In 2005 and 2006 I gave many presentations on the Berean Chronicles radio program, also called Retaking America. (See: Audio Presentations)  During this period, Kelly McGinley expressed appreciation for our information and repeatedly declared that she would no longer promote disinformation.  In late 2006, however, it became apparent that the Berean Chronicles was not removing their disinformation links and materials, that the Retaking America site was still operating, and that Kelly had no intention of keeping her word.  After we did an extensive search of the Retaking America / Berean Chronicles websites, I sent the following e-mail to Kelly explaining why I could not continue to do programs on her radio show.  Barbara Aho
November 21, 2006
Dear Kelly,
Since I've been presenting my reports on the Berean Chronicles you have expressed many times that, although you formerly promoted agents of the conspiracy out of ignorance, you will now be exposing them instead and removing their materials from your website. I continued doing programs in order to give you and others more information which would help you to expose the true conspiracy and remove disinformation from your site.
Although you say that you have reversed your course, the Berean Chronicles website tells a very different story.
Over the weekend I spent several hours perusing the BC website and compiled a long list of false teachers and prophets, disinformation agents and agents provocateurs, many of whom I have exposed on your program, whose books, CDs and websites are still sold and otherwise promoted by the Berean Chronicles. I was shocked to find among these other direct links to known deceivers such as Benny Hinn, astrologers and astrotheology websites, as well as the "Retakingamerica Your Christian Bookstore" which sells numerous products put out by the apostate church.
The "Retakingamerica Christian Bookstore" is accessed from the very deceptive link named "The Conspiracy Against Christianity." Among the multitude of products sold in the "Retakingamerica Christian Bookstore" are modern bible versions, jewelry with occult symbols, "Veggie Tales," "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Left Behind" movies and DVDs, 31 books by James Dobson, Tim LaHaye's books, CDs of pseudo-Christian rock stars/bands and other products which you have denounced on your radio program. The "Christian Book" catalogue contains hundreds, if not thousands, of books authored by deceivers such as James Dobson, D.James Kennedy, Chuck Swindoll, Chuck Pierce, etc.
Until now I've given you the benefit of the doubt, but the deception on your website is so extensive that it's difficult for me to believe you are unaware of it. Because of this untenable situation, neither Lynn Kistler nor I will be doing future programs on the Berean Chronicles.
P.S. I'm sending you my list of dangerous links/materials promoted on the BC website in an attachment. It is not exhaustive but only what I've discovered so far.
