Rabbi Robert Cohen  & Rick Joyner

Edited transcript of Audio tape from

"The Opening Night" of Messiahí99

July 4-10,1999

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Rabbi Robert Cohen


Turn with me in your Scriptures to the book of Proverbs, the book of Proverbs chapter 29 verse 18. I want to talk to you tonight about where I believe the movement is going in the years ahead. I believe as a movement in the 1970's when we were birthed and then Jerusalem came back to Jewish hands. . .according to the prophecy in Luke that Y'eshua said "when you see Jerusalem back in Jewish hands you'll know that my coming is near." And it was the end of the Gentile Age. . .and we have been in this transition for a long time and this revival has gone through many different stages in the early we've seen the rise of Messianic Jewish Synagogues, we've seen the rise of Messianic Jewish revivals in Russia. . .God is doing something.

And so in this movement and through the seventies and up until now the 90ís we been moving on that spirit of revival, that came in, in what we call the Jesus Movement or the Yíeshua movement. . .God is afoot. God is about to break loose prophetically upon our Jewish people but this movement and it says here in proverbs in 29:18 without a prophetic vision the actual Hebrew word literally says without the prophetic word, the, the people throw out all restraint but he who keeps Torah or instruction is happy. . Prophetic definitionóHe tells us its about to happen before it happensóthatís prophecyóthatís the prophetic word. And. . .tell you something new ĖYOUóthe messianic Jewish movement is a prophetic wordÖ Ezekiel 36-37. . .speaks of a movement of God as Israel comes back into the land. The Torah. . .Deuteronomy chapter 30:4-6 talks about God circumcising our hearts. . ., bringing us back home, bringing us into a Spiritual relationship with Him through the Messiah Yíeshua.

The book of Romans tells us in the 11th chapter. And elsewhere that we are the righteous remnant even now saved by grace. We are the prophetic inheritance that what God is about to do is true. . .we need to rise up to the bar and believe what God says about us. . .Weíve been moving in revival but God wants us now to transition us to prophetic revival. Now what do I mean. We are Prophesied in the Word of God. Does Gods word come back void? Does it come back null? Does it accomplish what He set it out to do? You are a prophetic people.

The reason you are here this week. . .you were drawn here. . .to receive a prophetic vision that this revival of Israel that you and I are a part of was prophesied in the Word of God and that Godís Word stands behind this movement and we have been birthed as the first fruits out of this movement to see the prophetic to happen to our Jewish people. Itís been centuries since the Jewish people have seen a prophet. I believe this movement has been called of God to walk in a new office, the office of Prophet to Israel and to the Body of Messiah. And that this movement is about to receive a prophetic mantle. Thatís what God wants to do. Thatís what He wants us to do with the rabbis tonight.

Weíve been operating in a vision in a way that we have seen ourselves kind of in between two intense poles. The body of Messiah says you canít be Jewish and believe in Yíeshua and keep your Jewish identity. Many. And then we have our Jewish community on the other hand saying, Youíre no longer Jews. And we have a new wrinkle on that and that is that the Jewish community tells the Christian community, "Donít accept them as Jews." That happened in Jubilee and that happened in Standing in the Gap. The rabbis came to Raleigh Washington,. . .to Jonathan Burness?? The leaders said ĎHey, we donít want you to accept them as Jews," because that means youíre legitimate, that means you have authority.

We are not illegitimate. . .We are THE HEAD. We are? Oh man. We are the Head and not the tail. We are the ones who God has put in our spirit the. . .first fruits of this great revival amongst our Jewish people. We are the prophetic rendered by grace that Rabbi Shaul of the book of Romans talks about. We are that prophetic voice to speak into the nation of Israel, to speak to our Jewish people. But weíve been afraid because we havenít had the mantle. We havenít had the authority and the empowerment to do it.

Thatís whatís going to fall in the years ahead. And God says to us that Heís going to do certain things. . .Ezekiel 36. . .God has a vision, see our vision is not based rabbinical Judaism, itís not based on Christianity, itís based out of the Word of God. This is a revival movement that is prophetic. Coming into itís prophetic calling, to the nation of Israel. . .Ezekiel 36. . .verse 22 . . .Now Ezekiel 34, 35, 36,37  and 38 work in tandem, theyíre kind of sequential. . .modern day Judaism is rationalistic. . . I come from a Reform background so we had Sunday School at Hebrew Union College. . .We as a Jewish people have exchanged revelation for rationalization. We are a people of revelation. And here God is saying because, and because of the dispersion, we have profaned His name in all the nations where He sent us. But God says here, I have concern for my Holy Name. And not only does He have concern but He says I'm going to sanctify my Name.

We as a Jewish people have exchanged revelation for rationalization. We are a people of revelation. . .Every thing that God is going to do through this movement is based on the holiness of His Name. And his concern that what Heís about to do, here in Ezekiel 36 happens because his name rests upon it. . .verse 24. . .(to 27) and ye shall keep my Torah [changes judgments to Torah]. . .chapter 37. . .dry bones. . .what Ezekiel saw was the Holocaust. . .there are healing services, spiritual retreats going on in mainline synagogues in, in conservative and reform and orthodox synagogues.

