July 24, 2004





Please pray for young people who are planning to attend an “Anointed Youth Retreat” at the End-Time Handmaidens & Servants headquarters this week. (July 27-31). Pray earnestly that many WILL NOT ATTEND and that their parents will be informed about ETH&S and flee this cult. According to former member, Mark Scheiderer, children who attend may be pressured to join ETH&S by making ‘vows’ after a 3-day fast on liquids (instead of the 21-day fast required for adults).


“Someone had phoned me a few years ago and said that a resident of Jasper, Arkansas (where h.q. is located outside of) was forcing her 13 year old daughter to go on a three day fast, but the girl refused to continue after 2 days. Couldn’t that be considered CHILD ABUSE? CAN CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES IN ARKANSAS BE CONTACTED ABOUT THIS? Someone had e-mailed me a week ago, who said that they and a number of other parents were going to send their kids to the retreat, but then they ran across my report, contacted me, we dialogued, and they and their friends are NOT going to send their kid down there! PRAISE THE LORD! I just e-mailed them and asked them to pray for the kids that would be going.”


What other abuses might occur at an End-Time Handmaidens and Servants’ “Anointed Youth Retreat”???  


Shiva…Shaktipat…Ingesting Gold Dust…Superconductivity…Luciferic Initiation…Ascension…




In an article titled “It’s Time for Change” in the November 2002 ETH&S newsletter, President Gwen Shaw predicted certain changes that will be occurring in the Christian Church “that have never taken place in history.” Interspersed are the usual warnings and threats about “opposing this move of God”:


   “One of the changes that I feel we must get ready to accept is that the Holy Spirit will raise up children to preach the Gospel. These anointed children will have God's authority to preach the Word with signs following, for the Lord will work with them in a mighty way...

   “We have come to a time of the ‘changing of the guard.’ Old soldiers of the Cross (and some not so old) are passing the ‘baton’ (or mantle) on to younger men and women just like Moses passed it on to Joshua... We need to be ready to accept the new leaders whom God is raising up. Be careful that you do not oppose the man or woman of God whom the Lord is sending as His replacement...

   “Walk softly before the Lord lest you sin against the Lord and grieve the Holy Spirit. If you cannot understand what God is doing, just wait and see. Do not criticize; it could be dangerous for your soul.” (pp.21-23)


These self-fulfilling prophecies are a convenient mandate for organizations like the End-Time Handmaidens to assume the task of preparing the next generation for “signs and wonder” ministries to replace the “old traditions” and “our old forms of worship.” (p.17) Will this preparation for ministry be done through systematic study of the Word of God, per II Tim. 2:13?  No, the School of Ministry at ETH&S teaches the doctrines of devils promoted by Gwen Shaw. The culmination of the youth retreat will be the membership ceremony when Gwen Shaw lays hands on the children as they take their vows and seek the “fire” of “The Anointing.”


“…And all I can say is, ‘Send the Fire

And burn up the sacrifice.

Fill me with Thy Holy Spirit

And give me a double portion of Thine anointing.’”


“The Anointing,” as it is called in this occult revival, is no mere figure of speech, but bondage to and, in some cases, possession by evil spirits. Let us remember Gwen Shaw’s modus operandi at the tent meeting in her beloved India. As related in her autobiography, it was in India that the “the eye of God” appeared behind her, and this spectacle was seen by the entire audience.




“The next city in which the tent went up was Moradabad. God poured out His Spirit in even a mightier way. The tent was packed on the closing night. I knew that the Holy Spirit was greatly convicting the people of their sins. I was walking among the people, preaching, taking authority over demonic spirits that had been manifesting themselves through a demon-possessed man in the audience. People began to run to the altar. One young woman screamed out for mercy as she threw herself down on the altar. When I gave the altar call, many, many came. They had seen the eye of God on the tent wall behind me when I gave the altar call.” (Gwen Shaw, Unconditional Surrender, p. 184)


Occultists know this symbol as the “Eye of Horus” or “Third Eye” which signifies occult illumination or enlightenment. The Indians would have recognized it as the “Third Eye of Shiva,” the god of the Hindu trinity known as the Destroyer. Shiva (a synonym for Satan) has a “third eye” on his forehead which emits fire if opened.