The following is the list of disinformation links and materials found on the Berean Chronicles/Retaking America website prior to Nov. 21, 2006.  Many of the links, such as a link to Benny Hinn's website, and other objectionable material were quickly removed as the Berean Chronicles attempted to do damage control.  In the list below, I have highlighted the names of those we have found to be disformation agents in red.  Our comments are highlighted in green.
PODCASTING   [Audio: Disinformation Agents in the Alternative Media]
Art Vanick-Mormons 4-5-06.mp3 / disinformation agent / says "Book of Mormon" written by godly Christian minister, Solomon Spaulding
Barry Chamish 12-5-05.mp3 / Zionist / Kabbalist
Darryl Eberhart 11-15-05.mp3 / disinformation agent / promotes Khazar deception [conspiracy not Sionist Jews, but Islamic Turks] 
Darryl Eberhart Day 2 Jesuits 11-22-05.mp3 
Dave Hunt Calvinism.mp3 / speaker at conferences of EMNR, founded at Lausanne Consultations
David Bay Founding Fathers 3-21-06.mp3 / Audio series Expose of Cutting Edge Ministries]
David Bay Founding Fathers 2-22-06.mp3 
David Shugart-Secrets of the Widows Son 3-15-06.mp3  promotes The Da Vinci Code
Dr. Kent Hovind 2.mp3 / convicted of tax evasion
Eric Hufschmid on Fake Moon Landings 8-24-06.mp3 / disinformation agent / promotes Khazar deception [conspiracy not Sionist Jews, but Islamic Turks] 
J.R. Church remade Hidden Prop.mp3 / promotes The False Gospel in the Stars
Joan Veon 4-25-05.mp3  / disinformation agent / Audio: Disinformation Agents in the Alternative Media
Joan Veon 7-25-05.mp3 
Joan Veon Prince Charles & New Orleans 12-21-05.mp3 
Joan Veon UN at Vienna, Austria Space 6-12-06.mp3 
Joan Veon live at UN in NY 9-15-05.mp3 
Joan Veon-Prince Charles & New Orleans 12-21-05.mp3 
Joan Veon-World Economic Forum 2-1-06.mp3 
John Daniel 1-10-06 The Lucifer Project-Cassini.mp3 / claims Masonic conspiracy is controlled by Jesuits instead of Sionist Jews / Priory of Sion
Lisa G & Victor Part 2 Flight 93 1-31-06.mp3 
Lisa G & Victor Part 1 Flight 93 1-31-06.mp3 
Lisa Guliana & Victor Thorn Flight 93 1-31-06.mp3 
Lisa Guliani & Victor Throm 2-10-05.mp3 
Lisa Ruby 11-21-05.mp3 / Ruckmanite disinfo agent
Lisa Ruby--Left Behind 10-5-05.mp3 
Liz McIntyre Spychip 10-4-05.mp3 [see: Harry Potter & Mark of the Beast]
Michael Hoggard 9-22-05.mp3 / Bible numerics in the KJV
Peter Herberg Satanic Numerology Day One. mp3.mp3 / adopted penname "PH Craftlove" after occultist H.P. Lovecraft / promotes astrotheologist Jordan Maxwell
Peter Herberg day 2.mp3 
Ralph Epperson 4-4-06 on Jesse James.mp3 / promotes John Birch Society in The Unseen Hand
Ralph Epperson Christian Nation 8-11-05.mp3 
Susan Puzio Day 1 8-16-05.mp3 / claims "Nephilim" in Genesis 6 not fallen angels  / Audio: Rebuilding of Solomon's Temple on Mt. Hermon/Sion
Susan Puzio Day 2 8-17-05.mp3 
Susan Puzio Nephilims & Giants 9-12-06.mp3 
Tim Campbell END-times 2-20-06.mp3 
Tom MaMahon on The Passion 3-11-04.mp3 / Dave Hunt’s colleague
June 12, 06 Joan Veon
Art Vanick  "Who Really Wrote The Book of Mormon? The Spalding Enigma By Art Vanick 
     / says Book of Mormon written by godly Christian minister

