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Smoke, Mirrors and Disinformation…

The Compromised Ties of the Apologetics Ministries





Part II





Unholy Alliances with the Templeton Foundation





Recommended by Tal Brook (SCP) and interviewed by Hank Hanegraaff (CRI) is Dr. Gene Edward Veith, a Salvatori Fellow of the Heritage Foundation and Senior Fellow of the Heritage-related Capital Research Center. On the Advisory and Trustee Boards of CRC are representatives from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and its many fronts. Gene Veith is also on the faculty of Concordia University, a member of the Rockefeller-funded Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and World Magazine’s World Journalism Institute (WJI) which is in a partnership the Templeton Foundation through its membership in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).


Spiritual Counterfeits Project Online Newsletter, AUTUMN 1998, Volume 22:3


~ featured article



“The two are friends and Allies.” 


~ edited for purposes of this report; emphasis added


Dr. Gene Edward Veith is dean and Associate Professor of English at Concordia University, and is considered by Tal Brooke to be among the most gifted literary lights to come on the scene. The two are friends and allies. Dr. Veith is author of Postmodern Times which SCP continues to carry.


With permission from World magazine, to subscribe please call: 800-951-NEWS.



Gene Veith on the Christian Research Institute’s Bible Answer Man

Found posted on the CRI/Equip web site


Monday February 5, 2001



Be sure to tune in to the Bible Answer Man broadcast on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 6 & 7, when Gene Edward Veith, Professor of English at Concordia University-Wisconsin and the culture editor of "World Magazine" joins Hank [Hanegraaff] on the broadcast.  Dr. Veith has written nine books including "Reading Between the Lines: A Christian Guide to Literature."  They will be taking your calls and discussing Dr. Veith's article in the Christian Research Journal, "Good Fantasy & Bad Fantasy: Tools for Evaluating Harry Potter & the Next Youth-Entertainment Rage."  For more information click here:



About Gene Edward Veith:


In 1994-1995 Gene Edward Veith was named the Salvatori Fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

[See Watch Unto Prayer report: The Heritage Foundation]


Veith is a Senior Fellow at the Heritage-related Capital Research Center. [below]


Capital Research Center/CRC

Ed. Note: CRC serves as a watchdog of the Left’s Philanthropy

(i.e. monitoring the politically left-leaning orgs and identifying the corporations which fund them).


It may be that one of its missions is strategizing on sources for funding of faith-base welfare [federal funds to churches; churches as social service agencies].


CRC has recently released Patterns of Corporate Philanthropy XIII: A Mandate for Reform


The 2001 edition of Capital Research Center's popular study of corporate giving to nonprofit advocacy groups is available online. In the report Capital Research advises:


“Nearly all of the major corporate donors in America shy away from contributing to faith-based charities. There is no constitutional impediment to their making such a grant…”


The Heritage Foundation, which has a considerable presence on Capital Research Center‘s board of Trustees and Advisory, worked behind the scenes in the formulation of the Charitable Choice section of the 1996 federal Welfare Reform law. Working with Heritage were policy makers from Focus on the Family’s Family Research Council/FRC, Christian Legal Society’s Carl Esbeck working with then Kansas Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Center for Public Justice. (This is based on a conversation with Amy Sherman, who is an advisor at Center for Public Justice, a fellow at Hudson Institute’s Welfare Policy Center and formerly a fellow at Manhattan Institute. Sherman was identifying the “Christians” who worked on the language of the Charitable Choice section of the Welfare Law.) President George W. Bush would later set up the White House Office for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives [2000] headed by John Dilulio who is an Advisor at the Center for Public Justice. Stanley Carlson-Thies joined Dilulio as Associate Director for Law and Policy with the White House’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.


Capital Research Center’s Trustees & Advisory include:

[no longer found unless cached through a Google search.]


Richard V. Allen—CFR/Heritage Foundation/Center for Strategic & Int’l Studies-CSIS/Hoover Institution

     [See: Watch Unto Prayer report: The Hoover Institution]

Daniel J. Popeo—Washington Legal Foundation

Edwin Meese––Council for Nat’l Policy-CNP/Heritage Foundation/Hoover Institution/ Discovery Institute [affiliated with Hudson Institute]

Linda Chavez--Research Fellow at [CIA] Manhattan Institute, 1993-94; has received almost $200,000 in grants from the John M. Olin Foundation

Kenneth Cribb––former Heritage Foundation Trustee; Intercollegiate Studies Institute; Federalist Society

Adam Meyerson––Heritage Foundation

Midge Decter––Council on Foreign Relations-CFR/Heritage Foundation/First Things [John Neuhaus]

Michael Novak– American Enterprise Institute/AEI; Council on Foreign Relations/CFR

Marvin Olasky––World Magazine and World Journalism Institute/WJI [see below]

Larry Arn––Claremont Institute/Hillsdale College president

Michael Horowitz––Hudson Institute [several HI Trustees are globalist CFR members.]

[See Watch Unto Prayer report: The Heritage Foundation]

Kate O’Bierne––National Review [founder William F. Buckley––former CIA, CFR member, founder of Young Americans for Freedom/YAF; Young America’s Foundation/YAF [Reagan Ranch] is spin-off org; both mobilize youth for conservative politics]

                 [See Watch Unto Prayer report: The John Birch Society]

P.J. O’Rourke––CATO Institute [Libertarian org affiliated with Heritage Foundation]

Sally Pipes––Pacific Research Institute [affiliated with Heritage Foundation]

Thomas Winter––Human Events [owner is Thomas L. Phillips who also owns the conservative Regnery Publishing; on Board of Directors of the Claremont Institute with Howard Fieldstead Ahmanson and Larry P. Arnn [President of Hillsdale College]

Robert L. Woodson–– National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise


Editor’s Note: About Edwin Meese III…

Heritage Foundation’s Legal and Judicial Studies


“With the courts increasingly asserting quasi-legislative and even executive authority – not only interpreting, but rewriting law – the checks and balances designed by America’s Founding Fathers have been seriously undermined. The Heritage Foundation’s new Center for Legal and Judicial Studies was established in 2000 to increase the policy-making community’s, and the public’s, understanding of the Constitution and the proper role of the judiciary in society.


