Past/Present Officers & Prominent Member Profiles

Part III ~ N - Z


Don Nickles - U.S. Senate (R-OK). CNP Board of Governors (1982). Chairman of the Subcommittee on Government Procurement. [Miller 6] Sponsored the International Religious Freedom Act (S-1868) [formerly the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act (HR 2431), "A Bill to Provide For The Office Of Religious Persecution Monitoring and to Provide for the Imposition of Sanctions against Countries Engaged in patterns of Religious Persecution and for Other Purposes." The International Religious Freedom Act has created a federal commission to monitor religion chaired by former World Vision President, Robert Seiple, as presidentially- appointed Ambassador at Large on International Religious Freedom and Special Adviser to the President on Religious Persecution. In determining violations, the commission will rely on the United Nations' covenants and recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court. [The Helsinki Commission]

David A. Noebel - CNP 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; president, Summit Ministries; author, Understanding the Times: The Story of the Biblical Christian; Marxist/Leninist and Secular Humanist Worldviews; Rhythm, Riots and Revolution; The Marxist Minstrels; The Slaughter of the Innocent; The Homosexual Revolution: A Look at the Preachers and Politicians Behind It; The Legacy of John Lennon; and AIDS, A Special Report; editor, Summit Journal; former candidate for Congress against U.S. Rep Robert Kastenmeier, Wisconsin; former Associate Evangelist of Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade. Member of The Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship (ICES) and signer of Cornwall Declaration. ICES is an organization that aims to graft dominion theology onto conservative environmentalism. The Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship is an environmental Evangelicals and Catholics Together document signed by many of the signatories of ECT I and ECT II. Signed by Evangelicals, Catholics and Jews, the Cornwall Document is an environmental statement of faith uniting these religions on the issue of environmentalism. 

"Board Members of the Council for National Policy...David Noebel is now with Summit Ministries and was a former Associate Evangelist of Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade." [Bellant, CC, p. 39]

"...Dr. Billy James Hargis is Founder and Director of the Christian Crusade Ministries (Church of the Christian Crusade, Inc., Billy James Hargis Evangelistic Association, Inc.), an international Christian ministry dedicated to the fight "for Christ" and against godless Communism....He is credited, along with his friend for over 30 years, Dr. Carl McIntyre, as having given birth to the "Christian Right" and bringing back "Christian Fundamentalism" to America at the close of World War II." ("The Sins of Billy James" Time Magazine, Feb. 16, 1967, p. 52)

"[Hargis] often preached against communism, pornography, homosexuality and sexual indiscretion, and modernism in 1970, he founded American Christian College to teach 'anti-Communist patriotic Americanism.'...Controversy engulfed Hargis when, in 1974, several students from his college accused him of sexual misconduct. Confronted by other leaders of the college, Hargis retired from public life...Without Hargis' fundraising abilities, American Christian College closed in 1977...American Christian College could not survive the scandal and departure of Hargis." [Twentieth-Century Shapers of American Popular Religion, John Charles H. Lippy, ed., Greenwood Press, 1989, pp. 193-195] 

Summit Ministries January 1999 newsletter from headquarters in Manitou Springs, CO. On the envelop the logo is a circle with a mountain top and the sun peeking over the mountain. Inside on a color brochure the logo is a red triangle with a cross superimposed on it which looks like a pyramid with the capstone hovering over it and a line dissecting both cap and base vertically. Inside the brochure are 3 upside down triangles scattered across the page. Summit Ministries is a youth organization equipping servant leaders in worldview analysis, training champions of the Christian faith, and inspiring  them to love God with all their hearts and minds. They plan to have study materials for students K-college. In 1991 Summit published a 912-page textbook called Understanding the Times: The Religious Worldviews of our Day and the Search for Truth which became the primary source for Summit's Sr. High curriculum presently used in over 850 Christian high schools and many home school programs. The book was shortened to 430 pages for the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and became the basis for their LIGHTBEARER'S Jr. High Curriculum. Also Summit is writing a K-6 grade curriculum and Moody Bible College is writing an extension program based on their 912 page textbook. Summit has 2-week camps in summer for older kids and one-week camps for younger kids. They have a monthly newsletter for families. Noebel also edits the Schwarz Report which keeps special track of the Marxist/Leninist worldview.  Summit also has adult conferences held at the Navigator's campus in Colorado Springs and seminars around the country. The Summit appeal quotes James Dobson: "I consider Summit Ministries to be one of the very best resources available, and I don't say that lightly." Also D. James Kennedy: "The Summit provides a solid spiritual foundation to help keep your child's faith secure when the storms of godlessness and unbelief confront him." The color brochure has more endorsements including one by Michael Farris and states that Summit Ministries has existed since 1962.

Grover Norquist - President, Americans for Tax Reform; president, Americans Against a National Sales Tax; national leader of the "No New Taxes" pledge for political candidates; economist and chief speechwriter, U.S. Chamber of Commerce 1983-1984; economic advisor to Jonas Savimbi, UNITA; B.A., Harvard College 1974-1978; M.B.A., Harvard Business School 1979-1981. Washington, D.C. Norquist is also a lobbyist for Microsoft, whose CEO is Bill Gates, who recently donated $1 billion to the United Nations for its population control agenda. Norquist was the keynote speaker at the 1995  National Conference on School Choice:

"Among the speakers featured at the 1995 conference was Patricia Lines, Senior Research Analyst of the U.S. Department of Education and one of the Nation's top experts on  the related issues of school choice, charter schools and home schooling. (7) Patricia Lines is/was also a  Senior Fellow at Seattle's Discovery Institute. Paul Hill of the RAND Corporation/ University of  Washington, and Connie Koprowicz, the charter school expert from the National Conference of State Legislatures [NCSL], added to the choice/charter school dialogue. Koprowicz would later return to Washington state from the NCSL Colorado headquarters to offer her services to the legislators as a neutral  consultant-resource on charter schools at the legislative hearing on the Spady initiative. Below is a partial listing of  other organizations represented at the National Conference on School Choice: (8)

"Family Research Council represented by  Robert Morrison (FRC being the D.C. 'political arm' of Dobson's Fo-cus on the Family);...PAVE, represented by Dan McKinley who ties into Milwaukee�s privately funded voucher effort; Vaughn Next Century Learning Center represented by  Dr. Yvonne Chan,  whose highly ac-claimed school receives additional GOALS 2000 money. On November 20, 1997,  Dr. Chan appeared at the Manhattan Institute's CCI* Public Charter Schools Forum sponsored by The Citicorp Foundation. (9)  The Vaughn Charter School  was also used as an example of a high-success charter school in the 1996  Focus on the Family radio broadcast where James Dobson interviewed NCSL's Connie Koprowicz on Charter Schools; again casting charter schools in a most favorable light." [Charter Schools & GOALS 2000]

Dr. Gary North - CNP Board of Governors (1982). President of the Institute for Christian Economics and publisher of Christian Reconstruction. [Miller 6] Member of the Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable. Y2K alarmist extraordinaire per Gary North's Y2K Links and Forums.

Lt. Col. Oliver North - CNP Executive Committee (1994); Board of Governors (1996); CNP Membership Roster (1984-85).

