America: Rejoice in Your Pain

“God said, ‘Do you understand that the resurrection of the dead is far greater than what man has anticipated. America rejoice. Rejoice in your hardship. Rejoice in your pain.’ For the Spirit of God says, ‘I WILL bring you the water in the Spirit so that there will be an abundance in every city in this nation. There will be the same sound as it is in Los Angeles, in New York, and in the center and in the South.’ God said, ‘There will be an abundance. Watch for the miraculous, for it’s coming,’ says the Lord, ‘for those who hear it and those who see it shall surely taste of it and experience it,’ says the Spirit of the Lord…” [Kim Clement, September 28, 2005]



SCENE I.  St. Louis, MO

Enter The False Revivalists with Fellow Zionist Gwen Shaw

Prophets of the Zionist revival such as Kim Clement, Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets have become credible, NOT because their prophecies are inspired by the Holy Spirit (for they teach false doctrine) but because they have sold their souls, like Doctor Faustus, for forbidden knowledge (gnosis. These false prophets receive their information from the same “principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph. 6:12) that George Bush said directs the Zionist-led American Revolution—which is not over yet. 


It is not unreasonable to presume that the Zionist prophets also collaborate with the human powers-that-be which are planning and executing the controlled disasters they prophesy.  Which explains why these otherwise false prophets are able to deliver many “prophetic words” that have come to pass with chilling accuracy.  As their “prophecies” are fulfilled, the Zionist agents are held in higher esteem as messengers of God and are able to win more disciples to their false doctrines.  However, when they prophesy of “revival and “anointings” and “prosperity,” don't believe them, for they have in mind a revival of the occult traditions that can only come about with the complete destruction of Western Civilization.  This includes the death of Christianity and of fundamental Christians, whose doctrine of Christ they despise. Peter warned us of their type:

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.  And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. (II Pet. 2:1-3)

On August 29, 2004 and on February 20, 2005 Chuck Pierce predicted Hurricanes Katrina and Rita respectively, which sent tens of thousands of refugees streaming northward into the central United States.  Following these hurricanes, prophets Pierce and Clement predicted “fire” and “earthquake.”


“The wind came to America. The next sign that shall come says the Spirit of the Lord will be the sign of fire. Do not forget the three manifestations that came before Elijah before the still small voice came to him. Do not forget the manifestations that came to Elijah when he stood before the Lord and Jezebel had uttered her voice. He stood before the Lord and suddenly there was a great wind. And it came, but it was God, but He was not in the wind... He cannot take the blame for it. Mankind causes the problems by his will; you reap what you sow. Then there was a great fire; God was not in the fire.” (Kim Clement, September, 17, 2005)


“…God is doing a refining work in his prophetic voice so he will be very specific when it’s time for Detroit to come ablaze... I will send the wind up the Mississippi River and this wind will shake Missouri. You will see the land shake in Missouri because of the wind from Louisiana.” (Chuck Pierce, September 27, 2005


The great fire would appear to be the wildfires that have ravaged Oklahoma and Texas in December and January, and are moving into other states.  On September 17, Kim Clement also predicted an earthquake in the Middle East which would affect America. It should be noted that the transcription of Kim Clements prophecy did not appear on his website until after the Pakistan earthquake on October 8, 2005, although CDs and audio files were available beforehand (so they said):


This great tempest and this great storm that came to America is but the second. There is a third. I told you that the Middle East and many nations have looked pompously upon America with Osama Bin Laden laughing in his cave... But now the ground shall shake in the Middle East. In the east it shall shake terribly as never before where bodies shall come forth from the ground and God said take this as a sign, this is the final thing. For even after the shaking, America shall be effected by it.” (Kim Clement, September, 17, 2005)


Then, in September and November of 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, Chuck Pierce and Kim Clement delivered a series of prophecies of a major earthquake in St. Louis, Missouri. 

“...[God] said, Once...New Orleans starts being purified, you are going to see St. Louis begin to shake... God will draw forth out of the very center of this nation a breaking forth of His glory.  We will see the glory of God rising out of St. Louis in a way that will shake us all because the spirit of God’s going to invade that city.” (Chuck Pierce on Benny Hinn Program, September 26, 2005)


Benny Hinn: And St. Louis?

