. . .and the False Prophet and 10 kings downsized to 7 and. . .








"Along the ecliptic is seen a picture of two youthful figures seated side by side and at rest... Their names in Latin were Castor and Pollux. In Greek mythology they were called Apollo and Hercules... In Grecian mythology, Apollo and Hercules, the twin sons of Jupiter were great heroes and had accomplished great exploits... Here we have a picture of the dual nature and mission of Christ... They deal with the divine and human nature... The old Coptic name of this sign Pi Mahi, signifies 'The United,' as united in fellowship or 'brotherhood.'" - D. James Kennedy  (872:101-2)


Gemini, the Twins, takes its name from the legend of Castor and Pollux, but it is also mythographically appropriate following Taurus and anticipating the transition of the twin-gods, oak king and holly king." - The Celtic Druids' Year (270:170)


In dualistic belief systems, twin deities or Dioscouri are archetypes representing the contradictory aspects of creation: light and darkness. The Gemini twins were regarded as homosexual deities who "served as "guiding lights for those hoping to break out of the mortal sphere into the heavenly realm of the gods." In the same-sex culture, homosexuality and lesbianism are stages in the evolutionary process toward androgyny.

"Remember, the serpent is still alive in the Garden of Eden. Only the heterosexual couple was expelled." - Edward Carpenter.

"In Vedic mythology, the twin cosmic Ashwins (or Asvins), are often depicted as twilight, one half light, the other half dark, personifying the two luminous rays which precede the break of day, or, otherwise, the dawn of a new frame of mind. As Romulus and Remus, they founded Rome, the center of the empire of the gods. They were known in Greece as CASTOR AND POLLUX, who live today as the constellation of Gemini, eternal gaiety found in the nighttime skies. They were later called the DIOSCOURI, who, like QUETZECOATL, were also associated with the stars, guiding lights for those hoping to break out of the mortal sphere into the heavenly realm of the gods. Appropriately enough, the DIOSCOURI literally embodied energy. Indeed, St. Elmo's fire - the electrical discharge from the ship's mast seen during a thunderstorm - was believed to be a visibly discernible manifestation of the energy of these gay Twin gods." (1008)

The exoteric version of Gemini is two young males united in the bond of brotherhood (unity); their diversity is manifest in their natures: one twin is mortal (Castor) and the other immortal (Pollux):

"...the Divine Twins [are] the constellation Gemini...

"Twins symbolize that which is simultaneously identical and nonidentical. They represent duality, separation and contradiction, but also similarity, duplication and repetition. Divine twins represent the potential energy of opposition and the great creative force unleashed by their unification. For example, Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus (N.B., raised by a she-wolf), in which it was necessary that they fight and one die. The twins represent the opposites: light/dark, extroversion/introversion, objectivity/subjectivity, action/thought, action/passion, aggression/pacifism." (1000)

In the Egyptian Zodiac, the Gemini figures are not male twins, but male and female lovers, as stated in Chevalier's Dictionary of Symbols: "Some Zodiacs do not employ the usual image of two children holding hands, but depict the sign as a man and a woman or even, in the case of the Coptic Zodiac, as a pair of lovers." (66:427)  The Coptic (Egyptian) version of Gemini is becoming prominent and is promoted by some who teach the false 'gospel in the stars'. For example, Joseph Seiss and Robert Scott Wadsworth, a Messianic astrologer:

"Bob Wadsworth’s newsletter of January 2001 says that the two figures in Gemini, according to the Zodiac of Dendra, are not identical twins but those of a man and woman walking hand in hand. He goes on to say, when quoting from Joseph Seiss’ book The Gospel of the Stars, that the word Gemini in the original Hebrew, Arabic and Syriac does not carry so much the idea of two brought forth at the same birth as it does the idea of a long betrothal brought to its consummation in perfect marriage. The old Coptic name of this sign signifies 'the completely joined'." (917)

In esotericism, the Gemini are not ordinary male/female lovers; they are male/female fraternal twin lovers. In the highly irrational and perverted belief system of the dualist, the sexual union of fraternal twins has the effect of uniting the Microcosm within itself and with the Macrocosm. "Occultist and psychologist Carl Jung, adds: 'Alchemy...exalted the most heinous transgression of the law, namely incest, into a symbol of the union of opposites, hoping in this way to bring back the golden age.'" (39:177 If there is a shortage of fraternal twins, an ordinary brother and sister will do; in either case, one twin must be immortal if the Microcosm is to unite with the Macrocosm. As above, so below. The mortal twin becomes immortal and vice versa. This incestuous union is called Sacred Marriage:

"In Sun we have a girl and a boy, one mortal the other immortal, who represent the body opposed to the soul, the flesh opposed to the spirit... Creation requires that the brother and sister unite, but this must be a Hieros Gamos (Sacred Marriage) between purified partners: the mortal priestess and the immortal god, or the mortal priest and the immortal goddess. Nichols observes that incest symbolizes one's relation to oneself, therefore the Sacred Marriage - the embrace within the waters of the unconscious - unifies the opposites within the individual; it is the alchemical operation that 'fixes the volatile and volatilizes the fixed,' immortalizes the mortal and mortalizes the immortal, for only alchemy can unite the contradictories without the opposites annihilating each other." (1000)

Which explains why one Gemini twin points to the sky and the other to the earth: "In addition, the boy's right hand is turned skyward in the classical attitude of celestial invocation, whereas the girl's left hand is turned downward in chthonic invocation. Thus the children unite the forces of Heaven and the Abyss, the astral spirits and the elemental spirits." (1000) According to Webster's dictionary, "chthonic" is a Greek word meaning "in or under the earth… Designating, or relating to gods or spirits of the underworld, esp. gods of the Greeks." 

In the ancient mystery religions, the sacred prostitute served in the temple as a medium between the gods and men. According to The Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspect of the Feminine, the union between sacred prostitute, embodiment of the goddess, and king, believed to be a god, reconciled the Microcosm with the Macrocosm.

"The 'heiros gamos,' the sacred prostitute was the votary chosen to embody the goddess. She was the goddess' fertile womb, her passion and her erotic nature. In the union with the god, embodied by the reigning monarch, she assured the fertility and well-being of the land and the people... often she remained veiled and anonymous; her raison d'être was to worship the goddess in lovemaking, thereby bringing the goddess love into the human sphere. In this union -- the union of masculine and feminine, spiritual and physical -- the personal was transcended and the divine entered in. As the embodiment of the goddess in the mystical union of the sacred marriage, the sacred prostitute...was the holy vessel wherein chthonic and spiritual forces united." (736:39-40)

The Theosophical Glossary defines Chthonia as "Chaotic earth". In Hellenic cosmogony, the Underworld, symbolized by the Moon goddess, is subdued and controlled by the Sun-god: "In the sequence of tarot trumps, the Sun triumphs over the Moon, for it is Sol Invictus (the Invincible Sun), the power of transcendent consciousness to tame the beasts of the Abyss, the potent and wild forces... Thus Apollo defeated the Python, and brought its powerful chthonic forces under control, but without destroying them, for the Pythia continued to fulfill her function." (1000)

As ancient oracles were consulted by sages and emperors about strategic matters, Tarot cards are used today for guidance by professional and amateur psychics. Carl Jung, who researched classical oracles, coined the term "archetypes" to describe internal energy sources available to man from the 'Universal Soul'. Each of the 78 cards of a Tarot deck represents an archetype of one the 78 energies of the 'collective unconscious' which is alleged to be present within every human being. The most widely used tarot deck was developed by A. E. Waite (1857-1942), a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and a prolific writer on occultism and magic. The Lovers card in the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck represents the Gemini Twins in the sense of a 'sacred marriage' between brother and sister. Some esotericists, however, deny that this involves sexual contact:

"Astrologically, The Lovers is principally related to Venus, the goddess of air, and Gemini which, in esoteric astrology, she rules. Importantly, Gemini is also the first sign of relationship in the zodiac; the relationship between siblings...
    "The Lovers follows a series of five very important, very powerful cards, three of which are masculine and two feminine. When it appears in a reading therefore, The Lovers can signal some sort of synthesis between the different aspects of make and female that each of the previous cards represents. It signifies a sense of challenge, newness, opposition and heightened awareness; and an integration between the powerful forces that have been unleashed and experienced (sometimes unconsciously) to this point...
    "The sense of duality inherent in The Lovers is strengthened through its association with Gemini, the sign of The Twins.... According to the myth of Castor and Pollux, the story behind the constellation of Gemini, when the mortal Castor died, his immortal twin brother Pollux begged his father to let him join Castor in the Underworld. His father Zeus agreed, on the proviso that they spent half their time in the Underworld and half in the heavens.
    "...Gemini draws our attention to the importance of sibling relationships, and to their powerful impact on the patterning of all our relationships with friends and lovers. The two lovers in the Waite-Smith deck arrangement of the brother-sister pair; one aspect of which is the 'sacred marriage', the marriage between brother and sister. The 'sacred marriage' of The Lovers really represents a relationship of equality between two individuals, a type of relationship that is largely absent from the Major Arcana." (851)