March 23, 06 Rebroadcast with Gail Riplinger and The New Age Bible Versions. She discussed the hidden alliance between new versions and the New Age Movement's One World Religion. / Gail Riplinger is the protégé of Peter Ruckman; claims King James Version is superior to the Greek Textus Receptus / See: "Shock & Awe in the KJV-Only Camp"

August 21, 06 Arthur Vanick, author of "Who Really Wrote The Book Of Mormon? $16.95 The Spalding Enigma" He discussed Mormonism and Freemasonry! 
     / Varnick says “Book of Mormon” written by godly Christian minister, Solomon Spaulding. 
August 22, 06 Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D. - / disinfo agent, promotes computer chip implant as Mark of the Beast 
    / See: The Six-Pointed Star: The Mark of the Beast
August 29, 06 Joan Veon - With The Women's International Media Group 
July 28, 06 Re-broadcast Ralph Epperson / promotes JBS
May 5, 06 Rebroadcast of April 12, 06 - With Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani
Joan Veon mp3
The Berean Chronicles presents: Exposing Freemasonry 

Great Site - Freemason Watch [rotating ads for New Age books]

“The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors” by Kersey Graves / See: Astrotheology - Comparative Mythology i.e., Jesus Christ is only a god in the pantheon of ancient gods

“The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold” by Acharya S / Astrotheology

“Myths & Legends of our Own Land” by Charles Skinner / Astrotheology

“The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins / atheist, Darwinist

”The Kybalion” by Three Initiates / A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece, by Three Initiates
[and many others occult books] 

United States Presidents and The Masonic Power Structure. By: Robert Howard / promotes disinfo of Jesuit conspiracy instead of Zionist/Sionist conspiracy

United States Presidents and The Masonic Power Structure. Pt.2

United States Presidents and The Masonic Power Structure. Pt.3


Ralph Epperson

Please support The Berean Chronicles and purchase these books from us. Thank You! / promotes JBS



TWO ORGANIZATIONS, ONE VISIBLE, THE OTHER INVISIBLE By David Bay / Audio series Expose of Cutting Edge Ministries]


CUTTING EDGE-DAVID BAY SERIES / Audio series Expose of Cutting Edge Ministries]






Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps / Huguenot Calvinist, disinfo agent provocateur, teaches Jesuit conspiracy instead of Zionist/Sionist conspiracy

      Phelps exposed here:

Kjos Ministries [Berit Kjos] / See: Discernment Ministries Facilitating the Transition to Lausanne
Trouble in Narnia: The Occult Side of C.S. Lewis-MP3
Trouble in Narnia: The Occult Side of C.S. Lewis-MP3
Holy Bible  |  Bible Numerics
By Divine Order by Michael Hoggard
The King James Code By Michael Hoggard / Jewish Gematria / Kabbalah / See: Shock & Awe in the KJV-Only Camp: The KJV Bibl Codes

September 11 we have seen many battles fought in the world, and in the United States, but none so important as the battle for the Bible. As America unites in a common patriotism, there is a clear call to get back to the basics of what has made this country the greatest country on the earth.

At the top of that list is the greatest book in all of the human history, the King James translation of the Holy Scriptures, the very book that is the foundation of this land (Psalm 11:3). The King James Code is not a book of secret knowledge, but a guidebook for unfolding for its readers a numerical journey that starts with the beginning of creation, and takes us through the end of time. Features: 275 pages.

There is also a companion video to this book, The King James Code.
Apostate Church  |  Rapture Issues 
God's Wrath on Left Behind [Lisa Ruby] Ruckmanite disinfo agent
Exposing the Antichrist Agenda of the Left Behind Series
God's Wrath on the Left Behind-CD [Lisa Ruby]
The broadcast for: October, 5&6, 2005.
Rebroadcast for: Tuesday, February 7, 2006
God's Wrath on the Left Behind-MP3 [Lisa Ruby]
The broadcast for: October 5&6, 2005 
Rebroadcast on Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Radio Broadcast MP3-2005 
God's Wrath on the Left Behind-MP3 [Lisa Ruby]
The broadcast for: October 5&6, 2005 
Rebroadcast on Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Radio Broadcast on CD-2005 
God's Wrath on the Left Behind-CD [Lisa Ruby]
The broadcast for: October, 5&6, 2005.
Rebroadcast for: Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Grand Design by John Daniel

To set forth with keen awareness, that the imminent, literal, visible and personal return of Jesus Christ is at hand to wreck global vengeance on the counterfeit fraudulent kingdom of Pontifex Maximus.