“Shiva is one of the principal gods of the Hindu pantheon, and in the textbook view of Hinduism, he is one of the 'trinity' of Hindu gods, of which the other two are Brahma and Vishnu. Shiva is represented as the Destroyer....he was earlier known as Rudra, or the Fearful and Destructive One. Though the power of destruction, which in the most intensified form makes him a Bhairava (‘The Terrible Destroyer’), remains Shiva’s principal attribute,... Sometimes...he appears as the yogi, in whom are concentrated all the powers acquired by meditation, penance, and a life of austerity.... He is known [as] Trilochana, ‘the three-eyed’. The ‘third eye of Shiva’ has become the stuff of much legend, not only in India: it is with this eye that Shiva destroyed Kama, the Lord of Love, who had the impunity to tempt Shiva with amorous thoughts of his consort Parvati as he sat in penance. Shiva is often shown with Parvati; he is also shown as ardhnarishwara, half-man and half-woman.” (Manas: Indian Religions, Shiva)


No wonder the Indian woman in Gwen Shaw’s tent meeting screamed out for mercy and many Indians ran to the altar when Shaw gave the altar call. These Indians were repenting to the Hindu god, Shiva, owing to the fact that Gwen Shaw preaches the Gnostic gospel she claims Jesus taught in India during his world travels!  (See “The Occult Teachings of Gwen Shaw”)




Shiva’s wife, Parvati, is also known as “Shakti” because of her “shakti power” which bestows enlightenment.


“The most feared and revered deity in Hinduism is the goddess Kali (Durga), the wife of Shiva the destroyer. She is also known as Skakti, which means force and represents the impersonal force that occultism teaches runs the universe. The divine power-touch of the guru is called Shaktipat. This is a term used for the touch (or near touch) of a guru’s hand to the worshipper's forehead that produces supernatural effects. Shakti literally means power (so they believe) underlying the universe. The supernatural effect of shakti through the guru’s touch may knock the worshipper to the floor or he may see a bright light and receive an experience of enlightenment or inner illumination, or have some other mystical or psychic experience.”  (“Slain in the Spirit”)


Hindu gurus transmit “shaktipat” to the masses through the laying on of hands, although “the Force” emanating from the guru may be so potent that people within his “force field” are literally thrown to the ground. In the Hindu religion, “Shaktipat” activates the “serpent power” of “Kundalini.”


The “shaktipat” operates on the same principle as being “slain in the spirit” in the Charismatic world. If Kundalini is the “serpent power” of Satan, in the absence of Biblical support for this experience as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and the preaching of “another Jesus” as Gwen Shaw preaches, we may infer that those who are slain in the spirit receive “another spirit,” per II Corinthains 11:3-4.

“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.”

In the tent meeting episode, the Hindu masses were, in reality, terrified by an apparition of the “Eye of Shiva” and received the “Shaktipat” from Gwen Shaw out of fear that Shiva, the Destroyer, would smite them with fire from his “Third Eye”! Gwen Shaw has traveled at least 12 times to India a missionary, yet the gospel she presents is the ‘signs and lying wonders’ gospel of Shiva, and she claims that Jesus taught the Indians their religion! Parents should expect this false gospel will be preached at the “Anointed Youth Retreat”




In her article, “It’s Time for Change,” Gwen Shaw mentioned another recent “move of God” that is transforming the Church — the “Gold Dust” manifestation which has occurred at ETH&S functions:


“The Revival of Joy...‘The Toronto Blessing’...was followed by ‘The Pensacola Revival’ which brought revival into the lives of the Assembly of God young people. That was followed by the manifestation of Gold Dust which was seen by many of us in the End-Time Handmaidens and Servants Convention when Rev. Robert Shattles preached to us. But God took both him and Ruth Heflin (who also had the manifestation of the Gold Dust) Home to Glory. The last I heard, Silvania Machado, from Brazil still has this manifestation when she preaches. This last manifestation was one that never was very wide-spread. It was not a revival, rather it was a sign and wonder.” (ETH&S Newsletter, 11/02, pp.21-22)


Gold dust is also a “sign and wonder” in the Hindu religion where it is regarded as a manifestation of the Hindu deities. Practitioners of Yoga actually “invoke” the gold dust:


“Gold Dust In Hinduism”

“The following is a teaching from the Hindu religion that also invokes the concept of gold dust.


“‘The Vedas teach us of ‘gods’ or Devathas in various forms. Vedas often do not teach of prayers and rituals to the Formless Brahman directly, but often through one or more of the various ‘Devathas’ representing the stars, planets, natural forces and energy created by God to perform the various actions of nature.

“Vedic rituals are performed with prayers for Fire, Water, Sun, Earth, Agni, Indra, Varuna, Vayu and several manifestations of the deities and Celestial beings (Devas) that we pray.

“One of the earliest verses of the Rigveda is a prayer to the god of Fire: ‘O’ Agni (Fire), warm golden dust of the Gods, Life and Light of Existence; ...Infinite Energy of Consciousness, Destroyer and Preserver!!’; ‘Agni (as Daksa) entered into Adithi (the Sun) to produce Adhithya; ...and they gave Light to the world !!’; ‘All things on Earth are, therefore, the handy-work of Agni, ...and the climax of them all is reached in life!!’

Source: Cosmic Internet Academy - C.I.A. LIBRARY - M.A.P.S. - Religious Agendas http://www.selfempowermentacademy.com.au/


Golden dust is also mentioned in a yoga exercise.  After taking the practitioner through the occult relaxation techniques, they are instructed to, ‘Send out energy to keep your fields strong. [the] agripemi; invokes the infinite spinning golden dust of the Vijana state beyond mind into the channel. [the] aginpren; the golden rain that transforms cells.

“So, in the realm of Hindusim, gold dust can be invoked, and has a power along with it.” (Christian Research Ministries)


In the Charismatic milieu, personal testimonies of this phenomenon mention that people were told by their leaders to EAT the gold dust, even off the floor!


“They are claiming that people are being healed of cancers by placing the gold dust on them. People are eating the stuff right off the floor. One local evangelist rented a limo and took a bunch of pastors to the gold mine...” (Gold Dust Revival)


In the heyday of this ‘gold dust revival,’ the principal promoters died of cancer. Ruth Heflin was only 60 years old; Shattles was 66.


“I guess you know that Ruth Heflin died on Sept. 23, 2000. Died of CANCER. The Lord told me that there was CANCER in the gold dust.

“When this thing first started, I have it on tape that there is CANCER in this deception. We had several ministers here that went and had heart attacks immediately...

“MARCH 2001 issue of CHARISMA magazine reported that Bob Shattles has liver CANCER.

“July 18, 2001 - I got an email that said Bob Shattles died this day.” (Ibid.)


Is there a connection between ingesting gold dust and contracting cancer?


There is a Biblical precedent in which eating gold dust was God’s judgment upon the idolatrous Israelites in the desert.


“And all the people brake off the golden earrings which were in their ears, and brought them unto Aaron. And he received them at their hand, and fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a molten calf: and they said, These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt. And [Moses] took the calf which they had made, and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder, and strawed it upon the water, and made the children of Israel drink of itAnd the LORD plagued the people, because they made the calf, which Aaron made.” (Exodus 32:3-4,20,3)


It seems the ingestion of gold dust brings a curse, the nature of which is revealed in the epistle of James:


Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you... Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. (James 5:1-3)


Was James also prophesying that, in the last days, the rich men of the earth will hoard silver and gold? This very program is in progress with plans to confiscate all gold and silver when the financial markets collapse. (See: Heeding Bible Prophecy: Gold)  In the ETH&S newsletter, Gwen Shaw quoted a prophecy that there will be a “transference of the wealth” of the world to the Christians, which “if you receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour right now, you can partake of their wealth.” However, warned Sister Gwen, this wealth is not for personal use but must be used “to support the work of God,” i.e. the false revival.