By way of explanation, the Waite-Smith deck "was a collaborative effort of Arthur Edward Waite, a member of the Golden Dawn and a young artist and fellow member of the Golden Dawn, Pamela Colman Smith. Under the guidance of Waite, Smith undertook, for token payment, a series of seventy-eight allegorical paintings described by Waite. Symbols from various occult philosophies were used in the design of the cards. What followed was a deck that consisted of 78 Tarot cards: 22 Major Arcana, 56 Lesser Arcana." (1001 The Tarot cards are a visual representation of the Qabbalah, the twenty-two Major Arcana trump cards of the Tarot reflecting the Qabalistic Tree of Life in which there are twenty-two links that connect the ten Sefirot, representing degrees of initiation, and twenty-two Hebrew letters which are the basis of occult numerology.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was co-founded in 1887 by William Wynn Westcott and S. L. MacGregor Mathers, who was excommunicated by Westcott for his association with Aleister Crowley, a British intelligence agent. Crowley had also been a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn before he founded the British branch of the Ordo Templis Orientalis (Order of the Temple of the East). One account states: "Mathers sent an astral vampire to attack Crowley. Crowley then counterattacked with an army of demons led by Beelzebub.... W. B. Yeats assumed control of the Second Order. He did attempt to restore order to the society, but it was so splintered that Yeats' efforts were nearly fruitless. Yeats played a prominent part in the conflict between Crowley and Mathers." (1004)  

It is ironic that the occult brotherhoods, which are beleaguered with internal conflicts and power struggles, think they know the way to peace for the rest of the world. One occultist, whilst recognizing the fact that initiation does not change character, opines that this is only true of Western systems, whereas Eastern occultism incorporates yoga to purify and perfect character.

"The rise and fall of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is thought, by some, to portray the history of many occult groups. They attract members of high intellectual and mystical caliber, but eventually suffer internal dissensions because their system of instruction and development does not fundamentally change the character of the members. Basically the talented and psychologically adjusted individuals strive to enhance their talents and achievements, but there is no elimination of the defects and weaknesses of others which will inevitably weaken the organizational structure. Here a comparison of Eastern and Western initiations may be made. The Eastern initiations incorporate various yoga systems which purify and perfect the individual; whereas, Western initiations do not include this essential preliminary training. A.G.H." (1004)

If it true that Eastern yoga produces character, then how is it that Aleister Crowley, who wrote Eight Lectures on Yoga and, according to Israel Regardie "mastered most technical forms of spiritual growth," taught his disciples, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"? Compare:

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. - Matt. 22:37-40

A compelling expose of the popular rock group, Led Zeppelin, provides impressive documentation that lead singers, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, are steeped in the writings of Aleister Crowley.  According to Thomas Friend, Led Zeppelin performances were visual and musical lessons from Qabalah as expounded by Crowley. What follows is an account of one performance from Friend's book, Fallen Angel: The Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin. The author describes in vivid detail how the band communicates the secret doctrine of the sacred marriage to their audiences:

    "As The Hermit (Jimmy Page) stands up, you see his face in the midst of a violent surge on the guitar with the violin bow, with Robert Plant belting out yells into a microphone. The camera then zooms in on Jimmy's face, leaving all the surrounding area out of the picture, making it a circular picture, just like the round emanations of the Qabalah... In the Qabalah chapter, you read that the father impregnates the mother and brings forth the son and daughter. What you are about to see is the acting out of the facts presented in the Qabalah.

