By Barbara Aho

Previous Watch Unto Prayer reports have documented that certain Discernment Ministries with definitive connections to British-Israelism are leading Christians into the Hebrew Roots Movement, a British-Israel construct that aligns with the Kabbalistic doctrines of Judeo-Freemasonry. Not a few of these Discernment leaders also belonged to the Jesus Movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s.  These former Jesus People turned discernment leaders have retained their contempt for the Church -- an attitude which characterized the Jesus Movement in general -- and have made a career of denigrating Protestantism in its entirety.  Now some of their number are calling for another "Jesus Revolution."

With broad strokes, Discernment organizations like Antipas portray the entire Evangelical Church as a materialistic and sterile institution, devoid of love or compassion and ruthless in its quest for power.  While there is plenty of truth to this assertion, it behooves those who are disaffected with the Evangelical churches to ponder the alternative which these organizations are recommending.  For example, Antipas proposes to resurrect the Jesus Movement in place of the Church system.

Stevan Shearer of Antipas opens his appeal for another Jesus Revolution with a quote from the radical, bawdry folk-singer, Pete Seeger, who had been a member of the Communist Party from 1942 to 1950 and was in the forefront of the civil rights and anti-war movements of the '60s.  Although Shearer admits that the Jesus Revolution deteriorated into a debauched horde no different than that which he claims comprised the "Establishment Church", he manages to blame the latter for corrupting "the revolution".

“Charges of sexual deviancy were leveled against the revolution (as if such deviancy didn't exist among the many 'dysfunctional' families which populated the Establishment Church and occupied its pulpits) and were used to discredit it . . .

"And in the midst of all this, self and ego played their ugly parts. Leaders began to unduly exalt themselves above their peers - prancing about as ‘overlords of the Lord's heritage’ and not as the movement's servants; many took unseemly - and even illegal - financial liberties with the movement's money; some even indulged themselves in sexual liberties which would have made the secular world blush. . ." 1.

Furthermore, it seems that when Jesus People married, they selfishly wanted to provide for their own families instead of financially supporting The Revolution.  The Establishment Church encouraged this unbridled self-interest.
". . .Couples who had begun the revolution as individuals were now married and had children: they talked about being weary of giving, and giving, and giving and having nothing left over for themselves. The Establishment Church encouraged such people in this direction and motivated them in the belief that such giving was unnecessary - which, no doubt, some of it was. . .
Based on Acts 2:44-45, the Jesus Revolution elevated communal living to a cardinal doctrine. However, the Establishment Church recognized a Christian right to private property:
“Charges of 'brain-washing' were used to explain what appeared to be the excessive demands of the revolution and the communalism that it encouraged - a communalism which incidentally exposed the self-indulgence and selfish lifestyles of many in the Establishment Church - indulgences and life-styles which could not be supported by any fair reading of the New Testament, and lifestyles which exposed their adherents for what they really were: 'permanent residents' of the 'here and now' rather than 'pilgrims' and 'sojourners.' (Mark 11:13 and 1 Peter 2:11).

"As the Counter-Revolution progressed, it worked on the adherents of the 'Jesus Revolution' in a kind of wave like action, offering followers of the revolution the siren song that the Establishment Church has always offered those who adhere to it - 'Christians can have it all: everything the world has to offer (and have it more abundantly even than unbelievers) and Christ too...'" 2.

What remains of the Jesus People today reveals their ongoing abuse of the spiritual gifts, disregard for God's commands [such as I Cor. 11:14 pertaining to men having long hair] and contempt for the pulpit, i.e., the authoritative preaching and teaching of Scripture.  Jesus Revolution leaders “preach from a stool” or "mingle" with the crowd as they "speak".
"While many of the 'Jesus Revolution' churches remain - some even as whole denominations - they continue largely as hollowed-out shells with very little of the communalism and commitment of their earlier years. Much of the informality also remains; here and there one can still see some of the long hair; most leaders seem to have dispensed permanently with the pulpit and continue to mingle with the 'parishioners' as they speak; the guitars of the revolution still predominate; the dancers continue to dance; the singers continue to sing; there's still a lot of speaking in tongues and the manifestation of the charismatic gifts; a lot of prophecy is still being spoken - much of it, however, just gibberish; there's still some preaching of the Gospel, but the 'street preaching' that characterized so much of the 'Jesus Revolution' is gone; the 'communes' have long ago been boarded up; and the 'ranches' and 'the land' abandoned or sold off." 3.
Despite the dismal failure of the Jesus Revolution, Antipas is on a crusade to enlist Christians to join them in a last ditch effort to "produce the church" by starting another Jesus Revolution:

"All that is needed is for Christians to turn away from 'institutionalism' and towards 'communalism' for a new 'Jesus Revolution' to break out. . . What's lacking is the manifestation of a real church-life. It's not a manifestation of power and authority that is needed, but a manifestation of love and commitment. . . .The ark we need to prepare is the church; the church is the ark that will see us through the troubled times ahead. Not the institutional kind of church so common in today's evangelicalism, but the 'communal' kind . . . In the end, this is what all our contending for the faith must produce. Again we say, if our contending doesn't produce the church, then we should have concern for what we are doing. . . If your church isn't measuring up to what we've been talking about here - please don't quit and give up on the church. We urge you to prayerfully consider starting a 'house-church' in your home. Give us a call . . ." 4.


According to Antipas' mirror site, The Institute for the Study of Religion in Politics (ISRP), editor Stevan Shearer was an early leader of the Jesus Movement in the 1960s in Northern California where he was also involved in counter-intelligence.

" . . .was a Captain in U.S. Army Intelligence and served with distinction in Vietnam, earning three combat campaign medals, and the Bronze Star. He returned from Vietnam and served as the executive officer for Region I, U.S. Counter-Intelligence for Northern California and Western Nevada. . . He was an early leader in the Jesus Movement in the 1960s in Northern California and later started "Jesus people-type" churches in Washington D.C., Sacramento and Denver." 5.
The Antipas Papers [1996] written by S.R. Shearer identify his intelligence assignments during the years of the Jesus Movement:
“From 1967 to 1972 he served as an intelligence officer in Europe (V Corps), Vietnam (525th Intelligence Groups), and the United States (515th Counter-Intelligence Group). In 1972 he resigned his commission and left the army to become a co-pastor for a "Jesus People" type church in Washington D.C. which was dedicated to preaching the Gospel to the "street people" in Georgetown (District of Columbia). " 6.
The February 1997 issue of Religion in Politics features S.R. Shearer’s article “The Death Squads: Bringing in the Kingdom of God Through Terror, Torture and Death” with the introduction:  ”The author of this article was involved in the Phoenix Program as an instructor at the program’s ‘in-country’ training center at Vung Tau, South Vietnam from 1969-1970.” 7.  A footnote states that the source of the information [Shearer], like his colleague, Dene McGriff, was trained at Fort Holabird, MD prior to becoming an instructor for Operation Phoenix in Vietnam.  Dene McGriff acknowledges a nearly identical joint career in military intelligence and the Jesus Revolution.
"Mr. McGriff was a captain in military intelligence in the 1960s . . . " 8.

" . . .by 1963 [Dene] was disillusioned with Christianity and the lack of reality of the Lord in his life. At this point of wanting to give up, Dene was caught up in the Jesus Revolution in 1963, followed by seven glorious years of experiencing a dynamic, unstructured "body Life" and evangelism . . .

“In 1970, at the height of the Vietnam War, he entered the Army in Military Intelligence as a First Lieutenant and went through the Intelligence School in Baltimore (Fort Holabird). In six months, he was promoted to Captain and stayed on for the balance of his time as an instructor at the Army Intelligence School.” 9.

In other words, during the same period Dene McGriff and Stevan Shearer of Antipas were involved in the Jesus Revolution, they were also intelligence agents.

They should know. . .

Antipas' publication Religion in Politics, edited by Stevan Shearer, reveals that the CIA contracted with Eli Lilly to produce the hallucinogenic drugs which in turn produced a generation of drug-addicted social and spiritual drop-outs:

"Evangelicals are making a big mistake in believing that the outbreak of acid on the nation's campuses in the early 1960s can be explained away simply as a result of the 'hippie culture' of that era. They have it backwards. It wasn't the 'hippie culture' that created acid; it was rather the government that produced it, which in turn generated the "drug culture, which led finally to the rise of the so-called 'hippiedom.' That's what really happened. The fact is, the LSD that Alan Ginsberg and Timothy Leary used to introduce a generation of students to drugs was produced in the laboratories of the Eli Lilly Company under contract to the CIA." 10.
To ask the obvious . . .

Did the same CIA, which gave us the hippie movement and drug culture, also produce the Jesus Revolution?
Evidence of this very fact is indicated in the testimonies of former Jesus People. . .

In Testing The Fruit Of The Vineyard, former "Jesus Person," John Goodwin, asserts that hallucinogenic drugs and Eastern mysticism were brought into the Jesus Movement by hippie "converts".