Chuck Pierce: St. Louis. This is what I saw was a shaking along the line of demarcation in our nation. See, God is returning full circle to where our nation divided – the Civil War – and He’s beginning to shake back our nation into a place of oneness… You see, these shakings we’re going through are restoring our nation. They’re realigning God’s people in our nation.

Benny Hinn: When you say shaking, what do you mean by shaking?

Chuck Pierce: I’m talking about hurricanes, you see God will use natural elements to cleanse his land. He’ll use hurricanes, he’ll use fires…

Benny Hinn: So in St. Louis, what do you see?

Chuck Pierce: So, in St. Louis I saw a shaking going on. I saw two things. I saw an incredible revival, first of all, in St. Louis. I saw a shaking of the Church that is linked into the last form of Catholicism going on in St. Louis. I saw a shaking of the ground in St. Louis. Actually, an earthquake more in St. Louis, in the St. Louis region, than I actually saw in the LA region. See, it’s amazing what God, once you’re seeking Him, will show you. I didn’t see the time frame of that earthquake in St. Louis…” (November 15, 2005)


“I will send the wind up the Mississippi River and this wind will shake Missouri. You will see the land shake in Missouri because of the wind from Louisiana. ...Get ready for the new is coming. Every place I blow on will shake.” (Chuck Pierce, Elijah List


2006 says the Lord shall begin with a SHAKING in this nation.” (Kim Clement, November, 18, 2005)


And even in this nation there will be a grand shaking, a grand shaking. It shall be grand. It shall be pompous. It shall be victorious. It shall be glorious.” (Kim Clement, November, 20, 2005)

In 1811 and 1812, a series of five 8.0 or higher earthquakes occurred at New Madrid, Missouri. This fault, now called the New Madrid fault line, lies under the Mississippi River and extends along six states.



The 1811-12 quakes were the most powerful known in North America, so powerful that the entire United States shook (except the Pacific Coast) and the course of the Mississippi River even reversed temporarily.  "Hundreds of aftershocks followed over a period of several years. Aftershocks strong enough to be felt occurred until the year 1817. The largest earthquakes to have occurred since then were on January 4, 1843, and October 31, 1895, with magnitude estimates of 6.0 and 6.6 respectively." (


“Los Angeles can expect to be mightily damaged by movement on the San Andreas Fault, or the Newport-Inglewood or other neighboring faults, most probably within the next 25 years.  But the Eastern and Midwestern states also face ground shaking of colossal proportions, repetitions of such known upheavals as the 1886 Charleston, S.C., quake, the 1755 Boston quake, and the Jamaica Bay quake hundreds of years ago on New York’s Long Island.  The granddaddy of them all was the 1811-1812 series of three great quakes on the New Madrid Fault (halfway between St. Louis and Memphis beneath the Mississippi), which shook the entire United States. The next time the New Madrid Fault produces such a quake, it is estimated 60 percent of Memphis will be devastated, leaving $50 Billion in damage and thousands of dead in its wake. Memphis…has looked down the barrel of a loaded seismic gun for decades, but has done virtually nothing to move out of the crosshairs.” (Virtual Times)

Recommended Video: Hidden Fury - The New Madrid Seismic Zone

Another earthquake along the New Madrid fault could cause a tsunami-like flood that would devastate the cities along the Mississippi River. Edgar Cayce actually prophesied a two-stage Midwest flood in which the Great Lakes would overflow into the Mississippi and a great watery divide would split the USA down the middle.  The Mississippi River would then become the Great Midwest Strait, which sounds like the fulfillment of a prophecy by Chuck Pierce made on October 30-31 (Halloween/Day of the Dead”) in 2003.

50-State Tour:   

The Show Me Your Glory State

October 30-31, 2003

“...Theres something very, very key about the state. [Missouri] It has more rivers than any other state. declare that well have all the rivers of God flowing here!...

