Charter Schools, Character Education & the Eugenics Internationale
Behind the Conservative Curtain:
Pseudo Grassroots Organizations Front
for Corporate/Government Takeover


By me kings reign, and princes decree justice.

By me princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges of the earth. Proverbs 8:15 & 16





Strategists for School Choice / Charter Schools


Pseudo-conservative and nominally Christian organizations are leading their unsuspecting supporters to rally behind charter school legislation and the creation of charter schools.  A network of private foundations also collaborate around this goal:



v         The Heritage Foundation


·            American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

·            Heritage Foundation for School Choice

·            Heritage Foundation Expert Bank

·            Free Congress Foundation

·            State Policy Network (SPN)

·           Center For Education Reform (CER)


v         Focus on the Family


·            State Family Policy Councils

·           Family Research Council (FRC)


v       National Business Roundtable


·            New American Schools Development Corporation (NASDC)

·           ACHIEVE


v         Major Private Foundations


·          Pew Charitable Trusts

·          Rockefeller Institute

·             Carnegie Foundation

·             Rand Corporation

·             Hudson Institute

·             Brookings Institution

·             Manhattan Institute

·             Annie E. Casey Foundation

·             Cato Institute

·          Hoover Institution

·          Urban Institute

·          Aspen Institute







          Through a number of venues the Heritage Foundation accomplishes its agenda:


Ø    American Legislative Exchange Council [ALEC]


ALEC [Sam Brunelli CNP] is a spin-off organization of the Heritage Foundation. ALEC develops model legislation; this includes legislation on school choice, vouchers and charter school. ALEC membership reveals a cozy gathering of major corporations, conservative legislators and numerous conservative-labeled state policy think tanks.


ALEC has been a recipient of grants totaling: $2,053,000 between the years 1985 to 1999: Castle Rock Foundation [Coors, CNP], Allegheny Foundation [Scaife], Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, Olin Foundation, Scaife Family Foundation, Bradley Foundation, Carthage Foundation [Scaife] [source: Media Transparency]


2000 Private Enterprise Board 

            Executive Committee & Directors [partial listing of corporations represented]

§         Koch Industries Inc., Michael Morgan, ALEC Chairman

§         United Parcel Service, Harry Winters, ALEC First Vice Chairman  [See Annie E. Casey Foundation, below]

§         American Express (CFR affiliate), Lee Goldberg, ALEC Second Vice Chairman

§         BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc., Pete Poynter, ALEC Treasurer

§         Coors Brewing Company (CNP funder), Allan Auger, ALEC Immediate Past Chairman

§         Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. (CFR affiliate), Marie Chelli, ALEC Director

§         Pfizer Inc., (CFR affiliate), Richard Costigan, ALEC Director

§         Ford Motor Company (CFR affiliate), J. Barry Coughlin, ALEC Director

§         Philip Morris Management Corporation, Scott Fisher, ALEC Director

§         Proctor & Gamble (CFR affiliate), Jeffrey Lane, ALEC Director         


ALEC Corporate Membership

ALEC has 400+ corporate members including: Amway [Rich DeVos, (CNP Executive Committee 1994, Board of Governors 1996 and $100,000 funder of Heritage Foundation 1994) and Jay Van Andel [Founder, Van Andel Research Institute], AT&T, Boeing, Browning Ferris Industries [William Ruckelshaus/a director at Discovery Institute], Castle-Rock Foundation [The Coors family: Holly Coors, Joseph CoorsJeffrey Coors are members and funders of the CNP 1984 and $100,000 Funders of the Heritage Foundation 1994],Chevron, Christian Coalition [Pat Robertson, CNP Bd. of Gov., 1982, Exec. Comm. 1985-86; Donald Hodel, CNP Exec. Comm. 1982, and Ralph Reed, CNP], Coca Cola, Dow Chemical, Eli Lily, Exxon, Fieldstead & Co [Howard Ahmanson, CNP Board of Governors, 1996], Ford Motor, Frito-Lay, General Motors, Gun Owners of America [Larry Pratt, CNP 1984-85;1988;1996;1998], IBM, JC Penny, John Deere & Co, Koch Industries, McDonald's, Mobile Oil, Monsanto Co, Motion Picture Association of America, National Business Association, National Council for Private School Accreditation, National Rifle Association, Pepsi Cola, Proctor & Gamble Co, Quaker Oats Co, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co, Sarah Scaife [Mellon] Foundation [$100,000 Funder of Heritage Foundation, 1994], Sony Corp, Texaco, Upjohn Co, U.S. West, United Parcel Service [see Part II: Annie E. Casey Foundation], to mention just a few.


