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John Templeton Foundation [JTF]


“…the Foundation chooses to design large-scale, cost-effective, and high-impact projects, determining the best individual or organization to administer and implement these initiatives… Sir John Templeton is most interested in supporting projects which have a clear purpose and which are likely to have a significant strategic impact on the field of science and religion, spirituality and health, free enterprise, or character development… for JTF granting purposes there is a need to consider the results in a more strategic manner - how will your project further the field broadly or at your institution. How might it benefit another discipline or the wider scholarly community? Will it influence opinion leaders, decision makers or representatives of the media who might otherwise be skeptical of the value of religion, or will it help to institutionalize the dialogue on a particular campus?”


Templeton Funding initiatives

Spiritual Information Through Science

Working closely with scientists, theologians, medical professional, philosophers and other scholars, the Foundation encourages substantive dialogue in order to stimulate research and reflection in the relationship between science and religion.


John Templeton was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1987 for his philanthropic efforts, including his endowment of Templeton College, Oxford.

John M. Templeton, Jr., M.D., President of the John Templeton Foundation and Sir John's son


John Templeton Foundation Officers, Trustees & Advisors




Elizabeth Peale/Chairman of the Board of the Positive Thinking Foundation

[husband Norman Vincent Peale was a 33º Freemason and an associate of Robert Schuller, also a 33º Mason]


Freeman Dyson a fellow of the Royal Society of London


Dr. Lindon J. Eaves ––Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics Psychiatry at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine


Mr. Foster  Friess––Founder of firm that manages approximately $7 billion in equities including the Brandywine mutual funds…past president of the Council for National Policy


Dr. Philip  Hefner–– serves as Co-Director of the Chicago Center for Religion and Science and is Editor-in-Chief of Zygon Journal of Religion and Science [See” Transformation of the Church: Zygon Religion


Dr. Robert L. Herrmann on the staff at Gordon College in Wenham, MA, where he directs several projects for the John Templeton Foundation;


William H. Hurlbut M.D.––Director of the Human Genome Diversity Project;


Mr. Sanford N. McDonnell ––Chairman of the Board of The Character Education Partnership, Inc…, a national organization dedicated to developing moral character and civic virtue in our young people. [ See Watch Unto Prayer report Charter Schools, Character Education & The Eugenics Internationale/ Good Genes Not Enough: Character Education needed for Race Betterment]


Rev. Glenn R. Mosley –– President and CEO of the Association of Unity Churches.


Dr. Nancey  Murphy ––Professor of Christian Philosophy at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA


Dr. David G. Myers––John Dirk Werkman Professor of Psychology at Hope College, Holland, MI; Hope College is funded generously––$7.5 MILLION––by Rich and Helen DeVos Foundation [CNP]; trustees of Hope College include the DeVos and the Van Andels [Van Andel Institute]. Van Andel Institute is a participating center for the eugenics-related, Nat’l Institute of Health’s Human Genome Project.


Robert  Pollack Ph.D.–– Director of the Center for the Study of Science and Religion, at Columbia University


Dr. Stephen G. Post ––Dr. Post received his doctorate in religious ethics and moral philosophy from the University of Chicago Divinity School; Assn. of Theological Schools-ATS/Rockefeller affiliated]


Jeffrey P. Schloss Ph.D.–– Professor of Biology at Westmont College and a Fellow of the Discovery Institute; He has been recognized with (two) Templeton Awards and a Pew Foundation Project in Curriculum Development; Discovery Institute has a number of “fellows” who interface with Christian education––Discovery’s Center for the Renewal of Science of Religion; See TOC Database, Control over Christian Educational Institutions,


Karen Armstrong is an honorary member of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists; Dr. M A Zaki Badawi ––Principal of The Muslim College in London. He is Chairman of the UK Imams and Mosques Council and the UK Muslim Law (Shariah) Council. Rev. Stephen  Orchard––Director of the Christian Education Movement [merged with the National Christian Education Council (NCEC, formerly the National Sunday School Union) to form Christian Education, UK


Templeton Honors College At Eastern University ––Eastern College


Advisory Council

Templeton Honors College includes representation:


Donald Bartel/Navigators,

T. Kenneth Cribb/former Heritage Foundation Trustee

Dr. Harold Heie/Center for Christian Studies, Gordon College/Academic Policy Council for CCCU/Council of Christian Colleges and Universities

Dr. D. Bruce Lockerbie/Paideia, Inc.