"In the mid to late 1960's, there were profound changes taking place in America - changes to our social, political, and spiritual institutions . . .Relativism was the moral philosophy du jour. Consciousness was being expanded and 'raised' by the use of hallucinogenic drugs and forays into the Occult and Eastern Mysticism. This attitude of experimentation was transferred into the church as many of the young 'Jesus People' came from the counterculture and brought with them many of the drug and Eastern mystic-induced 'revelations' with them. These things I know with certainty because I was one of those counterculture 'Jesus People'. (The term "Jesus People" was a media creation and I use it only as a point of reference.)" 11.
The flamboyant leader of the Jesus Revolution, Lonnie Frisbee, was involved with the use of hallucinogenic drugs, was a divorced bi-sexual who died of AIDs either in 1980 or 1993 or 1995 [the stories are legion] and is buried at the Crystal Cathedral. During his funeral at that venue Frisbee was eulogized as a Samson figure.  [The reference here is probably to Samson’s Nazarite vocation, which has significance in esoteric belief systems as previously discussed in The Elijah Revolution.] Long before Benny Hinn and Rodney Howard-Brown, Frisbee was mesmerizing "Jesus Freaks" with “The Anointing”: ". . . Lonnie could actually 'see' tongues of fire resting on the heads of those whom the Lord was ministering to, as well as seeing 'where' (what area of the body) the Holy Spirit was zeroing in on." 12.

If the CIA supplied the drugs used in the hippie culture, and hippies continued after their “conversions” to Jesus to traffick in hallucinogenic drugs, is there a credible source that actually identifies the Jesus Revolution as a CIA operation?

Found on the Mad Cow website is a short article, Inside Richard Mellon Scaife's Conspiracy, about an interview in which former news producer Daniel Hopsicker elicited from Pat Matrisciana [CNP], president of Jeremiah Films and chairman of Citizens for Honest Government, an admission that the Jesus Revolution was masterminded by the CIA, and that he played a major role in this operation.

. . . . I shot it at him [Matrisciana]: "Are you Agency?"

I meant, of course, was he from the Company. The good ‘ol bad ‘ol CIA. But this is, apparently, not considered a polite question, though god knows why not because before he answered he coughed, and looked surprised. Maybe he's just not all that used to direct address. But at the end of the meal he said to me that for some reason he'd told me a lot more than he was planning to, so I guess it was a successful tactic.

"I've been to Berkeley, too," his reply began.

"I was 'detailed' to Berkeley in 1965, to establish a countervailing force to Mario Savio's Free Speech Movement. While there I founded the Campus Crusade for Christ."

And then it was his turn to grin: "I invented," he told me proudly, "Jesus freaks.". . .

"I was detailed to Berkeley"

For anyone who has ever suspected, in a dark paranoid moment, that our culture--especially in the 60's--was somehow psycho-managed by the CIA, Matriciana's offhand admission is enlightening, because it was clear he was in earnest, and I had no reason to doubt that he was telling me the truth.  To me, its implications for the current scandal are staggering. Because Matriciana, when he made the Clinton Chronicles, wasn't an independent producer toiling in anonymity. He was an intelligence operative for Richard Mellon Scaife, himself an intelligence operative, with longstanding ties to the Central Intelligence Agency. 13.

Fruit of the Jesus Revolution
(And do we need more of the same variety?)

The Costa Mesa Calvary Chapel grew to become a major movement under the youth leadership of the late hippie "evangelist," Lonnie Frisbee. Frisbee, who was unofficial youth pastor of Chuck Smith's church from 1968 until late 1971, also helped John Wimber to launch the Vineyard Movement. Chuck Smith and Lonnie Frisbee believed that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of Joel's prophecy was the immediate precursor to Christ's return. Frisbee and other members of the Jesus Movement maintained that Joel's prophecy, specifically Joel 2:28, placed youth "on the vanguard of the spiritual revolution," which he [Frisbee] believed was being fulfilled by the Jesus People of the 60's and 70's. 14. Thus, three major movements have been based upon a misinterpretation of Joel's prophecy which the apostle Peter testified at Pentecost was fulfilled on that day:

In his History of the Jesus Movement, David Di Sabatino stated: "God supernaturally birthed two large denominations through Lonnie Frisbee" viz., Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard. Quoting a portion of Di Sabatino's book, Richard Riss, the appointed advocate for the false revival, described the evolution of the Jesus Revolution into the Vineyard Signs and Wonders Movement and its rotten-to-the-core fruit, the Toronto Blessing. Lonnie gave his famous personal testimony at the Anaheim Vineyard 1980 Mother’s Day service:
"The unusual phenomena we see in the current move of God, such as shaking, falling down, and drunkenness in the Spirit, characterized the Sunday Evening Mother's Day service at the Anaheim Vineyard in 1980 which was immediately followed by tremendous growth for the Vineyard movement, particularly during the time that Frisbee travelled [sic] and ministered with John Wimber for 18 months susequent [sic] to that day. . .

“Frisbee's work with John Wimber in 1980 . . . led to a split between Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard Churches in the early 1980s.

"Dave's [David Di Sabatino's] paper (p. 4) contains an interesting quotation from a tape of Lonnie Frisbee's Testimony (Anaheim: Vineyard Ministry International: Tape 003):

"I was a nudist-vegetarian-hippie when the Lord called me. I was going into the desert, taking off all of my clothes and I'm saying, 'God, if you're really real, reveal yourself to me.' One afternoon the whole atmosphere of this canyon started to tingle and change. The Lord identified himself to me and said, 'I'm Jesus. I build nations and I tear them down. It is better for a nation to have never known me than to have known me and turned their back from me.' I thought all roads led to Rome, but He explained to me that He was the only way to know God. I accepted Him and He said, 'I am going to send you to the people.' Then, he gave me a vision of thousands of people and they were wandering around in a maze of darkness with no direction or purpose for their lives. He showed me that there was a light on me that He was placing on my life . . . and that it was Jesus Christ and I was going to bear the Word of the Lord."

"This experience seems to have had its fulfillment in certain periods of Frisbee's life (described briefly above) which were incredibly fruitful with respect to numbers of conversions.

"Frisbee's death on March 12, 1993 prevented him from seeing the birth of the new move of God in North America which began in Toronto on January 20, 1994 as a result of the convergence of (1) the influence of Rodney Howard-Browne (through the agency of Randy Clark), (2) that of the new level of anointing in Argentina through John and Carol Arnott's contact with Claudio Freidzon in that country in late 1993 just prior to the outbreak of the North American revival and (3) the influence of the Vineyard, which, as I've already mentioned, had received much of its impetus from Lonnie Frisbee." 15.

Note that Lonnie Frisbee’s testimony of his own conversion seems to lack the required element of repentance.  According to "Testing the Fruit of the Vineyard," Power Evangelism was born of Frisbee's collaboration with John Wimber. Goodwin's account demonstrates that the fruit of the Jesus Revolution, and its extension, the Vineyard Signs and Wonders Movement, was to replace the Scripture-based Gospel of repentance with an experience-based gospel of "goosebumps."
"The concept of power evangelism, which originated with John Wimber, Blaine Cook, and Lonnie Frisbee in the Vineyard in 1982, is based on the idea that signs and wonders are the most effective means for evangelism. . . .

"A summary of manifestations that Wimber instructs people to look for in those being healed includes: 'hot flushes and stiffness in certain parts of the body, tingling sensations, trembling and shaking, falling down under the power of the Spirit, strong electrical current, ripples on the skin, [WHAT!?!], movement under the skin, [WHAT!?!], radiance on the face [aura reading], heavy breathing, moaning and groaning and being in a trance.'  In addition, Wimber instructs that 'the phenomenon on the person ministering healing include: sensations of warmth (flowing out of hands) [aura manipulation], tingling feeling, trembling of hands, and a sense of anointing.

"In his video on healing, Tape I, Wimber says 'At the same time I'm gathering information with my five senses I'm also sending up my antenna into the cosmic reality.' If that's not totally New Age, I don't know what is. If we don't have a scriptural explanation for a manifestation, it's best that we avoid it, since those manifestations that are from the Holy Spirit are revealed in the Word. These various manifestations within what Wimber calls the 'cosmic reality' are revealed to him through the early experiences that he had while Lonnie Frisbee was associated with him. As Wimber saw these things happen he began to draw conclusions based on his pragmatic understanding as well as the input of C. Peter Wagner and others at Fuller's School of World Missions." 16.