[CIA assassinations manager Felix I.] Rodriguez followed his CIA boss Ted Shackley to Southeast Asia in 1970. Shackley and Donald Gregg put Rodriguez into the huge assassination and dope business which Shackley and his colleagues ran during the Indochina war; this bunch became the heart of the "Enterprise'' that went into action 15 to 20 years later in Iran- Contra. Shackley funded opium-growing Meo tribesmen in murder, and used the dope proceeds in turn to fund his hit squads. He formed the Military Assistance Group-Special Operations Group (MAG-SOG) political murder unit; Gen. John K. Singlaub was a commander of MAG-SOG; Oliver North and Richard Secord were officers of the unit. By 1971, the Shackley group had killed about 100,000 civilians in Southeast Asia as part of the CIA's Operation Phoenix. [Chaitkin]

In 1984, Singlaub headed a Pentagon panel called to make recommendations on conducting military activities in Central America. The panel's report urged the U.S. to emphasize nonconventional, counterinsurgency warfare strategies.(9,10) Under the Reagan administration, Singlaub received assistance and guidance from White House and National Security Council (NSC) officials for his "private" contra-supply activities. He identified former NSC aide Oliver North as his liaison to the White House... A diagram found in Oliver North's safe showed [Western Goals executive director] Linda Guell's name written above the words "Western Goals." The note on the diagram said that Guell worked with CAUSA (a political arm of the Unification Church) and its head, Bo Hi Pak, and made trips to Germany and South Korea. The word "money" was written over Guell's name, with an arrow pointing to Rob Owen, North's courier to the contras. Arrows were also drawn from Owen's name to Guell's and from Andy Messing -- a private contra supporter and head of the National Defense Council Foundation -- to Western Goals. The diagram was drawn at the bottom of a letter from Fawn Hall to "Phil [Mabry] and Randy," dated April 18, 1985.(4,20) Guell is now working with John Singlaub at the Singlaub Freedom Foundation... [IRC:WGF]

J. Peter Grace's AmeriCares, with the help of Friends of the Democratic Center in Central America (Prodemca), conducted an advertising campaign in the U.S. on behalf of La Prensa. The ads for La Prensa solicited funds from the public to pay for the shipment of newsprint to Nicaragua.(28) Prodemca was a neoconservative group that provided U.S. government grants to La Prensa and sponsored pro-contra aid ads in U.S. newspapers using funds from Oliver North's secret aid network. [Baigent:361]

Dr. Paige Patterson- CNP Board of Governors (1982). President of the Crisswell Center for Biblical Studies, Associate Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, and Chairman of the Transnational Association of Christian Schools. [Miller 6] President of Southern Baptist Convention; President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, N.C.

Robert J. Perry - CNP Board of Governors (1982); CNP V.P. Executive Committee (1984-85). President of Perry-Houston Interests, Inc., a member of the Board of Directors of the Houston, Texas Chamber of Commerce. [Miller 6]

Howard Phillips - CNP Board of Governors (1982); CNP Executive Committee (1984-85; 1988; 1994; 1996). Proposed the name of Young Americans for Freedom and served on its board of directors. Appointed many YAF members while acting director of the Office of Economic Opportunity under Richard Nixon. In 1975, at the direction of 33º Mason Jesse Helms on whose staff he served, Phillips founded The Conservative Caucus (TCC), a leading right-wing lobby group. TCC has an interlocking directorate (Phillips served on advisory board) with the United States Council for World Freedom (USCWF) of the World Anti-Communist League, a multinational network of Nazi war criminals, Latin American death squad leaders and North American neo-fascists. Officials of TCC were instrumental in the campaign to make death squads of Central America acceptable to American public in early 1980s and also allied with white supremacist elements in South Africa. As TCC national director, Phillips boasted, " we organize discontent" and "must prove our ability to get revenge on people who go against us." TCC links to the elite Catholic Tradition, Family & Property (TFP).

In 1976 Phillips, Paul Weyrich and Richard Viguerie attempted to take over racist American Independent Party. In 1979, formed the Moral Majority with Weyrich, Viguerie, Ed McAteer and Jerry Falwell. Phillips saw "a tremendous untapped resource among fundamentalists" and suggested the name Moral Majority as "a continuing effort to get together people of diverse faiths." U. S. Taxpayers Party presidential candidate in 1996. Another Conservative Caucus board member and funder is Richard Shoff, former Grand Kilgrapp of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan. [Young 110-11, 114; Anderson 158; Bellant (CC) 27, 54; Saloma 46]

William M. Polk - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Speaker of the Washington State House of Representatives in 1981, and a member of the Board of Directors of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). [Miller 6]

Lawrence D. "Larry" Pratt- CNP Membership Roster (1984-85; 1988; 1996; 1998). president of Gun Owners of America (GOA); Co-chair of Pat Buchanan's 1996 campaign; Formerly a board member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), founded by Paul Weyrich. Under the auspices of CIS, Pratt was president of the racist, anti-immigration English First. [Project Megiddo: Pratt House].

Pratt addressed the 1992 "Christian Men's Meeting," organized by notorious Christian Identity racist, Pete Peters, is an established fact. That Pratt shared the platform with Aryan Nations fuhrer Richard Butler and "former" Klan "Grand Dragon," Louis Beam, the neo-Nazi architect of "leaderless resistance," is incontestable. That he gave a speech at the 1993 Jubilation Conference in Sacramento, California, an annual gathering of far-rightists' sponsored by the anti-Semitic publisher of Jubilee, the flagship tabloid of the Christian Identity movement, is true and has been accurately reported by the bourgeois press. What should be of equal concern to the media is information about Mr. Pratt which is far more damaging -- his close collaboration over a 20 year period with an international network of war criminals, neo-Nazi terrorists, and the organizers of Asian, European and Latin American death squads...

Larry Pratt was Secretary of the Council for Inter-American Security...[which] served both as an intelligence conduit from "private" sources such as the American Security Council and CAUSA, and as an informal employment agency which provided analysts to the Reagan administration at the inception of Washington's murderous counter-insurgency wars in Central America. As CIS secretary, Larry Pratt was a well-placed "asset" in his own right, serving as a link between the public policy/research arms of the organization, the interventionist wing of the theocratic Christian Right and as an "informal" public relations spokesperson for Washington's Central American agenda via Gun Owners of America and the CIS-affiliated, North- South Institute. But in order to fully appreciate the sinister nature of the Council for Inter-American Security, Pratt's involvement and his broader links to international fascist networks, there is another organization, also little explored by "mainstream" media, which deserves our attention, the World Anti-Communist League.

[CIS] functioned in a dual-capacity; as an alarmist "public policy institute" and as a domestic spy ring, a "privatized" version of the FBI's infamous COINTELPRO operations. Having staked-out Latin America as their geopolitical niche, CIS targeted Central America solidarity activists, progressive clergy, and the Salvadoran exile community. The group gathered intelligence and disseminated disinformation, funneling data on foreign policy opponents to the FBI and the intelligence service of the Salvadoran death squad state...In 1980, they published the influential A New Inter-American Policy for the Eighties, generally known as the "Santa Fe Document."

Pratt would use his skills as a propagandist and his position as president of Gun Owners of America, to launch a new campaign - to make English the official language of the United States... Under the auspices of CIS, [Larry] Pratt was the president of a racist, anti-immigration outfit, English First. Officers of Pratt's group are also leaders of the alarmist, United States Border Control (USBC). [A Small Circle of Friends]

Larry Pratt served as an executive in Howard Phillips' U.S. Taxpayers Party. “At its 1994 convention, USTP sold a paramilitary manual entitled 'Principles Justifying the Arming and Organizing of a Militia'... In short, it is a manual that prepares the recruit for underground war. Imagine the irony of Howard Phillips, a Jew, handing out warfare manuals to anti-Semitic militias. Furthermore, “It was at Estes Park, that Pratt spoke to the assembled fanatics and convinced them that the armed vigilante death squads that had worked their poison in Central America and in the Philippines, could become the model for an armed militia movement within the United States.” [A Blueprint for Death Squads in North America]

Judge Paul Pressler - CNP President Executive Committee (1988-90, 1994).

Jim Price - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

Ed Prince - CNP Vice-President (1988); Executive Committee (1994). In 1997, helped to provide funding for a new headquarters for the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C.

