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Fuller Theological Seminary Extension Courses


Through Fuller's regional offices, Fuller's extension courses and conferences impact the churches in communities where they are based––

FULLER SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA–Orange County Santa Barbara / Ventura San Diego FULLER NORTHERN CALIFORNIA–Menlo Park Sacramento Oakland Walnut Creek

FULLER NORTHWEST–Seattle Tacoma KirklandIssaquah

FULLER COLORADO–Colorado Springs

FULLER SOUTHWEST- Phoenix Tucson Las Vegas.

Fuller's Youth Leadership Extension Course


Many church youth workers attend Fuller's accredited courses for youth leadership. Trusting parents naively send their children to neighborhood church youth programs, thus exposing them to the influence of Fuller Theological Seminary’s teachings.


The mobilization of youth in the Global Prayer and Missions Movement is covered more fully in Prayer Mobilization, Mission America, National Network of Youth Ministries [Paul Fleishmann]. LINK

The following gives insight into the in-depth training of youth pastors through Fuller's extension courses:



Certificate in Youth Ministry

The Certificate in Youth Ministry offered by Fuller Colorado’s Institute for Youth Ministry provides youth pastors in churches and leaders in parachurch organizations with solid biblical and theological perspectives alongside practical ministry training. With a focus on training leaders for relational ministry, courses in this unique certificate program offer an overview of the youth ministry task, develop an understanding of family systems and adolescent development, and provide training in outreach and evangelism to adolescents, as well as in leadership and team development…


Program Description from School of Theology

Dr. Chap Clark, Program Director


Introduction to Youth Ministry

If you’re already planning to attend Youth Specialties[Mike Yaconelli] National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC), get graduate credit as well. This course offered each fall at each convention location includes focused instruction from Dr. Chap Clark and other youth ministry leaders at the convention location. Add some stimulating reading, some practical and thought-provoking assignments, and you will come away thinking differently about your ministry.


NYW Convention 2001 includes Tony Campolo among speakers listed. 




This course gives an overview of youth ministry philosophy, models, and theology while providing an opportunity for interaction with a wide variety of youth ministry leaders and organizations. The Youth Specialties Convention is the largest of its kind, and students will be exposed to a specifically identified and personally tailored experience in order to enhance their ministry training and expertise.


From a human perspective, the future of the church rests in the hands of the next generation. How those in power pass on the Christian faith to children and adolescents will determine the shape of the church for years to come. Understanding the nature of human and spiritual development, how to read a culture, how to solicit support and adult ownership and how to develop programs and models that reach an adolescent subculture will honor God by preparing them for service in the Kingdom.


The class will meet at the Youth Specialties Convention for 22 hours of direct contact time with the professor and will attend a minimum of four (4) additional one and one half-hour seminars and six (6) half-hour general session lectures. Thus the course will include a minimum of 32 1/2 hours of contact time. The class will meet a day and a half prior to the conference and will extend to the end of the five day event.


*Borgman, D. When Kum Ba Ya is Not Enough. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 1997. 234 pgs.

*Dunn, R. and M. Senter, eds. Reaching a Generation for Christ. Moody, 1997. 689 pgs.

*Fields, D. Purpose Driven Youth Ministry. Zondervan/YS, 1998. 390 pgs.

*Mueller, W. Understanding Today’s Youth Culture. Rev. ed. Wheaton: Tyndale, 1998. 260 pgs.




The purpose of this course is to teach students the roles and responsibility of Christian leadership in any context, but especially youth ministry. Issues discussed are: the meaning of being a Christian leader; how to develop a volunteer leadership program; how to recruit, initiate, train, nurture, and care for volunteer leadership; the necessity for encouraging people in their giftedness, even if that may mean helping them to move on from youth ministry; and how to lead, equip, and best utilize interns and paid staff…



*Larson, Carl E. and LaFasto, Frank. Teamwork: What must go right, what can go wrong. Sage Publications, 1989.