Note: Today [2001] ALEC boasts a much larger membership, but fails to mention its 400+ corporate membership:

About ALEC's Legislative Network

Working Together for America's Future

ALEC's growing network of 2,400 legislative members enables like-minded lawmakers to meet their counterparts in other states and exchange ideas on the policies and legislation that will shape the nation's future. ALEC offers state legislators the unique opportunity to share in the knowledge and experience of many of today's leading public policy experts and business leaders.


Upjohn Pharmaceutical Co.

“When Upjohn Pharmaceuticals was deluged with letters to have its new abortion drug, Prostin F2 Alpha, taken off the market because it often produced live abortions, W.N. Hubbard, then Vice President and General Manager of Upjohn, related the company’s view. Hubbard was to write the brief on Abandonment of the Hippocratic tradition by doctors and their new subscription to utilitarianism, often masked as ‘quality of life.’ ‘If we are to have each human life fulfill its potential, then we will have to reduce [the] discrepancy between productivity and consumptive demand… For the first time, the medical profession is involved in the inhibition of life, and here we look to the most effective and convenient means… [italics added].” 1.


“The objective [of the ‘(c)onstruction of clones libraries from RNA of human fetal tissues’] was to recover the genetic material from the tissues of these victims of abortion and send them over to the federally and corporately funded, international Human Genome Project. Or, as the researchers write of their goal: ‘The construction of such large, tissue specific clone banks should facilitate the direct isolation, mapping, and characterization of normal and abnormal human genes.’ The Human Genome Project is a high-tech version of the ‘trait books’ developed in the 1920’s by U.S. eugenicist, Charles Davenport, with money from John D. Rockefeller, Sr. These ‘trait books’ determined who and who was not fully human. The idea was imported by Nazi Germany and their version was distributed to the SS, who used them to round up, with barbaric zeal, all of the ‘asocial’ and ‘abnormal,’ who were then either sterilized, imprisoned or liquidated.

“Returning to the research project in cloned libraries of RNA human fetal tissues, we turn to the ‘material and methods’ portion of the published report: ‘Human fetal tissues were obtained…from elective second trimester abortuses following prostaglandin or prostaglandin saline intra-amniotic injections.’ Prostaglandins abortifacients are manufactured by Upjohn (now Upjohn and Pharmacia) and are known to be associated with live abortions, a point that has continued to serve hungry government or privately funded researchers.” 2.



See: ALEC’S Ties to Scientology


Old ALEC News Item:


Conservative ALEC pulls big crowd, big names

Spokesman Review, August 27, 1987 [Washington state newspaper]


By David Newman [staff writer]

…This week more than 400 of the most conservative [lawmakers] will be [in Spokane, WA].

They are architects of limited government policies who will gather to trade ideas and information among themselves and a brigade of big-business lobbyists.

The American Legislative Exchange Council's annual meeting begins today at the Coeur d'Alene resort...In addition to the lawmakers more than 400 Reagan administration officials, business representatives, legislative staffers and lawmakers spouses are registered for the meeting.

U.S. Education Secretary William J. Bennett, U.S. Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Hanford Dole, … are among the dignitaries who will speak to lawmakers here…

About 1,800 of the nation's 7,500 state legislators are ALEC members.*

Unlike some other groups of state legislators, ALEC is an individual membership organization, meaning members pay their own annual dues of $20. Main support for ALEC's $2 million annual budget comes from business contributions, said Dick Bond [ALEC board member].

ALEC may be best known for its annual publication, The Source Book of American State Legislation. The book, distributed to all legislators in all states, contains model legislation that ALEC members and staffers have developed and written. The model language frequently surfaces in the House and Senate chambers as genuine legislation.

This week's meeting includes several workshops in which ALEC members and business lobbyists will craft model legislation for the inclusion in the 1989-90 edition of The Source Book.

ALEC aims to support and promote the concepts of "free enterprise and states' sovereign rights' said Thomas Stivers [ALEC board member].