“Headed by former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, Heritage’s Ronald Reagan Fellow in Public Policy…”


Meese is found on the boards of numerous Heritage-affiliated legal centers across the U.S. which include the Washington Legal Foundation, Landmark Legal Foundation, Pacific Justice Foundation, Federalist Society…


Edwin Meese is also a Distinguished Visiting Scholar of The Hoover Institution




“The World Journalism Institute is a registered program with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) in Washington, DC. [See below] The CCCU is an association of 100 member colleges and universities.”


WJI Mission Statement



Ed. Note: The following credits Carl F. H. Henry as the inspiration for WJI. [Henry was formerly on faculty at Fuller Theological Seminary and first editor of the Christianity Today; see report Fuller Seminary]


WJI Mission Statement by Robert Case II, Director of World Journalism Institute:


“Several years ago, Carl F.H. Henry, dean of American evangelical theologians and journalists, wrote an essay entitled, "The Crisis of Word and Truth." I have used that essay as the substance of this short justification for the World Journalism Institute. We have a crisis in our country of language and truth.

“Who trembles when God goes to press?" So asked Dr. Henry of the Evangelical Press Association in 1984. That same year, Henry replied, “Nobody trembles." Today, almost 20 years later, there is not only no trembling, there is no noticing when the Christian journalist goes to press. The World Journalism Institute, along with other quality journalism programs, can challenge this cultural irrelevance.”

See Modern Bible Versions, Christian Publishers, Evangelical Press Association/EPA.


WJI Host Colleges & University: The King's College [Bill Bright & Stanley Oakes], Regent University [Pat Robertson/CNP], The Master's College [John MacArthur]


WJI Faculty

Edited for purposes of this report. Note names, universities and orgs represented.

* denotes membership in the Rockefeller-affiliated Association of Theological Schools/ATS [accrediting agency for seminaries].


David Aikman, Washington's Ethics and Public Policy Center [Pres. Elliot Abrams/CFR ]

George Archibald, Washington Times [Sun Myung Moon-owned], Regent University *

Deborah Beisner, Tyndale House––publishers of the Living Bible / Living Translation

E. Calvin Beisner, Knox Theological Seminary * 

Joel Belz, CEO, God's World Publishing, Inc.

Mindy Belz, WORLD magazine

Rich Bishop, God's World Publications

Luke Bobo, Francis Schaeffer Institute, Director

Norm Bomer, God's World News

Anthony Bradley, Westminster Seminary *

Harold O. J. Brown, Professor in Residence, Reformed Theological Seminary *

Alan Button, Prof. of Law, Campbell University *

David Byrd, Broadcaster, Voice of America

John Carvalho, Campbell University *

David Cho, The Washington Post

Michael Cromartie, VP, Ethics and Public Policy Center [Pres. Elliot Abrams/CFR]

William D. Dennison, Covenant College

David Dixon, Azusa Pacific University, * professor

Robert R. Drake, Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church

Julia Duin, The Washington Times [owned by Sun Myung Moon]

William Edgar, Westminster Theological Seminary *

John Fund, Wall Street Journal

Norman Geisler, Southern Evangelical Seminary

Jennifer Graham, WORLD

Tim Graham, WORLD White House reporter

Dan Griswold, Center

Os Guinness, Trinity Forum

Guenther Haas, Redeemer College

Andria Hall, CNN Week-end News Announcer

Laura Hankins, formerly God's World News

Johnny Hart, Cartoonist

Carl Henry, Senior theologian [first Editor of Christianity Today, 1956-68]

Michael J. Higgins, New City Fellowship

Deborah Huff, Liberty University [Jerry Falwell, CNP]

David C. Jones, Covenant Theological Seminary *

Michael Longinow, Asbury College *

Terry Mattingly, Director, Institute of Journalism (CCCU)

      [see last entry of report below]

R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Pres., Southern Baptist Theo. Seminary *

Dean Nelson, Point Loma Nazarene University

Marvin Olasky, University of Texas/WORLD magazine

Susan Olasky, WORLD magazine

Nancy Pearcey, Discovery Institute [RAND Corporation / Hudson Institute/CFR-related]

Shirley Shedd, Evangel University

Uwe Siemon-Netto, United Press International [owned by Sun Myung Moon]

Les Sillars, University of Texas/WORLD magazine

Jack Simons, The Master's College, professor John MacArthur

Helen Mathews Smith, The Kings College

Gene Edward Veith, Concordia University* and WORLD magazine

John White, Geneva College, President

White’s WJI bio states that he is: “President of the Board of Administration of the National Association of Evangelicals.”


Notes on above listing…


Gene Edward Veith is personal friend of Spiritual Counterfeits Project’s Tal Brooke. Brooke recommended World Magazine to his readership.


WJI faculty includes representatives from major news agencies: Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, CNN, Indianapolis Star, ASSIST Communications [Chicago], The Washington Times [Moon-owned], United Press Int’l./UPI [Moon-owned] and the business analysis firm PricewaterhouseCoopers [CFR-related].


The founder of World Magazine and the World Journalism Institute is Joe Belz, CEO of God's World Publications, the founder of God's World News –– weekly papers for children.


Marvin Olasky––WJI faculty member has been credited with the concept of faith-based welfare reform is author of Compassionate Conservatism (2000) …The Tragedy of American Compassion (1992). Olasky is a Senior Fellow at the ecumenical Acton Institute.


World Journalism Institute’s Norman Geisler [Southern Evangelical Seminary], Calvin Beisner and Harold O.J. Brown are Contributing Editors at the Christian Research Institute [Walter Martin/Hank Hanegraaff] for the CRI JOURNAL.


Institute of Journalism (CCCU) ––See Council for Christian Colleges and Universities/CCCU below.


Os Guiness–– framer of the ecumenical Williamsburg Charter & Living With Our Deepest Differences, a curriculum for the public schools written with Ernest Boyer of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching/CFAT. [See: Charter Schools & Character Education]


Covenant Theological Seminary

CTS’s Youth in Ministry Institute (YIMI) is a new program of Covenant Theological Seminary, the seminary of the Presbyterian Church in America.  And we are seriously funded by the Lilly Endowment, a generous group.