*Nouwen, H. J. M. In the Name of Jesus. Crossroads, 1990.

*Reed, Bobbie, John F. Westfall (Contributor), John Maxwell [CNP]. Building Strong People : How to Lead Effectively. Baker Book House, 1997.

*Wilson, Marlene. How to Mobilize Church Volunteers. Augsburg Fortress, 1990.

Focus on…

Fuller Seminary's

Pacific Association for Theological Education/PATE––

serving as Fuller Seminary's Extension Program/Continuing Education Resource to the Seattle vicinity; drawing pastors and laity from the surrounding area for purposes of augmenting their credentials in Christian leadership.


Outline for Fuller's PATE:

PATE as an affiliate of the Association of Theological Schools/ATS

Fuller Seminary Extension Courses in Washington State –– PATE

Renovaré conference sponsored by PATE

PATE and World Vision's International Justice Mission

Pacific Association for Theological Studies Salt & Light Newsletter:


Dr. Aldrich past president of Multnomah Bible College

Christian Futurist Tom Sine

History of Fuller Seminary's PATE

John Stott to visit PATE

PATE's President Gasque––Activities [including]

World Relief [affiliate of the National Association of Evangelicals/NAE]

Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Fellowship

Association of Theological Schools

Consultation on Global Theological Education  

PATE's President Gasque––speaker at InterVarsity's URBANA

additional info:

Tim Dearborn  

– PATE's first Ex. Director

– Director of World Vision’s Institute for Global Engagement 

Renovaré and David & Karen Mains

  [David Mains’ connection to the Global Prayer and Missions Movement]


emphasis added below for purposes of this report

PATE & the Association of Theological Schools/ATS Affiliate Status  


“ATS affiliate status is not membership in the Association. Affiliate status carries eligibility for appointment to committees and voice but no vote in Association meetings.”


ATS Affiliate Members

partial listing

• American Association of Pastoral Counselors

• The Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences

• The American College Catholic University of Louvain

• Institute of Buddhist Studies

• National Catholic Educational Association

• Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.

• National Conference of Catholic Bishops

• Overseas Ministries Study Center [Pew Charitable Trusts Grants]

Pacific Association for Theological Education [Fuller Seminary's Extension Program in the Northwest––Executive Director W. Ward Gasque.

  Tim Dearborn was the first Ex. Director of PATE, see below]

• Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

• Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Division of Higher Education [denomination of Jim Jones, People's Temple]

• Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations


Fuller's Extended Education Program, offered through The Center for Lifelong Learning


Our Extended Education Program allows you to earn Fuller Theological Seminary degrees and certificates by taking classes at one of our five extension sites located throughout the Western United States.”


*    Northern California

*    Southern California

*    Colorado

*    Northwest  (previously Washington) ––Pacific Association for Theological Education

*    Southwest


Fuller Seminary Extension in Washington State:

Pacific Association for Theological Education


In partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary, Regent College [faculty member––J.I. Packer] and Seattle Pacific University [SPU is the former base of Alex Hill, who is the new president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/URBANA]


Executive Director, Tim Dearborn*


*Please see bottom of this page for important information linking Tim Dearborn to World Vision's Institute for Global Engagement.

Fuller Northwest – Extension Courses

Previously found:

 Highly abbreviated for the purposes of this report.


Winter Session 2001 (January 3-March 16)…

TM503  World Mission and the Local Church ……………T. Dearborn 

Renovaré Conference Announced by PATE

Late 1990s…

“Sponsored by  Koinos - Pacific Association For Theological Education/ Director Tim Dearborn

Koinos & PATE–– A Fuller Theological Seminary partnership

Koinos offers luncheon/workshop conferences to corporate Seattle with such themes as "Prayer in the Workplace," lead by perhaps a Microsoft executive.

A coalition of more than 80 churches and six educational institutions who seek to make theological education accessible through its Koinos programs.”