The rich men of the world are hoarding the precious metals of silver and gold for two reasons: to rebuild Solomon’s Temple in their counterfeit ‘New Jerusalem’ and for alchemical enlightenment which will facilitate global transformation and ascension to other realms. (See: Heeding Bible Prophecy: Alchemy)


In the occult pseudo-science of alchemy, ingestion of white powdered gold is claimed to lead to immortality. New Agers ingest white powdered gold to attain to higher levels of enlightenment until they reach the point where their imagined “light body” exceeds their material body, making it possible to ascend from the material realm into the realm of the spirit. Gurus such as David Hudson tell them,


“The element going into our body is not a metal, the element is not a heavy metal, the element is AN ELEMENT, and so there is no heavy metal POISONING. You can eat any amount of this white flour you want to and it won't hurt you, it goes through your digestive system.”


This, of course is not true, but nevertheless an essential concept in the irrational belief system of those who are already under the strong delusion. Albert Pike wrote in Morals & Dogma, “Gold to the eyes of the initiates is Light condensed” referring to the Lucifer, the Light-Bearer. (p.102) This is also the underlying principle of Gwen Shaw’s gnostic teaching that “blood is congealed light.”


To the alchemist, all matter can be transmuted into spirit. However, the secret of “transmutation” is revealed only to initiates who experience the mystery rites. But it doesn’t require gnosis to fathom this ‘secret doctrine’. Any electrician can elucidate it for us.


Why is Gold So Important?


Gold is a very good conductor of electricity. As we already know it is able to be drawn out into very thin wires, and it doesn't corrode or tarnish at high or low temperatures. This means you've got a great material for use in complex and small electronic applications.”




In Hinduism, “Shaktipat” activates the “serpent power” of “Kundalini,” in the same way throwing a light switch activates an electrical current. In Charismania, many have described the experience of being “slain in the spirit” as a jolt of electricity passing through their bodies. The words of Jesus should give them pause: “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” (Luke 10:18)  Occultists worship Lucifer as the “‘light bearer’ and/or ‘energy’.” (Lucifer Worship


Samuel MacGregor Mathers, a co-founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, claimed to be in contact with a group of superhuman adepts who instructed him in ritual magic. In an 1896 manifesto addressed to the members of the “Second Order,” Mathers compared his experience in the company of these superhumans to being in a force field of lightning:


“As to the Secret Chiefs with whom I am in touch and from whom I have received the wisdom of the Second Order which I communicated to you, I can tell you nothing. I do not even know their Earthly names, and I have very seldom seen them in their physical bodies....They used to meet me physically at a time and place fixed in advance. For my part, I believe they are human beings living on this Earth, but possessed of terrible and superhuman powers....My physical encounters with them have shown me how difficult it is for a mortal, however ‘advanced,’ to support their presence....I do not mean that during my rare meetings with them I experienced the same feeling of intense physical depression that accompanies the loss of magnetism. On the contrary, I felt I was in contact with a force so terrible that I can only compare it to the shock one would receive from being near a flash of lightning during a great thunder-storm, experiencing at the same time great difficulty in breathing....The nervous prostration I spoke of was accompanied by cold sweats and bleeding from the nose, mouth and sometimes the ears.” (Cydonia Quest)


This may explain why even the “near touch” of a Hindu guru’s hand to the worshipper’s forehead can deliver the shaktipat. The ever theatrical Benny Hinn administers the “shaktipat” with such power that it literally and forcefully throws people to the ground from a distance. How does he do it?