Exposing Secret Societies 
The Grand Design Exposed by John Daniel 
Deals with Jesuit control of Freemasonry plus Jesuit involvement in the early history of America.
New World Order  |  Freemasonry 
The Grand Design Exposed by John Daniel 
Deals with Jesuit control of Freemasonry plus Jesuit involvement in the early history of America.
 Radio Broadcast MP3 2006 
Great Chastisement-MP3 John Daniel
The broadcast for Tuesday January 10, 2006
Re-broadcast for Monday, February 6, 2006
Radio Broadcast on CD-2006 
Great Chastisement-CD John Daniel
The broadcast for Tuesday, January, 10, 2006
Re-broadcast for Monday, February 6,2006
One Soldier's Journey Into Covert Warfare-CD by Daniel Marvin
The Broadcast for: Monday March 6. 2006
U.S. Government  |  Military 
One Soldier's Journey Into Covert Warfare-CD Daniel Marvin
The Broadcast for: Monday March 6. 2006
No Cards 
C.A.S.P.I.A.N. / Organization of agent provocateur Katherine Albrecht / links to her other site "" / Audio: Harry Potter & Mark of the Beast
Liz McIntyre and Katherine Albrecht / disinfo agents / Audio: Disinformation Agents in the Alternative Media / See: The Six-Pointed Star: The Mark of the Beast
Huge Network of disinformation agents and agents provocateur
The Coming World War
Find out what Nostradamus says about the years 2006 - 2012.  / agent provocateur website
“Conspiracy Against Christianity” by Ralph Epperson
“Unseen Hand” by Ralph Epperson / final chapter of book is devoted to promotion of John Birch Society / See: The John Birch Society
“Ralph Epperson wants anyone who wishes to challenge him about Freemasonry to call him @ 1-800-422-3888 
A historian, author, and lecturer who has been researching the Conspiratorial VIEW OF HISTORY . His Web Site:
“The Grand Design Exposed” by John Daniel / claims Jesuits control of Freemasonry instead of Prieuré de Sion
CENTER PAGE / near the end
“Illuminati Agents Build Detention Camps on 33rd Parallel”  
Click on the photo and it takes you to Peter Herberg / adopted penname "PH Craftlove" after occultist H.P. Lovecraft / promotes astrotheologist Jordan Maxwell / See: Comparative Mythology & Astrotheology
Promotes The Constitution Party; most articles are from World Net Daily
“Americans Must Free Themselves From A Two Party Death Grip” by Chuck Baldwin
Book covers of Katherine Albrecht’s books, “Spy Chips” and “The Spy Chip Threat,” although not in bookstore Berean Chronicles provide publicity for these disinfo books. 
Book cover: “Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon” by Art Varnick / Varnick says “Book of Mormon” written by godly Christian minister, Solomon Spaulding. 
News Sites
“Consortium News”
What do the planets say about politics? Tell-it-like-it-is political astrology 
Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal 
"The best daily astrological forecast on the web!" Check out the free week-by-week forecast, or be a premium subscriber and get Maya's complete monthly forecast!
Scorpio Time: Overcoming Our Resistance to Truth Take advantage of the season to really get to the bottom of things.
MASTER ASTROLOGER MAYA DEL MAR - Get the Chart Reading of Your Life! with master astrologer Maya del Mar 
SUN SIGNS What's Up this Month for Your Sign? Get your own forecast for the month ahead right here. 
[and more astrology]
"God's News Behind the News"
Dr. Ray Brubaker and Dr. Joe VanKoevering discussing Bible prophecy with Benny Hinn on This Is Your Day! 
    / Benny Hinn teaching Bible prophecy! 
Part 1 - Wed, Nov. 8, 2006  Watch now!
Part 2 - Thurs, Nov. 9, 2006  Watch now!
“News With Views” / Dominionists and disinformation agents / see list below
“The Golden Report” 
Jerry Golden, Zionist Jew whose son is an IDF soldier; Golden promoted counterfeit Elijah the Prophet in Israel./ See: Pseudo-Elijah in Israel

“500 million Christians in the WCC now telling their members not to do business with Israel. But I thank God that most Christians in the US and many around the world are standing up for Israel, and that Jews are becoming more and more aware of  that.”