Cato Institute––founder David Boaz first emerged on the national scene in the leadership of Young Americans for Freedom/ YAF [founder William F. Buckley––CIA, Yale’s secret society Skull & Bones and the globalist Council on Foreign Relations/CFR]. Boaz was the editor of YAF’s publication New Guard, 1976.


King’s College


Board of Trustees includes: Bill Bright/CNP, Steven Douglass/ Campus Crusade for Christ, John D. Beckett/Intercessors for Christ/CNP, Stanley Oakes/Christian Leadership Ministries/CLM. CLM/Christian Leadership Ministries [an affiliate of Campus Crusade] is the sponsoring org for LeadershipU; mentioned elsewhere in this report.


Steven Douglass heads up Mission America’s prayer initiative Lighthouses of Prayer. Those joining as prayer warriors must sign on to the Lausanne Covenant [1974]. John Stott was the framer of the covenant which calls for Christian Unity over Biblical Doctrine. Stott was the strategist of the World Evangelical Alliance which planned the 1974 Lausanne Congress [Billy Graham]. Stott is a Christianity Today Contributing Editor





World Magazine’s World Journalism Institute/WJI is in partnership with…


The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU)


CCCU wields considerable influence over Christian institutions of higher education. Various CCCU projects and partnerships create an extensive network well worth observing.


The CCCU Board of Directors shows a top-heavy representation from the staff over at Christianity Today and the surprising inclusion of  a representation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


The Gates Foundation is a major donor to the United Nation’s family planning programs/population control [UNFPA/United Nations Population Fund].


Bill & Melinda Gates’ Landmark Gift to Population Control  


“The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the International Planned Parenthood Federation announce $8.9 million grant to improve women's health. A grant of $8,865,000 will go towards improving reproductive health care services to women around the world through International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) programmes, it was announced today. The fund, from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will be spread over five years.” - IPPF Press Release, London, 11 December 2000


CCCU Projects and Initiatives include:


John Templeton Oxford Seminars on Science and Christianity (JTOSSC)


This project is funded by a grant from John Templeton Foundation and reflects the John Templeton Foundation's interest in bringing together the religious and scientific communities in order to establish a scholarly relationship between the natural sciences and religion. The seminar series will complement the current Templeton Science and Religion Course Program through its greater emphasis on the history of the issues involved.

This program exemplifies the mission of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities to advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education and to assist member institutions effectively integrate biblical faith, scholarship and service. In particular, the CCCU seeks to address the contemporary suspicion of science among evangelicals by encouraging among its member colleges a rigorous scholarly study of the relationship between science and religion. CCCU involvement in this project grew out of initial conversations taking place through the invitation of Dr. John Feneley, Principal of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, affiliated with Keble College of the University of Oxford.

JTOSSC Directors & Steering Committee

Dr. Alister McGrath, project co-director
Biochemist and Reformation Historian
Principal of Wycliffe Hall
University of Oxford
Dr. John Roche, project co-director
Physicist and Historian of Science
Linacre College
University of Oxford
Dr. Harold Heie

Mathematician and Chair of the

Faith/Learning/Living Commission of the CCCU,


­­Gordon College

Ed. Note: All of the following JTOSSC committee members are John Templeton Foundation trustees or advisors.

Refer to the John Templeton Foundation listing above.

~ partial Listing
Owen Gingerich
Robert Herrmann

Nancey Murphy
Ernan McMullin
Arthur Peacocke
Keith Ward


TEMPLETON FOUNDATION–– Trustees & Advisors 


JTOSSC’s QUAERENS Newsletters are edited by Alister McGrath––principal of Wycliffe Hall and Christianity Today, Consulting Editor. See QUAERENS Newsletter/Alister McGrath [scroll to bottom of this web page]


CCCU Off-Campus Study Programs include…


The Oxford Summer Programme (OSP)  Oxford Interdisciplinary Seminars in Science and Religion


The Oxford Summer Programme (OSP) is a programme of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford… [Alister McGrath, Christianity Today, Consulting Editor is principal at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford]


CMRS/ Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies


The common aim of CMRS and the CCCU is to enroll committed Christian students of high academic attainment from all denominational backgrounds, Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox. CMRS seeks to provide a Christian environment for students who wish to acquire a deeper understanding of their historical, religious and cultural traditions. Students from other religious traditions or from none are also welcome here if they respect the CMRS ethos and aims.


CCCU’s Summer Institute of Journalism


The Summer Institute of Journalism takes place at the campus of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., at 329 8th St., NE, and just eight blocks from the Capitol Building…Though the majority of course instruction and daily seminars are held in the Dellenback Center, the building is really just the base of operations…Nearly all of the SIJ budget is funded by a grant from Fieldstead & Co. This grant covers our students' tuition costs, airfare to and from Washington, D.C., books, room, board and all program related supplies. 


Editor’s Note:

Howard Fieldstead Ahmanson  is a member of the secret Council for National Policy/CNP. Recall in the report giving an overview of Spiritual Counterfeits Project’s newsletters, SCP mentioned a grant for the SCP ACCESS hotline for cult information. The donor was Fieldstead and Co.:


Spiritual Counterfeits Project Newsletter ~ Vol.13, No. 1, 1988

ACCESS (telephone hotline) [is a] vital element of SCP’s ministry… The basics of the ADP [SCP projects including ACCESS] have been underwritten by a significant grant from Fieldstead and Co


Editor’s Notes:

Fieldstead & Co. Funding for Faith-Based Legislation


Both the Fieldstead Institute [Howard Fieldstead Ahmanson, CNP] and the Ethics and Public Policy Center [Elliot Abrams, CFR member and former Chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom/USCIRF] are credited by Amy Sherman for the funding of her book Restorers of Hope:…church-based ministries that work. The book was a promo for faith-based welfare reform/charitable choice. The federal welfare legislation passed in 1996. Sherman was the change-agent sent by Manhattan Institute and Hudson Institute to various gatherings of networked churches; advising them on compliance for becoming FBOs [faith-based organizations] to the 1996 Charitable Choice––Welfare Reform legislation.