There is a hunger for spirituality. In the last couple of years. . .thereís a hunger being birthed by God in our people for spiritual things. And theyíre looking in all the wrong places. But thatís where the prophetic vision comes in. And God says here in Ezekiel 37 and elsewhere, Hosea, where it says that they will seek David their King in the end of days. In Revelation 12 verse 17, it says that the adversary will wage war upon the woman, that was Israel, and her offspring. . .describes as her offspring, Jewish believers, who have the testimony of Yíeshua, filled with the Spirit, and who keep the commandments. Heís talking about us. And the adversary's great desire is to stop the prophetic Word of God before it goes out. It says that he is literally at that point in Revelation, heís literally filled with rage and hatred. Rabbis, thatís why itís so tough.

We are arrayed against forces we donít even know about. And you know what, God is gracious and merciful to us that we donít know about it, because if we did, I think weíd just put up a for sale sign.

And so weíre a prophetic people. We have a prophetic mission. And again at the end of 37, he says the same thing, he says in 36. But I just want to close with this passage without a prophetic vision. I want to read the top of 37, because I believe this is what God wants to do to us as a prophetic people. You see we have two callings. Weíre a prophetic voice to Israel, to speak the living Word. You see I believe that what Ezekiel 36 Ezekiel 37 is talking about is us in the 50ís and 60ís, you know my first conference in 1974, you could have fitted into half of the lunch room. Half of the lunch room.

In the 50ís and 60ís you could put all the Jewish believers in the world into one room. And now there are hundreds of thousands. I know that we havenít seen anything. This is going to be a mighty prophetic wave thatís going to sweep over the earth. And itís going to change Israel. Itís going to change us, because weíre going to see in the coming years whole communities receiving Yíeshua.

Weíre not going to see the ones and the twos. Weíre going to see communities coming to know Yíeshua. And Ezekiel 36 and 37 says MY PEOPLE.  You see the next move of God, see we came out of what was known as the Jesus Movement. But the next moves going to happen from within the Jewish community. . .just like the Ethiopian eunuch. Theyíre going to say. "Do you know what this means?  Do you know what this means?" And weíre going to explain to Ďem, itís Isaiah, heís talking about Y'eshua. Weíre going to see Nicodemus.í Weíre going to see Jewish leaders come to us in the night and saying you know Iíve had a revelation.

We shouldnít be surprised. Joel 2:28-32 says. Before the great day, the terrible day of the Lord, whatís going to happen. Signs and wonders. Iíll talk about that in a second. Just remind me. Your old men will what? . . .Godís a God of revelation. Weíre going to begin to see that happen. And donít miss signs. When we think of signs we think of huge things. Donítí forget the small prophetic things that God does. Remember it was in a small town in Bethlehem, that the Omah {sp?} gave birth to the Messiah. That was a small sign. It was a big sign in Godís eyes, but it was a small sign. We think of signs and wonders as big displays. Donít miss the small signs. Itís going to happen. Youíre going to see whole communities come to know Yíeshua. Itís going to happen in their synagogues, and theyíre going to need someone to explain to them what is happening.

Let me close with the first section of 37 because I believe this is what God wants to do. God took the prophet Ezekiel, and he said to the prophet Ezekiel, "Zeke, want you to walk around these bones." Ezekiel was in Babylon. And he begins to walk and he says, "These are many bones Lord. Oh Sovereign Lord you know about these bones." And then He said to him, "prophecy to these bones". "Hear the word of the Lord. This is what the sovereign Lord says. . ."I will make breath to enter into you and I will . . .Notice what he did. God told him what to say, he empowered him to say.

He gave him the prophetic mantle to say it. And as he gave him the prophetic mantle to say it. And he prophesied it. . .and it  began to happen. You see I believe this is what God wants for this movement. We have a prophetic word to our people. We have a prophetic word to the Body of Messiah. And we have a prophetic mantle. Elijah said to Elisha, if youíre there when you see me when I go up, youíll receive it. I believe that God is calling this movement to operate in the prophetic office. But we need to receive the mantle. We need to receive the empowerment and the authority that the mantle brings to speak these declarative statements to the nation of Israel. "Bones Live!" "Spirit Come Into Our Jewish People", {yelling} "COME" "COME". Resurrection Power. Resurrection Power. We do not need to be afraid of that message.

So I want to pray tonight. First for all the Messianic Rabbis {stand}. . .What Iím going to pray is the mantle. The prophets had a mantle. And I want to pray that mantle and the authority that goes with that mantle. That you and I would be able to be empowered to speak the prophetic word, that breaks all bonds. The prophetic word that shatters strongholds. The prophetic word that goes right to the hearts. . .no longer arguing with people into the kingdom of God. . .but cuts right through it. . . . closest rabbi to Ďya, reach out.

{Prays} "Father, I know that youíre moving this movement into a prophetic revival that will change the world. The nations will know. Israel will know. Lord, you are going to save our people. Youíre going to increase us. Youíre going to do great and mighty things. Our people are going to come in like a flood. Communities. Synagogues. And Lord youíre looking for a prophetic people. A prophetic remnant.

