The Global Prayer & Missions Movement Database

Strategic Partnerships for the Propagation of Another Gospel


The GPM Database is organized as follows:

Global Prayer & Missions Movement Database



Missions Mobilization

Early Streams of the Global Missions Movement

Current Streams of the Global Missions Movement

Prayer Mobilization

Lausanne/AD2000 & Beyond

Mission America

Mission America Prayer Initiatives

Lighthouse Prayer Movement

National Prayer Committee

City/Community Prayer Transformation

Pastors’ Ministry

National Network of Men’s Ministries

Women’s Ministry

National Network of Youth Ministry

Gospel Communications Network

Leaders of the Global Prayer Movement

Messianic & Discernment Ministries Facilitating the Transition to Lausanne


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Global Prayer & Missions Movement Database


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Prayer Mobilization 


But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. Matthew 15:9 


Lausanne / AD2000 & Beyond / Mission America


Lausanne/AD2000 & Beyond

Introduction to Prayer Mobilization

Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization International Leadership

A.D. 2000 United Prayer Track**

A.D. 2000 Track & Networks
A.D. 2000 & Beyond Prayer Track Committee [C. Peter Wagner]


Mission America [Lausanne/AD2000 emerges in the US]

Paul Cedar BIO

Cedar’s Vision for America––AD 2000's United States Model [1995]

Mission America: Coalitions and Networks

Mission America [Lausanne] Prayer Initiatives


• Lighthouse Prayer Movement––Co-Chairs Billy Graham & Bill Bright  

 Lausanne Covenant Requirement

 Lighthouse Leadership

 History of the Lighthouse Movement by Paul Cedar

 The Lighthouse Vision – Recommends Alpha Course***

 Campus Crusade & Lighthouse Movement

 Bill Bright’s Jesus Film Project & Paul Eshelman

 About Bill Bright


 • Mission America’s National Prayer Committee

 NPC Leadership

 NPC Participating organizations

 NPC Initiatives:

National Day of Prayer

National Association of Local Church Prayer Leaders [Ted Haggard] 

A partnership of Mission America and the National Association of Evangelicals [NAE]***

Concerts of Prayer

Celebrate Jesus 2000

Joshua Project 2000

Caleb Project

Mapping Projects


• City/Community Prayer Transformation

 March for Jesus [Graham Kendrick & Jay Gary, Regional Coordinator. Richard Foster of Renovaré was a founder.]

 CitiReach [Jack Dennison, previously with DAWN]

 DAWN –– Discipling A Whole Nation [Jim Montgomery]


• Pastors’ Ministry

TOPIC –– Trainers of Pastors International Coalition***

Revival and Spiritual Awakening [Dale Schlafer, Mission America’s Facilitator of Pastors ––formerly with Promise Keepers]

~ An Urgent Appeal to Christian Leaders in America for Consensus and Collaboration on the Biblical Hope of Corporate Revival

National Pastor's Prayer Network/NPPN  [Phil Miglioratti]

Pastor Prayer Summits [based at Multnomah Biblical Seminary- ATS member]


• Men’s Ministry––National Network of Men's Ministries/NNMM

 NNMM Membership Directory

 Promise Keepers

 The Gathering, Inc. Curriculum [Promise Keepers]


• Women’s Ministry


• Youth Ministry––National Network of Youth Ministry/NNYM

 NNYM Leadership [Paul Fleishmann]

 NNYM's Partnerships

 NNYM's YouthNet member organizations

 NNYM Behind the Scenes:

World Evangelical Fellowship

 Search Institute

 Robert Schuller Institute for Successful Church Leadership

 Pew Trust Grants

 Emerging Young Leaders  [John Maxwell , CNP]

 Center for Strategic & International Studies [CFR members]


NNYM Youth Mobilization

See You At the Pole

Challenge Alliance “A New Student Volunteer Movement?”––Doug Tegner, Natl Coordinator

The Call D.C.** Lou Engle [US Center for World Mission] Communications Network [Rich DeVos [CNP & Amway]

Online coalition-building for Lausanne/AD2000/Mission America


The Global Prayer & Missions Movement Database: Leaders of the Global Prayer Movement