More Fruit in Latin America

Besides Lonnie Frisbee, John Wimber was powerfully influenced by C. Peter Wagner and others at Fuller Theological Seminary.  However, long before the Fuller Think Tank introduced Power Evangelism in the United States, strange bed fellows like Dene McGriff of Antipas, C. Peter Wagner and other Fuller staff members, and numerous CNP members were doing “ministry” in Latin America.  The reason for the interest in Latin America was to use that region as an experimental laboratory for the destabilization of doctrinal religion and its replacement by new religious movements of the signs and lying wonders variety.  For example, revival leader, Richard Riss, noted [above] that one of the factors resulting in the Toronto Blessing was “the new level of anointing in Argentina through John and Carol Arnott's contact with Claudio Freidzon in that country in late 1993 just prior to the outbreak of the North American revival. . .”

C. Peter and Doris Wagner were in Bolivia from 1954 to 1970 before C. Peter rose to prominence at Fuller Seminary. In Perspectives on the World Christian Movement [Ralph Winter/Jay Gary ecumenical curriculum for the U.S. Center for World Missions], Wagner’s profile states that he had been with Fuller for over 20 years.  "Previous to joining the Fuller faculty, Wagner along with his wife Doris, served the Lord in Bolivia in evangelism, church planting, seminary teaching, and missions administration." 17. (Based on the 1981 copyright of the Perspectives, that puts the Wagners in Bolivia prior to 1960.) According to a CIABASE report on death squads, in Bolivia, “Between October 1966-68 Amnesty International reported between 3,000 and 8,000 people killed by death squads." 18.

Dene McGriff also worked in Bolivia “to resettle Southeast Asian refugees who had fought for the CIA during the Vietnam War for the camps in Thailand to the Bolivian jungle.”  As of 1997, McGriff was still working on projects in Latin America, by then the vast conquered empire of the Rockefeller family and multinational corporations. 19.  The following resume of L.D. McGriff was found in Religion in Politics, Vol. 1, June 15, 1997.

L.D. McGriff, President of ISRP & ANTIPAS Ministries

“. . .In 1979, he began working for World Relief of the National Association of Evangelicals in Wheaton, Illinois. He wrote the first grant which was funded for $750,000 by USAID (which he discovered was to a large degree, nothing more than a front for the CIA) in order to assist missionaries in getting funding for community development projects. It was at this time that he began to realize how deeply the U.S. government – working through various CIA front organizations – was involved with missionary activity not only in Latin America but all over the world.  During this period, he traveled extensively in Asia, Latin America and Africa giving seminars for missionaries and assisting them in various 'development projects.' Later he worked with Food for the Hungry and was placed in charge of relief and development efforts in Bolivia, as well as a project to resettle Southeast Asian refugees who had fought for the CIA during the Vietnam War for the camps in Thailand to the Bolivian jungle.

”For the next 15 years Dene traveled and worked on various development projects throughout the world, many which were funded through USAID and the World Bank. He worked in over 50 countries from Asia to Africa and Latin America. He was in El Salvador during the revolution, in Nicaragua right after the Sandinistas took over, and spent many months in Columbia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Nigeria, Kuwait, South Africa, Indonesia and Thailand. He later lived in Spain for two years. At present he is involved in various projects in Argentina, Brazil, Columbia and Mexico as a 'managed health care consultant' and is a well-known international expert in this field.” 20.

Dean McGriff also just happened to be in El Salvador and Nicaragua during their revolutions -- an admission reminiscent of Herbert Armstrong’s boast of visiting with heads various Latin American and other countries whose governments would mysteriously collapse a few days later.  21.  Altogether, the implications in Mr. McGriff’s testimony are disturbing. Although McGriff knew that USAID was CIA, he continued for 15 years to work on “projects throughout the world” that were funded by USAID and the World Bank.  The Agency for International Development (AID) is the population control agency of the United Nations.  George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography shows the origins of USAID within the eugenics movement dating back to Gen. William Draper, Jr. who, with Prescott Bush, father of George Bush, bankrolled Hitler.
“Gen. William H. Draper, Jr. was founder and chairman of the Population Crisis Committee and Draper Fund to promote eugenics as ‘population control.’ Vice chairman of Planned Parenthood Federation, VP and Asst. Treas. of the German Credit and Investment Corp. [front for Dillon Reed, New York investment bankers] which in partnership with Prescott Bush handled the account of Fritz Thyssen who financed Hitler...

“After several years of government service (often working directly for Averell Harriman in the North Atlantic Alliance), Draper was appointed in 1958 chairman of a committee which was to advise President Dwight Eisenhower on the proper course for U.S. military aid to other countries. At that time, Prescott Bush was a U.S. senator from Connecticut, a confidential friend and golf partner with National Security Director Gordon Gray, and an important golf partner with Dwight Eisenhower as well. Prescott's old lawyer from the Nazi days, John Foster Dulles, was Secretary of State, and his brother Allen Dulles, formerly of the Schroder bank, was head of the CIA.

“This friendly environment emboldened our General Draper to pull off a stunt with his military aid advisery committee. He changed the subject under study. The following year, the Draper committee recommended that the U.S. government react to the supposed threat of the ‘population explosion’ by formulating plans to depopulate the poorer countries. The growth of the world's non-white population, he proposed, should be regarded as dangerous to the national security of the United States!...

“President Eisenhower rejected the recommendation. But in the next decade, General Draper founded the ‘Population Crisis Committee’ and the ‘Draper Fund,’ joining with the Rockefeller and DuPont families to promote eugenics as ‘population control.’ The administration of President Lyndon Johnson, advised by Draper on the subject, began financing birth control in the tropical countries through the Agency for International Development.

“General William Draper was George Bush's guru on the population question. But there was also Draper's money -- from that uniquely horrible source -- and Draper's connections on Wall Street and abroad. Draper's son and heir, William H. Draper III, was co-chairman for finance
(chief of fundraising) of the Bush-for-President national campaign organization in 1980. With George Bush in the White House, the younger Draper heads up the depopulation activities of the United Nations throughout the world...

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) says that surgical sterilization is the Bush administration's ‘first choice’ method of population reduction in the Third World. The United Nations Population Fund claims that 37 percent of contraception users in Ibero-America and the Caribbean have already been surgically sterilized. In a 1991 report, William H. Draper III's U.N. agency asserts that 254 million couples will be surgically sterilized over the course of the 1990s; and that if present trends continue, 80 percent of the women in Puerto Rico and Panama will be surgically sterilized.” 22.

Author of La Mafia Sects (The Sect Mafia), Burn Fouchereau, observed that “sects” [new religious movements] were created by the secret services as powerful tools, ostensibly for the expansion of the Anglo-Saxon cultural ideology, but in reality for the introduction of occult belief systems and genocide.  For example, Aleister Crowley founded the Ordo Templi Orientis while serving in the British Secret Service [MI6].  The Order in the U.S. was co-opted by the CIA, which spun off OTO, the cult of Scientology and the Process Church. 23.  Incidentally, Crowley defined the “transformation of humanity” as “The Great Work”, also referred to by de Coppens' in The Meaning of Christ for Our Age as the divinity of man through spiritual initiation. 24. Ironically, Antipas uses the term “The Great Work” to identify the transformation of the Church from its traditional configuration to the Jesus Movement model, which launched the aforesaid signs and lying wonders movement. 25.

In Latin America, cultural transformation has been effected through the introduction of charismatic sects and, when necessary, terrorist operations. Please note in La Mafia Sects that “numerous agents of U.S.A.I.D.” who learned the techniques of psychological warfare in Vietnam, were responsible for the success of Latin American operations:

“They [the sects] are all made in the U.S.A. and are financed from the outside; they are the vehicles for inculcating an Anglo-Saxon cultural ideology, leading to adopting an American middle class model . . .

"… [T]he experience acquired in Vietnam, thanks to the work done in population control, was exported to Latin America, and particularly to Guatemala, by numerous agents of A.I.D., and of other U.S. services. Certain sects were created by psychological warfare specialists and entrusted with control of the political forum and control of conscience." ---George Orwell could never have imagined anything more effective than this! . .

“It is a fact that the foremost evangelical and charismatic sects have played a structural role in the dictatorships of Latin America. Sects such as The Church of the Word in Guatemala, or the Divine Universal Church, in Argentina, are directly linked to North American structures, such as the 700 Club (the real "seminary" for the formation of gurus, directed by the CIA), P.T.L. Television, founded by Pat Robertson in Virginia, Billy Graham Evangelist Association, World Vision International (all part of the sects’ money stream).” 26.

Which brings us to our next link between the Jesus Revolution and Latin America -- Gospel Outreach, a California-based sect that originated in the Jesus Movement. Gospel Outreach planted so many “El Verbo” churches [Church of the Word] in Latin America that a website devoted to Remembering the Jesus Movement classifies Gospel Outreach as a denomination, along with Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard.  “With 100 affiliated churches worldwide the Gospel Outreach network is one of three denominational legacies of the Jesus People Movement.” 27.

Gospel Outreach gained notoriety when one of its elders, Gen. Rios Montt, became president of Guatemala during the 1982 military coup.