“...I actually saw four cities in Missouri transformed... I am going to tell you that once the glory of God visits them, the whole state will begin to quake under His glory...

“Chuck prophesied, This is a time I am coming, I am coming, and I have surprises, and I have releases that I am bringing to this state... I will say to you today, what I do in this state and how I use this state will tingle the ears of this nation... I am setting a course in Missouri, that will control and open the gates of this land [Mississippi River is entry to the US]. My hand is now upon you.’...

“Missouri, help is on the way! God is going to show His glory to the ‘Show Me’ state. The river of God will flow through Missouri bringing signs, wonders, and miracles... Four cities will have a release of evangelism that will overtake them: Kansas City, St. Louis, Jefferson City and Carthage.  (Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation, 2005, pp. 282-83)

Add to this swelling of the Mississippi River the swelling population of the Central States due to refugees from Louisiana and Detroit, and there would be an even higher death toll than projected above.  Which reminded us of Chuck Pierce’s chilling prophecy given 22 months ago:


“Hear the sound as the waters mount up, for the waters are mounting and the wall that is being built against My righteousness is cracking. And within 22 months there will be floods across this land.” (Chuck Pierce, TRANSFORMATION AMERICA – Awaken the Nation prophecy, February 19, 2004)


In his most recent prophecies, Kim Clement predicted the timing and intensity of the upcoming earthquake:

2006 says the Lord shall begin with a SHAKING in this nation.” (Kim Clement, November, 18, 2005)


As for you and your house, around this season of Christmas, unusual miracles will once again take place. And even in this nation there will be a grand shaking, a grand shaking. It shall be grand. It shall be pompous. It shall be victorious. It shall be glorious.” (Kim Clement, November, 20, 2005)

A major earthquake along the New Madrid fault would not only cause the mighty Mississippi to overflow its banks, but the Missouri River and the Ohio River which flow into the Mississippi north and south of St. Louis, would back up, mounting the floodwaters.  With all of these rivers rising and becoming turbulent, as well as recurring aftershocks in the region, the dams and levees along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers would fail as did the levees in New Orleans. The surge over the central U.S. would be unprecedented.  According to New Age sources based on prophecies by Edgar Cayce, the flooding of the Mississippi would be uncontrollable and, within a year, divide the U.S. in half:

Flooding of the Mississippi splits the US mainland in half in March-April 2006 and January-February 2007. The Great Lakes empty into the Gulf of Mexico via this great strait’. It will be called the Great Midwest Strait.

From whatever cause, massive flooding in the Midwest in 2006 will be the first stage. The Midwest never completely recovers, but remains chronically flooded, possibly experiencing more flooding in the summer and fall. January-February 2007 will see the completion of the two-staged chronic flood where the Edgar Cayce prophecy will actually be fulfilled when the Great Lakes overflow into the Mississippi and a great watery divide splits the USA right down the middle.” (Michael McClellan, The Early 21st Century: 2006)

Shortly after the November 2005 prophecies of Kim Clement, seismic activity on the New Madrid fault was reported. On November 23, 2005, a minor earthquake  registering 2.5 on the Richter Scale occurred on the New Madrid.  (See: The Paradise Reporter).  Then on December 14, the Taum Sauk Dam collapsed in southeast Missouri, about three counties west of the New Madrid Fault Line.  This episode, which was due to a magnitude 1.9 earthquake that occurred in Matthews, MO, may have been a dress rehearsal for thousands of dams in the agriculture belt to fail during the upcoming Big One. This would fulfill Chuck Pierce’s prophetic word: “there will be floods across this land.” 