And Lord and I include myself that these leaders who are standing, in that prophetic movement would now receive the mantle of a prophet. That this whole Messianic Jewish movement {starting to raise voice} would receive that prophetic mantle. From this night. And that weíd be empowered by. . .the Holy Spirit and commanded to speak the Word when you speak. And to see the bones come alive. To see breath come into our people. To speak to the realm of the spirit. To see things happen. Lord I pray for that mantle and the authority and the empowerment to fulfill that office. For each one standing here. Youíre going to. Let the mantle fall. Let the mantle fall. Let the mantle fall. Let the mantle fall. Let the mantle fall. Let the mantle fall. . .

Father I pray for the rest of us tonight. That we would receive that prophetic call as well. Now Iíd like to introduce a friend of ours. Rick Joyner. . .[much applause]

In Israel when you go to. . .after it you come upon a street you come up on to a street called the "Street of the Righteous Gentiles." And in this movement, for the 20 odd years, thirty years this movementís been in existence we havenít had a whole lot of friends who want to stand up for us in the believing realm. Believerís realm. Right? You know that in your own experiences. But in the last five years God has begun to do something. Heís raising up a prophetic righteous remnant, that are calling the Church back to their Jewish roots, back to become a prophetic call to the nation of Israel to. . .to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy. And to say to the Church you have Messianic Jewish brethren we need to connect with. You know I got a book by Peter Wagner that has an Acts Chapter 2 or 3 that says, "The Messianic Jews."

Iíve been in this movement over 20 years. Who would hear a theological work positive about Messianic Jews? This man right here, in several books, The Harvest, The Call, The Final Quest, spoke of this revival. Spoke of his love for Israel. Heís given thousands to Israel. Heís supported the Messianic Jewish movement. Every time Iíve been at a conference, one of the first things they do is pray for Israel, the Jewish people. They have such a love for Israel, for the Jewish people that he and many like him are our righteous Gentiles. We need to honor that. Theyíre making bridges for us in the community of believers. Let's honor Rick. . .

Rick Joyner

Thank You. . .they told me backstage. You know, youíre the first Gentile weíve let into this pulpit. . ."

I appreciate hospitality. Because that is a fundamental gift required of anyone who would be in leadership. Paul required it of all leaders. They had to be given to hospitality and you know that the Lord loves healing and very fundamental to healing is hospitality. The very word hospital comes from it. And I believe it is a special gift. And I believe that if thereís anything prophetic that. . .I was praying with Rabbi Cohen that  that mantle would be imparted upon you. That prophetic mantle. And . . . if there is anything prophetic, I believe that itís joined to hospitality.

You know itís when they saw Jesus break the bread, that their eyes were opened. And, I believe itís when we see Jesus as the one who breaks our bread that our eyes are open. When itís not just our favorite author or teacher or whatever, but when weíre not just hearing the words of the Lord but the Word Himself. Then our eyes are opened. But it was when he was performing the task of being the host and thatís been my prayer for you during this conference.

That Jesus would really be the host and break bread for you and that you wouldnít just receive it from certain speakers but you would really hear his voice. And his call. And I believe I was hearing it. Iíve already heard it tonight and I. . .I believe you are going to hear it over this week. I believe thereís going to be a manifestation of His glory. Thereís going to be some manifestation of the Lordís glory.

But I. . .Iím here as a friend of the Messianic Movement and. . .I hope I am a friend to all Jewish people. You know the Lord said that the Jewish people, I mean He said the sons of Abraham, the children of Abraham, would be blessings to all the families on the face of the earth and I believe the Jewish people have blessed all of the families on the face of the earth. I believe that has been fulfilled. Not only have we received our Messiah through the Jewish people but I believe the Jewish people in every community where theyíve been, theyíve been a blessing. They havenít always been blessed, in return, but the Jewish people have certainly blessed all of the families on the face of the earth. And I am personally very thankful for all of the Jewish people in our community. Iím also thankful that there is again an Israel of God with an identity and Iím thankful for this movement. And I believe there is some kind of graduation.

Iím going to be speaking prophetically to you. ". . .I believe thatís my part. Hope you understand. . .my style is just conversation. . .if I say something prophetic youíll know it. . .Iím just sharing some of the things I believe Iíve seen spiritually, especially about this movement. Youíre coming of age now. Thereís a certain graduation, a certain maturity. . .compared to other movements it may not be very large. I think that youíre exceptionally large, when you think of what youíve had to endure to get to this stage. . .itís quality that is the point, itís the anointing that really matters. . .a people almost without a country. . .being rejected by. . .your own relatives to be a part of the Messianic and then the Church doesnít know what to do with you either. . .I canít personally comprehend how difficult it has been for you to get where you have got and Iíve watched for a long time. . .

Youíre an enigma but a remarkable one. . .Iíve been asking for clarity. One thing. . .Iím here speaking I think as a representative. I donít represent the whole Church, by far. . .Our movements a tiny little slice, we have relationships with much of the church including the old established institutions of the church and many new movements. Gods given us grace to cover a lot of boundaries and all. . .what Heís doing right here in your movement is of extraordinary importance and I believe it is little understood. And to be honest with you, I believe it is just beginning to be understood by you. I donít believe you have the clarity that youíre about to get and that you really need about your purpose. And Iím sharing from my perspective . . . even if Iím speaking prophetically, I only see in part. We prophesy in part.

So youíre going to have to take the little part that I share and put it together with the other parts to get the whole picture. But I want to share my part and understand that itís coming from a perspective but what I believe the perspective of some within the churchÖand I more than that sought to come with Godís perspective. And I hope during this time you hear a little bit of that. That you know is His voice for you. . .