By 1982, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency was well-entrenched in Guatemala. In 1954, the CIA had joined with the United Fruit Company, wealthy plantation owners and the military to overthrow the freely-elected president of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz.  A protracted civil war ensued in this country through the 1970s, which took a turn for the worse in the early 1980's, at which time the Guatemalan army, backed by the CIA, began a campaign of genocide against the Maya peoples. Several hundred Indian villages were obliterated and their inhabitants were either killed or forced into exile in Mexico. 28.  Altogether, the Guatemalan war claimed over 200,000 lives, mostly Mayan civilians. According to a recent U.N report, at least 626 massacres took place during the country's 36-year war and, in recent years, 125 massacre sites have been exhumed. Most of the victims were Maya Indians.  Only two court trials have been conducted in which state prosecutors filed criminal charges and only one of these cases led to convictions. In 1998, three former members of an army-trained civilian patrol were sentenced to death for their role in a 1982 massacre of 130 civilians outside the town of Rio Negro. 29.

The rise of El Verbo Church elder, Rios Montt, to President of Guatemala in 1982, the terrorist operations of his regime and his support among leading U.S. evangelical ministers are documented in the Public Information Research Database file on Gospel Outreach:

"Gospel Outreach is an evangelical Pentecostal church with headquarters in Eureka, California and Guatemala. It grew out of the 'Jesus People' movement of the 1960s in the United States. . After the 1976 earthquake, 28 Gospel Outreach evangelicals from California arrived in Guatemala to help rebuild the country and establish El Verbo church.

"An early convert was General Efrain Rios Montt, who became president after a military coup in March 1982.

"According to the Latin American Institute of Transnational Studies, 'Within the first nine months of Rios Montt's administration, 12 evangelical pastors were assassinated; 69 were kidnapped; 45 disappeared; 15 were jailed; 11 foreign missionaries were expelled; 88 evangelical temples were destroyed; and 50 more were occupied by the Army.' By 1986, Verbo Ministries reported 250 congregations. Verbo Ministries also runs a Leadership Training School with over 1000 members directed by Rios Montt himself. . .

"Rios Montt has been supported by Pat Robertson (Christian Broadcasting Network), Jerry Falwell (Moral Majority, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Liberty Federation), and Loren Cunningham (Youth with a Mission). They have worked with the Florida Cuban community. . . Jimmy Swaggart Ministries has provided financial support for the schools of El Verbo in Guatemala. This is done under the ‘Programa Ayuda Infantile,’ a branch of the Swaggart ministry.” 30.

Pat Robertson's organization funded Gospel Outreach to help Rios Montt build ‘model villages’ for the Guatemalan peasants. These model villages were, like the Jesus Movement, “based on ‘communitarianism,’ a system of church-centered community ownership of property that vaguely would include private ownership of homes and land.” 31.  Gospel Outreach’s fundraising arm in the U.S., International Love Lift, was able to raise $1.5 million for Rios Montt’s program.  The authors of Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, describe the fruit of Gospel Outreach – which turned out not to be model villages, but a genocidal campaign that was perpetuated largely because of Evangelical funding and petitions to President Reagan:
“The irony of [Gospel Outreach’s] name was outranked only by the name of its fund-raising arm in the United States, which was endorsed by TV evangelist Pat Robertson: International Love Lift. . .

“Love was beginning to take on a strange look . . .

“Within three months of Rios Montt’s self-declaration as ‘God’s choice,’ in June 1982, Amnesty International would issue a special report, Massive Extrajudicial Executions in Rural Areas Under the Government of General Efrain Rios Montt. Its ‘partial listing of massacres,’ totaling more than sixty, included one village where survivors witnessed soldiers beheading men, battering children’s heads against rocks, and raping women. More than 500 Indian people were killed in three villages in the departments of Quiche and Huehuetenango on March 23. In addition, 100 people were slaughtered in three villages in Alta Verapaz between March 24 and March 27; 250 people, in three villages in Chimaltenango the first two weeks of April; 100, in the village of Nangal alone in Quiche on April 5; 193, in Rio Negro on April 15; 54, in Macalbaj on April 18; and 100, in Josefinos on April 20.

“Machine guns, grenades, and machetes were used with sadistic abandon. Most of the victims were women and children.  In Alta Alta Verapaz, home of the Kekchi Indians, more than 1,000 of the 2,500 communities in the province were abandoned or destroyed. Those communities that remained were decimated by losses. In one municipality, Santa Cristobal Verapaz, up to 10,000 of the 28,000 residents were believed by local authorities to have died... 

“ . . .after meeting Rios Montt in Honduras later that month, President Reagan insisted that the regime was ‘getting a bad deal’ from the accusations of massacres and deserved renewed military aid from the United States (which he granted the following month).  Had not the White House received a flood of letters calling for renewed arms sales to Guatemala after Pat Robertson appealed to his 700 Culb television show for prayers and money for the regime?” 32.

The Covert Action Information Bulletin reported in 1987 that the State of Israel, Guatemala's principle backer between 1977 and 1986, not only sponsored espionage and torture of Guatemalans, but employed members of Gospel Outreach’s Verbo Church to assist their agents.
"Israel also installed computer surveillance equipment in Guatemala and, under the pretext of providing agricultural assistance, helped devise Rios Montt's 'beans and bullets strategic hamlets, modeled after the CIA's Operation Phoenix. . . [ed. note: ‘beans and bullets’ refers to Rios Montt’s policy, ‘If you are with us, we’ll feed you; if not we’ll kill you.’]

[Richard Paradise of Gospel Outreach] says he works under the auspices of the World Zionist Organization as a liaison with U.S. evangelicals, with the assigned role of working against anti-Semitism within the U.S. . . According to a special report entitled 'Sectas y Religiosidad en American Latina' published in October 1984 by the Chile-based Instituto Latinoamericano de Estudios Transnacionales, during Rios Montt's rule, members of Gospel Outreach's Verbo church took jobs in espionage and torture and accompanied Israeli and Argentinean experts during interrogation sessions." 33.

Israel’s role was confirmed by a member of Israel’s Knesset according to CIABASE files on Death Squads: “Guatemala, 1981-89. Israeli Knesset member General Peled said in Central America Israel is 'dirty work' contractor for U.S. Helped Guatemala regime when Congress blocked Reagan administration. Israeli firm Tadiran (then partly U.S.-owned) supplied Guatemalan military with computerized intelligence system to track potential subversives. Those on computer list had an excellent chance of being ‘disappeared.’”

The following CIABASE records describe the CIA operation in Guatemala, courtesy of Reuters and The Nation:

Guatemala, 1954-95. U.S. Undercover agents have worked for decades inside a Guatemalan army unit that has tortured and killed thousands of Guatemalan citizens, per the Nation weekly magazine. "working out of the U.S. Embassy and living in safe houses and hotels, agents work through an elite group of Guatemalan officers who are secretly paid by CIA and implicated personally in numerous political crimes and assassinations ''unit known as G-2 and its secret collaboration with CIA were described by U.S. and Guatemalan operatives and confirmed by three former Guatemalan heads of state. Colonel Julio Roberto Alpirez, Guatemalan officer implicated in murders of guerrilla leader Efrain Bamaca Velasquez -- husband of an American lawyer -- and rancher Michael Devine discussed in an interview how intelligence agency advises and helps run G-2. He said agents came to Central American country often to train G-2 men and he described attending CIA sessions at G-2 bases on "contra-subversion'' tactics and "how to manage factors of power'' to "fortify democracy'' the Nation quoted U.S. and Guatemalan intelligence sources as saying at least three recent G-2 chiefs have been on CIA payroll -- General Edgar Godoy Gatan, Colonel Otto Perez Molina and General Francisco Ortega Menaldo. `It would be embarrassing if you ever had a roll call of everybody in Guatemalan army who ever collected a CIA paycheck,'' report quoted Colonel George Hooker, U.S. DIA chief in Guatemala from 1985 to 1989, as saying. Human rights group Amnesty International has said Guatemalan army killed more than 110,000 civilians since 1978 with G-2 and another unit called Archivo known as main death squads. Reuters, 3/30/1995
Guatemala, 1960-90. Human rights groups say at least 40,000 Guatemalans "disappeared" in last 3 decades. Most were poor Indians. Anthropologists, led by Clyde Snow, dug away at a village site. Maria Lopez had a husband and a son in one grave. She said on morning of Valentine's Day 1982, members of anti-guerrilla militia took her husband and others. They had refused to join militias known as civil self-defense patrols and were killed. Six unknown clandestine graves in San Jose Pacho. Human rights groups blame most disappearances on army-run civil self-defense patrols set up under presidencies of General Lucas Garcia and Brig. Gen. Rios Montt. There are hundreds of clandestine graves filled with victims of the militias, right-wing death squads and brutal counterinsurgency campaigns. Washington Times, 8/5/1992, p. A9
The NAE / UGLE / UN Connection

Charles Fuller, founder of Fuller Theological Seminary, was one of the key backers of Cameron Townsend’s Summer Institute of Linguistics [SIL], which helped the CIA/Rockefeller/multinational corporate enterprise gather anthropological and psychological information on Latin American tribes prior to their extermination. The authors of Thy Will Be Done note that “. . .one of Cam’s old backers, citrus king, Charles Fuller, had just helped establish the National Association of Evangelicals.” 34.