A few days after the Taum Sauk Dam collapse, on December 17, a thunderous noise like a sonic boom was heard throughout the southern Mississippi / northern Florida region. December 17 is the feast of Saturn and the first day of the Winter Solstice festival.  According to What Does it Mean?, this event was a booming earthquake,  a type of quake that is rare because located very deep where the plates are actually fracturing.  The fact that there have been numerous earthquake booms in this area of late augurs the imminent Big Quake on the New Madrid:

“Not just to the increasing frequency of these earthquakes upon the North American Plate, but also to the ‘Boom’ noises being reported that are accompanying them are most significant according to these reports as these ‘booms’ are the indicators of earthquakes of massive plate fracturing, and not associated with normal earthquake movements.... Not being reported to the American people are how rare in fact these earthquake ‘booms’ are, and as we can read as reported by the United States Terra Research Instituted in their report titled ‘Mystery of 'The Earthquake Boom’: a real earthquake’ and which says, ‘Earthquake Boom is a very loud, deep sounding explosion, which emanates from the earth. If directly above emanation, directional determination may be difficult as sound is not from a distinct direction as it is from a wide area of earth’s surface. It is a higher frequency audio form of the traditional shaking earthquake even though current seismographs cannot ‘see’ or ‘record’ them.  

What effect would a giant earthquake in the New Madrid seismic zone have on the rest of the United States?  Futurist Sam Penny, who has authored books on the subject, foresees a shut-down of U.S. manufacturing, transportation and agriculture, which would precipitate a collapse of the nations economy.

The economy of the United States is highly dependent upon the industrial and shipping capacity that resides along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers...

The destruction of the transportation corridors along the Mississippi River and the growing use of Just-In-Time inventory control will have a domino effect throughout the rest of the country. Businesses dependent upon goods and services from the stricken area will cease their operations until alternate suppliers are found. ...the manufacturing infrastructure for the entire country will be totally disrupted.

With the loss of all river barge traffic and destruction of all rail and highway crossings of the rivers from St. Louis and Cincinnati to Vicksburg, the eastern part of the United States will suffer energy and food shortages for months, if not years, following the earthquake.
The United States will suffer an instantaneous four percent drop in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from a NMSZ earthquake followed by a knee-jerk over-reaction to the effects of the earthquake forcing another four to six percent drop in the GDP.  Equity markets in the United States will collapse. Insurance companies will simply disappear, unable to fulfill their obligations.

The entire planet could be plunged into a depression of a magnitude exceeding what was seen the 1930s. Within a few years the Far East and Europe will start their recovery, but the United States will find itself left in the backwaters, a shell of its former self.”  (The 7.9 Scenario)

UPDATE:  In April of 2008, Pastor John Kilpatrick of the Brownsville Revival "prophesied" on the Sid Roth show that an earthquake on the New Madrid fault would soon split the U.S.  Kilpatrick claimed he also prophesied the September 2008 recession and that the final collapse of the U.S. economy will occur in the summer of 2009.  These events are purported to be God's judgments on the United States for pressuring Israel to surrender land.


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with John Kilpatrick. John, April 2008, you had a dream. What did God show you?

JOHN: It was a very stirring dream. I'd never had one that real before. When I woke up, it stirred me to the point that I asked my wife to hold me. And I'm a grown man, I've never done that ever before with a dream of any kind. But I dreamed of an earthquake that took place. It was shown to me in several stages, and I won't go through the details of it. But the Lord showed me that an earthquake was going to hit in the middle part of the country right where the New Madrid fault is. And it was so real that that when the Lord showed it to me I'd walk by the TV set for several days after that night and in my mind I couldn't understand why it wasn't on TV.

SID: I can understand that.

JOHN: That's how real it was. But the Lord was showing me, I believe, that if we continue to fool with Jerusalem, and our Secretary of State and our President keeps putting pressure on Israel to give up land and to give up Jerusalem for peace, I believe that a major earthquake is going to strike America.

SID: So what you're saying is, if we pressure Israel to divide up their land, our land will be divided.

JOHN: I believe that with all my heart. I'm thoroughly convinced of it.  And it was right in the middle of the country, and what I saw on there was Indianola, like an old Spanish map, I saw the word Indianola, and then I saw it scroll down a little bit southwest and I saw the word Europa, and that was in Missouri. If you superimpose the New Madrid fault  between Indianola Illinois, and Europa Missouri, that is basically an exact replica of the New Madrid fault. I won't go through the details of the dream, but it was very, very real.

SID: Then a few days later, you heard God's voice. What did He say to you?