A Regional Conference on Spiritual Renewal

Led by Richard Foster

Introducing Renovaré

From the Latin meaning “to renew,” Renovaré was founded by Richard Foster and is a ministry working for the renewal of the Church of Jesus Christ in all its multifaceted expression. Christian in commitment, international in scope, and ecumenical in breadth, Renovaré seeks to combine the best from six traditions, or streams, of Christian life and faith with a practical strategy that nurtures spiritual growth.

The six streams are:

Contemplative the prayer filled life

Holiness the virtuous life

Charismatic the spirit-empowered life

Social Justice the compassionate life

Evangelical the word-centered life

Incarnational the sacramental life


Background on the PATE-sponsored Renovaré conference as relates to the Global Prayer and Missions Movement report is found at bottom of this page–– Renovaré and David & Karen Mains.

International Justice Mission [a division of World Vision]

Fuller's Pacific Association and World Vision have co-sponsored breakfasts where Gary Haugen, President of International Justice Mission spoke on "the opportunity for Christians to mobilize their efforts…"


World Vision/ International Justice Mission [future LINK]


Excerpts from…

Fuller Seminary/ Pacific Association for Theological Studies Salt & Light Newsletter [1998]

Salt & Light  

Autumn 1998 Vol. 2, Number 2

Matthew 5:13-16


A Publication of the

Pacific Association for Theological Studies

101 Nickerson St.

Suite 330

Seattle, WA 98109


South Sound News

Dr. Aldrich Challenges Pastors ~


“More than 70 pastors met with Joe Aldrich, past president of Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary, for a Christian Leadership Forum in February… the forum provided a model for Pacific Association's goal to strengthen the local church by resourcing its leaders.

Aldrich challenged leaders to ask hard questions: "What kind of individual do we want to the church to deploy into the world? "What kind of leader makes possible that sort of Christian?" "Is there potential for intimacy in relationship anywhere.?" He suggested that the latter question was the most crucial question asked by Americans today. Thus, it is imperative for Christian leaders to build and model relational unity among their church leadership team

It was obvious that evangelism remains Aldrich's deepest passion. He suggested that we have shifted from a rational era of the '60s to a relational era of the '90s. "The home is the most effective tool for evangelism," he argued. "If people will relate to us socially, they will respond to us spiritually." He concluded by offering eight annual review questions for the church boards as they seek to do strategic planning…”


Mission America’s National Prayer Committee, National Senior Advisors, Joseph Aldrich


Tom Sine Challenges Discipleship ~

Tom Sine challenged a group of pastors and Christian leaders from Pierce County to reevaluate North American Christianity during a CLF [Christian Leaders Forum] luncheon in May…


Tom Sine is a nationally-known Christian Futurist


Benefits of Church Membership in the Pacific Association


• Planning for adult education

Strategic planning for church development

Mentor relationships with future church leaders

• Input into the renewal of theological education

• Fully accredited graduate theological degree programs in the NW

• Access to consulting services in leadership and organizational development

• Life-long education for clergy and laity alike

Networking with a community of pastors and lay leaders

History of Fuller Seminary's PATE


Found in Salt & Light newsletter…

Pacific Association for Theological Studies/ PATE

With the encouragement of local pastors Robert Munger and Homer Goddard, Fuller Seminary began offering extended education courses in Seattle and the Tri-cities in 1973. These leaders foresaw that the church of the Northwest would benefit significantly if the seminary responded to the need of lay people for serious theological education….”

 “In 1981, Terry McGonigal became the first director of the Seattle extension with adjunct faculty status. Terry left to become the director of the Institute of Youth Ministries [see below]…”

 “In response to repeated requests from churches in the Northwest Fuller sought approval of the Association of Theological Schools to offer a full M.Div.(Master of Divinity) in Washington. An innovative new approach was developed jointly by Fuller Theological Seminary and the Seattle Association for Theological Education (now the Pacific Association for Theological Education), incorporating twelve courses offered in cohort groups over three years linked to mentoring by experienced, local Christian leaders. Founded in 1990 by a coalition of local churches and educational institutions, SATE took on a new vitality under the leadership of Tim Dearborn who arrived in 1992, and became the driving force behind the design and early implementation of the new cohort M.Div. The current president of the Pacific Association for Theological Studies is Ward Gasque, who has been a leader in Christian higher education for nearly thirty years. He is a co-founder of Regent College in Vancouver, B.C., and initiator of a Master of Theological Studies degree program for the laity in Toronto using the cohort model. Nearly eighty Western Washington churches are members of the association.”