    "The first face you see when Page stands up is Kether. The faces get younger as each face manifests itself in sequence. The first three faces are more on the gray side. This represents Macroprosopus, the Crown, the father and mother, and the Silver Star. The second set of three faces represents the Rosicrucians. The second and third set of three faces, four through nine, represent the son, Microprosopus. The seventh through tenth faces, the ones without beards, represent the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The tenth face by itself represents Malkuth, the Devil's people. The tenth face has a pentagram between the eyes. This matches the teaching of the Qabalah. The fourth album inner cover has the hexagram in the lantern. This matches the teaching of the Qabalah as well. The macrocosm is represented by the hexagram and the microcosm by the pentagram. After the tenth face, there is an eleventh one, not on the Qabalah. What this face means, the youngest one, is the son, Microposopus. The next thing you see is a fetus with the little crown at the top of the forehead, as is commonly referred to. Then you see the moon. After the moon appears, a bold of lightning flashes across the screen. What all of this means is the union of the goddess, the moon, with the sun (lightning caused by heat from the sun), the god, brings forth the son. Aleister Crowley wrote about lightning coming from Satan in Liber Samekh: 'O Lion-Serpent Sun The Beast, that whirlest forth, a thunderbolt, begetter of Life!...Thou Satan-Sun Hadit...'There it is, he who sends the thunderbolt is the begetter of life, and his name is Satan, the sun and Hadit of The Book of the Law. After the thunderbolt, the moon disappears, and the eleventh face appears again. What has happened at this point, is he has married the daughter, Malkuth, who has become one with him. He then takes the place of the tenth face. Then the faces begin to grow older as the trip back up the Qabalah takes place. As you see, if you are watching the film, the face with the pentagram between the eyes has disappeared. Again, that is become the son married her and she became one with him. The ascension hits each of the ten emanations of the Qabalah until it reaches the original face, which is Kether. Crowley himself said that Kether was on the summit of the mystic mountain: 'Visions are real, inspirations are real, revelation is real, and so is genius; but these are from Kether, and the highest climber on the mystic mountain is he who will obtain the finest view, and from its summit all things will be shown unto him.' Who is it that hops around from one mystic mountain to another? It is the Devil and his disciples.

    "The next thing that The Hermit (Jimmy Page) on the mountain summit does is bring his staff, which is a Magick wand, over his head to his right and then back to his left. This, I believe, expresses the concept of the Qabalah that teaches that though the religions of the world differ in appearance, they are still all one. ...the Hermit on the inside cover of Led Zeppelin's fourth album is none other than Satan himself; beyond any doubt." (982:394-5)

Qabalah (also spelled cabala, kabbala, kabbalah) is a system of Jewish mysticism which originated in Babylon and was revived in the Languedoc (South France) at the end of the 12th century, whence it spread to Spain. With the expulsion of the Jews from from Spain (1492) and Portugal (1497), Qabalah spread like a revival throughout Europe. Qabalah represents various Jewish mystical traditions which coalesced in the 12th and 13th centuries to form a coherent system of mystical doctrine and practice.  A complex system of numerology, letters, signs and symbols was devised to communicate the secret doctrine. For example, the occult trinity Father, Mother and Son, is expressed in the Tetragrammaton (IHVH) and Sephirot.


    "Horus is the child, or 'V' in the Tetragrammaton, IHVH. Again he is Microprosopus, represented by the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth Sephiroth. ...the tenth Sephira [is] Malkuth, mankind, the earth, the lesser world, the bride, the queen, the wife of Microprosopus...

    "The final aspect of the Qabalah, the creation, the earth, the daughter of the goddess, the lower 'H' in the Tetragrammaton, IHVH, Malkuth is the natural soul. It is called the Microcosm, whereas the rest of the Qabalah, being the universe, the god and the goddess, is the Microcosm. S.L. MacGregor Mathers wrote concerning Malkuth in The Qabalah Unveiled: 'The number 10. ...It is called MLKVTH, Malkuth, the Kingdom, and also the Queen, Matrona, the inferior Mother, the Bride of Microprosopus; and SHKINH, Shekinah, represented by the Divine Name Adonai, ADNI, and among the angelic hosts by the kerubim, KRVBIM. Now each of these Sephiroth will be in a certain degree androgynous for it will be feminine or receptive with regard to the Sephira which immediately precedes it in the sephirotic scale, and masculine or transmissive with regard to the Sephirah which immediately follows it...'

    "Mathers presents Malkuth as a reflection of the goddess, or mother. He wrote: 'The bride, the inferior H, He, is said to be a reflection of the mother, the supernal H, He, in the Tetragrammaton; just as Microprosopus is said to be the reflection of the Macroprosopus. By analogy, the son and his bride are the same as the god and goddess...'

    "Malkuth is the creation, specifically the people, according to occultists. The son wants to marry his bride and carry her back up the Qabalah. It is the son becoming one with the mother, then reverting back to his role as father in Chokmah, becoming one with Binah and drawing her back into Kether, the godhead and universe complete in one." (982:236-9)

The Mother, who is the feminine aspect of the Qabalistic godhead, is sometimes called the Shekhina, a concept that turns up in pseudo-Christian teachings as the Holy Spirit. For example, based on the Gemini sign in the Egyptian Zodiac, which looks like a sacred marriage, and Joseph Seiss' various translations of the word Gemini, and the false gospel in the stars, one Gnostic monk deduces that the Holy Spirit must be feminine.