How many remember that book a few years ago on co-dependence? Most of you. Iíve never read it so, I donít know if itís any good or not but Iíve read the cover. . .I believe that what it was saying -- just having read the cover -- was a very important issue.

I believe it was a truth and as I understood it the point was that the ultimate in human relations is interdependence. But most people live in a state of codependence. But to get from the state of codependence to interdependence you need to go through the stage of independence. . .most teenagers are struggling with that stage. They have to got through the stage of being independent before they can truly have an identity so that they can be interdependent and I donít believe we can truly be interdependent or fit in our place until we really know who we are. . .I personally believe that Godís ministry in the New Covenant is a team ministry.

I donít believe that thereís a prophet on the face of the earth, a genuine prophet who can be who heís called to be unless he fits with the rest of the team. Unless heís properly related with the pastors, the teachers, the evangelists, the apostolic ministries. . .believe there has to be that interdependence. God is doing something in a team. . .you cannot be a part of that team unless you know what you play. . .The Lord has given me opportunity to be around a lot of successful people and I studied them. . .Iíve studied those whoíve accomplished their purpose, their goal. To me in every case those who accomplish their purpose were those who had a clear specific purpose. The more general the vision the least less likely that person is to accomplish their purpose. . .The more clear and specific the vision the more likely we are to accomplish it and thatís one of the things I believe God is going to do for this movement and I believe it starts at this conference.

I believe thereís some real clarity coming, a specific purpose, a nature. Not just through me. I believe itís coming and I donít know how itís going to come but I know here itís just going to begin to come. . .You needed to go through the independent stage. I personally prayed for many years that you would not be corrupted by too many relationships with the Church. . .I believe your ultimate purpose, I believe it fits together. . .the way I become one with my wife is not by making her into a man. Youíre not supposed to be like the church in many ways. The Church is not supposed to be like you. That would mess everything up.

I know for many years weíve had a desire -- and we believe one of our specific enemies, personal enemies of the movement is -- to battle racism. I believe racism is one of the ultimate enemies of the human heart. Itís founded on two of the ultimate strongholds of the enemy. Fear and pride. Weíre racists either because we think weíre better than others or because weíre afraid of those who are different from us. And when Jesus said one of the signs of the end, when He was asked about the signs, one of the first things he said was nation would rise against nation, and you guys know what that world nation was. Ethnos. From where we derive our English word from ĎEthnicí. Heís talking about ethnic conflict being the ultimate issues of the end.

I believe what happened in Germany was the dress rehearsal for something coming upon the whole earth. If we donítí confront that stronghold, if we donít understand it and are able to confront it with prophetic power, with the light that casts out darkness, it will come upon us here. I believe it can happen right here. I believe it can be stopped anywhere, also. I believe there are havens. Light is more powerful than darkness. Truth is more powerful than any lie. But one of the ultimate issues that weíre going to be dealing with at the end is the battle of racism.

Look at all the conflicts in the world today. Arenít they ethnic? God has given you, He has forced upon you I believe some of the answers to some of the ultimate human problems. Weíve got to have these answers. Did He not call us as believers to be the light of the world? That to me says that we are supposed to have the answers to the ultimate human problems. Godís given you a purpose and a destiny, I believe as a movement, to battle such things as racism, also. But I wanna talk a little bit more practically. . .want to share with you some of the things I hear. I have tried to get several other Christian leaders, you know we took up an offering for Israel, weíve taken up a number for the Jewish believers in Israel. And I had a number of other Christian leaders who have much larger movements or influence in the church and they say, "You know, we should have done that." And I say, "Well, why donít you do it, now." And some of the same things keep coming up.

I believe that you as a movement are mature enough to hear these things. Iím just going to share them with ya.  Iím not saying theyíre right or wrong. But Iím saying some of the reasons that are separating us in ways we donít need to be separated. I believe what God wants to do with us now is start building bridges of trust. You know all human relationships are built on trust. You can have love, but if you donít have trust you donít really have a relationship. You can forgive somebody but if you donít, if trust is not reestablished you donít really have a relationship. And I believe the degree to which the weight can be carried across that bridge is to be determined by the strength of that bridge of trust. And it takes time. And it takes patience to establish trust.

Now I do believe youíre about to enter a time of clear identity. Where you know who you are, you know where youíre going. You know why God has raised you up as a movement. You know your part, in His place and in His plan. And I do believe some of that clarity [turned tape over]. . .such as the atonement, no, but there are other issues that I believe for us to understand the place of the Messianic movement, the place of Israel, and all there does need to be some changes in our theologies. . .I do preach that the church, our root and our foundation was meant to be in Jerusalem. But it is more in Rome than it is in Jerusalem. Much more in Rome. (much applause) Weíre not going to get where weíre supposed to go, I believe as the Church. Which I do believe and Iím talking about the Bride of the Messiah. Weíre all a part of that. That Heís coming back for.

Somehow we fit together. And we must learn how to fit together, but without compromising our identities in who we are. I know for years, I havenít, you know, ahh, you know, preached and written many things about racism Ė we do not have any black leaders on our leadership team, in our movement. And we prayed for them, for years. And we determined weíre not going to put tokens. Cause what weíre waiting for with those and we have a special relationship to inner city ministries and all, we said we want leaders who are so confident in who they are and who God has called them to be, we donít want them turning white on us.