JOHN: Yes. That was on Tuesday, then on Saturday morning as I woke up out of sleep, I heard the Lord say to me in an audible voice as I was coming out of sleep He said "A storm's coming." I live in hurricane territory. I live on the coast of Alabama. So I knew that it wasn't a hurricane, I knew that it was an economic storm that was coming. I went immediately to my church, the next day on Sunday, and I said "I'm just going to be honest with you and tell you what the Lord's shown me. You can take it for whatever it's worth for you, but I feel like the Holy Spirit was showing me that an economic storm is coming, and I'd like for you to be prepared." So it began to grow from there, and even during Y2K, I never encouraged the church to ever stockpile any kind of food, water, anything like that. I never did. I never felt it. But that was in May of 2008. And then the financial catastrophe struck around September, and it's still going. One of the things the Holy Spirit said to me was "Prepare against the summer", which is this coming summer. Summer starts in June, the latter part of June. And I don't know why He said "Prepare against the summer". He didn't say prepare for the summer, He said "Prepare against the summer." So I really feel like that whatever is coming is something the church needs to be prepared for. And I would really encourage people right now, and I'm not trying to engender fear, I'm not that type person, but I'd really encourage people if they could to put up some beans and rice, some extra cash, things like that, other things that they can do to prepare for them and their families. Because I believe with all my heart that if President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton continues to put pressure on Israel to give up Jerusalem, and to give up parts of Israel for peace, land for peace, I believe that America's going to go on the skids, and I believe that our land is going to be divided, and I believe it could be the financial end, and it could be the end of America as we know it. (It's Supernatural)


Sid Roth offers 2 CDs for $30: "RESURRECTION" and "Angels Enforce Blessings," which seems to be about "angels" helping Christians during the impending natural and financial catastrophes.  Possibly these angels will be the resurrected Nephilim who perished during the Flood.  "Resurrection" may be a reference to Atlantis rising.

Returning to Chuck Pierce and Kim Clement, their prophecies contain some unseemly references to Louisiana as the reproductive organ of the nation.  The Louisiana Port opens into the Mississippi River which traverses the Central States, which are the agriculture belt of the U.S.  The Mighty Mississippi, called by the native Indians the Father of Rivers,” is the import and export conduit for U.S. production.  The physiological metaphors used by Pierce and Clement state that some kind of impregnation of and conception would take place in the U.S. after New Orleans is cut off.

But now the ground shall shake in the Middle East... For even after the shaking, America shall be effected by it... This Nation has opened its legs. And God said the Jezebel spirit [i.e., religion] shall be destroyed by what I do.” (Kim Clement, Sept. 17, 2005)


“For you have allowed me to bring a knife into this state, and I will perform circumcision... I will cut away, and I will establish a new and fresh leadership... [Israel, see below]

“We broke the power of barrenness over the state and declared hostility would come off the womb of Louisiana... Over the next coming months there will be a cleansing occurring so the womb can conceive again...(Chuck Pierce, Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation, 2005, pp. 239-40) 

Curiously, the “revival” prophesied for St. Louis, MO will drastically depopulate the Bible Belt and America’s Heartland, a 3,000 mile expanse of farmland that supports the nation’s agriculture.  It seems out of character that God would devastate the Bible Belt, however, this event would certainly be a giant step in the Zionist plan to eliminate not only Islam, but Christianity as well.  To insure that this human “harvest” will come to pass, Chuck Pierce and his “New Reformation apostles” have been casting their magic spells on the Mississippi River.  Promoting his book, Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation, Pierce stated on the Benny Hinn program:


“This is a book that can be passed on from generation to generation…because the Lord told me that you war with your prophetic word… The Lord told me… ‘I want you to go to the north and I want you to agree with me that there is a North wind that is coming upon this land. We went there to Minnesota and stood at the head of the Mississippi and we decreed that the North wind of the Lord would begin to come to bring change to our nation.” (Chuck Pierce, Sept. 26, 2005, Benny Hinn Ministries)