 The Association facilitates cooperative relationships between churches and education institutions by providing a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional educational opportunities for the grassroots Christian community, including coordinating Seattle's M.Div. mentorship program.

“The Washington extension celebrated Fuller Theological Seminary’s 50th anniversary and its own 25th anniversary in Seattle on May 15 [1998]…seminars were lead by early alumni Gary Demarest and School of World Mission Dean Dudley Woodberry [contributor to the Perspectives Curriculum], addressing aspects of Fuller's 50th anniversary topic, "An Unchanging Focus for an Ever-Changing World." ….

The evening dinner program featured President Richard Mouw [Fuller Seminary] and honored Washington graduates. Dr. Mouw paid tribute to the strategic contribution of the Pacific Association to the growth and success of the Seattle program and made special presentations to both Tim Dearborn [PATE director] and Ward Gasque [PATE president] as a token of the vital partnership between the two institutions.”


Institute of Youth Ministries

See Prayer Mobilization, National Network of Youth Ministries, Larry Acosta


Continuing with the PATE Salt & Light Newsletter…


John Stott Visits Seattle October 13 & 14

John Stott has shaped the contemporary evangelical movement as much as anyone, other than Billy Graham. Chaplain to the Queen of England, author of 35 books, primary editor of the Lausanne Covenant, celebrated Bible teacher, and enthusiast for the ministry of Pacific Association from its inception

His topic will be "Jesus is Lord: Call to Radical Discipleship."  He will also speak at a Christian Leadership Forum on "The Paradoxes of Preaching"…

From 1950 until 1975, Stott served as senior pastor of All soul's Anglican Church in the heart of London, England, during which time he also conducted evangelistic missions on university campuses around the world. He has been rector emeritus since 1975. Since the 1970s he has spent much of his time traveling in the Third World, preaching, teaching and mentoring younger leaders among the most dynamic, growing and now the largest sector of the world Christian movement….


Editor's Note: John Stott was a principal framer of the landmark Lausanne Covenant (1974).

As Stott is in the leadership of the Anglican Church in England [aka Church of England], consider this news report:


UPDATE: UPDATE~ Sunday May 21, 2000: SENIOR Church of England clergy are to join Druids and pagans at a controversial conference...The conference, Spirit of the Land 2000, is described as ‘a Christian-Druid dialogue and reconciliation meeting for the new Millennium. It is being held against a background of growing interest in New Age religion and white magic. Organisers of the event include Emma Restall Orr, the joint chief of the British Druid Order, the Rev Marcus Small, a vicar in Hertfordshire, and the Dean of Guildford, the Very Rev Alexander Wedderspoon...a number of clergy already participated in joint Christian and pagan services, but there was still too much ignorance and hostility. Mark Graham, of the Pagan Federation, which represents Druidry, wicca and sharmanism, said: ‘Some pagans believe in magic, just like some Christians believe in the power of prayer and miracles.’ ‘We celebrate our connectedness to nature and I will sometimes dance naked around a fire. They aren't doing much dancing around a fire naked at matins or evensong but perhaps they should. Perhaps they will like it.’ ‘...The day-long conference at Amesbury, Wiltshire, in June, will be chaired by Rosemary Hartill, the former BBC religious affairs correspondent. Speakers include Martin Palmer, a former adviser to Prince Philip, and Ronald Hutton, a professor of history at Bristol University. The event will end with a Christian service and a Druid ceremony in which a green-robed priestess will make offerings of bread and mead...”