When the group's founders [Paul Weyrich] met in 1974, Bond said, "They decided they wanted a conservative organization for state legislators, feeling that other organizations focused on government solutions instead of private solutions."…

Business delegates to the meeting represent a who's who of America's top corporations. Two tobacco companies, R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris, are sponsoring golf and tennis tournaments. The Adolph Coors Co., a Colorado beer brewer, will sponsor a reception, as will the NutraSweet Co. and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Northwest businesses also will send delegates: Boeing [in the leadership of GOALS 2000 during the early 90s],… 

South Africa is the only foreign nation to send a diplomatic delegation… emphasis added]


ALEC Liaisons

Washington state's ALEC legislative liaison for several years has been the Republican Senator Val Stevens. Stevens often circulates in political circles which are labeled 'Christian.' It was surprising to some that during recent legislative sessions she has backed charter school legislation. However if one understands the ALEC /Heritage Foundation/ corporate agenda and is aware of Steven's link to ALEC [which few know or understand] there should be little surprise.


ALEC Publications on Charter Schools


EDUCATION Books and Special Reports


Issue Papers 

 The State Factor--A Report Card on School Choice 

Vol. 24, No. 1, Summer 1998, 5 pgs. 

By Paul Peterson, Harvard University 

After more than two decades of mediocre academic achievement, a movement is growing to challenge and reconfigure the existing model of public education by implementing "school choice" programs. These programs would provide students and parents the power and means to select the best school for them, whether public or private.  


The State Factor--Groundswell: How Charter Schools Are Transforming the Education Landscape 

Vol. 24, No. 4, Dec. 1998, 8 pgs. 

Educators and policy makers looking to reform public education should consider the proven results of charter schools. As privately managed public schools receiving public funds with less public regulations, charter schools are sweeping the nation as an effective tool for decentralizing the highly bureaucratic public school system. While two-thirds of the states and the District of Columbia currently have charter school legislation, the statutory restrictions on the growth of charter schools need to be eliminated to decentralize the entire public school system and maximize the potential of this effective education reform. 


Much of ALEC literature discusses and endorses public/private partnerships; charter schools being a prime example. Of course ALEC offers model legislation on charter schools.


ALEC Newsletter 1999


Inside ALEC

1999 Board of Directors [represents the legislative members]

1999 Private Enterprise Board [corporate members]

Corporations represented:

Koch Industries, Michael K. Morgan, ALEC Chairman

United Parcel Service, Harry Winters, ALEC First Vice Chairman

American Express, Les Goldberg, ALEC Second Vice Chairman

Coors Brewing Company, Allen E. Auger, ALEC immediate past Chairman

Other Corporations represented on the Private Enterprise Board [partial listing]

            Pfizer Co.

            Ford Motor Company

            Phillip Morris management Corporation

            Glaxo Wellcome Inc.

            Chlorine Chemistry Council

            Procter & Gamble

            Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America

            R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

            Golden Rule Insurance Company [J. Patrick Rooney ]


[announcement on same page] 

ALEC welcomes New Private Sector Members [1999]

[partial listing]

American Healthcare Association

American Medical Association

Edison Project    [For-profit charter schools corporation -- partners include: Chester Finn of Manhattan Institute and Hudson Institute, John Chubb of the Brookings Institution, Benno C. Schmidt of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, and billionaire Paul Allen, formerly of Microsoft]

National Association of Realtors


VISA U.S.A. Inc.



Ø    Heritage Foundation For School Choice

This web page gives invaluable insight as to just what the Heritage-linked orgs are in each state and how they work behind the scenes. Detailed profiles on charter/choice are given for each state. The identical orgs are members of the State Policy Network [see below].


Ø    Heritage Foundation Expert Bank

The Expert Bank identifies qualified persons and their areas of expertise, serving as contacts for Heritage's agenda in each state.


Ø    Free Congress Foundation [FCF]

FCF was originally named the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress [Paul Weyrich, CNP Bd. of Governors 1982, 1996, Sec.-Treas. Exec. Committee 1984-88]. Through the various Policy Centers, such as the Center for Law and Democracy [Thomas Jipping], the so-called grassroots are mobilized. However, as it turns out, the grassroots organizations are, in the main, member organizations of the Council for National Policy or Heritage-linked think tanks.