We want black worship leaders. We want black worship leaders who donít turn white. We need the influence, and I believe if you become like the Church something is lost. Listen, thereís a whole lot that the Church, believe me, I really believe there must be a revolution. I donít believe the Church is anything close to what weíre called to be either. Iím speaking as a member of the Church. I believe I have the right to say that.

I believe there has to be a radical and profound change in our very foundations. Who should be more creative than those who know the creator. You know we should be the most creative people on the face of the earth. Where does this pressure to conform come from? The Lord made very snowflake different. He made every one of us different and unique. He obviously loves diversity. Where does this pressure to conform come from? Religion. And I believe it is something we must get free of. . .the only way you can get free of these pressures is youíve got to know who you are and where you are going. And the only way weíre going to do that is that weíve got to see the Lord. Weíve got to behold His glory with an unveiled face. Itís not just beholding His glory that changes us, but itís by beholding His glory with an unveiled face.

The facades must be stripped away. The facades must be removed. Weíve got to be who weíre called to be. We donít have to conform to each otherís image. We donít have to conform to anybody elseís image. Paul said, " If I was still seeking to please men, I would not be a bond servant of Christ." I believe the degree to which the fear of man works in our life that is the degree to which we have departed from true service to the Lord. True ministry to Him. How could we fear men, once we beheld who He is and where He sits. Weíre really seeing Him. Who are presidents, who are kings? Yet there is this pressure within us to conform. I tell you we must be delivered. And I believe you are about to be delivered. Of something. You donít have to conform. Donít conform. Believe me. You donít want to. You donít want to.

Youíre not there yet either. Did you figure that out. But I believe youíre coming to a place of maturity, I believe, of clarity, of identity. Why is itÖthat the church tries to implement business principles that the business world started 20 years ago? Why does our music run 20 years or 30 years behind the world and itís not as good as theirs? Letís face it, a lot of our music is, I have to apologize to people for boring them so terribly. Iím talking about Christian music. This is awful. This is awful. Not saying weíre doing any better. But listen. Who should be more creative than those who know the creator? Thereís a yoke weíve got to throw off. Thereís a yoke weíve got to throw off.

Who should be more confident and more bold than those who are of the household of the King of Kings?  Who have seen Him, beheld Him. Are born again of His Spirit. I believe thereís an identity coming.  I believe thereís a clarity coming to you.  So, I believe that itís coming to the Church too. There is a revolution going on in the Church too. Believe me something awesome is taking place. There are rumblings going on. I mean thereís one thing to have a revival and thatís wonderful. But weĎre talking about a revolution.

Weíre talking about the Reformation isnít over. The Reforming. I believe itís just beginning in many ways. And you know what? We can look and say it took 500 years for the Reformation to do this much and that isnít much. How long is it going to be? But you know with the Lord a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day. He can do in us in one day what we think is going to take a thousand years. He can do in you in one day what you think would take years. And years and years.  Weíve got to believe Him. Weíve got to see Him. True faith is not a faith in your faith. True faith is seeing Him. Itís beholding Him. Itís living in the light of who He is, not appearances.

Thereís a radical, bold move going on. I believe there is something prophetic. I believe if thereís anything to the essence of the prophetic that God wants to impart with you. Itís what Elijah said, when he started his ministry with "Behold as the God of Israel lives before whom I stand." He was standing in front of his King. And he was saying by that I believe "Ahab, youíre just a man. Youíre just a king. Iím not standing here in front of you. I donít live my life before men, I live my life before God. Heís the one I stand before. " And there are going to be a people who live, who stand before the living God, they live their lives before Him, not men. Remember what Paul said, If I were still seeking to please men I would not be a bond servant of Christ.

One other thing I believe is going to happen to you. It can happen quickly. Youíre about to get healed of all your wounds. And it has to happen. You cannot be who youíre called to be, while youíre carrying around unhealed wounds. (much applause)

I can stand up here Iíve studied, Iíve written, about. . .all the abuses and atrocities. I believe the greatest atrocities in the history in the world were perpetrated by those who did them in the name of Christ. I know what the Church has done. I studied, I wrote about what happened in the Crusades. What was done in the name of Christ. And I can stand up here and apologize, and I really am sorry for it, I am sorry. And I do believe we have the responsibility to repent for the sins of our fathers. Just as sin is carried on generation to generation. But it says the children are not being punished for what the fathers did. Thatís not the point. Itís whenever thereís a sin thereís a wound. And until somebody repents that wound is perpetuated. Time never heals wounds. Thatís a lie. That is a lie. Wounds must be dressed. They must be closed.

I believe repenting, saying weíre sorry, can start that process. I believe thereís a whole lot more to it. I really appreciate the Reconciliation Movements that are going on around the worldÖAll the kinds of ways, the whites and blacks. But you know Iíve talked to a lot of black pastors who are just so tired of forgiving these white guys in every meeting. They say, "Man youíre forgiven. Youíre wearing me out." They know itís for us anyway, itís not for them, you know. We keep feeling. But, you know, there is something to that. David had to repent for the sins of Saul. ÖDavid had to go and make restitution for what Saul had done. And thatís the part when I believe reconciliation is really happening, when thereís restitution.