“When we move forward and consider the witness of the stars where no man’s hand can make alterations, the feminine gender of the Holy Spirit becomes more likely. Moses, in writing the book of Genesis, proclaims that the luminous celestial bodies in the darkness of night’s heaven and the sun’s brilliant light are for signs. Signs are symbols that point to something beyond themselves. Half of the major constellations are named with Hebrew words that are feminine. In fact, within and in proximity to many of these major constellations are signs that point to a male-female interrelation. Bob Wadsworth’s newsletter of January 2001 says that the two figures in Gemini, according to the Zodiac of Dendra, are not identical twins but those of a man and woman walking hand in hand. He goes on to say, when quoting from Joseph Seiss’ book The Gospel of the Stars, the word Gemini in the original Hebrew, Arabic and Syriac does not carry so much the idea of two brought forth at the same birth as it does the idea of a long betrothal brought to its consummation in perfect marriage. The old Coptic name of this sign signifies 'the completely joined'. The constellation of Virgo, which represents the woman about to bring forth, has above it in the sky the constellation Bootes that is named with a masculine noun. Peter, in his second epistle, calls light in darkness and the dawning sun a “more sure word of prophecy” than even the voice from heaven heard on the Mount of Transfiguration. (II Peter 1:19)” (917)


"...equilibrium (unity and synthesis), according to Masonic doctrine, is man's ultimate destiny." (41:87) 

"The perfect equilibrium of spirit and matter is symbolized by the six-pointed star, which is again only another form of the Square and Compass, each now having a base-line from which to form a triangle." (625:215)

The dualist is about the business of creating unity in a world of duality – not by annihilating the duality, but by transforming it into ‘twins’-- two that are really one. In the sign of Gemini, Thesis and Antithesis find a point of intersection and become One and the Same. The fusion of male and female under the sign of the Gemini Twins is also the fusion of the creator (Macrocosmos) with his creation (Microcosmos). The Six-Pointed Star is the symbol of this fusion.


"...the hexagram represents the macrocosm, written in The Qabalah Unveiled: '...the symbol of the interlaced triangles, forming the six-pointed star, is called the Sign of the macrocosm, or of the creation of the greater world.' Eliphaz Levi also wrote of it in Transcendental Magic: 'These two triangles, combined in a single figure, which is the six-pointed star, form the sacred symbol of Solomon's Seal, the resplendent Star of the Macrocosm. The notion of the Infinite and the Absolute is expressed by this sign, which is the grand pantacle - that is to say, the  most simple and complete abridgement of the science of all things.'" (982:396)

The sacred marriage of the Gemini Twins produces the divine androgyne, whom the occult perceives as God. Androgynes have both male and female sexual characteristics and organs, and may also be called hermaphrodites, a term derived from the Egyptian god, Hermes Trismegistus. Many occult symbols express this duality: the two-faced Janus, two-headed eagle, and the symbol of the Gemini Twins (`), which is eerily reminiscent of the Twin Towers:



"The pillars of Hermes, or those of Hercules, or the so-called Jachin and Boaz columns of the Cabala, are all symbols deriving from the great myth of the Gemini... The Gemini represent creative Nature (Natura naturans) and created Nature (Natura naturata), and this duality is sometimes illustrated in tales by a being that wears a mask [cf. sacred marriage rite], or by a Protean capable of turning into a giant, a man or an animal... At times, two different conceptions of the Gemini can be distinguished (as in the parallel myths of the primordial and androgynous being): the 'Heavenly Twin', expressive of opposites, fused together and integrated into Oneness (represented by the spherical or perfect being); and the 'Earthly Twin' displaying the break, the split (as in two-headed Janus, or tri-form Hecate, etc.), that is, opposites in conflict or at least in dissidence... According to the megalithic conception...the mountain of Mars (or Janus) which rises up as a mandorla of the Gemini is the locale of inversion - the mountain of death and resurrection; the mandorla is another sign of the Inversion and of interlinking, for it is formed by the intersection of the circle of earth with the circle of heaven. This mountain has two peaks, and every symbol or sign alluding to this 'situation of Inversion' is marked by duality or by twin heads. Two-headed eagles and cocks are also found in this context, the general symbolism of which is that of alternating contradiction: positive/ negative, or low/high-pitched. All these are symbols of the harmonious ambiguity of 'thesis and antithesis, paradise and inferno, love and hate, peace and war, birth and death, praise and insult, clarity and obscurity, scorching rocks and swamps, surrounding the fountains and water of salvation'." (48:116)

In his magazine titled Equinox, Aleister Crowley wrote that the task of the magician is to realize the Hermetic axiom, as above, so below:

"Aleister Crowley, in his Equinox, quoted an ancient magician named Hermes, who spoke of the Microcosm being like the Macrocosm, and vice versa: 'That which is below is like that which is above, and that which is above is like that which is below...'Aleister Crowley went on to say that the objective of the magician is to unite the two: '...the object of any magick ceremony is to unite the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.'" (982:395-6)

Equinox means 'equal night' and supposedly represents the time of the year when the Microcosm and Macrocosm are in equilibrium. The Winter and Summer Solstices are the longest and shortest days of the year, whereas the Autumn and Spring Equinoxes have equal night and day.  The sign of Gemini once marked the time of the equinox. "[Gemini's Twins] Castor and Pollux...[s]ix thousand years ago...served as indicators of the first new moon of the year. They marked the equinox, the time of year when day and night were of equal length." (279:80)


In Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardiner, equates the Spring Equinox with the festival of Beltane, which is curious because the Equinox is March 21 (in the northern hemisphere) whereas Beltane is May 1 or May Day.  In Druidry, Lucifer (Baal) rises from the underworld on May 1st/Beltane.  Interestingly, in the year 2005, Beltane, May Day and Easter will occur simultaneously on May 1!  This is no coincidence, but the result of a worldwide reform of the calendar that has been underway courtesy of the Planet Art Network (PAN) World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. On July 26, 2004, a trial period of one year will begin culminating on July 25, 2005 when the Gregorian calendar will be officially replaced with the Thirteen Moons Calendar, which is the esoteric calendar of the Celts. [Heeding Bible Prophecy: Calendar Reform]

"Now that the new millennium has fully engaged the human mind, the second definitive wave of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement is being launched, The Campaign for the New Time. This Campaign consists of a preparatory four-year cycle, 2000-2004, the Campaign itself, plus a one-year trial period. The goal of the four-year Campaign is universal calendar reform, the replacement of the Gregorian by the Thirteen Moon Calendar, effective Blue Crystal Storm, July 26, 2004. To assure the success of this unprecedented move on the part of humanity, the calendar reform must include the one-year trial period, during which time the entire species will be operating by a new standard, the harmonic Thirteen-moon 28-day calendar. 'If you never try it, you’ll never know what it is.' is the slogan which describes the Campaign’s target year: July 26, 2004-July 25, 2005, an entire year without the Gregorian '30 days hath September...', but instead, Thirteen Moons of Peace." - 417

Since the festivals of Easter and Beltane both celebrate the rising of Baal (Lucifer) from the underworld, it is conceivable that these pagan feasts coincided prior to the Gregorian calendar.  It was also on the feast of Beltane that the sacred marriage rite was performed by King Arthur with his half-sister, Morgaine, who, as the sacred 'sister-bride' embodied the Celtic Moon Goddess and goddess of Nature, Cerridwin. (In the movie, Mists of Avalon, Morgaine, as the young priestess of Avalon was disguised with a mask and tattoos.) The sacred marriage ritual, which was performed at the festival of Beltane, produced the Celtic Christ, Modred. Gardner hastens to explain that this degenerate act was not really incest, but a holy rite in honor of the androgynous Father-Mother in heaven.

"Writers have sometimes deemed Arthur's sexual relationship with his half-sister Morgaine to be incestuous--but this is not the way it was regarded in Celtic Britain. At that time, the anciently perceived dual nature of God prevailed, as did the equally ancient principle of the 'sacred sister-bride'--so revered in the holy ritual of Mesopotamia. In this regard, the Prayer of the Celts began, 'Our Father-Mother in the heavens'. In conjunction with this, specifically defined rites were performed to denote the mortal incarnation of the 'dual male-female entity'. As the earthly manifestation of the goddess Cerridwin,...Morgaine represented the female aspect of the duality. Arthur was her true male counterpart in the established royal tradition of the Pharaohs. On the festival of Beltane (the spring equinox), Arthur was apprehended as a god in human form and obliged to participate in a ritual of sacred intercourse between the twin aspects of the incarnate Father-Mother. In view of Arthur and Morgaine's supposed divinity during this rite, any male offspring from the union would be deemed the 'Celtic Christ', and would be duly anointed as such. By virtue of this, although Arthur was destined to become the prominent subject of romantic history, it was his son Modred who held the highest spiritual position: he was designated Christ of Britain; the ordained Archpriest of the Sacred Kindred, and an anointed Fisher King.... Contrary to all myth and legend, it was the dying Archpriest Modred (not Arthur) who was carried from the field by his mother Morgaine's Holy Sisters." (29:205-6)

Cursed be he that lieth with his sister, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother... Deuteronomy 27:22

Arthur, who with Morgaine produced the 'Celtic Christ' in his era, is archetypal of a future king who will perform the sacred marriage rite which will, in turn, produce another Christ figure.  Richard Hinckley Allen wrote in Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning that in Egyptian lore the Gemini Twins were referred to as ''Two Sprouting Plants", an allusion to the demonic bloodline spawned by the Nephilim in Genesis 6.

