisors At-Large

Institute on Religion and Democracy [IRD] / The Ecumenical Coalition on Women and Society – Diane Knippers

Knippers is on the Advisory Board of the National Association of Evangelicals [NAE].


The WEF Global Celebration flier deletes the word Ecumenical from Knipper's organizational name. The IRD web page states:


“ECWS is both ecumenical and orthodox. Our growing base of support from across denominations and the strength of our common purpose are providing us with opportunities for influence in the ongoing debate over the role of women and the type of society that will characterize America in the next millennia.  

“Working with and through women in mainline, evangelical, Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, ECWS works to organize biblically orthodox women within denominations as a grassroots voice for reasoned faith and responsible freedom.” [emphasis added]


Knippers statement on WEF’s Global Conference, “This is the Church’s answer to the 1995 United Nations’ Beijing women’s conference.”



Institute of Religion and Democracy 


IRD Board of Directors

Dr. Thomas C. Oden, Chair Professor of Theology and Ethics, Drew University

Mr. John Boone, C.L.U. Mass Mutual

Mrs. Mary Ellen Bork, Writer & Speaker

Dr. Dean Curry Professor, Messiah College

Dr. Ira Gallaway, United Methodist clergyman

Dr. Carl F. H. Henry, Founding Editor, Christianity Today, theologian & author

[CT Founder and Chairman of the Board, Billy Graham]

Dr. Kent Hill, President, Eastern Nazarene College

Dr. David Jessup, Executive Director, New Economy Information Service

Ms. Katherine Kersten, Senior Fellow, Center of the American Experience

The Rev. Richard J. Neuhaus, The Institute on Religion and Public Life

Mr. Michael Novak, George Frederick Jewett Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

            [Novak is member of the Council on Foreign Relations/CFR]

Mr. James Nuechterlein, Editor, First Things

Dr. Allan Parrent, Associate Dean Emeritus, Virginia Theological Seminary

The Rev. Dr. Edmund W. Robb, Robb Evangelistic Association

The Rev. Graham Smith, Episcopal clergyman

Mr. David Stanley, Retired attorney

Mrs. Helen Rhea Stumbo, Publisher, Bristol House Ltd.

Mr. George Weigel [Council on Foreign Relations/CFR], Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center [EPPC]

[EPPC President Elliot Abrams is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations/ CFR]

 Mrs. Diane L. Knippers, President, The Institute on Religion and Democracy



Institute of Religion and Democracy is recipient of grants totaling: $3,064,000 for years 1987 - 1999 from:

Sarah Scaife Foundation, Scaife Family Foundation, Bradley Foundation, Olin Foundation, Carthage Foundation [Scaife].

[Source: Media Transparency]


Richard Scaife is a Trustee of the conservative Heritage Foundation [Paul Weyrich], to which the Scaife Foundations are major funders.   

See Behind the Conservative Curtain**



The sky-rocketing costs for a global event:


Global Celebration for Women


Sponsor Opportunities


Sponsorships add value to the already existing relationships between companies and their clients, or ministries and their constituencies, through a variety of front line exposure selections. As a sponsor, your company or ministry can become recognized and linked with Global Celebration for Women’s worldwide effort to unite the lives and hearts of Christian women in every region, nation, and community.


Sponsorship opportunities range from $1,000 - $150,000 (U.S.). Contact Global Celebration for Women to discuss the right opportunities for your company or ministry or simply complete the contract and option form. Sponsorships and exhibit space are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Global Celebration for Women reserves the right to refuse sponsorship to any potential sponsor. 


Sponsor Opportunities

Sponsor Banners  - $2,000 per banner, limit two per sponsor. 

Your company’s or ministry’s four-color logo and message line will be displayed on these 2’ x 6’ signs and placed strategically throughout the Reliant Astrodome. All delegates to the Global Celebration for Women will view your banner - a unique and economical way to increase your exposure at Global Celebration for Women. 


Reliant Astrodome Rafter Banners  - $1,000 

Prominently displayed in the rafters of the historical Reliant Astrodome your company’s logo, in four-color production will be seen by all who gather for the Global Celebration for Women keynote speaker and general sessions. Anticipated viewing audience of 25,000-45,000 women.


Usher & Volunteer Aprons  - $25,000 

With an event of this magnitude, it will take a host of volunteers and ushers. Have your company’s or ministry’s logo greet each attendee to the Global Celebration for Women. A unique, high visibility and high impact way of supporting the ministry of Global Celebration.


Official Conference Bag  - $75,000 

Your logo will be prominently displayed when attendees pick up their registration bag. This bag will be utilized throughout the conference by attendees and is the best way to have your company or ministry recognized at the event. The entire city of Houston will view your logo as attendees travel to and from the Reliant Park and their hotels. (This option is open to multiple sponsors)


Reliant Astrodome Seat Cushions  - $150,000 

Greet the first 10,000 delegates to the Global Celebration through this unique sponsorship opportunity. Quality, vinyl seat cushions will be placed on seats from the floor up of the Astrodome on day one of the conference. The opportunity exists to include a coupon or like-kind communication with the seat cushion. (This option is open to multiple sponsors)


Workshops  - $5,000 

The opportunity for sponsoring more than 35 workshops throughout the conference program exists for a special sponsor. Logo exposure on workshop signage and in the on-site program guide.