Believe it or not, these big salaries these athletes are getting are part of Godís restitution. And He would much rather do that through the church. . .These teachers donít even make as much as some of my friends are making in a single game. And these teachers have the greatest influence over our kids. . .The Lord said, Iím doing it, Iím behind it. That really shocked me. And I searched it out. You know when Israel came out of Egypt and carried all the treasures that was pay to the penny for the 400 years of slavery. The Lord says He will repay and He will. He will repay the oppressed.

Whoís getting most of that? Who are? The athletes getting most of that because of our worship of sports. Itís right. Now. . . God does say He will repay the oppressed and Heís doing it. . .there are better ways to do it. . .if we were more in tune with God He could be doing it through us. And thatís His highest. But Heís going to do it anyway He can. Anyway He can. But thatís when I believe reconciliationís really take place.

Friend of mine had a revelation. We do conferences in Switzerland almost every year. A few years ago a friend of mine who hosts our conferences over there had this word in a meeting, That judgment was about to come on Switzerland if they did not give up all of the gold that was owed, that belonged to the Jewish people. . .He had this long thing in one of our meetings. And every one of us was going, What in the world is he talking about? And it was in great detail, concerning the atrocities and everything else, the blood money and ah, it was the next year when the revelation came about the gold in Switzerland that was owed to the Jewish people. And you know as soon as the Jewish people said this is enough, weíll take this amount, it was wiped clean. Now listen you let Ďem off cheap. They had a lot more of your gold. But, you need to forgive and forgetÖ forgive Switzerland. . .a whole lot more restitution coming. A whole lot more restitution. . .The wounds have to be healed.

I donít believe any people have been more mistreated, more wrongly treated than the Jewish people, in history, okay. By Christians, mostly. Not entirely, but mostly. Youíre called to help heal the Church. Not just the Church. But youíre called to bring healing and the gift of healing to the world. You know itís by the Lordís stripes that weíre healed. The very place where He was wounded, He received authority for healing. And you know in the very place where you were wounded you can receive authority for healing once youíve been healed. Youíve got to be healed. I believe this is a very practical application. I believe someoneís suffered abuse. Any kind of abuse, sexual abuse or any kind. Once youíve been healed of that you can receive authority for healing others of abuse. Youíre sensitive to it, you recognize it right away, you have discernment, Ďcause you have compassion. And all true discernment is founded on compassion.

Thatís why Jesus when He felt compassion for the sheep He became their Shepherd. All true authority is founded on compassion. All true spiritual authority is founded on compassion. When He has compassion with those who were in darkness, He became their Teacher.  I believe through these wounds, once theyíre healed and they have to be healed, because none of us will walk in our calling with unhealed wounds. Wasnít that one of the requirements for the priests, in the Old Testament? They could not have scabs. What is a scab? Itís an unhealed wound. If someone has scabs, if someone has unhealed wounds, you canít touch them. You canít get close to them. I donít believe anyone, I donít believe anyone in this world has more of a reason to be bitter, to be resentful, because. . .I donít believe any people group has been more wounded than the Jewish people since the Lord  walked the earth. Thatís a terrible and tragic wrong. But I believe it gives you the ultimate opportunity to bring healing.

Who could show greater mercy than you? Who could show greater compassion, than you? I tell you thereís an extraordinary gift of healing coming upon you. Itís coming upon this movement. I believe itís going to be physical healing. I believe gifts of healing are going to a whole new level. The Lord doesnít want any sick among you. The Lord came to destroy the works of the devil. He said as He was sent, He was sending us, that same purpose. Heís called us. Heís sending us, to destroy the works of the devil. Heís given us divinely powerful weapons for that purpose. Every single one of us should have notches on our belt for all the strongholds weíve brought down. God wants to give you some of that. He wants to give you victories. He wants His victories to set people free. Set people free. But youíve got to get free. Youíve got to get over it.

You know that one of the most tale tell signs of bias, is sarcasm. You know when someone writes sarcastically, you know right away theyíre against something or you know,. . .there is bias. I believe one of the telltale signs of when weíve been healed is when we can laugh at our selves. We donít take ourselves so seriously. . .There are times when there are offensive things that I donítí believe we should ever do or say about other people groups. I believe there are ultimate deceptions that are perpetrated by some of the jokes that are told on other people groups. I donít believe as believers that we should ever participate in some of those things. But you know when you donít take things seriously I believe that is a sign of our healing. When we donít take things too seriously. When we canít be wounded, so easily. When people can touch us. Even touch us in places where we were wounded. And we donít repel.

Do you hear what Iím saying? There are ways when weíre supposed to be the ultimate in sensitivity. There are ways when we donít need to be that sensitive. We need to let, we, love covers a multitude of sins. And sooner or later weíre going to have to all love each other. Sooner or later thatís going to happen. Sooner or later thereís going to be a body of believers somewhere that really loves each other. Didnít He say that His disciples would be known by their love?

What would happen if that ever really started happening? That would shock the whole world, wouldnít it? Itís going to happen. Now why not you? Whereís the place you could show the greatest love but in the very place where youíve been wounded. . .to the very people whoíve wounded you. Isnít that what the Lord did? I mean even when Heís on the cross suffering the most terrible of deaths, of tortures. Being the Lord of glory, and these same ones spit on Him, slap Him, and then He says the ultimate in forgiveness. He says, "Father forgive them."