Elsa Prince - CNP Board of Governors (1996). Family Research Council Board of Directors. Focus on the Family Board of Directors.

Dr. Charles E. Rice - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Long active in "Establishment Networks", associated with the American Conservative Union, the American-African Affairs Association, the Citizens Legal Defense Fund for the FBI, Ad Hoc, and Catholics United for the Faith. [Miller 6] Member of the Editorial Board of the New American/John Birch Society.

H.L. "Bill" Richardson - CNP Board of Governors (1982). State Senator of California. Former Chairman of the California Senate Republican Caucus, President of Gun Owners of America, and author of Slightly To The Right. [Miller 6]

Former California State Senator, Bill Richardson, founder of the GOA, endorsed and supported anti-gunner Robert O. Anderson for a position in the NRA back in the '70s. Robert O. Anderson is (or was at that time) associated with the Committee on Economic Development (CED). The CED was established and is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations. Anderson is/was also associated with the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies. Anderson is currently a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Question: Why would Richardson, founder of GOA, an organization which claims to be pro-gun, pro-2nd Amendment, be closely tied to an anti-gun establishment man? According to a legislative assistant in Washington State, Richardson wrote a book titled, "So You Think We Read the Bills" which was apparently meant to be a humorous admission that State Legislators don't read the bills on which they vote. [Project Megiddo: Pratt House]

Rich Riddle - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

Dr. "M.G." Pat Robertson - CNP Board of Governors (1982); CNP Executive Committee (1985-86). President of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), host of the famous "The 700 Club", and founder of CBN University. [Miller 5]

Anton Chaitkin's British Subversion of America: Militias and Pentecostalism mentions Pat Robertson's descent also from Winston Churchill, who was a member of the Ancient Order of Druids. "Observe the Pat Robertson empire. Robertson writes that his family's aristocratic lineage, linking it to the British Churchill family, gave his mother, Gladys Churchill Robertson, confidence that Pat would succeed. His father, Sen. A. Willis Robertson, was London's and Wall Street's chairman of the Senate Finance Committee."

"After 1900, the Harrimans--the family that gave the Prescott Bush family its start--along with the Rockefellers funded more than $11 million to create a eugenics research laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor, New York, as well as Eugenics studies at Harvard, Columbia, and Cornell. The first International Congress of Eugenics was convened in London in 1912, with Winston Churchill as a director. Obviously, the concept of 'bloodlines' was highly significant to these people. [Marrs 48]

Pat Robertson's religious profiteering is legendary, from his use of Operation Blessing airplanes to transport equipment to his diamond mine in the Congo, to support for violent dictators such as President Mobuto of Zaire and Rios Montt of Guatemala, to the sale of his Family Channel to Rupert Murdoch for $1.9 billion. The latest capitalist venture on the money trail of Pat Robertson was the reinvestment of his profit from selling the Family Channel in an aborted deal with the Bank of Scotland to make use of his financial services company to enter the American market. [IFAS]

Prior to his career as a televangelist, Pat Robertson worked for two years as financial analyst and management trainee at W.R. Grace Co., which employed émigré Nazis after WWII. Robertson was also godfather of the child of company president J. Peter Grace, who was head of the Knights of Malta in the United States and a key figure in the CIA's Operation Paperclip to remove classified information from dossiers on Nazi war criminals.

A recent 700 Club Program promoted "HANG 10" -- a new movement in which American Christians are urged to "take America back" by hanging the 10 Commandments in public schools in violation of Supreme Court rulings. In Kentucky, voters will conduct a referendum on this issue and one Kentucky Christian claims that "Hang 10" will inaugurate a new move of God: "This is the beginning of something that's bigger than Kentucky. I think it's bigger than this country. And I believe it's God. I believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what God is getting ready to do." Pat Robertson believes God is using Christians to start another American Revolution: "We had a war in 1776 that set us free from the shackles of the arbitrary rule of the British crown . . . And I think the time has come that we do that." [Robertson Urges Revolt, Tells Viewers: 'Throw Off the Shackles' of the Courts; Project Megiddo & The Next Revolution]

James Robison - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Head of the James Robison Evangelistic Association and a member of the Vice President of the Religious Roundtable Council of 56 (1986); . [Miller 5]

Kathleen Teague Rothschild - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Chairman of the Board of the Free Congress Research and Education Foundation. Teague is also Executive Director of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). A recent brochure describes ALEC, as follows: ...REAGAN AND ALEC "OLD PARTNERS in the NEW FEDERALISM"...! [Miller 4] For many years... on the Advisory Board of the U.S. Council for World Freedom, which is the U.S. branch of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), home for many fascists and neo-Nazis. The U.S. branch brought these elements to the U.S. for WACL's annual meetings in 1984 and 1985. Included was a delegate [Yves Gignac] who served five years in prison for attempting to assassinate Charles DeGaulle, persons who led Nazi SS units or cooaborationist puppet governments during World War II, and architects of mass murder in Latin America. Those meetings served to build support for the FDN Contras as well as UNITA and RENAMO, both allies of South Africa. The U.S. branch, led by Major General John Singlaub, also has had racists, anti-Semites and at least one member of a Nazi collaborationist organization on its board. [Bellant (CC); Anderson 256-7, 270; IRC:USCWF]

Howard J. Ruff - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Chairman of TARGET, Inc. and Host of "Ruff House". [Miller 6] The Mormon investment counselor who was advising people to buy silver when the Hunt Brothers had upped the price per ounce to about $16 in the 1970s.

Rev. R. J. Rushdoony- CNP Board of Governors (1982). Author; President of Chalcedon Foundation. [Miller 6]

Chalcedon Foundation, a Reconstructionist think tank that is funded by millionaire California banker Howard Ahmanson. About 400 theologians, artists, writers, economists and politicians attended the Chalcedon foundation's conference, The Committee for Biblical Principles in Government held in November of 1997 in Sacramento, California.

Dr. Rousas J. Rushdoony is considered to be the modern patriarch of the Christian Reconstruction Movement. Chalcedon promotes the erroneous concept of Christian foundations of the United States government and the Christian duty to reclaim America. The Reconstructionist Creed appears on the Chalcedon website. Chalcedon web pages include "Christianity Persecuted, Christianity Victorious" with numerous articles on the persecuted church and the responsibility of Christians to demand that governments put an end to persecution of the Church.  Among these articles are those of Peter Hammond of Front Line Fellowship and Voice of the Martyrs, ministry of Richard Wurmbrand, former minister/prisoner from Rumania.

Chalcedon helped to found the Rutherford Institute which, under the leadership of John Whitehead (CNP), defends religious organizations and persons (including the Church of Scientology) being prosecuted by local, state or federal authorities.  According to the Rutherford Institute, the organization "derives its name from Samuel Rutherford, a 17th century Scottish intellectual who resisted the idea of the divine right of kings. In his book, Lex Rex, Rutherford argues that all people are subject to a higher law, or God's law�including the king. This same premise, that leaders are responsible to a law apart from and higher than themselves, was central to the formation of the United States government."

Peter Hammond, the director of Front Line Fellowship, is affiliated with R. J. Rushdoony's Chalcedon. General Benton Partin is a founder and board member of the Front Line Fellowship, which is a group of commando-missionaries taking active part in the war against Sudan and other African states viewed as enemies of the British Crown. The Fellowship members are former "scouts" of the South African Army. Partin describes his partner, Fellowship leader Peter Hammond, as a "former South African army and government officer."

