This is an authentic Black Letter Bible leaf from Tyndale's Version printed by R. Jugge in 1552. A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany this leaf. This leaf comes from the first of three illustrated editions of Tyndales version printed by Jugge (illustrated leaves with woodcuts available for a premium). This is from a Quarto edition with the leaf measuring about 5 1/2" X 7". Tyndale leaves are some of the most sought after and desirable among collectors worldwide. Though Coverdale was credited with being the first to print a complete Bible in the English language, his friend William Tyndale was the first to translate the New Testament into the English language. It was his desire to cause the "plough boys" (laymen) to know the Scriptures and so his translation began. Though there were quite a few editions printed, few overall still are in existence as they were read to pieces and perhaps destroyed during the reign of Queen Mary. One could actually be martyred during that day for having one of his Bibles in their possession. His New Testaments were actually hid in the hay bales on horse drawn carts. Tyndale was later martyred for his faith. This contains Scripture verses 4:1(partial) to 5:10 from the BOOK of REVELATION. Includes the verses that speak about John weeping as he did not see anyone worthy in heaven, on the earth or under the earth to open the Book and loosen the seales. One of the elders said weep not, Behold a lion being of the tribe of Judah (it was Jesus!!!), the root of David was found worthy to open the Book and loose the seales!!!!!! Also includes the beasts that worship the Lord day and night, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come. The headline is cropped and there is some soiling/browning, and there are some repairs including the corner replaced. There is a nice Woodcut of John looking at Jesus on the Throne. A rare offering. Please let me know if you desire a Bible leaf with a specific verse from the Bible or a specific Bible engraving (apart from this auction). Rare/Religion/Theology. PLEASE VIEW MY EBAY STORE (click on the red store sign or website address is http://www.stores.ebay.com/hisbooks). The items are arranged in categories for your easy perusal. PLEASE BOOKMARK IT!! I have felt it necessary to mention that although I sell Bibles that contain the apocrypha, it is not the inspired Word of God. This is in CASE anyone wonders or might be led to think that it is part of the inspired writings, that is the Old and New Testaments, they alone are. Please contact me if you would like to hear/have Bibles for sale or have a specific request, or the possibility of making payments. Also if you would be interested in obtaining a quantity of leaves for a Church fundraiser. Or specific Scripture verses and/or specific engravings. PLEASE HIT REFRESH IF PICTURES NOT SHOWING UP FULLY. IF A RED X APPEARS IN A BOX, RIGHT CLICK ON THE X AND CLICK "SHOW PICTURE". Checks (allow 10 days) and money orders, and credit cards accepted through www. auctionpayments.com (for credit card purchases over $750.00 please contact me first). For credit card purchases other than bidpay, please contact me before bidding. There is a fee for using these services. Insured shipping/handling $5.00-multiple orders combined (outside the 48 states shipping may be higher), international extra. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE NOTE IN ORDER TO GUARANTEE YOUR ITEM FOR REFUND IF IT DOES NOT ARRIVE, IT WILL HAVE TO BE REGISTERED WHICH IS AN ADDITIONAL $7.50. CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS. Georgia residents required to pay 7% sales tax. Payment expected within 14 days from close of auction. Please view my other auctions! May the Good Lord bless you!! Jesus is coming back!! Please Get Ready!!!

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