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Time Magazine [March-July 2000]


[Alpha is the] miracle formula church leaders are hoping will reverse this religious decline...


It’s a 10-week introduction to the basics of the Christian faith - what is new or revolutionary in that? Quite a lot, it turns out...


To emphasize the interdenominational aspect of the course, the assistant editor of the Catholic weekly The Tablet was quoted. She told Time, "This is a significant movement. It's having an amazing success in the Catholic Church."


"The biggest selling point is that many claim Alpha has changed their lives, and appear genuinely happier for the experience. And they are going to church...” [emphasis added]


The official website from the headquarters of Alpha

July 20th, 2001



What the Church leaders say about ALPHA

[abbreviated for purposes of this report] 


International church leaders and influential evangelists, archbishops and bishops, distinguished academics and well-known missionaries - all enthusiastically recommend Alpha as one of the most effective introductions to the Christian faith available today. Here's what they say...


Bishops and Archbishops


"I think it's superb. I commend it wholeheartedly."

The Most Rev 'd and Right Hon George Carey

Archbishop of Canterbury


"Alpha… a clear way into Christian faith for a wide variety of people. I warmly and heartily commend the Alpha course"

The Most Rev'd and Right Hon. David Hope

Archbishop of York


"The course is simple, direct, illustrated by wonderful stories...It doesn't contain anything that is contrary to Catholic doctrine. What's more, it provides in wonderful form the basis of Christian belief which many Catholics have never cottoned onto..."

Bishop Ambrose Griffiths OSB

Hexham and Newcastle


International Leaders


"Alpha seem especially blessed in that the Lord is using it to reach all sorts of people in all sorts of spiritual condition."

Luis Palau



"Alpha is ingenious in the way that it brings people into a private setting by invitation. So you are accommodating the 20th Century culture in a very manageable and functional way and I am thrilled with it. I am not surprised to hear of its immediate acceptance and use by hundreds of churches all over the world."

The late John Wimber

Association of Vineyard Churches




"Alpha is a soul winning, discipling, multiplying, spiritually dynamic ministry that has already touched the lives of thousands. I believe this vision will continue to expand and truly become an international blessing."

Loren Cunningham



Church leaders and evangelists


"The great Command to make disciples of all people is still relevant today. Alpha provides us with a contemporary response to cringe free evangelism which deserves the increasing profile it is currently receiving."

Joel Edwards, General Director

Evangelical Alliance [UK -Regional member of the World Evangelical Fellowship/WEF]


"Alpha is the most effective and transferable introductory course to the Christian faith that I know."

Steve Chalke

The Oasis Trust


"Nothing is more apparent to me than the blessing of God on the Alpha course."

Dr R. T Kendall

Westminster Chapel  


"Alpha courses are proving incredibly successful as an evangelistic format to reach people with the relevance of the Gospel for our generation. The UK is being widely impacted by them and I would wholeheartedly encourage Christians in the USA to open their doors to the full impact of the ministry of Alpha."

Terry Virgo

New Frontiers International


NFI sponsors the Stoneleigh International Bible Week

Speakers in past years have included:

√ Mike Bickle [see below] Metro Christian Fellowship [formerly Kansas City Vineyard]

√ Larry Tomczak (USA) [The Call, D.C. Board of Directors]

√ Ken Gott (Sunderland, UK) [associated with the Toronto Blessing-- Revival Now!]


"The Alpha course has been of enormous value to churches in strengthening fellowship and increasing effective evangelism in the local community."

David Coffey

General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain




“At the heart of the gospel is both evangelism and discipleship. Alpha courses are designed to do both effectively. We have used the program in our local church with good success. I am glad to commend it.”

Gordon D. Fee

Professor of New Testament and Dean of Faculty, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada

[ATS member] 


"The Alpha course has now become one of the most reliable and important means of drawing people into the church. It has enormous potential."

Alister McGrath

Wycliffe Hall, Oxford and Regent College, Vancouver [ATS member] 


"The Alpha course is a most engaging way of passing on the basics of Christianity. It is a tool for evangelism and nurture that I highly recommend."

J I Packer Professor of Theology

Regent College, Vancouver [ATS member] 


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Cook Communications Ministries

Int'l publisher of ALPHA Curriculum and Products

Alpha resources are sold through the David C. Cook Foundation--known now as Cook Communications Ministries International.


The A-Z of Running Alpha on Campus


The Alpha Course meets the vital test of being both open and faithful—welcoming all, while presenting the gospel message with clarity and power.

George Gallup, Jr.

Chairman, The George H. Gallup International Institute


This manual is designed to take leaders through the different stages of setting up and running an Alpha course in a university, college, or place of higher education. Its guidelines and content grow out of experiences encountered by more than a hundred student courses already running successfully.

A copy [pdf. version] of The A-Z of Running Alpha on Campus can be downloaded on this web page.


Excerpts from

The A-Z of Running Alpha on Campus:

Scripture quotations are taken from the New International Version published by the International Bible Society. [IBS is an Associate Member of the World Evangelical Fellowship/WEF]


"Our aim is to introduce Alpha on university and college campuses across the U.S. and Canada in order that every student has the opportunity to attend an Alpha course while studying."


"Various Christian groups run Alpha course as part of their yearly program of events on campus and feed new Christians into their existing structures of cell groups, Bible study groups and discipleship groups. Some of these include InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Campus Crusade for Christ, Navigators…"


"Have something going on as guests arrive. Many courses have music playing, a video playing (from a popular show or MTV, etc.)"