Michael Novak/member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations/CFR/American Enterprise Institute-AEI

Rick Santorum/ US Senator [PA]

Dr. David E. Schroeder / President, Nyack College / Christian & Missionary Alliance

Dean Trulear/Public Private Ventures/InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Board of Trustees


John Templeton Oxford Seminars on Science and Christianity with CCCU/

Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University

Quaerens–– Newsletter

John Templeton Oxford Seminars on Science and Christianity

Volume No. 5, January 2001Editors: Alistair McGrath

See TOC Database, Mission Mobilization, United Kingdom, Oxford University, Wycliffe Hall, Principal Alistair McGrath


Templeton Science and Religion grants––Expanding Humanity's Vision of God


Templeton Character Development––Colleges & Character grants


common set of core values: honesty, self-control, perseverance, respect, compassion, and serving others.

Spiritual Growth Programs 40 college programs, not all faith-related, that provide opportunities for students to develop a coherent vision of moral integrity that connects belief to behavior


Presidential Leadership ––Jay Kesler, Christianity Today, Board of Directors and Chancellor of Taylor University


Dr. Kesler is listed in "The Templeton Guide: Colleges that Encourage Character and Development" as one of the 50 college presidents who have exercised leadership in character development.”


The Templeton Guide profiles 50 college and university presidents who are setting the standard in higher education for what a leader can do to establish priorities and programs that help prepare students for lives of personal and civic responsibility.


Templeton Award for Progress in Religion




Leading religion prize, among the world's largest, honors discoveries and breakthroughs in expanding perceptions about divinity.

A news conference to announce the 2002 Templeton Prize will be held on Thursday, March 14 at 11:00 AM at the Church Center for the United Nations, 44th Street and First Avenue in New York City. The prize each year is awarded to a living individual who has shown extraordinary originality in research or discoveries to advance understanding of God and spiritual realities.…


The Duke of Edinburgh will present the award to the recipient at a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace on Monday, April 29.

The prize, valued at 700,000 pounds sterling, approximately one million dollars, is the world's largest annual monetary award given to an individual. Created by global investor and philanthropist Sir John Templeton in 1972, the prize seeks to encourage and honor those who advance religion and spiritual matters in much the same way the Nobel Prizes honor scientists and economists. The monetary value of the Templeton Prize is always kept at a level that exceeds the Nobels as a way to underscore Templeton's belief that benefits from advances in spiritual discoveries can be quantifiably more vast than those from other worthy human endeavors.


To that end, in an effort to more clearly define the prize, the award has been renamed the Templeton Prize for Progress Toward Research or Discoveries about Spiritual Realities, though it will continue to be referred to as the Templeton Prize.


Last year's recipient was the Rev. Canon Dr. Arthur Peacocke, an ordained Anglican priest, Oxford University faculty member and a biochemist who pioneered early research into DNA. He has led a worldwide movement for creative interaction between theology and science. He strongly challenges the notion that scriptural authority is automatic or self-authenticating and has earned a reputation as a no-nonsense proponent for reasoned, fact-based debate on issues of science and religion.


The Templeton Foundation, which funds the Tempeton Prize, asks the prize's international, interfaith panel of judges to consider all religions when making the award.


John M. Templeton, Princeton Theological Seminary Board of Trustees Emeriti/ae [and Princeton’s Templeton Hall!]


John Templeton––The National Bible Week and the American Bible Society

John M. Templeton, the son of Sir John Templeton, is on the board of the Nat’l. Bible Week [USA].


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