Source: Alarm Over Church Talks With Druids', Jonathan Petre, Sunday, May 21, 2000; Issue 1822, Electronic Telegraph;


Returning to PATE's Salt & Light newsletter…


Activities of the President, Ward Gasque


Governor's Prayer Breakfast, Olympia (January 1998)

• Consultation for Gospel and our Culture Network, San Francisco, CA (March 1998)

• Consultation on Post-Modernity and the Future Church, with Shuv Institute and others, Seattle (April 1998)

• Conference on Urban Ministerial Education for the Shalom of the City, Boston, MA (March 1998)

• Graduation Ceremonies, Northwest College AOG, Kirkland, WA (May 1998)

• Graduation Ceremonies, Regent College, Vancouver, BC (May 1998)

• Consultation on Urban Ministry Education, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust [see note below], Vancouver, [WA] (May 1998)

• Seattle-King County Leadership Prayer Breakfast, Seattle (May 1998)

• Ethnic Harvest Briefing, sponsored by World Relief [affiliate of the National Association of Evangelicals/NAE], Seattle (May 1998)

• Executive Committee Meeting, Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Fellowship, Tuebingen, Germany (June 1998)

• Biennial Meeting of the Association of Theological Schools, USA & Canada, Baltimore, MD (June 1998)

Fuller Seminary Seattle Graduation Ceremony, Seattle (June 1998)

Consultation on Global Theological Education, Trinity Western University, Langley, BC (August 1998)


Editor's Note: 

M.J. Murdock Charitable TrustFunded a Washington state Heritage Foundation think tank (WA Evergreen Freedom Foundation/EFF) for a project to train the state's churches on how to take federal/state funding for Faith-based Welfare Reform.

EFF worked with Focus on the Family James Dobson's Washington state affiliate (Washington Family Council [Jeff Kemp]; now Northwest Families) and World Vision leading a coalition involving other church and para-church groups for passage of the legislation.


Returning to Newsletter…


Upcoming Events


• "Strategic Planning for Churches and Christian Organizations" with D. Bruce Lockerbie, President of Paideia, Inc. ….

• "The Holy Who?" seminar and lecture with Gordon Fee, Professor of New Testament, Regent College…

• "Serious Money: The Role of the Board and CEO in Raising Major Gifts" with Bruce Lockerbie and Frederick Weissbach

• "Jesus is Lord" Evening with John Stott, evangelical leader and chaplain to the Queen of England.

• "Biblical Preaching in the Modern World" with John Stott

• "The Ministry of Mentoring" with Don Schatz, Director of Mentoring, Pacific Association and Fuller Seminary. 


continuing with PATE's Salt & Light newsletter…


Following Christ/ Shaping Our World

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has sponsored the influential Urbana Missionary Convention for a half century to encourage each generation of college students to consider the challenge of foreign missions. This year the Graduate and faculty Ministries of IVCF are launching what might [be] described as “An Urbana for the Professionals.”

To be held at the Chicago Hilton from December 29, 1998 through January 2, 1999, the Following Christ/ Shaping Our World conference seeks to assist young professionals, graduate students, and university professors to think, work and live as faithful disciples of Jesus in a pluralist society.

There will be a fourteen academic and professional tracks, each led by a distinguished dean who, in turn, will be assisted by an associate dean and a host of experienced mentors …

W.Ward Gasque, president of Pacific Association [Fuller Seminary's extension classes, Seattle], will be a speaker and mentor in the Theology and Religious Studies track, headed up by William A. Dryness, Dean of Fuller Seminary.


End of PATE Newsletter excerpts


Background on Tim Dearborn ––PATE's first Ex. Director


World Vision’s Institute for Global Engagement 

Excerpts from IGE brochure:  Mission Statement


“Through learning partnerships with our various constituencies (churches, donors, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, businesses and government agencies), the Institute for Global Engagement enhances our participation in God’s Ministry with the world’s poor and oppressed by formulating strategic responses based upon analyzing global needs and trends, sharing educational resources, and providing insights for organizational and public policies.”