Decades ago the Strategic Prayer Network of C. Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce began conducting “territorial warfare” on the Mississippi River.  At the headwaters of the Mississippi they pronounced their decrees [i.e., curses] invoking the four winds (evil spirits) – the North Wind, South Wind, etc.  As documented in Part 2 of “The Merovingian Signature of the Hurricanes, these pseudo-Christian sorcerers were actually summoning chaotic spirits from the four directions of the compass.  According to a report of the National Alliance of Gang Investigators Association (NAGIA), occult symbols discovered at ritual crimes are an integral component of ceremonial magick.  Depending on their arrangement, these symbols are used to summon spirits of the alleged sacred elements of nature air, fire, water and earth from the cardinal points of the compass:


   “Compass orientation: … How is the ritual site oriented to True North? There is a long tradition in Occidental mysticism, religion and ceremonial magick relating the traditional elements (air, fire, water, and earth) to the cardinal points of the compass...  

   “Ritual circle: … Are the quarters or cardinal points marked?  Are there symbols or inscriptions around or in the circle?  Is there anything outside the circle, such as a triangle?  In ceremonial magick, spirits are often called into a designated space outside the circle.” (Uncovering the Occult)


This disclosure explains the symbolism of the compass in Freemasonry, which is the Gentile branch of Judeo-Freemasonry under the control of B'nai B'rith.  The four “elemental spirits are also symbolized by the quartered circle, which is used as the Celtic Cross in many churches and as logos of parachurch ministries – an indicator that these so-called “ministries are really fronts for the occult. 


Another coven of witches and sorcerers, the End-Time Handmaidens and Servants, also cast spells at the headwaters of the Mississippi River in 1993. Subsequently, the Zionist founder of ETH&S, Gwen Shaw, expressed her bewilderment over the flooding of rivers in America’s Heartland after “…precious End-Time Handmaidens went around redeeming the rivers ...and redeeming the land…after the Tibetan monks came and they ‘blessed’ all of our rivers throughout this land.” (End-time Handmaidens Newsletter, July/August 1993)


Tibetan monks “blessed” our rivers?  After the Buddhist monks and End-Time Handmaidens “redeemed the rivers,” the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration reported:


“The 1993 midwest flood was one of the most significant and damaging natural disasters ever to hit the United States. Damages totaled $15 billion, 50 people died, hundreds of levees failed, and thousands of people were evacuated, some for months. The flood was unusual in the magnitude of the crests, the number of record crests, the large area impacted, and the length of the time the flood was an issue... From May through September of 1993, major and/or record flooding occurred across North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Illinois... Hundreds of levees failed along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.” (NOAA)


In July of 2005, the 30th End-Time Handmaidens World Convention was held at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis, MO.  A promo for this convention in the April 2005 ETH&S magazine featured a photo of the Gateway Arch hovering over the Old Cathedral, the Roman Catholic church formerly called the Basilica of St. Louis the King.  It seems that many of the ETH&S World Conventions have been held in St. Louis, which would have provided many opportunities for their perfidious “territorial warfare” rituals in that city!  In April of 2005, Pres. Gwen Shaw invited the End-Time Handmaidens and Servants to once again “bless” the city of St. Louis:


“The Lord is calling the End-Time Handmaidens and Servants to prepare for full-scale revival! … Come and enjoy our final World Convention and bless the city of Saint Louis where we spent so many of our World Conventions. This is our launching pad into a new season. We feel it’s a prophetic act to hold this final gathering in the Millennium Hotel, so come and step into the Millennium!”


The issue has already been raised, if God is sending a full-scale revival to America, why would He depopulate the Bible Belt? Well, Kim Clement has told us why.  On September 28th, he stated on TBN’s “Praise The Lord” show:


“…He said…one of the things God said was,Im going to take the Bible Belt, and Im going to unbuckle it and reveal its nakedness,’ because it's actually religion controlling the Bible Belt, and that’s controlling America. People don't even realize this: He said it’s actually religion; it’s not a Spiritual wave of His Spirit.” [Elijah List]


Here Kim Clement is {falsely} implying that the religion which “controls” the Bible Belt is the “Whore of Babylon,” which the ten horns will make desolate and naked, according to Revelation 17:16.  From the Zionists' perspective, that “religion” would be Fundamental Christianity i.e., non-ecumenical, non-prosperity gospel, non-Judaized Christians who won’t flow with the “Spiritual wave” of an Azusa-style revival with signs and lying wonders that starts in California and spreads across (what’s left of) the USA.