Fuller Theological Seminary Offers/Sponsors Alpha

Fuller's Alpha Home Page: “Welcome to Alpha


A Model for Dynamic Outreach in the Local Church

A cooperative ministry of Fuller Theological Seminary and Alpha North America.


Fuller - Continuing Education

The Richard and Margaret Horner CENTER FOR LIFELONG LEARNING

Formerly the Division of Continuing and Extended Education (CEE)

At Fuller Theological Seminary's Center for Lifelong Learning, our vision is to serve you and your learning needs in flexible ways. As one of the largest multidenominational, evangelical seminaries in the world, Fuller continues to be on the leading edge of innovative ministry practice. Fuller's Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) is uniquely positioned to be your lifelong learning partner through our programs of Doctor of Ministry, Extended_Education, Distance_Learning, Conferences and Seminars, or Subscription_Services.


Alpha Conferences


Attend an Alpha Conference

Learn to revitalize your local church

Conference Locations and Information:*

(Click the city name for conference information)

Eugene, Org., July 19-20, 2001

Pasadena, Calif., August 3-4, 2001 (with Nicky Gumbel)

Chicago (Naperville), Illinois, August 6-7, 2001

Seattle (Bellevue), Wash., August 27-28, 2001


 Visit Alpha web site:



Q & A on Alpha


Why Alpha?

* Church attendance is in decline in major denominations. Churches running the Alpha course are experiencing dynamic new growth and revitalization.

* One out of two marriages is heading for divorce. Alpha participants are experiencing changed lives and mended relationships.


What is Alpha?

The Alpha course is a ten-week practical introduction to the Christian faith. It is designed primarily for non-churchgoers and those who have recently become Christians. It was established at Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), London, over 20 years ago, and there are now more than 8,000 Alpha courses throughout the United Kingdom and over 600 courses in the United States.

Alpha  is a flexible and practical model which can work for any group of any size. Churches and Christian organizations of every background and denomination are discovering it to be a simple and effective way of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ in a clear and non threatening manner to people from all walks of life.


What is the conference about?

The conference is specially designed to provide practical, effective, and proven ways of bringing evangelism to your local church. It is also for those who would like to start Alpha courses, as well as for churches who are running evangelism programs, but who would love to see further growth.


The Alpha Conference covers:

* how to start an Alpha course

* how to develop an existing course and draw in new people

* how to train, inspire, and deploy a leadership team

* how to run a small group

* how to lead worship in an Alpha course

* how to pray with others

* how to care for people during and after the course.

The conference will look in detail at all aspects of setting up and running an Alpha course including the weekend away, which covers the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

There will be opportunities to hear reports of those whose lives have been changed by the course, and to hear from those who have started Alpha courses in their own churches. There will also be opportunities for prayer ministry during the conference.


Who is it for?

The conference is designed for leaders to come either on their own or, better still, with their proposed or existing leadership teams. Over 36,000 church leaders have attended Alpha conferences throughout the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Holland, Russia, Canada, and the United States.


Who are the Speakers?

The conference speakers are all seasoned Alpha veterans having run Alpha courses in their churches….

Nicky Gumbel

Nicky runs the HTB Alpha course. He is the author of "Why Jesus?" "Searching Issues," "A Life Worth Living," "Telling Others," "Why Christmas?" and "Challenging Lifestyle," as well as his book Questions of Life, which is based on the Alpha course talks.


Alpha Conference Schedule

Day One:

 * 10:00 a.m. - "The Principles of Alpha"

* 1:30 p.m. - "The Practicalities of Alpha

* 7:00 p.m. - "Model Alpha Evening"

 Day Two:

* 9:00 a.m. - "Small Groups and Pastoral Care"

* 11:30 a.m. - "Ministry on Alpha"

* 2:00 p.m. - Questions and Answers

* 3:30 p.m. - "Integrating Alpha into the Church" or "Pastoral Care" 



Alpha News

No. 1 -- August - November 1999


"Everywhere I go, I hear about Alpha" says Sir Cliff [singer Cliff Richards]…


C. Peter Wagner on ALPHA courses:

From church circles, another significant message of endorsement arrived last month from American author C.Peter Wagner. He wrote, “The Alpha Course is a wonderful and proven tool for evangelism in the local church... I enthusiastically support and recommend Alpha.”



ALPHA North America 2001 Conference Schedule

Abbreviated for purposes of this report. A total of thirty ALPHA conferences are scheduled throughout the U.S. in 2001.


CALIFORNIA - March 19 & 20, 2001

The San Francisco (Bay Area) Alpha Conference

Co-Sponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary   


WASHINGTON - May 17 & 18, 2001

The Spokane Alpha Conference

Co-Sponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary 


OREGON - July 19 & 20, 2001

The Eugene Alpha Conference

Co-Sponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary


CALIFORNIA - August 3 & 4, 2001

The Los Angeles Alpha Conference - Venue in Pasadena

Co-Sponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary


ILLINOIS - August 6 & 7, 2001

The Chicago Alpha Conference

Co-Sponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary 


WASHINGTON - August 27 & 28, 2001

The Seattle Alpha Conference

Co-Sponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary 


NEVADA - September 17 & 18, 2001

The Las Vegas Alpha Conference

Co-Sponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary 


CALIFORNIA - November 1 & 2, 2001

The San Diego Alpha Conference

Co-Sponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary


OREGON - November 5 & 6, 2001

The Portland Alpha Conference

Co-Sponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary 


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