You know I think we forgive a lot of times, but weíre secretly in our hearts saying, Lord, you need to get Ďem. They really deserve to be gotten. But when we even want the Lord to forgive them, we donít want Him to get even, thatís the ultimate in forgiveness. Father, you forgive them. We donít want you to get even. We want you to forgive them. You know faith works by love. And it takes faith to please God. And it takes faith to do the works of God. We even prophecy according to our faith.

Sooner or later, itís going to take love. And I donít know about you, but itís going to take an awful lot of grace for us to love each other. And uh,. I remember years ago when we were ah, just having friends, uhh, just become aware of the Messianic movement, ahh, we had an occasion to be offended. Iím too thick skinned. I didnít even know we had been offended. But I was told, you should be offended at this. So I started feeling some offense. Trying to. And, uh, went home and immediately I was amazed at how people came at me trying to show me Replacement theology. It was like they swarmed. . .Have you ever wondered why Satan was called the Lord of the flies? If you get wounded where are the flies going to be attracted? You want to get rid of Satan in your life, his harassment, his swarming?

Get healed. Get healed. I was a pretty young Christian and I was able to to. . .by the grace of God, recognize that their was something wrong with this theology. And I never really bought into it. But, ah, . .the church and the church leaders that Iíve talked to about, I believe our responsibility and I believe our obligation to support the Messianic movement. You know when  Agabus prophesied that a famine was coming upon the whole earth, the way they responded to that, they didnít hoard, they took up an offering. And I believe they took up an offering for a very specific people group because thatís important. You bless Israel, those who bless Israel will be blessed. Those who curse Israel, will be cursed. They took up an offering for the brethren in Judea and I was just trying to encourage some of these other Christian leaders, this was a responsibility we have.

Thereís some things coming upon the whole earth. If weíre really going to really be ready for them, itís not going to be about hoarding food and everything else. We need to start supporting the brethren in Judea. And Israel. And some of my very good friends embrace replacement theology. The reason they do is because they are overreacting to what they have perceived within the Messianic movement to be what I call, for lack of any other definition that any other definition that I know of, and that is replacement, replacement theology. Where the Jews totally replace the Church. Thatís not it either. Somehow there is going to be one New Man. The Scripture is clear about it. Thereís going to be unity but I donít believe it comes at the cost of compromising.

I see in  the book of Acts that the Jewish believers were required to be different. We're required to be unique. And different. And I believe we as the Church, Iíve been trying to help people to understand, you know there must be a messianic movement that does not just get absorbed into the Church and lose itís identity. And Iíve been saying for years that theyíre going to help us restore our foundations where they belong. Weíre not going to get there without them. I have been preaching that for years. Thereís wounding on that side.

Thereís wounding all over the place. And I believe the Lord of the Flies is taking a great advantage of it. Heís swarms to the wounds. If weíre going to be the priests that weíre all called to be, weíve got to get over it. And I donít believe it takes years of navel gazing. I donít believe weíre going to do that by digging up the old man to get him healed. I believe itís simple forgiveness. Isnít that basic, basic to our faith? We forgive because weíve been forgiven. Listen. None of us are going to get there, except by the grace of God. Thatís more than a cliché. That is much more than a cliché. That is a profound Biblical truth. And if weíre going to receive grace, we had better learn to sow grace every opportunity we get. Because weíre going to reap what weíre sowing.

If we want to receive mercy, we need to learn to sow mercy every opportunity that we get. Have you ever wondered why the Lord sent Peter to the Jews and Paul to the Gentiles? And doesnít it look like He got that mixed up? Messed up a little? I mean of all things Paul could identify with the Jews a lot better than Peter could. Peter was on a fence to the very ones he was sent to. These untrained, these unlearned men. Paul could have related to them. He fit in. He was a Pharisee of Pharisees. And Paul was an offence to the ones he was sent to. He even told the Galatians, "I know my flesh was a trial to you." And he was a trial. He was an offence everywhere he went.

You know what. I believe one of the reasons why we tend to most miss the purpose of God in our life. We want to minister to those that we feel comfortable with. Who are like us. You know, weíre so afraid of getting out of our comfort zone. Psychologists call it the tyranny of the familiar. I believe itís one of the strongest yokes in humanity. On humanity. You know Paul was cast in a place where the only way he could accomplish his purpose was he was utterly dependent on the anointing. He was utterly dependent on the Holy Spirit. His flesh was an offense to the very ones he was called to. Peter was an offense to the ones he was called to. The only way he could accomplish it was the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit. And you know I believe one of your ultimate callings, I personally believe and I may be saying this jealously, your ultimate calling is to the Church. To help us. To help us.