Center for Public Justice


Amy Sherman is on the Advisory Board of the Center for Public Justice with C. Everett Koop [Wheaton College], Ronald Sider [Evangelicals for Social Action], John Dilulio [first Executive Director of Pres. George Bush’s Office for Faith-Based Initiatives], Mark Noll [Wheaton College], Clyde Taylor [Nat’l Assoc. of Evangelicals/NAE’s affiliate EFMA], Dean Trulear [InterVarsity Board of Trustees; Public Private Ventures—recipient of grants from Pew Charitable Trusts].


Center for Public Justice Trustees


Include: Dean Trulear [InterVarsity and Public Private Ventures with John Dilulio], Harold Heie Council for Christian Colleges and Universities/CCCU, Senior Fellow [See below], Julie Peterson—previously worked with Richard Seiple/World Vision Institute for Global Engagement [World Vision - NGO/UN]


Center for Public Justice CIVITAS program


The Pew Charitable Trusts Civitas Program in Faith and Public Affairs, is a program of civic education and leadership development for Christian doctoral students. The program's goal is to help prepare Christian scholars for leadership positions in academic, governmental, and public policy fields. Through a five-week summer institute, a fellowship in a Washington research institution, writing for publication, and a mentoring relationship with Christian scholars, the program encourages doctoral students to pursue responsible Christian scholarship, focusing on the nature of political life, public justice, and the meaning of Christian citizenship. Participating organizations are the American Enterprise Institute, The Brookings Institution, and the Center for Public Justice.


CIVITAS classes are held on the rooftop of CCCU/Council for Christian Colleges and Universities’ headquarters.


Returning to CCCU…


CCCU Volunteer Leaders  


Campus and non-campus volunteers are keys to fulfilling the Council mission. Advisory groups, called Commissions, advise the board and staff and help organize Council conferences and projects.

~ edited for purposes of this report ~

Visit CCCU web page to view the numerous Christian colleges and universities represented at/influenced by CCCU.




Deborah Wilds,

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [funds UNFPA/UN population control; see notation above]

Robert Andringa, CCCU (ex officio) –– formerly executive director for Education Commission of the States/ECS; an organization with corporate interest influencing U.S. federal education policy such as GOALS 2000––the corporate take-over/internationalization of U.S. education.

Jay Kesler, United Christian College Fund (ex officio)––Christianity Today, Board of Directors




Harold Heie, Gordon College–– Heie’s Center for Christian Studies at Gordon College has been the recipient of Pew Charitable Trusts grants; a 1999 grant was for $430,000. (…)




Harold Heie, Gordon College (…)

Distinguished Senior Fellow

Charles Colson, Prison Fellowship/PF –– Christianity Today, Contributing Editor

Colson’s PF-related Wilberforce Forum works as member/in partnership with CCCU.

Nigel M. de S. Cameron–– Wilberforce Forum [fact that Cameron is a CCCU Fellow is mentioned in WF’s bio on Cameron.]; Christianity Today, Contributing Editor, Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity-CBHD, Advisory

Jay Kesler, Taylor University (Chancellor) ––Christianity Today, Board of Directors




Trustees, Staff and Consultants

Jay Kesler, Chair, Taylor University (Chancellor)––Christianity Today, Board of Directors

Gloria Gaither, Gaither Music Company

Gene Habecker, American Bible Society; Christianity Today, Board of Directors

Zig Ziglar, author and speaker

Russ G. Mawby, Chairman Emeritus, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Ted Engstrom, President Emeritus, World Vision USA

Robert Andringa, President, CCCU (ex officio)



Faith/Learning/Living Commission

Harold Heie, Chair, Gordon College (…)

Commission for Honors Program Directors (…)

Racial Harmony Commission (…)

Student Academic Programs Commission (…)

Commission on Technology (…)



Commission for Chief Academic Officers

Harold Heie, CCCU Senior Fellow (ex officio)

Commission for Campus Ministry Directors (…)

Commission for Chief Institutional Advancement Officers (…)

Commission for Chief Enrollment Officers (…)

Commission for Chief Financial Officers (…)

Chief Student Development Officers (…)


more Templeton connections…



Phil is also a personal friend and an ally of mine.”


An interview in Berkeley


Edited for the SCP Journal and further abridged for the Internet. This is a sample of the interview.


Tal Brooke: In 1979, I wrote a book entitled The Other Side of Death, and in Chapter 9, "The Death of God," (on page 104) I wrote:


Phil is also a personal friend and an ally of mine. Over dinner, coffee house chats and other locales in Berkeley Phil and I inevitably probe some of the key challenges of our time, inspiring and motivating one another


Tal Brooke: As I read your book, which I think is just so powerful and so clear (I'm sure others have likened you to C. S. Lewis in a lot of ways)

(… end of article.)


post note to article


Phillip E Johnson is a professor of law at the University of California at Berkeley's Boalt Hall. He entered Harvard University at 16, went to law school at the University of Chicago, and clerked under Earl Warren, the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Professor Johnson has taught law for more than thirty years at the University of California at Berkeley. He is the author of numerous books including the latest featured in this interview, The Wedge of Truth. Phillip is a good friend and ally of Tal Brooke and the two plan to cause more trouble down the road!


Tal Brooke is the President/Chairman of SCP, Inc and has authored eight books. His work has been recognized in Marquis Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in America, Contemporary Authors (Vol. 93-96), and The International Who's Who of Authors. He received an EPA [Evangelical Publishing Association] first place award in the critical review category. A graduate of the University of Virginia and Princeton, he has spoken numerous times at Cambridge, Oxford, as well as Princeton, Sorbonne, Berkeley, the University of Virginia, and the University of Edinburgh.




About Phil E. Johnson…


Phil E. Johnson and the Wilberforce Forum


Wilberforce Forum


Chuck Colson Addresses the World Parliament of Religions

On September 2, 1993, in a ceremony connected with the Templeton Prize, Colson delivered an address at the University of Chicago [Chicago School of Divinity, Rockefeller Chapel].  Included in the audience were many delegates of the Parliament of the World's Religions…


Colson’s speech was distributed by the Wilberforce Forum, which is an affiliate Colson’s Prison Fellowship. The speech is archived in Christian Research Institute’s online files. Hank Hanegraaff and CRI are closely associated with Colson who is a frequent Bible Answer Man guest. Hanegraaff has referred to Colson as a “contemporary prophet.”