Free Congress Foundation has been a recipient of grants totaling: $19,368,960 between the years 1985 to 1999: Castle Rock Foundation [Coors, CNP], Olin Foundation, Sarah Scaife Foundation, Bradley Foundation, Scaife Family Foundation, Carthage Foundation [Scaife],. [source: Media Transparency]  


Two examples would be Free Congress Foundation’s 

§         Grassroots Endorsements of Senator John Ashcroft’s Nomination

§         Coalition for Constitutional Liberties which lobbies for federal technology policy


Ø    State Policy Network [SPN]


The State Policy Network is made up of the many national conservative think tanks found in each state which are funded, not by grassroots citizens, but by the same wealthy individuals and private foundations which also fund the Heritage Foundation. SPN is supported by the Heritage Foundation and the Olin Foundation.

Thomas A. Roe [deceased], credited as being the founder of the State Policy Network, was a Trustee of the Heritage Foundation.
“It was Roe's vision more than anyone else's that expanded the reach of the conservative movement from the federal to the state level. Beginning in the 1960s, his leadership helped spawn a nationwide consortium of state-based research institutes to promote conservative values among state policy-makers. [Roe chaired] the Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, Heritage's economic research arm.” [1998, Heritage Foundation web site]

Thomas Roe was a member of the Council for National Policy [1984].

Thomas Atwood is on the SPN Advisory Board. He was credited as editor of the1999 edition of Heritage Foundation Expert Bank manual and is presently identified as Heritage's Resource Bank Staff Director for Coalition Relations. He worked with Family Research Council [an affiliate of Focus on the Family, James Dobson, CNP Board of Governors 1982] as Vice President of Policy and Programs [1999-2000]. 


Gary Palmer of the Alabama Family Alliance is also on the SPN Advisory Board. Palmer's Alabama Alliance is a state affiliate of Focus on the Family's network of family policy councils.


Ø    The Center for Education Reform


Headed by Jeanne Allen and Denis Doyle. Both have a close association with the Heritage Foundation. Denis Doyle is a partner on the GOALS 2000 / Hudson Institute's Modern Red School House design team. The Center for Ed Reform networks in each state on choice/charter school issues. 3. Members of the Board* [1995] of the Center for Education Reform include: William J. Hume, CER Chairman [Heritage Foundation Board of Trustees since 1991], William Bennett, Chester Finn, Denis Doyle and Byron S. Lamm, [director of Heritage Foundation's State Policy Network founded by Heritage Trustee Thomas Roe], John Chubb of the very old and influential Rockefeller-founded Brookings Institution, Pierre du Pont IV*** [CNP 1988-2000] of the DuPont fortune, and Grover Norquist** [CNP] hailing from yet another self-advertised conservative organization, Americans for Tax Reform. Demonstrating how organizations with patriotic, reformist titles tie into corporate giants, Norquist is also a lobbyist for Microsoft, whose CEO Bill Gates recently donated $1 billion to the United Nations for its population control. 


*Note: A recent e-mail from CER [2001] continues to list both:

• Checker Finn [Hudson Institute and Manhattan Institute]

• William J. Hume, Chairman Emeritus [Heritage Foundation Trustee]

And has now added:

• John Chubb [Brookings Institution]


**Grover Norquist [CNP]

Ralph Reed [CNP] states in his book Active Faith: How Christians Are Changing The Soul Of American Politics:

“In 1983 I became executive director of the national College Republicans, mobilizing the youth vote for Reagan during his reelection campaign in 1984. Just as Tom Hayden and the Students for a Democratic Society had transformed American politics in the 1960s and 1970s by turning the youth vote into a potent political force, we hoped to create a generation of committed conservatives that would be a mirror image of the new left.

“Grover Norquist, a former executive director of the National Taxpayers Union, was the driving force behind this effort. With an MBA from Harvard and uncommon political organizing skills, Grover taught me and dozens of others how to build a campus network that helped make eighteen to twenty-four-year-olds stronger supporters of Ronald Reagan than any other age group.” 4.


***Pierre du Pont IV [CNP]

Council for National Policy 1988-2000. Candidate for President, 1988; former Delaware governor, 1977-85; former member U.S. House of Representatives, 1971-77; former member, Delaware State House of Representatives, 1969-70; former chairman, Hudson Institute, founder and chairman, GOPAC.