Paul Crouch made the observation during a guest appearance of Hinn: “After Benny prayed.... Gold dust was all over his face… heaven’s door opened a crack and a little of the street dirt came down on you.” Ruth Heflin’s Brazilian co-worker, whose pores ooze gold, has seen visions of Benny Hinn with gold dust appearing on him. David Hudson, a vociferous advocate of ingesting white powered gold, would call Benny a “superconductor”:  


“The amazing thing about superconductors is they don't have to touch for energy to flow from one superconductor to the other. Electricity has to touch for electricity to flow. Superconductors can sit at a distance from each other, and as long as they are resonant to each other, they are AS ONE. They function as one.

“When you have your perfect superconducting body, you are no longer of this space time. You are a light being, your mind is one with other people's minds. You literally know their thoughts and they know your thoughts. You're one mind and you are one heart and this is science…

“As you read in the Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, not only did the Qumrun community have a metallurgical foundry in the center of the city, you also find out that the Teacher of Righteousness, this thing that they were totally preoccupied with, wasn't Moses or Christ.” (David Hudson)


Satan has deceived David Hudson, New Agers and many in the Charismatic revival, that white powdered gold is not a toxic metal that conducts electricity, but rather “Light” that heals! Says Hudson, ingesting white powdered gold makes one a “light body” compatible with the light of the “Universal Light”, i.e. Lucifer.


“Superconductivity is not electricity.  Superconductivity is like a world of it’s own. A material that is a superconductor contains one vibrational frequency within it, a lot like a laser.  The light flows perpetually within the system.  No where in the system is there any voltage.  You can’t hook up a wire here and a wire there to the superconductor and get current to flow in and out of it, because to get current off of the wire, you've got to have a voltage, and yet by definition a superconductor won't allow any voltage.  So the material’s a perfect insulator, not just a superconductor.  But if you resonant frequency tune the wire so that the electrons vibrate at the same frequency as the superconductor, then the electrons will flow on as light, as electron pairs.  They will pair up and flow on, because they’re seeking the path of least resistance which is the superconductor.

“It’s different than an ordinary conductor and shouldn’t be thought of as electricity, because it's light. An amazing thing is, if you resonant frequency tune a conductor to the frequency of the superconductor, the energy starts flowing, but it’s flowing as light.  Any amount of light can exist in the same space-time.  There’s only so much electricity can flow on the conductor, but light can flow on forever.” (Halexandria


In a mystery rite, Lucifer manifests as an electrical force that unites with the initiate who has been ingesting white powered gold, or gold dust. During the Tribulation period, this white powdered gold will be distributed to the masses for enlightenment—in church services as the “communion” wafer; in the Jewish synagogues as “manna.” The ingestion of precious metals, including colloidal silver which is so popular today, will create perfect superconductors for Lucifer to bond with in the Luciferic Initiation, which will be performed during church and synagogue rites.




In his article “Harry Potter: Intended Introduction to the Priory of Zion?,” Richard Lopez wrote of the “mark” received during the Luciferian initiation by a volt of electricity. To condition children for acceptance of such a mark, one was applied to the forehead of Harry Potter via the magic wand of “Voldemort” (death volt?)!!


“[Concerning]...the Occult Underground’s gradual initiation of the bewitched and ignorant into the Masonic-Grail Mysteries. Only a few readers have taken notice of the dualism represented with Harry Potter (‘white magician’) and his rival, the ‘dark lord’ Voldemort (evil, murderous demon force): a wand given to Harry was the twin of Voldemort’s. Voldemort left a lightning bolt-shaped scar upon Harry’s forehead, this symbolizing the Agni chakra center, or Third Eye/Grail. Agni was the Hindu fire god who fell to earth out of the sky as did Lucifer/Satan:
     “Luke 10: 18 – ‘And he (Yeshua) said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.’
     “The scar, an ancient pagan rune, is suggestive of the Luciferic Initiation mark (Greek ‘charagma’, ‘cutting in the skin’) of the Beast. After the Antichrist’s warlock, the False Prophet, enters the world scene, most of those receptive to the Harry Potter series will get their chance to join an actual Hogwarts Mystery Lodge, prefigured by the so-called Geller Kids, psychic prodigies trained to harness paranormal powers and ‘gifts’. May mankind awaken before the nightmare begins. I don’t know whether or not Rowling is a secret associate of the Priory [of Zion]. It can’t be denied that she’s doing them a favor in indoctrinating bored, careless, and uninformed children and adults worldwide.” (“Harry Potter: Intended Introduction to the Priory of Zion?” Richard Lopez, Nov. 19, 2001)