Web Churches
Southwest Radio Church / Noah Hutchings  

Hutchings wrote “The Great Pyramids, Prophecy in Stone” / sponsors tours of Egypt; promotes David Bay’s series of DVDs “America's Secret Beginnings”; promotes Gail Riplinger, sells/promotes Joan Veon’s books/DVDs

The Earth Is Not “Billions of Years” Old
Creation Science Evangelism
Dr. Kent Hovind / agent provocateur / convicted of tax evasion
“The Conspiracy Against Christianity”
This link takes you to a website, “Retakingamerica Your Christian Bookstore” by “deepercalling media
"Retakingamerica Your Christian Bookstore" promotes/sells modern versions, and books, 
       DVDs and movies by pseudo-Christian authors, musicians and rock bands!
Welcome to our Christian Superstore! / not a Christian bookstore!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our [pseudo-]Christian Superstore. Here you will find a comprehensive collection of [pseudo-]Christian books, [modern] bibles, [Christian rock] music, [occult] jewelry and giftware - all at great prices. We encourage you to browse around our store and checkout the items we have on offer. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our free store newsletter and in the process get a free downloadable MP3 version of the Britta Adams album Maybe Sunday!

Movies & DVDs: Veggie Tales, Left Behind, Bananas, Music & more! 
“Gods Word For Girls”: Pink Leather Bible [God’s Word Translation]
“Developing The Leader Within You” by John Maxwell [Promise Keepers]
Great Study Bibles.  

While we litterally have hundreds of fine Bibles in stock, we thought it would be fun to draw attention to a couple of our favorite study Bibles, for those that are both serious and passionate about their Bibles. Sometimes bigger is better! See whats jam packed into these beauties.

Zondervan's KJV Amplified Bible 
 KJV/Amplified Parallel Bible (Bonded Leather, Black) 

No more carrying around two Bibles! People who study the Bible usually want some kind of understanding from which they will garner wisdom. If you've used a concordance to translate English to Greek to discern original meanings, then you will find IT'S HERE! This gives a better grasp of the original meaning by the original author. The Holy Spirit answers the questions with understanding and a reaction by the reader of OH WOW! 

Zondervan's Amplified Bible / Amplified Bible 
God's Word For Girls : Pink Leather 
Combined with GOD’S WORD Translation, today’s most readable and accurate Bible translation
God's Word For Boys : Blue Leather 
Electronic Bibles 
Bibles for your iPOD and Palm Pilot!  

Sporting an iPod or Palm Pilot, and got no word? We can fix that. Here are a couple of great titles that you should check out. Take advantage of that music player or pda and get yourself immersed in the word.

Laridian  iPocket Bible for iPod 

Laridian, Inc., a leading publisher of Bible-related software for mobile devices, has released iPocketBible New Living Translation Edition for use with iPod mobile digital devices. iPocketBible includes the complete text and dramatized audio of the Holy Bible, New Living Translation for reading and listening. iPocketBible utilizes the iPod “Notes” feature to present the Bible text for reading (iPod must have a display for this feature to work)…

Zondervan NIV Study Bible 5.1 for Windows 
A great bible at a great price. If you are looking for something inexpensive to get started with, then you can't go wrong with this title from Zondervan.  
Franklin Electronic Bibles 
NIV Electronic Holy Bible 

This is an incredible easy to use invention that furthers the ease of life. It is very portable and easy to understand. We fully recommend this object because it will help you understand the Bible. It is so portable that you will find great opportunities to use it when you never thought you had enough time in the day to read it. When you are waiting for a ride home, or on an airplane you can now read something from the Bible that is so portable and light. You dont even realize it is in your purse or briefcase. WONDERFUL in every way:) 

Franklin Electronic Bibles 
NIV/KJV Electronic Holy Bible …
Children’s Titles 
Our latest children's news and articles! 
Recommended Titles!  
Check out these great selections - especially for children! 
C.S. Lewis "The Chronicles of Narnia" 

All seven books in the Chronicles of Narnia are now available together in a hardcover volume which includes an essay by C. S. Lewis, "On Three Ways of Writing for Children," where he explains precisely how the magic of Narnia first came to life. 