The 1993 $1 million Templeton prize awarded to Colson for his “progress in religion” was not the only association Colson would have with Sir John Templeton and the John Templeton Foundation. Colson has worked in partnership with psychiatrist and Templeton Foundation advisor [2000] David Larson, who, until his death in March 2002, was the director of the International Center for the Integration of Health and Spirituality/ICIHS which he founded at Duke University.


Colson’s working partnership with Templeton Foundation advisor/psychiatrist David Larson

and Templeton Funding of same READ MORE


Colson is a Christianity Today, Contributing Editor as is his Wilberforce dean Nigel Cameron. Wilberforce Fellows David Dockery, Jay Kesler and Michael Novak are on the staff at Christianity Today.


Nigel Cameron is chair of the advisory at the Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity/CBHD; other Wilberforce Fellows who are on the CBHD staff or advisory include: Paige Cunningham, Christopher Hook, Ben Mitchell, Scott Rae.

Wilberforce Fellows


* Denotes membership in the Rockefeller-affiliated Association of Theological Schools/ATS [accreditng agency for seminaries].


Wilberforce Board of Reference


?         Dr. William A. Dembski ––Baylor University

Discovery Institute Fellow/Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture; affiliated with Campus Crusade

?         Dr. David S. Dockery ––Union University

Christianity Today Consulting Editor

?         Dr. Jean Bethke Elshtain –– University of Chicago Divinity School

Ed. Note: Jean Bethke Elshtain, University of Chicago Divinity School*Laura Spelman Rockefeller Scholar of Social and Political Ethics; First Things editor/advisor; Board of Trustees of the National Humanities Center in Research; Co-Chair of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life with E.J. Dionne, who is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution; Pew Christian Scholars Program; board of the National Commission for Civic Renewal [See Elshtain–– the Martin E. Marty Center and First Things [John Neuhaus] below]

?         Dr. Robert P. George––Princeton University

Princeton Theological Seminary’s* president Thomas W. Gillespie is on the John Templeton Advisory Board ~ North America. John M. Templeton [son of Sir John Templeton] is on the PTS Board of Trustees. PTS is the site of Templeton Hall.

?         Dr. Timothy F. George ––Beeson Divinity School,* Samford University

[From George’s Beeson web site curriculum vitae: “He is currently serving as executive editor for Christianity Today along with serving on the editorial advisory boards of The Harvard Theological Review, Christian History, and Books & Culture…He has been active in the evangelical dialog with the Roman Catholic Church…”; endorsed the ecumenical Evangelicals and Catholics Together II, 1994.

George was a speaker at Lausanne’s EMNR/Evangelical Ministries [to New Religions 1997 Birmingham Conference whose founders were: Walter Martin ,Ronald Enroth, Gordon Lewis & Vernon Grounds.

?         Dr. Harold Heie ­­––Gordon College

Harold Heie is Director of the Center for Christian Studies/CCS at Gordon College and a Senior Fellow at the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.

See Gordon College’s Center for Christian Studies Advisory Board and CCS Conferences with Wilberforce Forum below.

?         Dr. Arthur F. Holmes­––Wheaton College, Emeritus

?         Dr. Phillip E. Johnson­––School of Law, University of California, Berkeley

Discovery Institute Fellow/Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture/CRSC; affiliated with Campus Crusade; friend of Spiritual Counterfeits Project Tal Brooke.

?         Dr. Jay Kesler ––Taylor University; Christianity Today Board of Directors

?         Dr. Michael Novak ––American Enterprise Institute member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations/CFR; editorial board for Campus Crusade’s First Things [John Neuhaus]; Christianity Today Advisory Editor

?         Dr. Marvin Olasky ––University of Texas, Austin

World Magazine and World Journalism Institute; advisor to President George Bush on faith-based initiatives; senior fellow at the ecumenical Acton Institute

?         Robert A. Sirico ––Acton Institute


The Wilberforce Forum Fellows


?         Kevin Belmonte ––The William Wilberforce Project, Gordon College

?         Dr. J. Budziszewski ––University of Texas, Austin

Discovery Institute Fellow/Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture/CRSC

?         Paige Comstock Cunningham, Esq. ––Americans United for Life

Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity/CBHD

Senior Fellow

?         C. Christopher Hook, M.D. ––Mayo Clinic

Hook’s curriculum vitae participates in these areas in Mayo as chair of the Clinical Ethics Council, the Clinical Ethics Research Subcommittee of the Ethics Council, the Reproductive Medicine Advisory Board, the DNA Research Sub-committee of the IRB, as Co-director of the Ethics Consultation Service, as Director of Ethics Education for the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, and am working on the formation of the Transplantation Ethics Advisory Board and the Psychogenomic Ethics Advisory Board; Senior Fellow and Director of Biotechnology Ethics of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity with Nigel Cameron and John Kilner in Bannockburn, Illinois and as a Fellow of the Council for Biotechnology Policy; Center for Bioethics and Culture Board of Directors with Nigel Cameron and John Kilner.

?         Dr. Steven Garber ––Council for Christian Colleges and Universities/CCCU

See about CCCU above

?         Dr. David P. Gushee ––Center for Christian Leadership, Union University

Editor of CCL’s publication Moral Leadership

?         Dr. Vigen Guroian ––Loyola College, Maryland

?         Dr. C. Ben Mitchell ––Trinity International University

Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity/CBHD staff and advisory board

Center for Bioethics and Culture Board of Directors [Nigel Cameron & John Kilner]

?         Dr. James R. Moore ––Trinity Evangelical Divinity School*

?         Dr. T. M. Moore ––Reformed Theological Seminary*

?         Dr. J. P. Moreland ––Talbot School of Theology, * Biola University

Christian Research Institute/CRI Contributing Editor since 1992; Discovery Institute Fellow/Center for the Renewal of science & Culture; affiliated with Campus Crusade

?         Dr. Terry Morrison ––InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Int’l Fellowship of Evangelical Students/IFES, based in the UK [John Stott and Lindsay Brown] is the umbrella org to IVCF/InterVarsity Christian Fellowship; both orgs are affiliated with Lausanne.