The political intelligence group known as the Mount Rushmore Foundation..."studies the Patriot movement,' and "participates in it."...Rushmore Foundation board member Gen. Benton Partin, U.S. Air Force (ret.), is an expert in high-explosive devices, including nuclear weapons. Partin has received extensive news media coverage for his critical analysis of the Oklahoma City bombing: he has made an apparently reasonable case, that it would have been technically impossible for Timothy McVeigh to have done it acting alone. Less well known is General Partin's sponsorship of an ongoing, catastrophic shooting war in Africa, which lends a more sinister character to his hatred of the United States government.

That General Partin's "Christian" organization is at heart merely the British military irregulars, who are generally incinerating Africa to recognize it, may be judged from the Fellowship's book. Faith Under Fire in Sudan. Chapter Three is a celebration of Charles "Chinese" Gordon, who led British regulars in a war in China against the uprising of a British organized pseudo-Protestant cult. After 20 million Chinese died in this game, Gordon was sent to try to subdue Sudan as Britain's governor, but he died, defeated at the hands of Sudanese nationalist forces. Chinese Gordon was not a drunken homosexual pederast, Partin's group says, but Britain's Christian model for us to follow into war. [British Subversion of America: Militias and Pentecostalism]

William Rusher - CNP Board of Governors (1982). In 1955, William F. Buckley, Jr. (CFR), founded the National Review with William Rusher as publisher. Rusher and F. Clifton White, having cut their political teeth in the Young Republican National Federation ("the powerful and shadowy YRNF 'syndicate'"), became the political strategists of the ideologically distinct conservative movement that gained organizational control of the Republican Party in 1964...In 1961, Richard Viguerie answered an ad in National Review for a political organizer and was hired by Rusher as YAF's executive secretary. [Saloma: 39,40]

Publisher of the National Review, a member of the previously mentioned "Alternatives to the New York Times Committee", a regular on the "Good Morning America" Television program, long active in "Establishment Networks", such as: the American Conservative Union, the American-African Affairs Association, American Committee for Aid to Katanga Freedom Fighters, Citizens Legal Defense Fund for the FBI, Ad Hoc, Committee on Conservative Alternatives, HUMAN EVENTS, and Young Americas Foundation - the tax-exempt arm of (JBS) Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). Rusher, has also been a contributor to the Unification Church run Washington Times. [Miller 6]

Phyllis Schlafly - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Schlafly is Chairman of the CNP "Family" Committee, is the National Chairman of "Stop ERA" and National President of "Eagle Forum". Schlafly graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1944. She received her Masters Degree from Harvard university in 1945, and her Law Degree from Harvard University Law School in 1978. She is a member of the Illinois Bar Association, a syndicated columnist with Copley News Service, and has been author of the Phyllis Schlafly Report since 1967. In addition, Schlafly is the author of some nine books - the more famous being A Choice Not An Echo in 1964. The Gravediggers, also in 1964, and Strike From Space in 1965. The latter two were co-authored by Rear Admiral Chester Ward (Ret.) - for 16 years a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)! 85. Schlafly has also been long active in Republican Party circles, having been a delegate or alternate to five National Conventions. She served as President of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women (1960-64), first Vice-President of the National Federation of Republican Women from 1964 until 1967.

She held National Chairmanships in various sections of the Daughters of the American Revolution, is a member of the Illinois Commission on the Status of Women, a Commentator on the CBS "Spectrum Series" from 1973 through 1978, a member of the American Committee to Free Cuba, Co-chairman of Americans for Law and Order, a member of the Charter Subscription List (CSL) of HUMAN EVENTS, associated with the Citizens Legal Defense Fund for the FBI, Ad Hoc, and the Committee on Conservative Alternatives. 86. Schlafly is a member of President Reagan's Defense Policy Advisory Group and in that position is a leading advocate of "HIGH FRONTIER" technology (i.e., a system of orbiting "space platforms") - the brainchild of Lt. Gen. Daniel O. Graham of the CNP! Schlafly has been the recipient of numerous awards - the most noteworthy being: "honor medals" from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge; "Women of Achievement" from the CFR-run St. Louis Globe-Democrat in 1963; the "Brotherhood Award" of the National Conference of Christian and Jews (NCCJ), in 1975; the "Distinguished Career Award" of the Harvard University Business School in 1979; and lastly, she is a "wearer" of the Phi Beta Kappa "Key". [Miller 7]

NOTE: Eagle Forum is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). [UN/NGO Database]

Schlafly belongs to the Merovingian Bloodline which claims direct descent from Jesus Christ. [See: The Rosicrucian Connection] Prior to her marriage to Fred Schlafly, Phyllis Schlafly was Phyllis Bruce Stewart, making her a blueblood of both the Bruce and Stewart lineages. Phyllis Schlafly's genealogy appears in the Parson's Technology Genealogy Online:

8703. Phyllis Bruce STEWART(15) was born on 15 Aug 1924 in ST. LOUIS, MO..(15) She resided Fairmount in ALTON, IL..(15) She received a degree in Bach. of Arts, Washington Univ in ST. LOUIS, MO.. (15) She received a degree in Master of Arts, Harvard Univ.. (15) Very active in all levels of political life and womens rights. Author of many books concerning National defense. She was married to John Frederic SCHLAFLY II (son of John Frederic SCHLAFLY I and Eleanor LYONS) on 30 Oct 1949 in ST. LOUIS, MO..(15) John Frederic SCHLAFLY II was an Attorney in ST. LOUIS, MO... (15)


Lynda Scribante - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

Ron Seeley - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

Jay A. Sekulow - CNP Membership Roster (1996, 1998, 1999). Chief Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice. Former Executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice was Keith A. Fournier, a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church who is now President of Catholic Alliance, whose purpose is to organize Catholics politically and "spreading the message of our shared Catholic faith."

[Jew's for Jesus'] tactics are headstrong (sometimes confrontational) and evangelistic in nature; they are most famous for their "campaigns," during which they go out on the streets of major cities such as New York and distribute millions of "broadsides" (folded-over humorous tracts presenting the gospel in a Jewish manner). They also work in airports; in 1987, they won a unanimous Supreme Court decision protecting their First Amendment rights to distribute literature in government-run airports (the case was argued for JFJ by Jay Sekulow, who now heads the American Center for Law and Justice [ACLJ] in Virginia Beach, Virginia). [Wm. Greene, Ascendance of Messianic Judaism]

Hans Sennholz - CNP Board of Governors; CNP Membership Roster (1984-85, 1988, 1996, 1998) Professor of Economics, Grove City College; author of Age of Inflation, Death and Taxes; Chairman, Foundation for Economic Education; V.P. Committee for Monetary Research and Eduction; Director Center for Futures Education. Dr. Sennholz was a decorated pilot in the Luftwaffe, Adolf Hitler's elite air corps. [IRC: Western Goals Foundation; Ethnic News Watch]

Beurt SerVaas - CNP Membership Roster (1984-85, 1988, 1996). Hudson Institute Board of Trustees. Officer, OSS/CIA (1941-45). Board Member, Robert Schuller Ministries.

[The Kennedy] family has been linked by rumor and by White House intelligence reports to a number of private detective agencies, including... International Investigators Incorporated. Chartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, its home office was referred to as Five Eyes. The firm's formal incorporation took place on October 3, 1966. But the files in the Indiana Secretary of State's office show that, more than five years earlier, three retiring FBI agents were granted licenses to work on private investigators for International Investigators, Inc. This seems strange in view of the fact that in February, 1961, when the licenses were granted, the firm had no legal existence...Within two years the still imaginary firm expanded throughout the Midwest, opening offices in Chicago, Detroit, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, and Minneapolis -- coincidentally including a great deal of wiretapping. In 1965 the firm was taken over by a mysterious former CIA officer named Beurt Ser Vaas (later to become owner and publisher of the Saturday Evening Post). By this time the branch offices were deemed unnecessary (perhaps because Hoffa's legal situation had moved beyond the investigative stage toe that of an appeals phase). Nevertheless, Ser Vaas added six new investigators to his Indianapolis staff, making each of them a director; of these at least three had come from the FBI. [The International Investigators, Inc.] was a top-secret private intelligence agency with contracts from the CIA, IRS, and other government agencies...its employees were said to identify themselves by means of "doodlegrams", casual scribblings that usually included a ...pentagram...