As previously stated, large portions of Dene McGriff’s biographical material are hard to reconcile.  McGriff remained for 15 years in his position with World Relief, which is an agency of the apostate National Association of Evangelicals, despite his inside knowledge that USAID, which funded the projects, was involved in population control.

“Mr. McGriff has worked in international Christian relief and development organizations, and in international business development. . . . In 1979, he began working for World Relief of the National Association of Evangelicals in Wheaton, Illinois. He wrote the first grant which was funded for $750,000 by USAID (which he discovered was to a large degree, nothing more than a front for the CIA) in order to assist missionaries in getting funding for community development projects. . . For the next 15 years Dene traveled and worked on various development projects throughout the world, many which were funded through USAID and the Word Bank. He worked in over 50 countries from Asia to Africa and Latin America.” 35.

“Mr. McGriff was a captain in military intelligence in the 1960s and has worked extensively overseas for various relief organizations, among which were World Relief, the relief and development arm of the National Association of Evangelicals, and Food for the Hungry, another evangelical international relief organization. He has also taught local church leaders in developing countries how to plan and implement various relief projects.

“Mr. McGriff has successfully implemented complex international projects such as an HMO in Jamaica and a triple option health plan in Spain. He has been in charge of various country-wide health programs and has been at the vice president level of two Fortune 30 companies. He has also worked extensively in Kuwait, Columbia and Argentina on various health and hospital projects. He is an internationally recognized, published expert in his field.” 36.

The National Association of Evangelicals [NAE] is the powerful U.S. division of the lesser known, international World Evangelical Fellowship [WEF].  The World Evangelical Fellowship's history dates back to 1846 when, under the original name World Evangelical Alliance, it held the first global meeting of missionaries at the United Grand Lodge of England Freemasons' Hall, London. (The UGLE had been “dedicated to the purposes of Freemasonry” at its completion in 1776.) 37.   In 1944 when the American branch of the Evangelical Alliance dissolved (to be later resurrected by the NAE in 1951), its remaining funds were transferred to the Rockefeller-funded Federal Council of Churches [FCC, 1908]. The FCC would later become the World Council of Churches [WCC, Amsterdam, 1948]. The World Evangelical Fellowship today serves the United Nations agenda as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Special Consultative Status with UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Just as WEF serves as the umbrella organization over the NAE, the NAE serves as umbrella to the National Religious Broadcasters [NRB]. NRB membership includes a number of Evangelical leaders who hold cross-over memberships in the secretive and political Council for National Policy -- John Ankerberg, Ed Astinger III, Theodore Baehr, Richard Bott, II, David Breese, Bill Bright, Chuck Colson, James Dobson, Stuart Epperson, Jerry Falwell, D. James Kennedy, Tim La Haye, Marlin Maddoux, Patrick Matrisciana, Chuck Missler, Paul Pressler, and Pat Robertson.

The National Association of Evangelicals emerged in 1942 after a planning session at Moody Bible Institute. Its first president was Harold Ockenga, co-founder of Fuller Theological Seminary. Also acknowledged as co-founders are Charles Fuller [founder of Fuller Theological Seminary] and J. Edwin Orr. Orr, a scholar on revival at Fuller Seminary, developed the strategy for Campus Crusade for Christ [Bill Bright], and aided Billy Graham in his “new understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit.”

Dene McGriff’s bio in the June 15, 1997 issue of Religion in Politics mentions his experience at the Forest Home Christian Center: “The Lord really got a hold of his life after his senior year of high school in 1960 when he worked at Forest Home Christian Conference Center. He was active in Inter Varsity and Navigators in college. . .”38.

Forest Home Christian Conference Center in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California was founded by Henrietta Mears to “train the next generation of world leaders”.  Among those trained and “anointed” at Forest Home were “accepted evangelists” Billy Graham, former Senate Chaplain Richard Halverson who initiated the National Day of Prayer and Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade.

“After laying hands on Bill Bright to impart to him her mantle, and receive him into the Fellowship of the Burning Heart, Mears took Bright and his wife Vonette into her home. There they lived for eleven years, being groomed for leadership. It was in Mears's living room that Campus Crusade for Christ was born. All the converts from Campus Crusade for Christ, as well as other youth groups-the Navigators, Young Life, Youth for Christ, and other streams - are trained in the ecumenical doctrine and sent back into their churches to influence them for world evangelization.” 39.
According to Christianity Today, Henrietta Mears is the “grandmother of modern evangelicalism.” 40. Al Dager’s report on The World Christian Movement, describes the ministry of Forest Home and Henrietta Mears’ close working relationship with Charles Fuller and Harold Ockenga.  Fuller and Ockenga co-founded both Fuller Theological Seminary, base of C. Peter Wagner and the late John Wimber, and the National Association of Evangelicals, Dene McGriff’s former employer:
“Almost from the beginning Forest Home Christian Conference Center was a success. Today it is world renowned for its teaching conferences, and many well-known leaders in Christianity have learned and taught there. It was at Forest Home that Mears's greatest influence in the lives of certain men of renown came to fruition.

“Mears became famous for her preaching at the Forest Home Christian Conference Center to thousands of youth in the 1930s. These youth came from virtually every denomination. They were instilled with Mears's vision for "the Cause of Christ" and took that vision back to their churches.

“Mears's fame was aided by a close friend, Charles E. Fuller, the second person in the association that would impact today's evangelization efforts. Fuller promoted Mears and her Forest Home conferences on his worldwide radio broadcast of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour. Dedicated to praying for revival, Fuller would announce conferences to which his listeners could go in order to work toward revival.

“Mears's greatest impact upon the churches came through Forest Home Christian Conference Center during the rise of neo-evangelicalism, when the organized churches began melding the Gospel with the need for socio-political action. The desire to 'win the world for Christ' burned in Henrietta Mears's heart. And that burning was not lost on her disciples. . .

“The third person within the association at that time was Harold Ockenga, President of Gordon College and pastor of Park Street Church in Boston. Ockenga was instrumental in forming the National Association of Evangelicals (N.A.E.). As a very close friend of Charles Fuller, he met with Fuller in Chicago to assist him in developing the plan for Fuller Evangelical Seminary. As a result, Ockenga became the first President of Fuller Evangelical Seminary. Both taught the young people at Mears's Forest Home Christian Conference Center.” 41.

The incongruities in Antipas’ biographical profiles suggest a hidden agenda behind their endless harangues against the Christian Church. In his article on Gospel Outreach and the death squads in Guatemala, Stevan Shearer abhors the callous indifference of the Religious Right toward the death squads of Latin America.  He extends no mercy for their genuine ignorance of real events – ignorance resulting from the fabricated news reports they receive in the closed environment of “Christian” media, which brainwashes its religious audience to avoid secular publications where the truth about Latin America seems more available.

On the other hand, Mr. Shearer demonstrates astonishing tolerance for the El Verbo church leaders who were DIRECTLY involved in terrorist operations in Guatemala. Regarding this religious mafia, Shearer refrains from impugning the motives of Gospel Outreach or the personal character of its founder, Jim Durkin, but rather “attest[s] to the holy character of both his life and work”.  Shearer’s leniency toward the heinous crimes of Gospel Outreach is justified with the rationalization that Durkin and his co-workers were innocently drawn into deception.

“Verbo is connected to the late Jim Durkin* and Gospel Outreach in Eureka, California. Gospel Outreach is one of an almost countless number of groups (groups headed up by such charismatic luminaries as John Jimenez, John Mears, Larry Lea, the Ft. Lauderdale Five, etc.) which originated out of the Jesus Revolution of the late 60's and early 70's. These groups - when taken together - form the core constituencies of today's New Charismatic Movement. Together, they form an exceedingly tight-knit, inter-locked network of churches, denominations and ministries. All have - to one degree or another- been affected by the post-millennial concepts of the Latter Rain - especially those which postulate that it's the church's destiney [sic] to take over the world for "Christ and the church" - even if it means resorting to political and military activity. And it is precisely these churches which today form the hard-core of this country's Religious Right.
“So -what exactly does all of this portend? We can begin to get an idea by examining the attitudes of these groups had towards death squad activity in Central and South America in the1980s - and it's enough to send shivers up and down one's spine! In the article to which this one appears as a "sidebar," you had two death squad leaders (see page 5), both of whom evidently thought nothing of torturing and terrorizing their political adversaries, who belonged to Verbo - and not just peripherally , but as members of Verbo's singing ministry. What does this say about the spiritual atmosphere which surrounded Verbo?

