Transformation of the Church

~ A Database of Historical and Current Data on the Strategic Partnerships &

Interlocking Directorates of Organizations in the Global Ecumenical Movement



Fuller Theological Seminary**

Strategies and Methodologies

Fuller Theological Seminary Extension Courses

            Pacific Association for Theological Education

            Tim Dearborn, Director

Renovaré sponsored by Fuller Seminary’s Pacific Association

            About Renovaré

“Actively promoting the revival of the meditative and contemplative traditions among mainline Christians today is Renovaré (pronounced Ren-o-var-ay, Latin meaning ‘to make new spiritually’), founded by psychologist Richard J. Foster.” (Al Dager, Media Spotlight, “Renovaré”)

Richard Foster, President of Renovaré

Author, Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth (Harper San Francisco)

1978 edition states: “We of the New Age can risk going against the tide. Let us with abandon relish the fantasy games of children. Let's see visions and dream dreams.”

David & Karen Mains

Madeline L’Engle

                        H.B. London [Focus on the Family**]

Renovaré Steering Committee

            Eugene H. Petersen, Author, The Message

[See: The Message: The Mystical Bible**]

Renovaré Board of Reference

J.I. Packer – Drafting Committee, Evangelicals & Catholics Together Document

Renovaré Board of Reference

Christian Legal Society

Pacific Association for Theological Education Newsletter

Sponsor of Alpha Course***


Fuller’s Mission to the Global Village

“Noting how Fuller stimulated the formation of a number of other institutions, [Dudley] Woodberry further explains: ‘Today, schools have grown up all over the world, headed by our graduates.’ Indeed, the global influence for Christ of Fuller's School of World Mission continues to multiply, as its alumni/ae serve in positions of leadership in evangelical ministries throughout the world.” [emphasis added]
Organizations listed include:

Salvation Army, Paul Rader

Christian and Missionary Alliance, David Rambo
BIOLA University, Clyde Cook
International Association of Mission Societies/IAMS
South American Theological Seminary

World Vision in Northern India
Frontiers International [ministry to Muslims]
National Council of Churches in Indonesia
CB International [formerly Conservative Baptist Mission Board]
OC International, Larry Keyes


Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.

Professor of Church History and Ecumenics in Fuller Seminary’s School of Theology

Fuller’s “ambassador to the church worldwide”

Co-chair of International Roman Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue

Co-chair of local Evangelical-Roman Catholic Dialogue

Consultant to Commissions on Faith and Order of the National and World Councils of Churches [NCC/WCC]

See: Robeck Meets with Church Leaders in Israel and the Vatican

Assemblies of God Representative to WCC

See: The Assemblies of God, the Vatican and World Council of Churches Together**


Fuller’s School of World Mission/SWM

Stuart Dauermann, Adjunct Instructor in Judaic Studies/SWM

President of Hashivenu, “an organization [on Fuller campus] promoting…Jewish authenticity in the Messianic movement.”
Speaker at Lausanne Consultation for Jewish Evangelism [LCJE] Conferences


Currents in World Christianity Project

CWC Project based at Cambridge University [UK] Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies [CARTS]

Note: CWCP is facilitating the transition from the Protestant missionary movement [accused of ‘westernizing’ underdeveloped nations] to the globalization [and redefinition] of Christianity via “Evangelicalism” and “Pentecostalism.”

CWC Project Conference [3-7 July 2001] / Westminster College, Cambridge

“…brought together 120 theologians, historians and sociologists from all over the world to look at the effect of globalisation on Christians and the extent to which their religion is now rooted in the southern hemisphere.”

CWC conference speaker, Dr. Jehu Hanciles [Anglican theologian based at Fuller Theological Seminary]:

Pentecostalism thrives because it taps into an innate African spirituality. Its phenomenal success on the African continent raises the question of whether Africa needs American ministries as much as American ministries need Africa.” [See: Ecumenical News]

Book on CWC Project funded by Pew Charitable Trusts / Mark Noll [Wheaton College/Billy Graham]


See: Currents in World Christianity Project***



Transformation of the Church