"Some of the Jews ascribed [the Gemini Twins] to the tribe of Benjamin,... The Egyptians as Two Sprouting Plants; and Brown reproduces a Euphratean representation of a couple of small, naked, male child-figures, one standing upon its head and the other standing upon the former, feet to feet; the original twins being the sun and moon, when the one is up the other is generally down." (927:223-4)

The French surname 'Plantard' means 'sapling', but in the Typhonian tradition which unlocks the meaning of the Plantard crest, the name signifies a young plant which has its roots in the underworld.  Who then are the 'Two Sprouting Plants' which will produce the coming Christ?  We cannot say for certain, but important clues to help to unravel this mystery are found in the section Antichrist in Virgo.


It is possible that 'Thomas' Plantard will present himself as the twin of Jesus, a dualistic concept which is the theme of the false Gospel of Thomas.

    "In the Syriac-speaking culture of upper Mesopotamia and Syria the apostle was called Judas Thomas. Thomas (Tau'ma) means twin in Syriac, a form of the Aramaic which was the language of Jesus and his followers. And Didymus, a name by which the apostle is also called in the gospel of John, means twin in Greek. Perhaps some regarded the two as blood brothers. Perhaps the twinship was regarded as spiritual or symbolic. Sometimes, as in the Christian Gnostic systems, Thomas seems to be the this-worldly reflection or image of a divine savior-figure, an earthly body inhabited by a spirit like the savior's. In any event Thomas became a focus of special reverence...

    "The Gospel of Thomas is a collection of sayings, found near Nag Hammadi in Egypt in 1945 -- sayings that Jesus is supposed to have entrusted to his 'twin,' which are sometimes close to those familiar to readers of the canonical New Testament, but often strikingly unfamiliar." (1031)

Gnostic Dualism maintains that Lucifer is the 'good twin' and Jesus is the 'evil twin', "'twinness' being a symbol of the inherent duality of manifest existence. The one who heralds the dawning and the Sun (God), and the one who heralds the departure of the light; the coming of the darkness and it's ancient terrors."  This would explain current attempts by academia and the media to devalue Jesus Christ as an effeminate, promiscuous and jealous of other apostles, such as James, Thomas, John the Beloved or John the Baptist who, in esoteric doctrine, was the true messiah.


Twin Gates


The Gates of the Sun are twin gates or pillars which stand in the Milky Way and connect the earth with the heavens. Cancer and Capricorn, the solstices, were once the Gates of the Sun and, as such, they represented opposites. However, now the Gates of the Sun are Gemini and Sagittarius which are the equinoxes, thereby representing equality and equilibrium as opposed than diversity and disharmony, typified by the solstices, Cancer and Capricorn. This progression from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius signifies that whatever used to be opposites are now equals.  In other words, discarnate souls which once incarnated into bodies in the sign of Cancer as opposites (division of sexes) now enter into incarnation in Gemini as androgynes.


The Twin Pillars of Jachin and Boaz are symbols of the Gates of the Sun which connect the earth to the heavens. A Masonic book published in 1855 titled The Historical Landmarks and Other Evidences of Freemasonry provides evidence that the Gates of the Sun are presently at the equinoxes:

"'The [Masonic] lodge is a representation of King Solomon's Temple and the Temple was calculated to symbolize the maternal human body, wherein the candidate must enter to be born again. ...a Masonic book, The Historical Landmarks and Other Evidences of Freemasonry, declares... 'The two pillars...represent two imaginary columns, supposed to be placed at the equinoces (sic) to support the heavens... The one on the left is called Boaz, and indicates Osiris, or the sun, the one on the right is called Jachin, and designates Isis, the symbol both of the earth and its productions, and of the moon.'" (39:338-9)

It is due to the precession of the equinoxes that the Gates of the Gods, which were Cancer and Capricorn in the Age of Aries, became Gemini and Sagittarius in our present Age of Pisces. Albert Pike stated in Morals and Dogma that it is through these gates that souls ascend from earth to heaven.