?         Kenneth A. Myers ––Mars Hill Audio

?         Pat Nolan ––Senior Fellow, Justice Issues President, Justice Fellowship [affiliate of Prison Fellowship]

?         Dr. Scott B. Rae ––Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

Rae is a fellow at the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity/CBHD

?         Dr. Stanley P. Rosenberg ––Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, Oxford

The Centre works in partnership with CCCU/Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

?         Dr. Mark H. Senter III ––Trinity International University*

?         Dr. Timothy R. A. Sherratt  ––Gordon College

?         Dr. Karen Heetderks Strong ––Prison Fellowship Ministries

?         Dr. Gregory A. Thornbury ––Center for Christian Leadership/CCL, Union University

The CCL’s official title is the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Christian Leadership; named for Carl Henry who was the founding Christianity Today, executive editor 1956-68. Henry now serves on the editorial advisory for Campus Crusade’s ecumenical publication First Things [John Neuhaus, Roman Catholic]; now serves on the faculty of the World Magazine’s World Journalism Institute/WJI.


More Notes on Wilberforce Forum Advisory…


Dr. Jean Bethke Elshtain


Jean Bethke Elstain and the Martin E. Marty Center is the institute within the University of Chicago’s Divinity School where Jean Bethke Elshtain is on the faculty. The Marty Center, named after Martin E. Marty, was “founded to promote public religion endeavors. Marty serves on the John Templeton Foundation advisory and is a researcher at the Park Ridge Center For the Study of Health, Faith and Ethics. John Kilner, President of the Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity/CBHD, worked at Park Ridge Center previously. The Center for Bioethics and Wilberforce Forum are promoted as the Christian answer to the genetics/ethics problem, but CBHD and Wilberforce Forum are, in fact, a vehicle for controlling Christian opposition on this matter. The two are funded by undisclosed foundations and corporations. It is quite possible that Sir John Templeton contributes to their coffers


Martin E.  Marty Center publication: Sightings

 OCTOBER 3, 2001

An Extraordinary Discussion’ by Jean Bethke Elshtain


On Thursday, September 20, only hours before his speech before Congress, President George W. Bush spent over an hour talking and praying with a group of twenty some leaders of America's diverse religious communities. I was surprised and honored to be included in the meeting--this despite the fact that I can by no means be described as a leader of a particular religious community. I would like to give readers of Sightings a sense of how the event unfolded.


My hunch is that someone on the White House staff decided that they needed a representative from one of America's leading divinity schools, and chose me because I have in the past addressed the ethics of war and war-making. I did not know most of those included. I recognized Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, from media sightings. I greeted Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston by name because he was, in fact, the one person I had met in the past.


Sightings is a biweekly, electronic editorial published by the Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School.



Elshtain and First Things: Religion and Public Life [John Neuhaus]


First Things is published under the auspices of Christian Leadership Ministries/CLM, an affiliate of Campus Crusade for Christ.


The ecumenical Richard John Neuhaus: Christianity Today, advisory editor; on the advisory board of Ethics and Public Policy Center/EPPC with EPPC President Elliot Abrams/CFR, Jeane Kirkpatrick/CFR and John C. Whitehead/CFR/Chairman of the board for the Federal Reserve; collaborated with Chuck Colson [Wilberforce Forum] on the ecumenical document Evangelicals & Catholics Together, 1994.


First Things Editorial Board: Midge Decter [Heritage Foundation and Hoover Institution]; Michael Novak [CFR]; George Weigel [CFR]


First Things Editorial Advisory Board includes: Jean Bethke Elshtain; Carl F. H. Henry [former/founding executive editor of Christianity Today; currently on the World Journalism Institute faculty], Max Stackhouse [Professor of Christian Ethics Princeton Theological Seminary; director of the Princeton Seminary’s Project on Public Theology]


First Things ––Institute on Religion and Public Life [John Neuhaus]

Funding: Media Transparency

Recipient of Grants totaling: $6,147,500 between the years 1989-1998 from: Olin Foundation, Sarah Scaife Foundation, Carthage Foundation [Scaife], Bradley Foundation, Castle Rock Foundation [Coors family]


Gordon College’s Center for Christian Studies Conferences [Harold Heie]


Gordon College’s Center for Christian Studies Advisory Board includes:

~ partial listing

?         Jean Bethke Elshtain, University of Chicago Divinity School <<<<<<<<<<

Located at the Martin E. Marty Center; Marty is on the John Templeton Foundation advisory board

?         Walter Hansen, Fuller Theological Seminary

?         Robert Herrmann, John Templeton Foundation, trustee <<<<<<<<<<<

?         Arthur Holmes, Wheaton College

?         Roger Lundin, Wheaton College

?         Harold Myra, Christianity Today Inc.

?         Jim Skillen, Center for Public Justice/CPJ [CPJ works in partnership with CCCU]

Collegium: Conversations on Public Policy, May 10-11, 2002—Washington Terrace Hotel, Washington, D.C.

A biannual symposium sponsored by The Wilberforce Project, Center for Christian Studies, Gordon College.

Purpose: To model respectful conversation between those holding differing Christian perspectives on important contemporary issues.


?         Center for Public Justice

?         Evangelicals for Social Action

?         Center for Christian Leadership

?         CIVITAS Program in Faith & Public Affairs

?         Ethics and Public Policy Center

Wilberforce Forum / Prison Fellowship Ministries

Witherspoon Fellowship [an affiliate of Focus on the Family’s [James Dobson/CNP] Family Research Council]

?         CCCU/Council for Christian Colleges & Universities American Studies Program

?         The Henry Institute for the study of Christianity and Politics [Calvin College]


Evangelical/Catholic Conversations—Gordon College—September 20-21, 2002

The second of two conversations between Protestant and Catholic educators in New England. Co-sponsored by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics and the Center for Christian Studies.


The Wilberforce Symposium—Gordon College—November 15-16, 2002

The symposium will focus on various aspects of the life and legacy of British reformer and statesman William Wilberforce (1759-1833), and the group of philanthropists with whom he worked, The Chapham Circle.


Phil E. Johnson and the Discovery Institute



Discovery Institute’s

Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture/CRSC


"Discovery Institute is a non-profit, non-partisan, public policy think tank headquartered in Seattle dealing with national and international affairs. The Institute is dedicated to exploring and promoting public policies that advance representative democracy, free enterprise and individual liberty."