Information Booth  - $7,500 

Sponsor the one main hub of activity for the Global Celebration. There will be plenty of questions - and the information booth will be the place to go for answers. Have your company logo prominently displayed on the booth and provide the volunteers with t-shirts to wear with your company logo in addition to logo exposure in the on-site program guide.


T-shirts  - $150,000 

Give them the shirt off your back!! Your company logo prominently and proudly displayed along with the official Global Celebration for Women logo on a quality t-shirt for delegates to take home with them. Great exposure! (This option is open to multiple sponsors)


Bottled Water  - $125,000 

Coming and going, all delegates will be seen with your company’s logo on their 8 oz. water bottle as they enjoy a refreshing drink between workshops, after general sessions and when touring the Global Resource Center exhibits. Bottled water will be placed in pre-determined locations throughout the Astrodome and Reliant Hall.


Highlighter Pens  - $25,000 

Take a note! Remember a passage of scripture! Delegates will be doing this with your, high quality, logo screened, highlighter pen. A great way to expose your company, product or ministry to the Global Celebration delegates, long after the event!


Message Center  - $50,000 

Send a message to another Global Celebration delegate, check your mail - it all can be done via the Global Celebration Message Center. Computer terminals will be placed in the North Hall of the Reliant Hall for delegates to send and receive messages to attendees at the event.


Nursery  - $5,000 per location 

An event designed for women of faith, you can anticipate a good number of children to accompany the delegates. The Global Celebration planning committee will provide a nursery to accommodate nursing mothers. What a great opportunity to share your company’s message, service or ministry to this target audience. Sponsor will receive the opportunity to provide sample products in the nursery, as well as logo exposure on signage and in the on-site conference program. (Multiple locations) 


Publication/Product Literature Distribution  - No Charge 

It is the intent of the Global Celebration planning committee to provide the opportunity for all ministries, services and individuals to share their information with the Global Celebration delegates. All product/literature, etc. must fall within the guidelines and parameters of the Global Celebration message. All publication and product literature must be registered through Global Celebration for Women committee to be allowed distribution through the allocated literature bins in the Reliant Hall and Astrodome. Any publications or literature not registered will be removed from the premises.


Mini-Flashlights  - $75,000 

As delegates “let their light shine”, they’ll be doing so with your company’s logo prominently displayed on a small, handheld flashlight. You can anticipate this item being used in every general session of praise and worship during the Global Celebration.


Conference Shuttle Bus Signage  - $25,000 

Delegates will be on the move and these buses will help them get to and from the Reliant Park and Global Celebration activities. Signage will be placed on the buses of major bus routes of the largest capacity hotels. It is estimated that these bus routes will carry over 10,000 people per day for each of the three days of the event. This is a great opportunity for your company to give attendees a lift after a long day at the conference.


Men’s Luncheon  - $5,000  

A men’s luncheon will be hosted at the Radisson Astrodome Hotel for men joining the women delegates or local men’s groups. The sponsor of this event will receive logo exposure through signage, and in the on-site program.


Hotel Key Card  - $25,000  

Global Celebration for Women is considered a citywide event for Houston. A large number of hotels have been secured to house the delegates. As delegates check in to one of the 23 main hotels, they will receive a key card that has your company’s logo or four-color artwork on it. Every time attendees pick up their hotel key they will see your company’s logo or message. What better way to receive exposure to such a target audience? (This option open to multiple sponsors)


Recognition of Conference Partners: 

The Global Celebration for Women is grateful for the generosity of its sponsors and their commitment and contributions to the ministry of the event. Sponsors are distinguished and will be recognized throughout the conference program in the following categories for their contributions:


Platinum - $500,000 and above

Gold - $250,000 - $499,999

Silver - $100,000 - $249,000

Bronze - $50,000 - $99,999


Aglow International


International Board of Directors


Jane Hansen, President and CEO

Dee Jepsen, President Emeritus, Enough is Enough


International Advisors At-Large


Robert N. Birch, Watchmen for the Nations Ministries, Canada

Yonggi Cho, Yoido Full Gospel church, Korea

Gary K. Clark, Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries, USA

Loren Cunningham, Director, Youth With A Mission, Switzerland

John Dawson, Director, Youth With a  Mission Intn'l. Urban Ministries

            Founder, International Reconciliation Coalition, USA

Dick Eastman, Every Home for Christ World Literature Crusade, USA

Franicis Fragipane, Advancing Church Ministries, USA

Father Michael Harper, International Charismatic Consultation on World Evangelism, UK

Cindy Jacobs, Generals of Intercession, USA

Rick Joyner, founder MorningStar Ministries, USA

Edgardo Silvoso, Harvest Evangelism, USA

C.  Peter Wagner, President, Global harvest Ministries, USA

Stephen Whiting, Assembly of God, Australia

James Wong, Singapore


World Evangelical Fellowship 11th General Assembly





The former director of the Evangelical Alliance of the United Kingdom, Clive is currently the President of World Relief [subsidiary of National Association of Evangelicals, USA], an international Christian relief and development agency. Clive is an excellent spokesperson for evangelical Christians on radio, TV, and major denominational pulpits internationally.