“Not much! One way or another, an atmosphere had been created within Verbo which tolerated - explicitly or, more likely, implicitly - the kind of activity with which these two death squad functionaries were involved, one which could tolerate the idea that, "Killing (and ipso facto, torturing and terrorizing) because it is necessary to fight against an anti-Christ system... is not only right, but the duty of every Christian." What does this say about Verbo? - and, more to the point, what does all this say about Verbo's sister churches in North America? about Gospel Outreach? and about the New Charismatics in general? Maybe it's about time that we take these people seriously when they say, " In winning a nation to the gospel, "The sword as well as the pen must be used."

“Finally, what does this all say about the Religious Right? What does it say about what these people are capable "in the name of Christ" should they ever seize power in this country?

“*This should not be construed as a denigration of either Jim Durkin or Gospel Outreach. The author of this article knew Jim on a personal basis and can attest to the holy character of both his life and work.  What's important to note here is that if such men (Durkin and those who were associated with him) could have been so easily drawn into a connection with this kind of evil, what does that say about the rest of us? Maybe we're not quite as invulnerable to deception as we think we are.” 42.

The abysmal logic demonstrated in this statement is expressed elsewhere in Antipas’ literature.  Antipas would abolish the Evangelical churches because the Christian Right unwittingly supports evil dictators in Latin America, but revive the Jesus Movement whose leaders and members either PERSONALLY ASSISTED or WERE [as in the case of Rios Montt] THE wicked dictators in Latin America.  Antipas further misrepresents the facts in its description of Church Apostasy --
“CHURCH APOSTASY: the refusal of the church to see itself any longer as a 'citizen' of a heavenly kingdom having nothing to do with this world ['My kingdom is not of this world ... my kingdom ... (comes) not from hence.' (John 18:36)] to seeing itself, rather, as a 'citizen' or 'friend' of this present evil world and all that such a thing portends - from the church's involvement in the world's political affairs, to its rapprochement with the Roman Catholics, to its involvement in death squad activity in the name of God in South and Central America. . .” 43.
Who was “involved in death squad activity”??  Evangelical Christians in the United States who are victims of conservative media distortion of Latin American affairs OR the “Jesus People” of Gospel Outreach, who personally participated the death squads??

Antipas Not Alone. . .

Support Troops for the Jesus Revolution

Besides the many apostate organizations involved in The Call, D.C., another ministry advocating a youth revolution is Ed Decker's Saints Alive. Echoing the theme of “Extreme Youth” who were called to Washington, D.C., to “create a violent spiritual shift,” Ed Decker promotes Extreme Youth Ministries and Generation Jesus: “This radical Youth ministry has a passion for souls. They are located in the Pacific Northwest and are associated with the City Church. Are you interested in seeing youth revival like never before seen? This ministry is leading the way.”

The City Church Movement believes in ONE church for a city. Ed Decker's newsletter announced last spring that he had joined the WA City Church and had been invited to move his offices into their facility.  Decker's web site is hotlinked to the Seattle, WA City Church whose pastor is Wendell Smith.  The City Church Questions on Revival recommends the Toronto and Brownsville Revivals, Promise Keepers, and the Spiritual Warfare Network with endorsements by Pat Robertson, Rodney-Howard Brown, John Arnott, Bill Bright, Stephen Strang, Cindy Jacobs, C. Peter Wagner etc.

The reader may recall strange references in The Call, D.C. report to the new youth revolution's adoption of "radical Nazarite-type lifestyles" and the fact that Wendel Smith belongs to the Church of the Nazarene of questionable doctrine. In fact, Ed Decker's pastor, Wendell Smith, and Che Ahn, President of The Call, D.C., were both mentored by the very New Age Dick Iverson. [See: The City Church "History" section]

"The church was an outreach of Bible Temple in Portland, Oregon under the apostolic oversight of Pastor Dick Iverson. Wendell and Gini Smith were on staff at Bible Temple for twenty years as Youth Pastors and associates. They were also involved in international ministry as speakers, authors and ministers. Pastor Wendell became well known for the 'Dragon Slayer' New Generation youth seminars held across America. Pastor Wendell graduated in 1972 from Northwest Nazarene College."
The "Dragon Slayer" New Generation is a covert reference to the Masonic vow to destroy the Roman Catholic Church [and what it perceives to be its daughter, Protestant Christianity] and to establish the “Esoteric Church” in its place. [See: The Roman Dragon]

Che Ahn also pastors the Pasadena Vineyard Church which is now renamed Harvest Rock Church and is located on the campus of the U.S. Center for World Missions [USCWM]. Two years ago one of our researchers who visited the USCWM campus noticed a flyer advertising John Arnott's upcoming visit to the Harvest Rock Church.  Please see Filling the Blanks With Fuller for information on the Fuller Theological Seminary Think Tank which included: Donald McGavran [Fuller Schoool of World Missions], Ralph Winter [U.S. Center for World Missions ], C. Peter Wagner [A.D. 2000 United Prayer Track] and John Wimber [Vineyard Fellowship].

Not surprisingly, Ed Decker is a close personal friend of Patrick Matrisciana [CNP], who also invented “Jesus Freaks” and co-founded the Christian World Liberation Front on the UC Berkeley campus as a front for Campus Crusade. 44.  Following Decker’s invitation to tour Israel in 1996 with Pat and Caryl Matrisciana [formerly a New Age British elite] the trip was canceled, apparently due to lack of interest.

Trip To Israel -March 3 to 14th

       Carol and I are excited to personally invite you to travel with us, Pat and Caryl Matrisciana from Jeremiah Films and other key Christian ministry leaders to Israel in March for a once in a lifetime trip to the Holy Land.
       Our tour is with Israel's premier travel agency Unitours, and Pat has successfully booked five-star accommodations at a large discount . . .  I hope you will join the Deckers, the Matriscianas and our friends on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don't miss it!
       This tour is unlike any other Israel Trip EVER!! We will participate in Middle East Briefings with special keynote speakers. Daily meetings will be held as we travel throughout the land of Israel.
       With his special contacts in Israel, Pat has with members of Israel's Parliament/ Knesset, government officials, leading Orthodox Rabbis, Muslim and Jewish community leaders and Middle East experts. They will give us an uncensored account of the recent events in Israel such the assassination of Yitzak Rabin, the Hebron Treaty, the Golan Heights, PLO and Arab relations, U.S./ Israel relations, and international politics. For security reasons, the identity of our keynote speakers will be kept confidential.
       We will collectively gain historical and biblical reference to past, current and future world events during the tour as you learn from the other Christian leaders travelling with us. They are renowned pastors, Christian evangelists, religion experts, historians, financial experts, and business professionals. . .
      Jeremiah Films has also put together "Bonus Gifts" that will be given to each participant. They include a special Unitours travel bag with literature inside, a 12 month subscription to "Citizens Intelligence Digest". . .” 45.

Pat Matrisciana [CNP] is chairman of Citizens for Honest Government which publishes Citizens' Intelligence Digest. The board of CHG includes Chuck Missler [CNP] and Carolyn Steinke of Parents Involved in Education, a Scientology front.  Matrisciana's legal defense in the lawsuit dealing with the Jeremiah Film's video Obstruction of Justice was the U.S. Justice Foundation’s [CA] Gary Kreep, who circulates and connects with the Heritage Foundation, Council for National Policy and Carol Steinke. Joseph Farah of Worldnet Daily [with ties to Richard Mellon Scaife and the Council for National Policy] testified in Matriciana's defense during the legal proceedings.

The Ministry of Ed Decker also mentions his collaboration with CNP “Jesus Freak” creator, Pat Matrisciana and Dave Hunt, beloved mentor of the Discernment ministries.

“Ed is the co-author (with Dave Hunt) of the best selling book, The God Makers . . . He also co-authored the book, Unmasking Mormonism, with Dave . . . Ed also co-authored The God Makers II book with Caryl Matrisciana . . .Ed was the creative force behind the explosive documentary films, The God Makers, The Temple Of The God Makers, The Mormon Dilemma, and worked closely with Jeremiah Films in the creation of the video, The God Makers II.” 46.
The Counterfeit Revival

It appears that Dene McGriff and Stevan Shearer of Antipas and Ed Decker of Saints Alive are promoting the same Jesus Revolution that the worldly, materialistic, ecumenical, apostate, death-squad fans of the Religious Right are mobilizing through The Call, D.C.  The Discernment ministries are fond of pointing to the modern prophets of the Apostate Church as the source of the false teaching of a Latter Rain Revival.  However, predictions of a great “harvest” amid the coming tribulation are being heard from the so-called Discernment ministries as well as the Apostate Church.  Compare the projections of Stevan Shearer of Antipas and Ed Decker alongside the false
prophecies of Rick Joyner and The Call, D.C.