"The Galaxy, Macrobius says, crosses the Zodiac in two opposite points, Cancer and Capricorn, the tropical points in the sun's course, ordinarily called the Gates of the Sun. These two tropics, before his time [Aries], corresponded with those constellations, but in his day [Pisces] with Gemini and Sagittarius, in consequence of the precession of the equinoxes; but the signs of the Zodiac remained unchanged; and the Milky Way crossed at the signs Cancer and Capricorn, though not at those constellations.

"Through these gates souls were supposed to descend to earth and re-ascend to Heaven. One, Macrobius says, in his dream of Scipio, was styled the Gate of Men; and the other, the Gate of the Gods. Cancer was the former, because souls descended by it to the earth; and Capricorn the latter, because by it they re-ascended to their seats of immortality, and became Gods." (155:437-8)

The cover of William Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse, displays a Zodiac Wheel above which there are two riders on horses. One rider is the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse who, personifying death, rides the pale horse of Revelation 6:8: "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." 

The other rider ascends towards the sun on a winged horse."...and Hell followed with him..." The flying horse is in all probability Pegasus, a mythological horse who flew from earth to heaven bearing the thunderbolt of Zeus. Pegasus was produced by the blood of the head of Medusa, the Gorgon, who was slain by Perseus, who was said to have conquered death. Medusa's ancient symbol was a ceremonial mask that was used by sacred prostitutes to summon the Goddess energy in the sacred marriage rite. Note the masked rider on the pale horse. "The Gemini represent creative Nature (Natura naturans) and created Nature (Natura naturata), and this duality is sometimes illustrated in tales by a being that wears a mask" (48:116)


The cover of Cooper's book illustrates the esoteric duality of the Gemini Twins, represented as Pegasus, the winged-horse, and the Pale Horse (death). In classical mythology and Romantic literature, Pegasus symbolized man's ascent to the divine. As Pegasus unfolded the splendor of his wings and soared towards heaven, Gnostics aspire to transcend the material world (through the Gate of the Sun) to the ethereal realm of the Macrocosm.  Preceding that ascent, a process of death occurs as the Microcosm is gradually dissolved.  


A final observation: On the Wheel of the Zodiac, the horses are positioned at 11:00 which in the Druidic Zodiac Wheel is Aquarius.

"...Pierre Plantard...[was] deceased on...February 3, eleven hours ten minutes." (375








               ANTICHRIST IN VIRGO

               THE GREAT CHYREN











                  ANTICHRIST IN CANCER

                  THE THREE BEARS

                  FALSE PROPHET IN CANCER

                 THE MICHAEL IN CANCER






"The Mandorla, a symbol that is all but unknown today. It was used during the times of medieval Christianity. It is an ancient symbol of two circles coming together, overlapping one another to form an almond shape in the middle. Jensen (1996) describes the Mandorla as similar to the image of two Mandalas (Sanskrit word for circle) merging together until an almond shape is formed in the center. Also known as the "Vesica Piscis", symbolizing the interactions and interdependence of opposing worlds and forces. The circles may be taken to represent spirit and matter or heaven and earth."

"In his book The Oak King, The Holly King and the Unicorn, Williamson notes that...trees of oak (solar principle), holly (lunar principle)..." (936:136)

Metaphoria magazine "The Other Family-of-Origin Characters" - solar king overthrows lunar king [feminized]

"Aleister Crowley...taught that the Great Work, the 'transformation of humanity', will be accomplished in the last decade of the 20th century. ...De Rola...told that the Great Work 'may only be begun in the spring, under the signs of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.'" - 140:230

Supernova in Gemini's Decan, Lepus, in 1006 A.D. (902:69)


   "Predating the Indo-Europeans, in ancient Sumer May Day was celebrated as the start of the New Year, and the most sacred ritual was the re-enactment of the hieros-gamos, the sacred marriage of the god and goddess, (An and Ki which together as a compound word, stood for "universe") a ritual which is still continued today in the Wiccan May Pole celebrations. The Christian Church tried to absorb May Day festivities by declaring May was 'Mary's month' and dedicated it to virginity to try and stop sexual ventures devoted to fertility. The cosmic twins, Gemini rule the period from 5/22 - 6/21. Some researchers believe that at one time, they may have represented a god and goddess rather than brothers...

    "5/21 Egyptian fest of the cosmic twins Shu and Tefnut, associated to the constellation Gemini. Early Christian holiday dedicated to Adam & Eve. Greek festival in honor of Leda, the mother of Castor & Pollux, the Gemini twins. Celtic day of Maeve." - 668