[Note: Please see Another Jesus Revolution** for NAE / World Relief / United Nations connection]



Born in Sweden, Bertil grew up as a missionary kid in Brazil. He is currently an InterAct Mission missionary to Brazil, Regional Director for InterAct for Latin America, Chair of the Great Commission Roundtable Facilitation Team and staff member of the WEF Missions Commission.



Born in Scotland, Stuart is filled with a hunger to preach and teach the Gospel. He served as General Secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance where he developed an evangelistic mobilization called "Love Europe" and the European Roundtable "Hope for Europe." He is currently the Director of International Ministries for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.



Dr. Vencer is the International Director of World Evangelical Fellowship. WEF serves a constituency of 160 million evangelicals through more than a million churches worldwide. Jun has a strong passion for peace, justice, and religious liberty. During his term as the General Secretary of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, it grew from 25 members to an association of 150 members representing 8500 local churches in the Philippines. (Vencer was founding chairman of DAWN [Discipling a Whole Nation] Philippines. DAWN's founder was James Montgomery formerly with Overseas Crusades [now OC International/OCI] Previous OCI Presidents have been Luis Palau and Clyde Cook, now president of BIOLA University [ATS member].)



George is the founder and International Coordinator of Operation Mobilisation, which is a ministry of evangelism, discipleship training and church planting. He emphasizes the need to worship God, to live in fellowship with one another by walking in the light.



Joel is the General Director of the Evangelical Alliance of the United Kingdom that represents over 1 million Christians. Born in Jamaica, his first book, "Lord Make Us One - But Not All The Same!" is a semi-autobiographical work that presents his pilgrimage as an object lesson in contemporary evangelical diversity.



In more than 55 years of public service, Dr. Haggai has pastored four churches, held crusades around the world and established Haggai Institute to equip Asian, African, and Central and South American Christian leaders. A Christian world statesman, he has criss-crossed six continents, circled the globe 85 times and met numerous heads of state.



Rev. Datuk Guneratnam is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Church in Kuala Lumpur, a strong missions church of 6,000 people including 3 satellite churches and 25 daughter churches. He was the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia for 26 years in which it grew from 25 to 325 churches. He is currently the Chairman of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship which has a member constituency of 2,500 churches and 500,000 believers.



Cathy is currently the Director of the School of Global Mission living in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a member of the WEF Missions Commission and founder of the Aotearoa NZ Association of Mission Studies. A current Post-Graduate Candidate through Auckland University on the topic "More than Wives" researching the lives of four missionary wives.

[emphases added]




[Partial listing]


 "No organization has done more during the past 150 years than World Evangelical Fellowship to bring evangelicals together in a common commitment to evangelism, discipleship and biblical theology." -Billy Graham


"In many of countries we go to for crusades the original invitation we receive comes from the member WEF organization. In a great many cases, the WEF body is the only existing network that can bring together the various evangelical denominations and parachurch organizations necessary to attempt to reach with the Gospel." - Luis Palau


"The WEF is the only church-based, international association that is evangelical in character. Committed to the strengthening and extension of the Church, the constituency of the WEF is, ultimately, the primary source for everything which Interdev does in seeking to reach the unreached. While there is a variety of specialized networks such as AD2000 and Lausanne which play valuable roles, the WEF's constituency and purpose is unique." - Phill Butler, International Director Interdev/WEF [Director of AD 2000 Strategic Partnerships Track]


 "Millions of believers relate to national evangelical fellowships and these are linked together internationally by WEF. This provides a great link and foundation for united fellowship, discussion and action." - George Verwer, International Director Operation Mobilisation [Director of AD2000 Mission Mobilization Track]


"The WEF 10th General Assembly was one of the best in the history of DAWN because in one spot, in a short period of time, we were able to communicate a vision and process that God has already been laying on the people's hearts for a long time. It resulted in 25 nations seeking to start DAWN saturation church planting projects." - Steve Steele, CEO, DAWN Ministries


"One of the most important benefits of WEF has been its extensive network of evangelical leaders and churches worldwide. WEF's uniqueness lies in its interdenominational network of evangelical leaders who cooperate to work together on the task that Jesus gave us to do." - Johan Companjen, President Open Doors International


 "The General Assembly looks at the strength and effectiveness of local churches, the basis of WEF. The experience of the General Assembly has emphasized the ability of evangelical Christians from around the world to work together. We are a people of hope, facing common issues around the world." -Jun Vencer, International Director of World Evangelical Fellowship.


"Sociologists claim it takes less than 2% of any society to change it. There are more than enough evangelicals in the world today to change it." - Tokunboh Adeyemo, chairman of the WEF International Council [Board of Directors of the International Bible Society, publishers of the NIV/New International Version]


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