“The spirit of Jezebel is not in a woman, it is a force that has controlled this Nation called religion... Gatekeepers of America do not play the game. Do not take ecclesiastical favors. Do not call the prophets villains... Who are the gatekeepers? Pastors, evangelists, prophets, teachers, elders, deacons, healers and workers of miracles, gifts of faith, the great interpreters of the language of the Spirit.” (Kim Clement, September 17, 2005)


The West Coast is about to be saturated with a move of the Spirit that is similar to how it took place at Azusa street, but in a far different way. This will begin this year. They shall say but it must go to another state. God said I chose this one at the turn of the previous century, now I’m choosing the west coast again. California I have called you to once again take the spirit without measure. But this time it will not remain in an upper room. It will not remain in tin roofs in little churches. They took it and they paid the price then. Now you shall go into the deep waters and you shall take the Spirit without measure and you shall give it to this generation. And God says I will take this generation and raise it up from the streets and from the businesses, and they will call out His name even if they say Abba Father. There will be Jews that will say Father, and there will be those unbelievers that will say Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua!” (Kim Clement, January 2, 2005)


Chuck Pierce has defined “dead religion” in similar terms but adds rejection of Zionism, the agenda revealed in the Protocols of Zion that is preparing the way for the Antichrist to sit in the rebuilt Temple:

“To the CHURCH ‘I will reverse cessation thinking. Many have held onto a dead religion.  Let go of old religious patters and embrace My resurrection and power.  The wind of My power will begin to blow and it will not be able to be explained.  There will be a desire for My Spirit. Those that do not repent of a religion that denies My Spirit in the earth will not embrace My covenant plan or people in the future. I have chosen Israel as the deciding factor in the earth. Those who do not acknowledge Israels place in the earth will not understand the place that I have prepared for them in days ahead.  If there is one thing that we need to ask the Lord to forgive us for it is the quenching and grieving of Holy Spirit in the earth.” (Chuck Pierce, September 2, 2005)

What is most interesting is that many Zionists already KNOW about this great earthquake on the New Madrid fault which will split the United States.  Many of them pose as researchers of so-called Bible Codes, which is really Kabbalist numerology. One of these Kabbalists, Sherry Shriner, promotes the same American "guilt trip" over its support of Israel as Brownsville revivalist, John Kilpatrick:

Is it the sixth seal? This earthquake is so violent it will literally split the United States in half. This earthquake seems to be predictible. [sic] As in, our government knows beforehand it is coming.  If this is predictable, will the public also be forewarned beforehand?  Or just Congress and the White House who are concealed from the coming disaster.  This Earthquake is a Judgment From God. Why? Roadmap to Peace in Israel.  If we continue to support splitting Jerusalem in half between the Jews and Arabs, God is going to split our country in half as judgment. (Hidden Bible Codes)

Another Bible Code numerologist predicted December 2005 - January 2006 as the date of the New Madrid super-quake, or other major U.S. catastrophe:

This page 8c on the English King James Bible Code discusses research I did on an English Bible code in the King James version Bible, on the possibility of another giant earthquake on the New Madrid Fault Line, in Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee, in the Central U.S. ... I have a definite feeling that something is coming in December 2005 - early 2006 that will result in the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse Death riding: either a Bird Flu Epidemic, a nuclear bomb or bioweapon Muslim terrorist attack, an asteroid hitting earth, a giant tidal wave, or something else. (

All of these Zionists agree that God will be destroying the U.S. for the unforgivable sin of permitting Arabs to remain in Israel!  When the New Madrid earthquake occurs, just watch the Zionists, in unison, rail against the United States for not doing more to help Israel. And watch the Jews, en masse, hightail it out of the USA to Israel.