Dupont Co. was founded in 1802 by E. I. du Pont de Nemours. In 1902, Pierre Samuel du Pont II (1870-1954), was one of three grandsons who assumed ownership and management of DuPont. Current director of DuPont Co., Andrew F. Brimmer, is a trustee of the liberal Brookings Institution and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]. The former director of DuPont was Seagrams/narcotics magnate, Edgar Bronfman, also CFR. 5. See Genetic Engineering Network (UK) on DuPont NGOs & Related News Links.


The Center for Education Reform has been a recipient of grants totaling $660,460 between the years 1994 to 1999: Olin Foundation, Bradley Foundation, Scaife Family Foundation, Carthage Foundation [Scaife], JM Foundation. [source: Media Transparency]


E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

“In 1915 the American International Corporation was formed in New York.  Its principle goal was the coordination of aid, particularly financial assistance, to the Bolsheviks which had previously been provided by Schiff and other bankers on an informal basis.  The new firm was funded by J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, and the National City Bank.  Chariman of the Board was Frank Vanderlip, former president of National City ... Directors were Pierre DuPont, Otto Kahn of Kuhn, Loeb Co., George Herbert Walker, grandfather of President George H. Bush, William Woodward, director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Robert S. Lovett, righthand man of the Harriman-Kuhn, Loeb Union Pacific Railroad; Percy Rockefeller, John D. Ryan, J.A. Stillman, son of James Stillman, principle organizer of the National City Bank; A.H. Wiggin, and Beekman Winthrop.  The 1928 list of AIC directors included Percy Rockefeller, Pierre DuPont, Elisha Walker of Kuhn, Loeb Co., and Frank Altschul of Lazard Freres.  In their program of aiding the Communists, AIC worked closely with Guaranty Trust of New York (now Morgan Guaranty Trust).  Guaranty Trust's directors in 1903 included George F. Baker, founder of the First National Bank; August Belmont, representative of the Rothschilds; E.H. Harriman, founder of Union Pacific Railroad; former vice president of the U.S., Levi Morton, who was a director of U.S. Steel and the Union Pacific;  Henry H. Rogers, partner of John D. Rockefeller in Standard Oil, also a director of Union Pacific; H. McK. Twombly, who married the daughter of  William Vanderbilt, and was now he director of fifty banks and industries; Frederick W. Vanderbilt, and Harry Payne Whitney.”

“In 1929 I.G. Farben concluded limited cartel agreements with DuPont Chemical in the U.S…

“In 1932 the proceedings of the Third International Congress on Eugenics were dedicated to W. Averell Harriman's mother. The congress took up the stubborn persistence of African-Americans and other allegedly ‘inferior’ and ‘socially inadequate’ groups in reproducing, expanding their numbers, and amalgamating with others. It was recommended that these ‘dangers’ to the ‘better’ ethnic groups and to the ‘well-born,’ could be dealt with by sterilization or ‘cutting off the bad stock’ of the ‘unfit.’ (3)  The congress was held at New York's American Museum of Natural History August 21-23. (3) Madison Grant served as the treasurer. The event included as sponsors Mrs. E.H. Harriman, Mrs. H.B. DuPont, Dr. J. Harvey Kellogg and Leonard Darwin. (38) The event was financed by the Harrimans and hosted by Averell’s mother [Mary A. Harriman] and sister, [Mary Rumsey Harriman]. …

“In 1933 Walter S. Carpenter, Jr. oversees Du Pont's purchase of Remington Arms from Sam Pryor and the Rockefellers and leads Du Pont into partnership with the Nazi I.G. Farben Company for the manufacture of explosives [among other things]. (3)

“In 1938 just before the outbreak of war in Europe, the German Luftwaffe had an urgent requirement for 500 tons of tetraethyl lead. Ethyl [Gasoline Corporation] was advised by an official of Du Pont that such quantities of ethyl would be used by Germany for military purposes. This 500 tons was loaned by the Ethyl Export Corporation of New York to Ethyl G.m.b.H. of Germany, in a transaction arranged by the Reich Air Ministry with I.G. Farben director Mueller-Cunradi. The collateral security was arranged in a letter dated September 21, 1938 through Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. of New York. (33) [See 1935]” 6. 
        “Whether or not you viewed Bill Moyers’ special on the Chemical industry (3/26/01) the incriminating documents referred to are all on the website above. We are in the midst of an ongoing holocaust. The chemical manufacturers of America are now totally in control of this nation through the Bush administration, which is fully staffed with current and former petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industry executives. If you want some insight into their real intentions towards us in terms of health and safety you'll find abundant proof of it here from their own internal documents. These are in effect, signed confessions from corporate mass murderers.
       “What Bill Moyers did not get into in his exceptional expose is that the origin of these chemical companies is intimately tied to eugenics, population control and the scientists of IG Farben/Nazi Germany. Beyond the horrors of knowingly poisoning generations of Americans for financial profit is the inescapable reality that there is a deliberate intention to cause disease and shorten life behind the corporate decisions of the members of the chemical manufacturers of America. The Republican and Democratic elected officials who take their money and in exchange willingly obstruct all serious efforts to protect us from these monsters are their equally guilty accessories.” 7.