The pattern that emerges from a study of Robert Kennedy's relationship to Hoffa, Spindel, the CIA, and the press is one in which illicit electronic eavesdropping and surveillance carried out by private apparats is everywhere alleged. If there is any consistent thread running through it all, it is the Kennedy's reliance upon intelligence community veterans, most notably those from the National Security Council Agency (NSA)... The obvious illegality of such wiretaps and the invasions of privacy they entail are clear. But what is even more threatening is the general practice of "subcontracting" illegal government operations to private firms secretly supported by private monies. Under the protection of the Attorney General or the President, but not directly in their employ, private apparats have virtual carte blanche and needn't consider constitutional niceties. They're simultaneously immune to both prosecution for misdeeds and to the ordinary constraints of the marketplace. Unlike federal agencies, which tend to resist demagoguery by virtue of an entrenched bipartisanship, private intelligence agencies in the employ of a powerful politician are beyond the control of all but their creator. And because their work is done for a single man or clique, with virtually no institutional or legal restraint beyone the dictum "Don't get caught," it cannot be said that their work is "in the public interest." [Hougan: 123-32]

In 1986, South Africa's Department of Information (DOI) authorized expenditures of $73 million for more than 160 secret projects to buy politicians and media favorable to the apartheid state. [National Reporter, Winter 1985] Rev. Moon's Washington Times was one of the beneficiaries - approximately $4.5 million was funneled to Moon's overseas enterprises. The South African government bought substantial interest in a chain of more than sixty newspapers in the U.S.; Saturday Evening Post publisher Beurt SerVaas accepted gifts and business deals from Pretoria; and more than two hundred U.S. journalists toured South Africa on all-expense paid trips. [Covert Action Information Bulletin 27:24]

Frank Shakespeare - Council for National Policy Membership Roster (1988). Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Director, U.S. Information Agency director; Director of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. During the Reagan administration he served as Ambassador to Portugal from 1985 to 1987, and then as Ambassador to the Vatican; Chairman, The Heritage Foundation; has served in executive positions in the communications industry for more than 30 years; former president, CBS Television Services. [National Catholic Reporter; Lernoux]

Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe were fronts for the Nazi/Knights of Malta network that had been established by Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's espionage officer against Russia, and funded by the CIA. Knight of Malta, James Buckley, was head of U.S. propaganda against Eastern Europe at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty during the Reagan Administration. J. Peter Grace, head of SMOM in the U.S. was associated with Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe prior to 1971. Under the supervision of Grace and other prominent figures, Radio Liberty functioned as a front for ex-Nazis:

"In 1950, the American Committee for Liberation from Bolshevism was created. The trustees included J. Peter Grace, Charles Edison, William Henry Chamberlain, H.J. Heinz II, Isaac Don Levine, and Eugene Lyons. The Committee (now known as Radio Liberty), under the guiding hand of the CIA's Frank Wisner, funded numerous emigre "research institutes'' which, according to John Loftus [see UNHOLY TRINITY], were "little more than front groups for ex-Nazi intelligence officers.'' [Covert Action Information Bulletin]

Richard Shoff - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Former Grand Kilgrapp (state secretary) and funder of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan. Financial supporter of High Frontier, a Star Wars group allied with Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Church Universal and Triumphant. Served on board of Jesse Helms' Coalition for Freedom which receives funding from the Pioneer Fund which funds racialist research. Funds and served on board of directors of the Conservative Caucus. [Bellant (CC) 38, 54]

"Another Conservative Caucus board member and funder is Richard Shoff, a North Carolina businessman whose questionable business practices have brought him the attention of local newspapers, trade associations, and the Better Business Bureau. Shoff has also been involved in a number of lawsuits while running sales operations in Indiana and selling log homes from his company, Lincoln Log Homes, in North Carolina. In the early 1970's, he was the Grand Kilgrapp (state secretary0 of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan. Indianapolis police told a reporter that KKK cross burnings were held on Shoff's property during Klan rallies which were hosted by Shoff. According to the head of the Indiana KKK, Shoff was also a generous funder of Klan activities. Shoff claims he has left the Ku Klux Klan in 1973.

"Shoff is also on the board of Coalition for Freedom, a Jesse Helms group that receives funding from the Pioneer Fund which funds racialist research. Shoff is one of a number of TCC [The Conservative Caucus] leaders who are also members of the Council for National Policy. Other Conservative Caucus supporters and leaders who are also members or leaders of the Council for National Policy include Amway leader Richard DeVos, Louis Jenkins, and Robert H. Krieble, John D. Beckett, and Joe and Holly Coors." [Bellant (CC) 54]

Major General John K. Singlaub(ret.)- CNP Board of Governors (1981); CNP Membership Roster (1981-98). CIA deputy chief in South Korea during the Korean War and served for two years in Vietnam during the 1960s. At that time, he was commander of the Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force, known as MACSOG. In that role, he was one of the commanders of Operation Phoenix, although he denies having had a part in that program's infamous assassination and counterterror aspects. In 1978, as chief of staff of the United Nations Command in South Korea, he publicly condemned the decision of President Jimmy Carter to reduce the number of U.S. troops in the country. He was then forced to retire.

Chairman of the World Anti-Communist League after Nazi-collaborator Roger Pearson Major until mid-1986. The United States Council for World Freedom (USWCF), which became WACL's most active branch, was founded in 1981 by Singlaub with a $16,500 loan from the Taiwanese branch of WACL and generous support from beer baron Joseph Coors.(28,35) From 1984 through 1986, Singlaub was the chairman of WACL.(11) In 1984, Singlaub headed a Pentagon panel called to make recommendations on conducting military activities in Central America. The panel's report urged the U.S. to emphasize nonconventional, counterinsurgency warfare strategies.(9,10)

Under the Reagan administration, Singlaub received assistance and guidance from White House and National Security Council (NSC) officials for his "private" contra-supply activities. He identified former NSC aide Oliver North as his liaison to the White House. Columnist Jack Anderson wrote a series of exposes on WACL connecting the group with death squads operating in Latin America, and once again linking them with fascists, this time in Latin America. Singlaub engaged the services of J. Peter Grace and AmeriCares to supply arms to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua and was indicted in 1986 and 1988 over USCWF activities in support of the contras. Member of the national policy board of the American Freedom Coalition, a political organization with extensive ties to the Unification Church. [IRC: Western Goals]

Dr. W. Cleon Skousen - CNP Board of Governors (1982). [Mormon] President of the Freeman Institute, former FBI agent and Police Chief of Salt Lake City, Utah, and associated with the America Committee to Free Cuba and Americans for Law and Order. [Miller 7] Descendant of Freemason/Illuminist Benjamin Franklin.

"Mr. Skousen was the former head of the F.B.I. and Founder and President of the Freeman Foundation which was founded in 1971, He also joined the faculty of the Brigham Young University."Skousen was directed to start the Institute by former President of the Mormon Church, David O. McKay. In 1989 the name was changed to the National Center for Constitutional Studies. The goal is  to bring in the religious and political kingdom of God under the Mormon prophet."3 Skousen spoke at the "God and Freedom Banquet" which was held in honor of Sun Myung Moom to welcome him home from prison. Cleon Skousen spoke very highly of Moon and said that God had sent "Rev." Moon to our country with a revelation and a message.