Editor's Note: Discovery Institute was founded as a spin-off org of the CFR-related Hudson Institute. Hudson was founded by Herman Kahn of the RAND Corporation. Many of Hudson’s Trustees are members of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations/CFR. Discovery Institute's board of directors, until recently, included Council on Foreign Relation/CFR member William Ruckleshaus. Discovery’s founder Bruce Chapman was first at Hudson Institute and then founded Hudson Institute West in Seattle before changing the name to Discovery Institute. Discovery's adjunct fellow George Weigel and senior fellow George Gilder are also CFR members. Edwin Meese, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and member of the secret Council for National Policy/CNP, is also a Discovery adjunct fellow.


The Weyerhaeuser Company [lumber industry] is represented by Mack Hogans on Discovery Institute's Board of Directors


The Washington Business Roundtable, the state affiliate of the National Business Roundtable, was founded by George Weyerhaeuser:


"1983, March: George Weyerhaeuser of Weyerhaeuser Company announces formation of the Washington Roundtable and serves as its first Chairman."


In the early 1990s the WA Business Roundtable was virtually put in control in Washington state by the governor––on his Governor's Commission on Educational Restructuring and Financing/GCERF––to help implement the federal GOALS 2000 program, an international curriculum, which originated at the United Nations––World Conference for Education For All, 1990. The contact for the conference brochure was either UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP or the World Bank. The United States Coalition for Education for All Board of Directors included Paul Petersen of World Vision. Source: America 2000/Goals 2000 Research Manual, compiled by James R. Patrick, pgs. 133-142.


In 1962 C. Davis Weyerhaeuser [another member of the Weyerhaeuser lumber family] financed the founding of the Fuller Theological School of Theology's School of Psychology. Source: Reforming Fundamentalism: Fuller Seminary and the New Evangelicalism, George M. Marsden, Eerdsman Publishing Company, 1987.


About Discovery Institute’s Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture/CRSC…


Editor's Note: Many of the CSRC fellows are speakers for the Intelligent Design/ID movement––refuting evolution, but avoiding the use of Scripture to do so. The IDnet, Inc. is a Kansa City--based affiliate of the CRSC.


Phillip E. Johnson is co-advisor for Discovery Institute's center CRSC.


The Making of a Revolution

"Johnson wants to leave open questions about how God created. 'I want to develop a challenge to materialistic evolution. Let's unite around the Creator. After that we can have a marvelous argument about the age of the earth...'"

"Part of Johnson's strategy is to keep the Bible out of the discussion."

J. Budziszewski, CRSC fellow:


"Here is what I mean. The Bible does not teach that we should begin every public conversation with the Bible. In fact, it teaches the opposite. Consider the example of the Apostle Paul. When he spoke with Jews and Christians, he did quote Scripture, because they knew and believed it already. But when he broached Christian topics with pagans, he did not pull Bible verses from his pocket. Why appeal to things that the pagans did not know and did not believe? Instead he appealed to things they did know and believed already… As you can see, Paul did not hold back the Bible's truth. But he found ways to express this biblical truth apart from the Bible itself. In this way he aroused an appetite for the word of God that could be satisfied later among those who were really serious."


Source: Taken from Budziszewski's presentation at "The Christian Mind in the New Millennium" conference, sponsored by the Wilberforce Forum in Chicago, Illinois, in June 2001


Phillip E. Johnson's book Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds is dedicated to "Roberta and Howard," meaning Roberta and Howard Fieldstead Ahmanson [Council for National Policy/CNP member].


"According to Reason magazine, promotional materials from the Seattle-based Discovery Institute acknowledge that the Ahmanson family donated $1.5 million to the Institute's Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture for a research and publicity program to 'unseat not just Darwinism but also Darwinism's cultural legacy.' In fact, the August 1999 issue of the Discovery Institute's Journal recognizes an Ahmanson outfit [Fieldstead Institute] for providing the Center's start-up funds."

Source: Americans United for Separation of Church and State, 2000


The CRSC ties to the John Templeton Foundation should also be noted:

Jeffrey Schloss, a fellow at Discovery’s CRSC, is listed as an advisory board member to the John Templeton Foundation

and Schloss’s Discovery/CRSC curriculum vitae acknowledges Templeton and Pew Charitable Trust funding.

CRSC fellows J.P. Moreland and Francis Beckwith are both on the editorial board for the Christian Research Journal [Walter Martin & Hank Hanegraaff]. Moreland's curriculum vitae lists Templeton awards--see below.


CRSC Fellows include:

[partial listing]


Senior Fellows

• Michael J. Behe––ARN/Access Research Network writer; see About ARN below.


• William A. Dembski––ARN/Access Research Network writer; Associate editor of ARN's publication "Origin & Design". This ARN web page lists Discovery Institute as Dembski's contact address:

Discovery Institute

1402 Third Avenue

Suite 415

Seattle, WA 98101

Dembski's homepage is in conjunction with the Campus Crusade/Leadership U web page domain "Site sponsored by Leadership University and Christian Leadership Ministries."––both are affiliations of Campus Crusade; master of divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1996; Wilberforce Forum fellow [Chuck Colson and Nigel Cameron]; Biola U's Torrey Honors Institute advisory board with J. I. Packer of Regent College


• Stephen C. Meyer––recipient of a Templeton Foundation science-religion teaching grant; ARN/Access Research Network writer and associate editor of the ARN publication "Origins & Design; co-author with Michael Newton Keas of "The Cambrian Explosion: Biology's Big Bang," co-authored with Stephen C. Meyer. Discovery Institute Press, forthcoming, 2002 and "The Meanings of Evolution," with Stephen C. Meyer in Darwinism, Design and Public Education. Michigan State University Press, forthcoming, 2003. –– a joint project of the Templeton Foundation, Wycliffe Hall and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.