Rationale for the Institute for Global Engagement

“The Institute for Global Engagement has been commissioned to help World Vision and its partners prepare for the future. Our desire is that through creative partnerships, we will mutually strengthen our capacity to move toward the realization of the vision with which we have been entrusted. The vision of the Institute for Global Engagement is:

 To prepare World Vision to help fill the void in global leadership.

…There is a need and opportunity for quality faith-based organizations to provide the world with leadership it currently lacks. The Institute is needed to help World Vision and all its partners become well-prepared to fulfill our unique roles in global leadership

 To prepare our constituencies for long-term global engagement…” 


Education and Church Partnership

Tim Dearborn, Director

 • Provides research and analysis of church and mission-related issues and trends that promote and strengthen World Vision’s theological integrity and effective leadership within the U.S. Christian movement.

 • Develops partnerships with churches, denominations, academic institutions, faith-based nongovernmental organizations, and mission agencies to mutually enhance our effective engagement in global issues.

 • Facilitates education for World Vision’s partners and staff to provide the missiological insights and theological reflection that facilitate the integration of Christian faith with our ministries in holistic development.


Editor's Note: Bob Seiple, former President of World Vision, was appointed in 1999 as Special Assistant to Secretary of State Madelaine Albright. Seiple is Ambassador at Large for the Commission on International Religious Freedom. The International Religious Freedom Act, known last year as the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act ---H.R. 2431---set up the Office of Religious Persecution Monitoring in the U.S. State Department.


Before Seiple left World Vision [which is an NGO of the United Nations], he set up the Institute for Global Engagement  (IGE). This writer called World Vision, Federal Way, WA, and requested to be put through to the office of the Institute for Global Engagement, which, as it turns out, is located at the World Vision headquarters in Federal Way, Washington [2000]. I was told by the receptionist that the director for this office is Tim Dearborn [Fuller Seminary/PATE].


The interlock of Tim Dearborn's positions with both World Vision’s Institute for Global Engagement and Fuller Seminary’s Pacific Association for Theological Studies suggests a  strategic and highly influential partnership between the two organizations and their mutual agendas.


For IGE Update 2001

World Vision's Institute for Global Engagement  LINK to World Vision's IGE when available

Background on the PATE-sponsored Renovaré conference as relates to the Global Prayer and Missions Movement report:


Renovaré and David & Karen Mains


Following found on the Biblical Discernment Ministries web site:


“Both David and Karen Mains are on Renovaré's ‘Board of Reference’-- Renovarè is an international, New Age, ecumenical organization that emanates from the religious traditions of Quakerism, whose message is that today's Church is missing out on some wonderful spiritual experiences that can only be found by studying and practicing the ‘meditative’ and ‘contemplative’ lifestyle ‘of early Christianity.” …Renovaré espouses the use of the early pagan traditions of guided imagery and visualization, astral projection, ‘Zen’ prayer techniques for meditation (i.e., Buddhism), and Jungian psychology (i.e., a blend of Eastern mysticism and Roman Catholic mystical spiritual tradition, which nicely fits the New Age model), all as means of obtaining ‘personal spiritual renewal’ in the lives of believers….


[Evidence that David Mains continues to be enamored with psychologist Richard Foster and his New Age organization, Renovaré, was the fact that Foster was a guest on the 5/26/93-5/28/93 Chapel of the Air radio broadcasts, was a 1994 Focal Point television guest, and his books are still being offered in Mains’s 1996 ‘Chapel Choices’ catalogue.]


David Mains is listed on various boards for Lausanne's prayer mobilization:  

See Prayer Mobilization, Mission America’s National Prayer Committee, National Senior Advisory

See Prayer Mobilization, The Dobson’s National Day of Prayer


See also complete BDM exposé – David & Karen Mains:


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