"The Mormon/moonie coalition involves the Freeman Institute's cooperation in a new global anticommunist crusade with CAUSA International, a Moonie front organization. Also involved in CAUSA are members of CARP (another of Moon's dozens of front groups), whose business cards read 'Pioneering New Leadership for the New Age.' The Mormon Church has a great deal in common with the Unification Church." 4

"CAUSA is of particular interest because its amazing ecumenism has brought together Moonies, Mormons, top military, scientific, and political figures, and the Christian Right in close cooperation to fight 'Communism.' Accompanied by leaders from his Freeman Institute, Dr. Skousen has been prominent at CAUSA Conferences. So have well-known anticommunist crusaders. How can Mormons, Moonies and Christians realisitcally work together? The Unification Church hopes to install Sun Myung Moon as world ruler; the Mormon Church holds the same ambition for its 'Prophet, Seer and Revelator'; and Christians await the return of Jesus Christ to establish His kingdom."5

"Much like Joseph Smith, Sun Myung Moon claims to have visited by angels, Moses, Buddha and Jesus. Jesus allegdly gave Moon at age 16 the same assignment that Joseph Smith's 'God' from Kolob had already given him at the same age: to 'restore' true Christianity, beginning in the United States, and eventually to take over the entire world. Although the main characters are different, the basic Unification Church scenario, including blind obedience by members is much the same as Mormonism's. Reminiscent of Joseph Smith, Sun Myung Moon says: 'I am your brain. Every people or every organization that goes against the Unification Church will gradually come down and die.'" 6 [Burns 85-6]

Mark Skousen - CNP Membership Roster (1984-85, 1988, 1996, 19990. Nephew of President of the Freeman Institute, Mormon Cleon Skousen. Mark Skousen's eighth great-grandfather was Founding Father of the U.S., Freemason / Illuminist, Benjamin Franklin. [] Mark Skousen is Editor-in-chief, Forecasts & Strategies, one of the largest invest/economic newsletters in the United States; columnist, Forbes; professor, economics and finance, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida; contributor to the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, National Review, Reason, Human Events, Liberty, and The Journal of Economic Perspectives; writes a monthly column entitled "Economics on Trial" for The Freeman published by the Foundation for Economic Education; authored seventeen books on financial and economic topics, was a former economic analyst, Central Intelligence Agency.

Baker Armstrong Smith- CNP Board of Governors (1982). Assistant to the Secretary, U.S. Department of HUD, for Labor Relations, former executive director of the Center on National Labor Policy, Inc., and Leader of the "Presidential transition team" for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Dr. Lowell Smith - CNP Executive Committee (1996).

Jim R. Smith - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

Gerry Snyder - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

LaNeil Spivy - CNP Executive Committee (1996).

Scott Stanley, Jr.- CNP Board of Governors (1982). Editor of the John Birch Society-run Review of the News and American Opinion. [Miller 7]

Robert Waring Stoddard- CNP Board of Governors (1982). Former Chairman of the Board of Raytheon International Paper Company, member of the Board of First National Bank of Boston, member of the Board of State Mutual Life Insurance Company, former director and vice-president of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), Chairman of the Board of the CFR-run Worcester Telegram and Gazette, and a member of the Council of the John Birch Society. [Miller 7; 1976-77 Who's Who In America: 3030] Director and president of the YMCA. Member of the National Council of The John Birch Society. [Belmont Brotherhood]

John A. Stormer - CNP Membership Roster (1996; 1998; 1999). Director, I Chronicles 12:32 Understanding the Times Ministry; owner, Liberty Bell Press; author, None Dare Call It Treason, The Death of a Nation, Growing God's Way; pastor emeritus, Heritage Baptist Church; past president, Missouri Association of Christian Schools; state chairman, Missouri Young Republicans, 1962-64; member, Missouri Republican State Committee, 1962-64.

Author, None Dare Call It Treason [1964], an anti-Communist book which was promoted by the John Birch Society. The origins of the CNP are found in the Radical Right, including the John Birch Society. The view on the Radical Right that an organization such as the CNP was needed stemmed from their perception that the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] -- closely identified with the Rockefeller family -- was selling out American interests in the pursuit of a left-wing foreign policy agenda. John Stormer's book None Dare Call It Treason identified the CFR as procommunist. CFR members who have been members of the Council for National Policy of which Stormer is also a member include: J. Peter GraceCNP Membership Directory (1984-85; 1988); George F. Gilder - CNP Board of Governors (1982); Jesse HelmsCNP Board of Governors (1982); Dr. Edward Teller - CNP Board of Governors (1982); Robert Waring Stoddard- CNP Board of Governors (1982) and Guy Vander Jagt- CNP Board of Governors (1982).

Lt. General Gordon Sumner - CNP Membership Roster (1984-85; 1988; 1996; 1998)

A special assistant to the Secretary of State for Latin American affairs. Council for Inter-American Security (CIS) director and advisor; Sumner was also a board member of the International Security Council (ISC), described by Herman and O'Sullivan as the "main U.S. agency of the Moon system in the field of terrorism propaganda." An international conference organized by ISC and CAUSA was held in January 1986 in Tel Aviv; speakers included [Rev. Moon's U.S. representative] Bo Hi Pak and Arnaud de Borchgrave, the publisher of the Washington Times... The Denver-based, North-South Institute (NSI) is a non-profit arm of the Council for Inter-American Security. NSI vice president and director, Lt. General Gordon Sumner, also a CIS director as we have seen, is an officer of USBC and NSI. [A Small Circle of Friends]

Gaylord K. Swim - CNP Membership Roster (1996). Founder and president, Swim Investment Management, which manages investment portfolios in publicly traded securities; co-founder, Rural Health Management Corporation, a not-for-profit management corporation for privatization of rural hospitals; founder and chairman, Sutherland Institute, a state-oriented public policy think tank; chairman, board of trustees, American Heritage Schools, Inc.; chairman, EFI Electronics, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah; former board member, the Covey Leadership Center (now merged with Franklin Quest) and Eyring Research Institute; B.S., business management and M.A., political science, Brigham Young University; served as a missionary for the (Mormon) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Germany.

John H. Sununu - CNP Membership Roster (1984-85; 1988; 1996;1998).

Dr. Lewis Tambs - CNP Board of Governors (1982); CNP Membership Roster (1984-85). Former Professor of History at Arizona State University, member of the "Alternatives to the New York Times" Committee and the newly appointed Reagan administration Ambassador to Columbia. [Miller 7] Principle editor of the "Sante Fe Report" appointed by Reagan as ambassador, first to Columbia and then to Costa Rica, the launching pad for Contra attacks into Nicaragua along the "Southern front." [Sklar 58; A Small Circle of Friends]

The Hon. Helen Marie Taylor - CNP Membership Roster (1988; 1996; 1998). U.S. representative, United Nations 1986/87; ranking U.S. Representative, Fifth (Reform) Committee of 41st General Cultural Organization (UNESCO); ranking U.S. representative, Communications and Cultural Committees; council member, National Endowment for the Humanities 1984/85; president James Monroe Memorial Foundation; member Virginia Republican Party State Policy Committee 1987/88; vice president, board of directors, Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Foundation; board of directors, Defenders of American Liberties; co-chairman, Coalition for Peace Through Strength and American Security Council; charter member, GOPAC; board of directors, The Conservative Caucus Foundation; president, Friends of Grenada Association 1986/87; board of governors, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England, The Honorable Helen Marie Taylor, "Meadow Farm", Route 2, Box 36, Orange, VA 22960.