• Paul A. Nelson––ARN/Access Research Network writer and editor of the ARN publication "Origins & Design"


• Nancy Pearcy––ARN/Access Research Network writer; former editor of ARN publication "Origins & Design"; co-author with Chuck Colson/CNP of the book Now How Shall We Live?; co-authored with Colson a monthly column in Christianity Today; studied under Francis Schaeffer at L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland in 1971 and 1972, earned a master's degree from Covenant Theological Seminary [Reformed theology]


Jeffrey P. Schloss––John Templeton Foundation advisory board and recipient of Templeton and Pew funding


• Johnathan Wells––ARN/Access Research Network writer and associate editor of the ARN publication "Origins & Design"  



Francis J. Beckwith––Christian Research Institute/CRI [Walter Martin & Hank Hanegraaff] CRI JOURNAL, Contributing Editor and Ethics Editor since 1988; faculty Trinity Law School; Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity/CBHD fellow [Nigel Cameron & John Kilner]; International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights, Strasbourg FRANCE faculty and advisory board; Biola’s  Christian Apologetics Program –– a sponsor of the Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights Seminar, Strasbourg FRANCE


• Raymond Bohlin––Probe Ministries

Sponsor of the national and international youth and adult Mind Games Conferences (Doug Groothuis worked with Probe Ministries in the early 1980s and he has been a Christian Research Institute [Walter Martin & Hank Hanegraaff] CRI JOURNAL Contributing Editor since 1987.); Wheaton College Center for Applied Christian Ethics/CACE

CACE conference 1999—The Use of the Human Genome: At What Point Do We Violate Humanity?


C. Everett Koop (former U.S. Surgeon General)

Francis S. Collins (Director of the U.S. Human Genome Research Institute)

Theodore Peters (Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences/CTNS [a project of the John Templeton Foundation]

Raymond G. Bohlin (Probe Ministries)


J. Budziszewski––Wilberforce Forum fellow [Chuck Colson and Nigel Cameron]; InterVarsity Press/IVP author –– Titles Available from IVP: Written on the Heart: The Case for Natural Law


"As a Christian I regard the natural-law tradition as the nearest approach to the truth about the ‘law written on the heart’ which ethical and political philosophy have yet, by the grace of God, achieved. I do not mean to be flippant in speaking of God’s grace. True, the law written on the heart is utterly inferior to the revealed truth of the gospel, for though it tells us what sin is, it tells us nothing of how to escape it. Yet it too is a real gift of God, for we have to know the bad news before we can grasp the Good News."


[Note: For information on Natural Law, see Charter Schools, Character Education & the Eugenics Internationale: Natural Law]


William Lane Craig–– Biola University’s Talbot School of Theology, research professor; Exemplary Paper Award, John Templeton Foundation 1996 & 1997; administrator for Campus Crusade’s Leadership U [This is a  hub of the apologetics network––See TOC database, Apologetics Network]; featured speaker at the European Evangelical Alliance/ Hope for Europe's Hope 21––"Shaping Europe's future together," April 2002; Society of Christian Philosophers/SCP liaison to the American Academy of Religion/AAR; American Academy of Religion member [Rockefeller-related]; Biola’s  Christian Apologetics Program –– a sponsor of the Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights Seminar, Strasbourg FRANCE


Phillip E. Johnson–– Origins web page-- a project of Leadership U: "Copyright © 1999 Leadership U. All Rights Reserved." –– affiliated with Campus Crusade. Johnson's Origins homepage; Wilberforce Forum board of reference [Chuck Colson and Nigel Cameron]; InterVarsity Press/IVP author--IVP titles include: Darwin on Trial and Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds; ARN/Access Research Network writer; Biola University's Torrey Honors Institute visiting professor and advisory board with J.I. Packer of Regent College; Biola’s Christian Apologetics Program –– a sponsor of the Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights Seminar, Strasbourg FRANCE


J.P. Moreland––Christian Research Institute [Hank Hanegraaff], CRI JOURNAL, Contributing Editor since 1992; International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights, Strasbourg FRANCE faculty and advisory board;  Biola University’s Talbot Theological Seminary faculty [Rockefeller-ATS member] faculty; Biola University's Torrey Honors Institute advisory board with J.I. Packer of Regent College; Wilberforce Forum fellow [Chuck Colson and Nigel Cameron]; Biola U's Torrey Honors Institute advisory board with J. I. Packer of Regent College; InterVarsity Press/IVP author; Theologian & Philosophy Scholar for Hugh Ross's [creation-evolutionist] org Reasons to Believe [Tal Brooke of Spiritual Counterfeits Project is also listed]; editor for creation-evolutionist Hugh Ross's book "Astronomical Evidences for a Personal Transcendent God." In The Creation Hypothesis: Scientific Evidence for an Intelligent Designer, ed. J. P. Moreland. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press, 1994; Biola’s Christian Apologetics Program –– a sponsor of the Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights Seminar, Strasbourg FRANCE


John M. Reynolds–– Director of the Torrey Honors Institute/THI at BIOLA University –– “a wonderful opportunity to study in Oxford.”; Biola’s Christian Apologetics Program faculty –– a sponsor of the Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights Seminar, Strasbourg FRANCE


CRSC Directors

Bruce Chapman––President-founder of Discovery Institute; previously at Hudson Institute [founder Herman Kahn of RAND Corporation]

Stephen C. Meyer––Director of CRSC/ Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture; ARN/Access Research Network; see ARN below

John G. West, Jr.––Associate Director of the Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture


CRSC Advisors

Phillip E. Johnson <<<<<<

George Gilder [CFR member]



About ARN/Access Research Network


Editor's Note: Several fellows of Discovery's CRSC are also writers for ARN––Michael Behe, William A. Dembski, Phillip E. Johnson, Stephen C. Meyer, Paul A. Nelson, Nancy Pearcy, Jonathan Welles. Douglas Groothuis is also an ARN writer.


The ARN publication Origin & Design is "an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal with two related goals: (1) to examine theories of origins, their philosophical foundations, and their bearing on culture, and (2) to examine all aspects of the idea of design. Both "origins" and "design" are intellectual grounds on which theology, philosophy, and the natural sciences find themselves with an equal interest…"


Dave Weyerhauser [sic] of the Stewardship Foundation [Weyerhaeuser (lumber company)]…has been a major funder and supporter of the work at ARN over the past 10 years." ARN articles appear on Campus Crusade's Leadership U web page  


ARN is identified as part of the Apologetics Network; See TOC Database, Apologetics Network. [under construction]




More Smoke, Mirrors and Disinformation…

The Compromised Ties of the Apologetics Ministries

        Spiritual Counterfeits Project – Part 3