S.R. Shearer, Antipas: “The great work which lies before us is . . . the establishment of the church on a basis which will not only enable it to survive during the coming crisis, but which will permit it to consummate its spiritual commission insofar as the Gospel is concerned during this period (Rev. 7:9-14) - a harvest of souls which will ensue as a result of the remarkable events of this period . . .  While many of us may not be comforted by the fact that tribulation has - historically speaking - a way of ‘manifesting’ the church, it is, nonetheless, the truth. And what a manifestation it will be - at least insofar as true Christianity is concerned.” 47.

Ed Decker, Saints Alive: "There is a real revival breaking forth amongst may churches and I see a great harvest coming forth in the midst of this darkness over us." 48.

Rick Joyner, The Harvest: “The Lord has revealed to many of His prophets that there will soon be a great outpouring of His Spirit. This revival will be greater than all those preceding it. This vision includes key elements to this coming harvest and what the Lord is doing in the Church now to prepare for it. This outpouring will ultimately result in some very radical changes for both the Church and the world. These need to be understood by those who would be used by God for one of the greatest events in history. . . concurrent with the harvest a gripping tribulation will arise in the world” 49.

The Call, D.C. [Founder, Lou Engle, a pastor at the Harvest Rock Church of Che Ahn, President of The Call, D.C.]
    "Yet the rumbles of revival can be heard, the distant sounds of a spiritual downpour that will bring a massive harvest. At a time when the voice of the church has been drowned out by the blare of talk shows and video games, the youth of this nation have been shaken to their core by the courage of young martyrs in places like Columbine and Wedgewood. There is a stirring in campuses and high schools. Young people are fasting, praying, evangelizing with a new passion. And now The Call has gone out - a summons to those who are desperate for revival and are willing to fast and pray to see God touch our nation. . .
    "Revival has always been with the young. And it will be so again. Our campuses and schools have been the birthplaces of revival before -- may it happen again! In this season of harvest, let us gather to commission our youth with a mandate for this millenium and commit ourselves to mentor and equip them. "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore to send out workers into his harvest field." (Matthew 9:37-38) 50.

Finally, consider a message that closely resembles these from a recent issue of Kingdom Gospel Messenger of Don Clasen -- the spiritual crossdresser from the Kansas City Vineyard who works with Mike Bickle and yet is invited to Discernment Conferences, and whose hypocritical anti-false revival material is found on the Banner Ministries website.  In the September 2000 Kingdom Gospel Messenger, Clasen prefaces his theory on endtime events with a casual mention of his typical morning visions: "As I've said, I get visions in my morning prayer time, every day."
    "Tabernacles represents the main harvest which did not come until the end of the long growing season. Likewise, here at the end of the age, the Church's greatest harvest of souls is yet to be seen, at a time when the New Age dream comes crashing to the ground and the world takes a second look at the Gospel of the Second Coming. . .
    "[Tabernacles] will begin the great outpouring, the great 'revival' everyone in the Charismatic world is looking for. Tishri 22 is what is traditionally known as the 'Great Day' of the feast. It refers to that day wherein the High Priest would go down to the Kidron River with a pitcher to get water to bring back and pour out at the feet of the altar. It was on that day as the High Priest did this that Jesus cried out with a loud voice, "IF ANY MAN THIRST, LET HIM COME UNTO ME, AND DRINK. HE THAT BELIEVETH ON ME, AS THE SCRIPTURE HATH SAID, OUT OF HIS BELLY SHALL FLOW RIVERS OF LIVING WATER" (Jn 7:37,38). Whether this outpouring must be released on the last day of Tabernacles I do not know. But I do agree with the idea that there will be one of some kind, and that it will be in power equal to or greater than the ministry of Christ himself two thousand years ago. Only this time He will do it corporately through the medium of His remnant Church on the earth." 51.
Don Clasen is speaking the language of Bob Jones, Paul Cain and John Wimber, who reintroduced and established in the Pentecostal churches the Latter Rain/Manifest Sons of God teachings of William Branham and George Warnock. In Latter Rain doctrine, paramount emphasis is placed on the proposed Year of Jubilee A.D. 2000, when all nations and a "Corporate" Church will celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. The prophetic fulfillment of this Feast is said to occur prior to the return of Christ. Latter Rain prophets claim that this will also be a "Second Pentecost," since the first was "incomplete." Christ will then appear in the midst of His people and be incarnated in his Body, filling the Corporate "Christ" with His glory, which will then be poured out on all flesh. [See: The Latter Rain Revival]

Despite their remonstrations to the contrary, all of these spiritual gurus are leading their adherents into the same Counterfeit Revival which promises to restore the Church to its early apostolic foundations. Their teaching is none other than the "Endtime Restorationism" of the Apostles and Prophets which Paul Cain, John Wimber preached would be accomplished by a "dread army of champions."  To this end, all of the above are leading their adherents to start a new Jesus Revolution which will redefine Christianity and recreate the Church or as Antipas says "produce the church".  According to Don Clasen's recent newsletter, this watershed event is nearly upon us. . .

When Do the Fireworks Begin?

Don Clasen poses this question in the Kingdom Gospel Messenger and proceeds to answer by recommending the eschatological chronology of a Messianic Rabbi by the name of Michael Rood. Rood has determined that the Millennium began last Spring on Abib 1 [Nisan 1] based on "astronomical" [really astrological] evidence concerning the timing of the creation and the birth of Christ: [1] the year of creation which was accompanied with a planetary alignment followed by a perfect planetary alignment on the summer solstice and [2] the birth of Christ which witnessed the Star of Bethlehem -- a constellation of "(Virgo), the virgin holding in her left hand the Righteous Branch (the Messiah). Right next to her is the constellation of Ariel (Leo), representative of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Right beneath His feet is the bright star Regulus (the King). On that night, the planet Jupiter ('the Righteous One') came into conjunction with Regulus."

Since these major Biblical events were supposedly accompanied by astrological phenomena, Clasen endorses Rood's theory that the Millennium officially began with the May 5, 2000 alignment of the planets.  Michael Rood's theory is not unlike New Age astrologer Rick Levine's thesis in The Gift of the Magi: Christmas for a New Millennium, that the Star of Bethlehem was actually a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 7-6 B.C. in the zodiacal sign of Pisces. According to Levine, this astronomical sign inaugurated the Christian Age and validated the messianic credentials of Jesus Christ for the age of Pisces. Levine further proposes that, since the next Jupiter/Saturn triple conjunction occured last May under the sign of Aquarius, rather than Pisces, humanity has entered a new messianic age during which all mankind will be reborn as the "Christ" for this age.

Messianic Rabbi Michael John Rood [a pseudonym full of occult meaning] rationalizes the inauguration of the new millennium in accordance with the New Age calendar because the Jewish New Year did not really begin when it was supposed to due to a delayed barley harvest.  Rood recently presented the same message to a Prophecy Club seminar in Greensboro, NC that Kansas City prophet, Don Clasen, is peddling to his readers.  Rood told his Prophecy Club audience that he had worked with [religious fraud] Ron Wyatt , a deceased Seventh Day Adventist who claimed to have discovered the Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red Sea Crossing, Mount Sinai, the Ark of the Covenant and how the Pyramids were built.  Producing an artist's rendering of the true Ark of the Covenant, Rabbi Rood said the Ark would be revealed this fall on the real Yom Kippur (reset by the first real agricultural calendar correction in close to 2000 years, based on this year's spring barley harvest and the new moon). According to Rood, the Ark will appear early in November as a sign to the Jews and that is when the national repentance will occur. "They will gaze on Him whom they have pierced and mourn..." Rood also says this is the day when God goes forth to fight for Israel at the close of the 10-day Gog & Magog war which he forecasts for this fall.

In the Kingdom Gospel Messenger, Clasen posits that, according to Michael Rood's predictions based on the late barley harvest, Tishri 1 begins this year on October 28-29 instead of September 29-30.  And on October 28-29, says Rood, the war of Ezekiel 38 and 39 will be fulfilled in a massive attack on Israel. On Tishri 10, The Day of Atonement [Yom Kippur] "Israel goes nuclear" and the Messiah "confirms the covenant . . . causing the Ark of the Covenant to appear on the Temple Mount."

"As far as this Fall is concerned, Rood believes Tishri 1 (the Blowing of Trumpets will not be September 29-30 but October 28-29. This, he predicts, is the time when the Ezekiel 38,39 attack on Israel by her Arab neighbors will begin. Rood believes it will build and get worse for Israel, having lost its only ally the U.S. to war problems of our own. Eventually, Russia will seek to take advantage of the situation too. But just when all looks lost, on Yom Kippur, the 10th day, Israel goes nuclear. God will arise with fury in His nostrils (Eze 38:18-23) to fight for them supernaturally as well.