Weíre not going to get there without what youíve got. And to be honest with you, I donít think you really know what youíve got yet. I really donít. I donít think itís clear to you yet. I believe itís getting clear.  But weíre not going to get where weíre supposed to be without you. Youíre not going to get where youíre supposed to be, without us. You know the whole reason for all of this, we see in Ephesians. Do you know the ultimate, the first thing that was lost by the fall was intimacy with God. Was that relationship with Him. And by the way, if youíre going to be prophetic, the essence of true prophetic ministry is one simple thing. Getting so close to God that He doesnít want to do anything without  showing it to you. Because youíre His friend and youíre so close to Him. (much applause)

When He said he would not do anything unless He revealed His secret counsel to His servants the prophets. He wasnít saying that just to obligate Himself. He was saying it because these are His friends and He doesnít want to do anything without His friends. And Abraham was His best friend. And He wouldnít do it without showing him. But you know, the ultimate, the first and the ultimate thing that was lost by the fall was that intimacy with God. That fellowship with Him. And that was His ultimate purpose of all redemption. Of all restoration. And I believe if thereís any way of which we can measure true spiritual maturity, it is by that one simple thing, Are we closer to God? Are we getting closer to Him?

Heís going to restore His dwelling place among men. And you know in this whole discourse where he talked about, it starts in Ephesians by talking about that which is the ultimate purpose, when he said He has made known to us the mystery of His will according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him with a view to an administration suitable to the fullness of the times. That is, the summing up of all things. In Christ. Things in the heavens and things upon the earth. That is the ultimate purpose of God. That all things would be summed up in His Son. And you know if you donít keep your attention upon the ultimate purpose of God, you will be continually distracted by the lesser purposes. And so much of what we major on are the lesser purposes.

His ultimate purpose is that all things be summed up in His Son. His ultimate purpose for everyone of us is that we become like Him. And that we do the works that He did. Thatís the calling on everyone of us. One of the profound things that Paul Cain shared with us once that Iíve heard said was, he said, "You know everyone of us are as close to God as we want to be."  The veil's been rent. There is no reason why any one of you can not be as close to God as anyone in this book was. Anyone of you. You donít have to be a rabbi. You donít have to be a pastor. All of us are as close to God as we want to be. He promises if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. I believe that is the best promise in the Scripture. But it requires us drawing near to Him.

Heís going to restore His dwelling place. Have you ever wondered why in Acts 15 you know of all the dwelling places of God in Scripture which were all models of what Heís seeking to destro. . .to restore in man. Of all of them, the only one He says Heís going to rebuild is the tabernacle of David. Isnít that right?

Read the next verse. In Acts 15:16 . Iím just going to read this and Iím going to close. I could go on, I feel like, for hours. But he says, "After these things I will return and I will rebuild the tabernacle of David, which has fallen and will rebuild its ruins and will restore it." Why? In the next verse. "In order that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord. And all the Gentiles who are called by my name, says the Lord, who makes these things known from old."

God has given you a special place in His purpose. He hasnít given any of us a place because we deserved it. Itís all by grace. All by His grace. When we really understand grace we understand it only comes by humility. God resists the proud. I donít know about you, but I think itíd be better to have all the demons in hell chasing us, then have God resisting us. God resists the proud, and gives His grace to the humble. Now I want to share one little prophetic experience as I close.

How many of you understand baseball? This was a friend's prophetic experience, okay? He had an experience and some of these experiences I donít understand them, but theyíre like youíre really there. And yet they are prophetic experiences like Ezekiel being caught up, shown Jerusalem in a -- I donít know, it seems real. But he got caught up in this experience and was taken to a baseball game with the Lord.

The Lord took him to a baseball game in heaven. And it was the Lordís team playing Satanís team. It was the bottom of the ninth inning. The score was still tied, still knotted up. This whole game. And I believe the score seems like through the ages through the entire age of our faith, itís come down to the end. And weíre still all knotted up.

But he said, the Lordís team was at bat. The bottom of the ninth inning. And he said there were two outs. And uh, he said, "the Lord looked at him and said, "Now Bob, Iím going to show you what Iím about to do." And he said, uh, " Love stepped up to the plate. The batter, he had Love written across his chest." And he said, "Satan wound up and threw the first pitch, smack, single, because Love never fails." "Man on". He said, "Then another batter got up to the plate. His name was Faith. Satan wound up and threw the next pitch, smack, single, because Faith works with Love." He said, "Then a third batter got up. His name was Godly Wisdom."

He said, "Satan wound up, threw the first pitch, Godly Wisdom looked it over, let it pass. Because Godly Wisdom doesnít swing at Satanís pitches."  (much applause) "Three more, ball four, he walked him, bases loaded." He said, "Then the Lord turned to him and said, "Now Bob, this is my star player. This is the one Iíve been waiting to reveal. The one at the end that Iíve been waiting to reveal. Heís now coming to the plate." He said, "And Grace stepped up to the plate, and he didnít look like much." He said, "He looked so scrawny, Satanís whole team relaxed. Said, well weíve got Ďem now." He said, "Satan wound up, threw that pitch, and he had never seen a ball hit that hard." He said, "But Satan still wasnít worried, Ďcause his center fielder, the prince of the air just didnít let Ďem get by." He said, "That center fielder went up to catch that ball." He said, "It went right through his glove, hit him right in the head, sent him crashing to the ground. Kept on going right over for a grand slam.(much applause)

And he said, "The Lord turned to him then and said, "Bob, do you know why I [allowed?] Love, Faith and Wisdom to get on base? They couldnít win the game? Your Love, your faith, your wisdom will get you on base, but only my Grace can bring you home. (much applause)"

Itís going to be grace. It doesnít look like much, we donít give much attention to grace, but thatís my prayer for you. And listen I really appreciate your hospitality and you interest. I think Iíve gone past my time. (much applause)

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