Stacy Taylor - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

Dr. Edward Teller - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Hungarian-born American physicist known for his work on the hydrogen bomb. During World War II he was a member of the MANHATTAN PROJECT for the development of the atomic bomb. At that time he also began formulating the theoretical foundations for a hydrogen fusion bomb and was a major proponent of its development. [Grolier's Encyclopedia]

Member of the Citizens Legal Defense Fund for the FBI, Ad Hoc, and advisor to Congressman McDonald's Western Goals Foundation, and a member of the CFR. [Miller 7] As of 1983, Edward Teller was a member of the board of directors of the Committee on the Present Danger, an anticommunist organization which advocated strict containment policies vis-a-vis the Soviet Union. Other prominent members of the committee included Ronald Reagan, Jeane Kirkpatrick, and a number of individuals chosen for Reagan's arms control negotiating teams. [IRC: Western Goals]

Shortly after the Waco incident in Texas, a secret "classified conference" was held at the Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico. Through a friend in Maine, I was able to obtain an official copy of the speaking agenda for the November 1993 conference and, oddly, the subject matter under discussion correlated with not only the original Aquino Army report, but also with the MKUltra behavior research underway during the 1950's and 1960's. The title of the conference was "NonLethal Defense" and just a few of the speakers included such dignitaries as the Honorable U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno; Dr. Edward Teller who had helped develop the nuclear bomb; Dr. Milt Finger from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Mr. Andy Andrews, NonLethal Project Leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory; LTG William H. Forster from Army Research, Development and Acquisition; Dr. Clay Easterly from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Dr. Henry Brisker from U.S. Army Research Laboratories; Ms. Astrid Lewis from the U.S. Army Chemical Research; Development Command; Lt. General Richard G. Trefry, former Military Advisor to President George Bush; and many more. [The Last Circle]

Edward Teller was born in 1905 in Budapest, Hungary. Teller, along with Leo Szilard and Eugene Wigner, persuaded Albert Einstein to warn President Roosevelt of a potential Nazi atomic bomb. During the Manhattan Project, Teller worked with Szilard at the University of Chicago. From 1943, he headed a group at Los Alamos in the Theoretical Physics division. Teller was a major proponent of the "Super" or hydrogen bomb. This position pitted him against Oppenheimer. This issue came to focus during Oppenheimer's security hearings. Teller continues to be a strong advocate of the build-up and development of nuclear weapons. Most recently he supported the creation of an anti-ballistic missile shield. Teller is Director Emeritus at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. [Atomic Archive]

Herbert Titus - "In 1962 he graduated cum laude from the Harvard Law School. After two years as a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice, Titus served from 1964 to 1979 as a professor of law at the state universities of Oklahoma, Colorado, and Oregon. During this time he was active in various left-wing cases, opposing the war in Vietnam and supporting abortion and homosexual rights. As a cooperating attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, Titus worked with attorneys and clients on a number of Constitutional cases. In 1975, Titus was dramatically converted to Christ... In 1976-77, he studied with Dr. Francis Schaffer at L'Abri in Switzerland. In 1979, left his tenured position as professor of law at the University of Oregon, becoming a member of the charter faculty of a Christian law school at Oral Roberts University. After three years at ORU, Titus moved to Regent University, where he served for eleven years, first as the founding Dean of the School of Law. In July 1993, Titus established The Forecast, a monthly journal on law and public policy. This unique journal is designed to provide a Biblical and Constitutional analysis to current issues. A Constitutional and common law scholar, Titus is an educator and author offering seminars, books, and monographs on law and public policy for both lawyers and non-lawyers alike. An active member of the Oregon State Bar, Mr. Titus is a practicing attorney serving of Counsel to the Virginia Beach, Virginia law firm of Troy A. Titus, P.C. Specializing in Constitutional litigation and strategy, Mr. Titus serves several public interest organizations. He is the author of numerous articles and a book entitled God, Man and Law: The Biblical Principles. In August, 1996, Mr. Titus was chosen at the National Convention of the U.S. Taxpayers Party in San Diego, California to serve as its Vice Presidential candidate." [Herbert W. Titus, Esquire]

"I thought it was important, if awkward, to bring up these questions [Titus' position on dominion theology] with Regent faculty members. And I did so. The answer was very clear. Regent, they insisted, is absolutely not a dominion-theology school, and Robertson himself had demonstrated this recently by getting rid of the dean of the law school, Herbert Titus, because Titus was leaning in the dominion direction. (Titus, who was a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union before his conversion to evangelical Christianity, is currently suing the school for about $70 million.)" ["The Warring Visions of the Religious Right," Harvey Cox, The Atlantic]

Sherman E. Unkefer - CNP Board of Governors (1982). President of the North American Coin and Currency, Ltd. (One of the largest bullion dealers in America - Editor) and an advisor to the previously mentioned Western Goals Foundation. [Miller 7] Sherman Unkefer was a member of the CFR-founded John Birch Society, and its private intelligence agency, the Western Goals Foundation. Also, Unkefer served as an adviser to Chile's regime under Augusto Pinochet and reportedly worked closely with Chile's secret police organization, DINA. [IRC: WGF]

Mike Valerio - CNP Board of Governors (1982); CNP Executive Committee (1988, 1994). President of Papa Gino's of America, Inc.; United States Congressman. [Miller]

Guy Vander Jagt- CNP Board of Governors (1982). Chairman of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, Keynote Speaker at the 1980 Republican National Convention, a member of the Congressional Board of [Rev. Moon's] Christian Voice, and a member of the CFR. [Miller 7]

Richard Viguerie - CNP Board of Governors (1982); CNP Executive Committee (1984-85; 1988. Executive secretary of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) from 1961-64 when he started his own direct mail fundraising company, RAVCO, now Viguerie Communications, using the YAF and Goldwater mailing lists. In 1970s, Viguerie did the direct-mail fundraising for Paul Weyrich's Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, now the Free Congress Foundation. Viguerie was candidate in 1976 for the presidential nomination of the neo-fascist, "Klan-infested" American Independent Party (AIP) of George Wallace. In 1975, he created The Conservative Caucus (TCC) with Howard Phillips.

In 1986, Viguerie was rescued from near bankruptcy with an account for distribution of the Unification Church-owned Insight magazine. In 1987, Bo Hi Pak, a former Korean military-intelligence officer and Moon's top U.S. operative, paid $10.06 million for Viguerie's office building. Also, in 1987, Viguerie became Secretary, strategist and fund-raising genius of the newly created Moon-controlled and funded American Freedom Coalition (AFC), an alliance of political conservatives and conservative religious groups and individuals. In this position, Viguerie mailed millions of letters appealing for funds to lobby aid to the Contras and promote Oliver North's testimony before Congress.

Richard Viguerie, whose company is a major nexus for conservative organizational activity via direct mail, has been especially adept in training a political cadre and establishing, staffing and funding new organizations. Viguerie's past and present clients include: NCPAC, The Conservative Caucus, Christian Crusade, Korean Cultural Freedom Foundation (Rev. Moon), Gun Owners of America, YAF, Free Congress Foundation and numerous election campaigns. One of his most ambitious efforts was the founding of the Council for National Policy, which included most of the activist leadership on the right as well as conservative contributors like Joseph Coors and William Herbert and Nelson Bunker Hunt. [Young 84-5, Bellant (CC) 16,17,53; Diamond 60, 78; Saloma 43, 45, 57]

"Then there's Richard Viguerie, until recently more than $1.5 million in debt, according to Fairfax, Va., court records. They indicate that in mid-October the U.S. Property Development Corp. paid $10.06 million to 7777 Associates for the suburban Virginia office building including Viguerie's headquarters. Viguerie owned 72 percent of 7777 Associates, according to Virginia records, and U.S. Property's president is Moon's right-hand man, Bo Hi Pak.  Viguerie now serves with Abernathy on the five-man board of the Moonie-dominated American Freedom Coalition. The coalition, which claims a 'house list' of more than 300,000 member-contributors, is also Viguerie's biggest new direct-mail client." ["How Rev. Moon Got Ensconced with the New Right: His Aid is Varied and Plentiful," Seattle Times, Dec. 31, 1987]