The Mark of the Beast will indeed be branded upon the forehead or right hand of all who take the Luciferic Initiation during the Tribulation period, including children. For more information on this most important issue, please see the following reports:


The Six-Pointed Star: The Mark of the Beast ~ Star of David or Star of Remphan?

Mark of the Beast ~ Tattoos and Branding ~ Junk Religion for Generation X

Designer Marks of the Beast ~ Why the Mark of the Beast is NOT the Microchip Implant 




Gwen Shaw’s article was titled, “It’s Time for Change” a theme which she frequently reiterates, telling the Handmaidens and Servants, “It’s Kairos time.” New Age guru, Jay Gary, also wrote about “Kairos time” in The Star of 2000: "The season we are entering now is a kairos moment. It will be super-charged with meaning due to the past and future. If we respond to this epoch-making period it will surely be a God-graced season. We dare not let it pass by unnoticed. It may not come again." (p. 80)  Be sure to notice Gary’s cryptic reference to electrical energy!!


In the occult, Kairos means “metamorphosis.” Ean Begg wrote in The Cult of the Black Virgin, “‘We are living’, wrote Jung (The Undiscovered Self, pp. 110ff.), ‘in what the Greeks called the Kairos—the right time—for a ‘‘metamorphosis’ of the gods’, i.e. of the fundamental principles of [and] symbols.’ If this is the right time or high time for us to discover the Black Virgin, how can we know what she is trying to say to us?” (p. 127) 


A Dictionary of Symbols also associates the symbol of lightning and the Hindu god, Shiva, with the destruction of the material world: “The thunderbolt is held to be an emblem of sovereignty… It is also related to the glance from the third eye of Shiva (or Siva), the destroyer of all material forms” (Mason and Occult Symbols Illustrated, Dr. Cathy Burns, p.251)


During the filming of “The Passion of the Christ,” James Caviezel was hit by lightning (twice). Opinions differ on this eerie event depending on one’s view of the movie; either God was expressing his approval or disapproval of Caviezel playing the role of His Son. However, consider another possibility—that something supernatural may have happened to Caviezel when the lightning struck.


If Lucifer fell from heaven “as lightning” and still manifests in the same way, was Caviezel incarnated by Satan for the filming of this movie? Moreover, was this display of power a “sign and lying wonder” to New Agers worldwide—that the portrayal of Christ in the film was the false Christ whom they await, and not Jesus Christ of the Bible? It may also have been a portent of the approaching “Kairos” time when the fallen angels will manifest in human form and mankind will receive the strong delusion that they can become “as gods” and transcend the material world like angels.


Will this ascension be a counterfeit “post-Tribulation, pre-Wrath rapture” for the Laodicean Church, which missed the pre-Tribulation catching away of the true Church? Is this why disinformation agents are working overtime to disparage as a hoax the pre-Tribulation removal of the Bride of Christ from this earth?  The term “rapture” is not a Biblical term, but derives from the Latin “raptus” used by the Catholic mystic, Jerome, in his corrupt translation of the Bible, the Vulgate. “Raptus” means “ecstasy,” which is a Gnostic experience, as opposed to the Biblical “harpazo” found in I Thessalonians 4:17, which means to “catch up, take by force, catch away” to meet the Lord in the air:


“For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”


The End-Time Handmaidens & Servants *Anointed Youth Retreat* will be only one of many upcoming youth events designed to ensnare children in the strong delusion. Let us earnestly pray this week for the deliverance of these young people—and for their generation which is being targeted for transformation at “Kairos” time.




Testimony of a Former End-Time Handmaiden