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Rev. Thomas Littleton is a minister and evangelist with over 35 years experience on university campuses and in urban centers across America, Europe and Latin America. He has engaged in outreach among teens and youth gatherings during Spring/ Summer Break and among the arts culture. Rev. Littleton worked for over a decade during the height of the unchecked AIDS epidemic in New York City from the mid 80s to 90s. He has witnessed firsthand both the destructive impact of the homosexual lifestyle on individuals and the overpowering influence of activists on New York City government. His time in New York City also provided a window on the global push for what has become LGBTQ “Human Rights” and the sexualization of education for K4-12.

Rev. Littleton works with Apologetics Resource Center and exposes the funding, goals and priorities of the LGBTQ movement against the faith community. He and his wife are engaged in medical missions to Central America and have an eight-year-old son for whose future they engage the issues of our time.