Christine Vollmer - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

Madamme Christine de Vollmer of Venezuela, also a Stewart, is the President of the Latin American Alliance for the Family.  Member of the World Congress of Families II Planning Committees, she has organized conferences on the family all over Europe and Latin America.  She has served with the Holy See Delegation at the United Nations and is a member of the Pontifical Council for the Family.  Countess Christine de Vollmer, who holds a number of important consultancy positions in the Vatican, believes that �The work of women in the home is the basis for the happiness of the whole human race.� A member of the secretive right-wing organisation Opus Dei, Vollmer is one of only three women on the 20-strong permanent delegation of the Holy See to the UN, whose policies on abortion and birth control have been a special target for her wrath. [Women of Rome]

Husband, Alberto de Vollmer is Ambassador from Venezuela to the Holy See. In 1999, Alberto, a wealthy businessman, backed the promient Venezuelan industrialist, Gustavo Marturet, to form Venezuela's first financial holding company, Mercantil Servicios Financieros. Marturet, who arranged an alliance with US insurer Aetna, is backed by a who's who of Venezuela, including the Vollmer, Machado,Travieso, and Sanchez clans. New York's J.P Morgan owns a 9.86% slice, too.

Craig Welch - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

Paul Weyrich - CNP Board of Governors (1982; 1996); CNP Secretary-Treasureer Executive Committee (1984-85; 1988). In 1977, The Heritage Foundation employed Roger Pearson on the editorial board of Policy Review, the monthly Heritage publication. Pearson is a British race scientist who organized the Northern League of Europe and became head of of the World Anti-Communist League, the multinational network of Nazi war criminals, Latin American death squad leaders and North American neo-fascists.In 1975, Pearson organized the North American neo-fascists into an American branch of the WACL called Council on American Affairs. Roger Pearson, whose research was financed by the Pioneer Fund of Tom Ellis, is a Briton who obtained his master's degree at the London School of Economics. The LSE was founded and financed by the British Fabian Society in 1894.

"The Committee of 300 through its many affiliated organizations was able to nullify the Reagan presidency. Here is what Stuart Butler of the Heritage Foundation had to say on the subject 'The right thought it had won in 1980 but in fact it have lost.' What Butler was referring to was the situation in which the Right found itself when it realized that every single position of importance in the Reagan administration was filled by Fabianist appointees recommended by the Heritage Foundation. Butler went on to say that Heritage would use rightwing ideas to impose leftwing radical principles upon the United States, the same radical ideas which Sir Peter Vickers Hall, top Fabianist in the U.S. and the number one man at Heritage, had been openly discussing during the election year.

"Sir Peter Vickers Hall remained an active Fabianist even though he was running a conservative 'think tank.' As a member of the British oligarchical Vickers armament manufacturing family, he had position and power. The Vickers family supplied both sides in the First World War and again during Hitler's rise to power. Vickers' official cover was the University of California's Urban and Regional Development Institute. He was a longtime confidant of British Labour leader and Committee of 300 member Anthony Wedgewood Benn. Both Vickers and Benn are integrated with the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, the premiere brainwashing institution in the world." [Coleman]

Paul Weyrich also sponsored and currently works closely with Laszlo Pasztor, a convicted Austrian Nazi-collaborator whose Coalitions of the Americas is housed as a subsidiary in the Free Congress Foundation, the political arm of Heritage Foundation. From 1993 through 1995, Heritage received a total of $1 million via Sun Myung Moon's Korea Foundation which is funded by South Korea's Foreign Ministry and is an affiliate of the South Korean government.

Weyrich works with Plinio de Correa de Olivier's Tradition, Family & Property and endorsed Olivier's book, Nobility & Analagous Traditional Elites, on the necessity of restoring traditional Nobility & Elites to rule the world. "Sadly, most American elites are now devoted to self-interest, not to service, which is one reason why affairs here go so badly. Your book may help reawaken people to the realization that we need and can have an elite devoted to service." The Secret Story of a Cult Apologist website provides a picture of Weyrich & CNP leader Morton Blackwell with the American head of TFP, which defends cults such as Scientology.

James Whelan - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Former Editor and vice-president of the Sacramento Union; Editor and Publisher of the [Moon-owned] Washington Times. [Miller 7]

John W. Whitehead - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Member of the Board of Advisors of the Plymouth Rock Foundation. [Miller 7] Competitive Center Board of Advisors of The Hudson Institute, author of the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act, which created a federal commission to monitor religion chaired by a presidentially- appointed Ambassador at Large on International Religious Freedom and Special Adviser to the President on Religious Persecution. In determining violations, the commission will rely on the United Nations' covenants and recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court.

Founder/President of the Rutherford Institute, established 16 years ago to protect the rights of Christians, has shifted to the left, according to a recent report in Christianity Today (12/7/98). The founder, John Whitehead, is making a conscious effort to make the Rutherford Institute known more as a civil-rights organization. For example, he has begun defending the civil rights of homosexuals, and he has publicly called on conservative Christians to stop using antihomosexual rhetoric. Alexis Crow, chief counsel for the Rutherford Institute (and former aide to Henry Kissinger), explained the evolution in Whitehead's thought. 'He has always worked for the underdog. And today homosexuals are an underdog.' The story of the woman taken in adultery but forgiven by Jesus eventually changed Whitehead's thinking. Whitehead concluded that the law is not ultimate, but that 'human beings can be above the law at some point.' Whitehead also stirred controversy over his decision to take the Paula Jones case. He says he took the case because he believed her and because he wanted to increase the profile of the Institute. The case, however, has cost his organization hundreds of thousands in legal expenses and lost donations. Whitehead says he likes President Clinton, and if it weren't for the president's position on abortion, would vote for him. Rutherford Institute is also recommended to Scientologists in need of legal defense.

Rev. Donald Wildmon- CNP Board of Governors (1982). President of the Coalition for Better Television, Founder of the National Federation for Decency, and a member of the Advisory Board of Moon-affiliated Christian Voice. [Miller 7] Member of Steering Committee of Coalition on Revival (COR) [Bellant (CC) 43]. President of American Family Association, Inc. (AFA) AFA is cooperating with other ministries in this joint effort despite the fact that we have our own law center. AFA is also joining in the funding of this organization to fight leftwing liberal groups such as the ACLU and People for the American Way. Don Wildmon is a founding member along with Dr. James Dobson of Focus in the Family, Larry Burkett of Christian Financial Concepts, Dr. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ, and Marlin Maddoux of Point of View. Continued providing free legal help to Christians to defend their First Amendment rights and helping prosecutors in obscenity trials through the American Family Association Law Center. Participated in the founding of Alliance Defense Fund, Inc., an organization which raises funds and supports legal cases of pro-family causes across the country. 1995 operating budget over $7 million. [GuideStar]

Dr. John Wilke - CNP Membership Directory (1996, 1999). President, Life Issues Institute, Inc., educational organization of the pro-life movement; president, International Right to Life Federation; physician; author, Why Can't We Love Them Both, book, video and slide set; Abortion Ouestions and Answers, Abortion and Slavery, History Repeats, also authored six other books in the field of human sexuality and abortion; lecturer; TV and radio personality; five-minute daily radio commentary on 300 stations since 1984 plus 60-second commentary on 500 stations; former president, National Right to Life Committee; has appeared on almost every major network public affairs show in the United States; works published in 28 languages; has lectured in 64 countries. International Right to Life Federation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) of the United Nations. [UN/NGO Database]  

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