FOTF's publication: Charting a New Course: A Parent's Guide to the Charter School Movement

by FOTF Policy Analyst Perry Glanzer [Released July 30, 1998] offers various charter school organizations for the reader to contact:


How Can I Find Local Charter Schools?

A national charter school directory has been published by the Center for Education Reform. It lists all of the currently operating charter schools in the country by state and provides a general description of each school…


Select List of Websites

The websites listed herein are provided as a service and do not constitute an endorsement by Focus on the Family [abbreviated list]:

Center for Education Reform

[Set up by the Heritage Foundation to promote Charter Schools and to interface with organizations at the state level. Directors: Denis Doyle and Jeanne Allen.]

Education Excellence Network

[This is an extension of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation (Chester Finn, Diane Ravitch, Bruno Manno. All were involved in various parts of GOALS 2000. The Fordham Foundation has received grant money from Pew Charitable Trusts.) Click on Charter Schools in Action.]


Ø    Focus on the Family's State Family Policy Councils


This 35+ state, para-church network lobbies in the political/ legislative arena, while at the same time, facilitating the churches' participation with various programs emanating from the Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs. The councils have actively lobbied for Charter Schools, Faith-Based Welfare Reform and Covenant Marriage legislation.


See also: Little Known Facts About Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family & The Theosophical Society



Ø    Family Research Council [FRC]


Founded in1982 by James Dobson with Gary Bauer [CNP], FRC serves as the political arm of Focus on the Family. “FRC works closely with state and local organizations providing research…and resources to grass roots activists.”


Some staff members have had crossover-ties to the Heritage Foundation: 


§         Thomas Atwood


Selected Biographies

Thomas C. Atwood - director of coalition relations for Heritage Foundation, serving as the liaison to 400 nonprofit groups with emphasis on free-market think tanks; board member, State Policy Network; former executive and managing editor of Heritage's Policy Review; controller, Pat Robertson presidential campaign and campaign exploratory committee; MBA and MA in public policy, Regent University



Atwood coordinates Heritage's liaison to some 400 nonprofit organizations and 2,000 scholars worldwide, with special emphasis on promoting the free-market-oriented state think tank movement. He is a Board member of the State Policy Network and previously served as Executive and Managing Editor for Policy Review, Heritage's quarterly journal of analysis and opinion. Atwood, who served as controller for Pat Robertson's presidential campaign exploratory committee, earned an M.B.A. and an M.A. in public policy from Regent University. He was credited with developing the Heritage Foundation Experts Guide 14th Ed. [identifying experts in each state and their expertise].


At the same time Atwood is named on the Family Research Council's web site:

Thomas C. Atwood is vice president for policy and programs at Family Research Council.


 §         Jennifer E. Marshall


The Family Research Council lists Jennifer E.  Marshall as FRC's welfare policy analyst in a FRC article: “With Liberty and Justice for All: Redefining the Educational Choice Debate,” by Jennifer A. Marshall, education policy analyst, and Jennifer E. Marshall, welfare policy analyst, []


However, another FRC article states: Jennifer E. Marshall is a Bradley Fellow* at the Heritage Foundation based in Washington, D.C., where she is writing a book on the Protestant church and welfare reform. 8.


[Note: The Bradley Foundation is a major funder to multiple think tanks and private foundations.  See Hudson Institute, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation]



Family Research Council has been a recipient of grants totaling: $215,000 between the years 1992 to 1999: Bradley Foundation [source: Media Transparency]


Family Research Council is an NGO of the United Nations.  



PART VII: MORE Strategists for Charter Schools





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