Thommy Nelson Publishers - For Boys 
 ICB Small Hands Bible : Boy 
A personalized "First" Bible, cherished for a lifetime. For little boys, we recommend the ICB Small Hands Bible for Boys.  
Nicole Johnson 
 Keeping a Princess Heart 

Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. Every little girl grew up hearing the stories of "happily ever after" but, is that the world in which she exists today? A wonderful book for girls to read! 

Thommy Nelson Publishers - For Girls 
 ICB Small Hands Bible : Girl 
For little girls, the ICB Small Hands Bible: for girls!  
Sheila Walsh / Women of Faith speaker See: Women of Faith: Outreach of the UN
   Formerly with Youth for Christ and co-host with Pat Robertson on the 700 Club. [Youth for Christ was founded by Billy Graham 
   [see World Christian MovementPat Robertson signed the Evangelicals & Catholics Together Document [1994]
 Gigi, God's Little Princess 
 As adults we know and love Sheila Walsh, now your daughter can enjoy her latest creative fiction, Gigi, God's Little Princess.  
Max Lucado / Former VP of Promise Keepers and popular author of Gnostic best-sellers See: Cosmic Christmas
 Just In Case You Ever Wonder 
A beautiful story, in a beautiful board book, by Max Lucado. His best seller that tells of a fathers love for his child.   
Tim Wesemann 
 The Book Of Cool 
For the pre-teen boy, The Book of Cool, by Tim Wesemann (8-12 year olds).  
Max Lucado 
 Punchillo and the Most Marvelous Gift 
The whole family will enjoy, Punchillo and the Most Marvelous Gift, by Max Lucado  
Children's DVDs  
If you are looking for Children's DVDs, then be sure to check out this link! 
Welcome to the Search Books by Author feature. Here you can find popular authors. 
If the author you are looking for is not listed, then try doing a search on the author!
Hundreds of wolves in sheep’s clothing here. Small sample of authors:
Arterburn Stephen / Founder, Women of Faith, See: Women of Faith: An Outreach of the UN
Anne Graham Lotz   
Alice Smith
D. James Kennedy / See: The False Gospel in the Stars
Derek Prince  
Dobson Danae / See: The Passion of the Christ
Dobson James 
Dutch Sheets / See: The Prophecies of Chuck Pierce: Prophecy or Prior Knowledge?
Dr. Tim LaHaye / First President of the Council for National Policy, agent of Sun Myun Moon / See: CNP Database
C. Peter Wagner / Fuller Theological Seminary, Global Harvest Ministries, Founder, AD 2000 United Prayer Track
C. S. Lewis  
Cindy Jacobs / See: The Elijah Revolution
Chuck D. Pierce / See: The Prophecies of Chuck Pierce: Prophecy or Prior Knowledge?
Chuck Missler / CNP Member / Bible Code [Kabbalah] teacher, See: CNP Database; The KJV Bible Codes; Missler's Toss Salad Should Be Tossed
Bill Goodyear - deeperShopping TV and Online Bookstore Network trade oriented inquiries.
Our Websites  - Main corporate website.  - Internet Retailing and Commerce website.  - The MythArc - our flagship line of fiction.
Our Artists Websites  - C3 Worship including Steve Deal Band, CCC Manhattan and more! - C3Worship - "...the new generation Praise & Worship movement that is sweeping through churches in North America"  - Brendon and Cathie Clancy, Children's and Family entertainment & books.  - The personal websites of Mytharc authors Derek & Sharon Gilbert.  - Bruce Porter, Author, Filmaker, Firefighter, Public speaker! / Littleton pastor and high profile leader of the Columbine Youth Revolution  - Meri Crouley, Television anchor, Teacher, Speaker. - Saturday, November 4, 2006 "Streams of Revival Conference / Fulfillment Festival involving Israel. God is birthing forth a new wave of His Glory which is being poured out. The high places are being taken back for God's kingdom and incredible Keys and anointings will be imparted at this meeting. Meri will be prophetically praying over people as the Spirit directs…"  - Riverview Church - Praise & Worship that is simply stunning. / apostate megachurch  - Philip Baker, Senior Pastor of Riverview Church, speaker, blogger & thinker too!  - Mark Cullen, Worship Pastor at Riverview Church! / another pseudo-Christian rock star  - Steve Grace, Australia's premier country artist. / pseudo-Christian rock star - “Expect Miracles!” album
Freemason Watch
Front page of Freemasonry Watch you will see a picture of a book cover. When you click on that picture, it takes you to the Hidden Mysteries website...  
...where they promote every book which teaches that Jesus Christ is another “god” from the Ancient Mystery Religions myths. 
   i.e., Astrotheology and Comparative Religion.
News With Views
Pastor Chuck Baldwin / Dominionist agent provocateur / VP candidate for Constitution Party
Bill Sizemore
Jim Kouri, CPP
David Stoddard
Devvy Kidd / agent provocateur / see: Charter Schools & Character Education
Selwyn Duke
Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D / claims King James Bible edited by Rosicrucian Francis Bacon / Audio Expose of Cutting Edge Ministries
Carey Roberts
Craig Roberts
Deanna Spingola
Liz McIntyre / disinfo agent / Audio: Disinformation Agents in the Alternative Media; see: Harry Potter & Mark of the Beast
Dr. Edwin Vieira
John Taft
Patrick M. Wood
Larry Pratt / member Council for National Policy; CNP Database; Audio: The Militia Movement
Derry Brownfield
Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld
Paul Proctor
John W. Slagle
Greg Evensen
Jim R. Schwiesow
Jon Christian Ryter
Jill Walker, JD
Nicholas R. Jackson
Frosty Wooldridge
Tom DeWeese / American Policy Center;  member, Paul Weyrich's Free Congress Foundation
Dr. Michael Coffman
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO / New Ager
Byron J. Richards, CCN
Mary Starrett
Laurie Roth, Ph.D.
Joan Veon / disinformation agent / Audio: Disinformation Agents in the Alternative Media
Joyce Morrison
Berit Kjos / see: Discernment Ministries Facilitating the Transition to Lausanne
Brannon Howse
Dr. Stanley Monteith / Member of Council for National Policy / see: CNP Database
Charlotte Iserbyt / Roman Catholic
Tricia Smith Vaughan
Jerome R. Corsi
Shane Ellison
Kelly McGinley
Michael Heath
Rodney Stubbs
Rudy Takala
Albert Burns
Marsha West
State Rep. Phil Hart
David R. Usher
Betty Freauf
Elissa Meininger
Stanley Monteith / Member of Council for National Policy / see: CNP Database
Joel Turtel
Nancy Levant
Glenn Sacks
Phyllis Spivey
Geoff Metcalf
Dr. Patrick Johnston
Lynn M. Stuter
Cliff Kincaid  / agent provocateur / see: Charter Schools & Character Education
David Brownlow
Beverly Eakman
Holly Swanson
Larry Beecraft / agent provocateur / see: Charter Schools & Character Education
Gianni Hayes, Ph.D.
Patrick Briley
Erica Carle
Phillip D. Collins
Dorothy A. Seese
Sharon Hughes
Steven Yates, Ph.D.
Coach Dave Daubenmire
Chip McLean
Joe Kress
David M. Bresnahan
Sarah Leslie / See The Conspiracy Was Strong: The Discernment Ministries
John Loeffler
Sergei Hoff
Debbie O'Hara
Debra Rae
Stephen Baskerville
Madeleine Cosman, Ph.D
[Chuck Baldwin is a Dominionist, the rest are disinformation agents; News With Views advertises and sells David Bay’s “Secrets of America’s Beginnings”]