"Rood believes Yom Kippur also begins the period of time wherein the Messiah 'confirms the covenant with many for one week' (seven years--Dan 9:27) by causing the Ark of the Covenant to appear on the Temple Mount. He claims there is evidence that it's buried under the Mount along with an ancient sand and hydraulic contraption that will cause it to emerge under the right conditions (such as an earthquake--Eze 38:19,20). He says that the Temple Mount will be littered with thousands of bodies in the aftermath of that war. These must be removed and the Mount cleansed with water and the ashes of the red heifer before the Feast can be celebrated. At that time though, he says the Israelis take the Temple Mount outright and that by Tishri 22, the last day of Tabernacles, the Mount will be ready and the feast celebrated for the first time in almost two thousand years."

What's wrong with this picture?

What Rabbi Rood has done is change the dates of the Fall Jewish feasts by one month.  According to Numbers 29:1-6, the Feast of Trumpets [Rosh Hashanna] was to be held on the first day of the seventh month, the Day of Atonement on the tenth day and the Feast of Tabernacles was to begin on the fifteenth day of the same month.

And in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, ye shall have an holy convocation; ye shall do no servile work: it is a day of blowing the trumpets unto you. . .
And ye shall have on the tenth day of this seventh month an holy convocation; and ye shall afflict your souls: ye shall not do any work therein. . .
And on the fifteenth day of the seventh month ye shall have an holy convocation; ye shall do no servile work, and ye shall keep a feast unto the Lord seven days. . .
Interestingly, the date of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles was also changed in ancient Israel under the wicked reign of Jeroboam who led the northern tribes into Baal worship.  The revised dating scheme which Michael Rood posits coincides precisely with the date Jeroboam chose for the Feast of Tabernacles -- one month later than the date which God commanded -- the fifteenth day of the eighth, instead of the seventh, month!
    Then Jeroboam built Shechem in mount Ephraim, and dwelt therein; and went out from thence, and built Penuel. And Jeroboam said in his heart, Now shall the kingdom return to the house of David:
    If this people go up to do sacrifice in the house of the LORD at Jerusalem, then shall the heart of this people turn again unto their lord, even unto Rehoboam king of Judah, and they shall kill me, and go again to Rehoboam king of Judah.
    Whereupon the king took counsel, and made two calves of gold, and said unto them, It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem: behold thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt. And he set the one in Bethel, and the other put he in Dan.
    And this thing became a sin: for the people went to worship before the one, even unto Dan. And he made an house of high places, and made priests of the lowest of the people, which were not of the sons of Levi.
    And Jeroboam ordained a feast in the eighth month, on the fifteenth day of the month, like unto the feast that is in Judah, and he offered upon the altar. So did he in Bethel, sacrificing unto the calves that he had made: and he placed in Bethel the priests of the high places which he had made.
    So he offered upon the altar which he had made in Bethel the fifteenth day of the eighth month, even in the month which he had devised of his own heart; and ordained a feast unto the children of Israel: and he offered upon the altar, and burnt incense.  I Kings 12:25-33
We have documented in our report on the Tribe of Dan, under the section on the Sin of Dan, that according to Parker's Astrology, the Eighth Astrological House is from October 24 through November 22.  Scorpio, the Snake, which is the symbol of the Tribe of Dan, is the eighth astrological sign in the ancient Zodiac.  How convenient that "when Rood and his friends checked the barley they had planted on the Mount of Olives last fall, they noted that it was not even close to being abib by April 5, the rabbinic date for the new year."  And so they decided that the planetary alignment of May 5 was really the beginning of the Jewish New Year and transition into the seventh millennium, placing the Jewish feasts precisely during the Eighth Astrological House on the occult calendar! Tragically, Rood's occult dating of the revised Jewish feasts is now being purveyed througout the Christian community as a Messianic Jewish interpretation of Bible prophecy!  So much for Hebrew Roots!

Furthermore, in Rood's occult-based scenario, the Jews take the Temple Mount and "by Tishri 22, the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles, the Mount will be ready and the feast celebrated for the first time there in almost two thousand years."  On that very day will begin "the great outpouring, the great 'revival' everyone in the Charismatic world is looking for."

"[Rood] believes too that that day will begin the great outpouring, the great 'revival' everyone in the Charismatic world is looking for. Tishri 22 is what is traditionally known as the 'Great Day' of the feast. It refers to that day wherein the High Priest would go down to the Kidron River with a pitcher to get water to bring back and pour out at the feet of the altar. It was on that day as the High Priest did this that Jesus cried out with a loud voice, "IF ANY MAN THIRST, LET HIM COME UNTO ME, AND DRINK. HE THAT BELIEVETH ON ME, AS THE SCRIPTURE HATH SAID, OUT OF HIS BELLY SHALL FLOW RIVERS OF LIVING WATER" (Jn 7:37,38). Whether this outpouring must be released on the last day of Tabernacles I do not know. But I do agree with the idea that there will be one of some kind, and that it will be in power equal to or greater than the ministry of Christ himself two thousand years ago. Only this time He will do it corporately through the medium of His remnant Church on the earth." 52.
George Warnock, who delineated the Latter Rain doctrine in his book The Feast of Tabernacles [1951], foretold "that Christ should visit the saints…and minister his life ‘in secret’ before He is openly manifest." 53.   George Warnock be proud of the Kansas City Vineyard prophets -- Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, Don Clasen, etc. -- who have promulgated his false teachings throughout the Charismatic community. Ditto for Stevan Shearer of Antipas, whose pre-millennial Manifest Sons of God teaching is proclaimed in The Church in Tribulation:
“The great work which lies before us is . . . the establishment of the church on a basis which will not only enable it to survive during the coming crisis, but which will permit it to consummate its spiritual commission insofar as the Gospel is concerned during this period (Rev. 7:9-14) - a harvest of souls which will ensue as a result of the remarkable events of this period . . .
"While many of us may not be comforted by the fact that tribulation has - historically speaking - a way of "manifesting" the church, it is, nonetheless, the truth. And what a manifestation it will be - at least insofar as true Christianity is concerned. The Bible says:

    "For [even the whole] creation ... waits expectantly and longs earnestly for God's sons [the Church] to be made known -
    waits for the REVEALING, the DISCLOSURE of their sonship." (Romans 8:19, Zondervan, the Amplified Bible)

"The King James version translates the verse in this way:

    "For the earnest expectation of the ...[creation] waiteth for the MANIFESTATION of the sons of God." (Romans 8:19)

"And the NASB version translates it this way:

    "For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the REVEALING of the sons of God." (Romans 8:19)

"In this Paul is saying that the whole universe is waiting for something to happen in the 'end of days' insofar as the Church is
concerned. It is waiting for the church to be "REVEALED," "DISCLOSED," "MANIFESTED;" and so much so that just and seeking men and women everywhere will be drawn to Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ because of the church's testimony. Unfortunately - at least insofar as our "old man" (Rom. 6:6 and Eph. 4:22) is concerned - this can only happen as a result of tribulation." 54.

The Christian reader may have naively assumed that the The Call, D.C. for another Jesus Revolution/Revival is coming exclusively from the Religious Right which comprises the Apostate Church. Furthermore, the reader may have misplaced confidence that the so-called "discernment ministries" are faithfully steering their followers away from the Counterfeit Revival AND are also warning Christians against the new Jesus Revolution which will overthrow Christianity as we know it.  In fact, just the opposite is happening.  Except for a blurb on the Banner Ministries website, the discernment ministries have been strangely silent about The Call, D.C. to another Jesus Revolution in the context of the Manifest Sons of God Revival, and just as silent about the fact that some of their number are promoting the same Revolution/Revival.  Furthermore, these "ministries" are notorious for deferring to the teachers of Hebrew Roots and Messianic Rabbis who are in actuality replacing the Jewish calendar and true prophetic events of Scripture with the Kabbalists' calendar of events.

There is little more that can be said than to reiterate our view that the true Antichrist system of the end time will orchestrate a false fulfillment of Bible prophecy before the true fulfillment of Scripture actually takes place.  The simulation of the events of the Tribulation Period is already underway and this carefully planned deception will go far toward misleading even the elect, if possible. [Matt. 24:24]  A report on our website, Heeding Bible Prophecy systematically outlines how the book of Revelation will be counterfeited for Christian consumption. There will be a counterfeit Tribulation Period, counterfeit Antichrist, counterfeit False Prophet, counterfeit Abomination of Desolation, etc.  At mid-Trib, the pseudo-Antichrist [eg., Prince Charles/UN/global government] and pseudo-Mystery Babylon [Pope/  Roman Catholic Church] will be judged and ostensibly destroyed in a mock trial and execution. The world and undiscerning Christians, believing that the Beast has been destroyed, will receive a descendant of the Merovingian bloodline as "The Christ." The Bistea Neptunis -- the Beast out of the Sea of Rev.13:1 -- will ascend the throne of a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem and the Great Tribulation will commence.

Take heed that no man deceive you. . .
For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets,
and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that,
if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
Behold, I have told you before.
Matthew 24:1,24,25


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